The Moon-Spinners
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When nikki ferris and her aunt took a trip to a small greek island they never expected to get involved in jewel theft and murder Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 04/05/2005 Starring: Hayley Mills Run time: 118 minutes Rating: Pg

Hayley Mills was well on her way to adulthood when she found intrigue and chaste romance on the island of Crete in this 1964 Disney attempt at Hitchcock in one of his lighter moods. That means the principals do wind up in a hearse trapped on a narrow street by celebratory but ominous masked paraders. And that seemingly good guys can and do turn out to be bad guys and vice versa. But it's Disney and Mills, so there are no deaths in this mystery, although gunplay and some scariness do earn it a PG rating. Based on the Mary Stewart novel of the same name, this 118-minute film finds Mills and her aunt visiting a Cretan village on holiday. In the face of hostility from their innkeeper's brother (Eli Wallach), the pair befriend a fellow Brit. The young man's escapades with jewel thief Wallach draw a beguiled Mills into a sometimes perilous adventure involving a harrowing ride upon the sails of a windmill, hiding out in an underground crypt, and a showdown with a cheetah-loving millionairess (the scene-stealing Pola Negri) aboard her yacht. Probably a little too sophisticated for those under 8. --Kimberly Heinrichs

Customer Reviews:

  • Hayley Mill's Finest Film
    Based on the mystery novel by Mary Stewart, THE MOON-SPINNERS is Hayley Mill's finest film. She is a tremendously talented actress. The story is action-packed and filmed on location in Greece, making it very beautiful. The supporting cast does an excellent job, including Eli Wallach as the villain. My niece, age 5, even enjoys the clean-cut story. A great Disney film to share with the entire family....more info
  • Family Classic
    This is a wonderful family friendly adventure flick. You can't go wrong with Haley Mills....more info
  • Oh no, not again!
    For the life of me, I'll never understand Disney. Buying DVD's from them is worse than gambling. One time I get a beautiful widescreen version of "Pollyanna", "Swiss Family Robinson", and "The Parent Trap" and the next time I get this piece of garbage with a disgusting transfer in the hated full screen format. This is not the first time I've been fooled by Disney, but rest assured it will be the last. I should have known better after being burned in the past when I ordered "Castaway Cowboy" and "Blackbeard's Ghost". Both of those two also came dressed like this version of Moon-Spinners. Disney, I have ordered my LAST DVD from you until you get your act together....more info
  • Still Enjoying
    Saw this movie (more then once!) in the theater when first released and thought it was great. Ordered one for my family and one for my brother's family when I realized it was on DVD. It is still a pleasure to watch, and a good one for the family!...more info
  • whoopi for full
    I rented the film at netflix which is why I am getting it. before the other part of the revue I only buy films when I can in FULL SCREEN? why should I pay for a film that makes half my TV screen Black at top and bottom is beyond me! I was so sad when films like WALL E did not offer full screen. I seldom bother to watch it now.

    This film shows that Haley Mills can play many parts and be top at it. It's been a few months, so all the details are hazy. I do recall I was happy watching the film. Bits of comedy, drama and mystery blended it well. Then then title slipped my mind and I did not re look till now.
    If you enjoy good family movies, it worth adding. Having it in Full is an added bonus.

    ...more info
  • One of my favorite movies!
    When I was a child the only time I saw this was in 3 segments on the Wonderful World Of Disney. We didn't even have a color tv. I was absolutely fascinated by it. This is real adventure. I especially liked the windmill sequence when our heroine has to ride a moving windmill to safety. It has an excellent plot I even wrote to Disney about releasing this film before it was released. As soon as it was released I bought my copy. Need I say more....more info
  • I'm scarred for life!
    Hayley Mills was such a cute precocious child-actress - what happened? She looks like she is on steroids or other substance that made her look quite pudgy around the face - not to mention having bad skin. A downside of DVD picture quality, I guess...

    The movie? To be honest, I fast forwarded it after the first couple minutes. Hayley's character was getting nauseous from smelling fish on a bus, and I was also feeling the same way. I'm pretty sure I missed nothing of importance. I saw some running around by various people, some nice rocky shoreline shot in obvious "day for night" technique, some closeups of various characters, some rather oddball outfits, and an escape from a windmill - not necessarily in that order.

    I've read elsewhere that there was a jewel robery and a murder. Golly!

    I'm glad some people liked it. Unfortunately, I could not tolerate it. I guess "The Parent Trap" is where I get off the bus....more info

  • Moon Spinners
    I have enjoyed watching the dvd and shipping was once again very fast.
    Thank you....more info
  • too bad it is not in widescreen
    UPDATE: The web site did not let me change the stars so keep in mind the DVD is 1 star and the movie itself is 4 stars.

    DVD 1 star
    The DVD release that is listed at this page at the time I am reviewing this... It is not in the original widescreen, or remastered. The sound has not been improved from the VHS version. It lacks any extras at all. Save your money and keep your VHS version for now.

    FILM REVIEW 4 stars
    First off this is a wonderful movie, and very unique in its beautiful Island setting of Crete. It is a fun mystery. Directed by James Neilson, produced by Bill Anderson. Released in theatres in 1964, it starred Hayley Mills, Eli Wallach, Joan Greenwood, and Peter McErney. It is the fast paced story of two tourists that accidently tangle with some murderous jewel thieves. Hayley plays Nikky, on vacation with her Aunt Frances in a small Greek fishing village. They stay at a remote sleepy little inn, and note that a dashing young man that Nikky is falling for from England suddenly dissappears. Romance, drama, mystery, action, and humor are in this film. The actors all work hard to make the film believable and do a great job. Pola Negri who had not made a film in 20 years was convinced to come out of retirement, and does a wonderful job as the treacherous Madame Habib. She lives on a yacht and has a cheetah on a leash for a pet. Young MCEnery went on to appear in "the Fighting Prince of Donegal" for Disney.

    There is some good cultural stuff, the greek wedding dancers costumes were from a musuem, and the dancers were local professionals. Filming on location, Disney spent a fortune rebuilding the village that had been ravaged by WWII. They used 25,000 feet of lumber and 2,000 sheets of plywood. The story was taken from a book by Mary Stewart, suggested to become a movie by Mrs. Lillian Disney, but the finished film is pretty far from it's original story. Good mucical score by Ron Grainer, title song written by Terry Gilkyson.

    It eventually aired on "the Wonderful World of Disney", in 1966, '67, and '82. It even aired in 1975 in conjunction with the "Saturday Night at the Movies with Disney" specials. Released on video the first time time in 1985. If you like Disney films of the period, you will enjoy this one too. It is nice to see Hayley Mills in her more mature role.
    ...more info
  • Loved this movie
    I'm giving it 5 stars because the movie is really good. If you love Haley Mills you have to have it. The plot is exciting and holds your interest. I agree though the movie should be widescreen but had to give it 5 stars on my impression of the movie and not the DVD and Disney's stupid decisions....more info
  • The Moon-Spinners!
    This was a great movie. It had suspense, mystery, and even a little romance. I was glad there were no commercials when I saw it so I didn't have to wait for what happened next. What was it all about? It had to do with stolen jewels and attempted murder (or was it murders?) Let me just say I'm glad I wasn't living it in real life......more info
  • Hayley Mills fans
    Grew up on Disney and Hayley Mills, so this is a "comfort" trip back in time. First class actors including one from the silent era. The plot moves right along to the usual Disney implausible resolution. ...more info
  • Not all boy-girl romance
    Disney needed a new male teenager for adventure leads: James Macarthur was getting too old, and Tommy Kirk just wasn't masculine enough. So he tried out Peter McEnery, a 21-year old British actor then acclaimed for his role as a gay boy who commits suicide in "Victim" (1961). But after two starring roles for Disney, Peter was fired and moved on to play a gay Russian prince, a hustler who seduces both men and women, and a lot of edgy hetero characters, usually on British television.

    Why didn't things work out? "The Moon-Spinners" was written as a tame spy-thriller with Peter and the teenage Hayley Mills involved in a minor boy-girl romance, and the colorful island of Crete providing most of the interest. But, when he is not falling in love with Hayley Mills, Peter plays Mark Camford as obviously and overtly gay, with so many longing gazes at men and witty double-entendres that one wonders why the director didn't demand that he play the role straight. (The same thing happens in "The Fighting Prince of Donegal.)...more info

  • What is the matter with those people?
    I have just acquired the new Disney DVD release of The Moonspinners. What is the matter with those people? Last year, they released three excellent, high quality DVD sets of The Swiss Family Robinson, Pollyanna and The Parent Trap. I can understand not producing two disks each time - there is only so much extraneous material available, but this new DVD is inexcusable. It looks like it's been recorded straight off a video tape - the quality is appalling; indeed, I have an old video that is superior in quality. And not to issue the film in it's original screen format (or both!) is just insulting. After all, one of the main attributes of DVD is that it can reproduce film quality for the TV screen, and it seems very silly of Disney not to take advantage of that. It seems to be impossible to contact Disney to express my disappointment, and if I could get a refund I would........more info
  • Innocences at it's BEST
    Darling and sweet. Hayley Mills is one of Disney's best! An old fashion tale with the the innocence of youth in mind. A little Drama, a little Romance and of course a little Suspense. Located in the quaint location of Crete with an impressive cast(within the PG rating). Adventure takes its course. Eli Wallach is the quintessential bad guy (which he excels at!). Peter McEnery ... Mark Camford is the "love" interest and is proven innocent until found guilty. He allegedly claims that he was wronged in a jewelry robbery back in England. Hayley Mills... Nikky Ferris on vacation with her aunt dares to believe him and jets off in an adventure to prove his innocence with the retrieval of the missing jewelry. Cheesy... YES, but a great movie for the young at heart. This movie was originally filmed in the early 60's so bear in mind the intent of the year. Highly recommended for all of those who love a little adventure....more info
  • Cute Movie - But don't read the book first
    I read the book "The Moon Spinners" by Mary Stewart when Iwas younger and loved it, so I was more than pleasantly surprised when I found that a movie version of the story had been made. The movie is cute, but if you have read Mary Stewart's book, you will be disappointed in this "Disney-fied" version. A number of key elements of the story that make it good are changed for the movie and events that do not take place in the book at all are added in for no apparent reason. It's a cute movie, and I like Haley Mills, but it's not "The Moon Spinners". END...more info
    I first read the novel "Moon Spinners" by Mary Stewart and enjoyed the book thoroughly. When I saw that there was a movie based on the novel I was a little skeptical, but Disney usually does a great job so I decided to give it a try. If you like Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries, you will definitely enjoy this movie. Hayley Mills is wonderful as usual and the movie contains great suspense and mystery with just a touch of romance. I liked it so much, that I purchased the movie so that I could watch whenever I wished....more info
  • Yet another Disney classic ruined on DVD!
    This is so sad! When will the Disney people understand that it is NOT the young kids of today who want to buy this movie? The willing consumers for a film like "Moon Spinners" are those who were kids when this film opened in theatres. I'm one! And I want my fond memories to look they way they did then! Which means sharp, fresh, colorful, and in the correct aspect ratios! This DVD is colorful! The rest is lacking! As a matter of fact, this disc is an exact copy of the old laserdisc issue. The Disney folks have not lifted a finger to clean dirt or scratches from the earlier transfer. Very annoying, not to mention the tight and ugly framing we get when the widescreen original is ignored. This is not a "scope" film, but there are still quite a lot of picture information missing on the sides. That also explains the foggy look. I often get the impression that the Disney organization care about their consumer products. But then I watch DVD:s like this one, "The Absent Minded Professor" and several others, and completely loose my faith. We fans want ALL Disney films on DVD to look like theatrical screenings. If not, we will simply refuse to buy any more. Period!...more info
  • Fun Mystery and Prime Hayley Mills!
    "The Moon-Spinners" is a great treat. It blends Hitchcockian mystery and suspense (Disney style) with light humor and romance in an exotic, beautiful locale (the island of Crete). It reminds me of some of the other better Disney mysteries like "Escapade in Florence" with Annette Funcinello that also mix appealing teen-aged protagonists with delicious mystery in a scenic location. All elements work well and I appreciate that they intertwine authentic local culture into the mix. Hayley Mills is also at her best. She was one of the most engaging young actresses of the 60's -- pretty, spirited, fun. I like the guest appearance by Pola Negri in an over-the-top role. That is also very common to the 60's -- older stars appeared in many of the Funicello "beach party" flicks and in Doris Day comedies like "The Glass-Bottom Boat." That was a nice aspect to these films -- that older stars were honored and given a place among the popular young stars. Like some of the other reviewers here, I saw this film first as a kid probably on "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" and I was not at all disappointed in revisiting it. As a Hayley and mystery fan, it fills the bill admirably with any cloying aspects (like the Greek boy who misuses American expressions) kept to a minimum. And I adore Hayley's wardrobe with the big headbands, "I Dream of Jeanie" hair twists and falls, and cool clothes. The DVD itself has no extras, but many times I find extras gratuituous and not of much value....more info
  • I'm TOTALLY confused!
    Once again, Disney misses the mark with an inferior DVD release. Why do we crave seeing our favorite stars on DVD? Picture clarity, extra features, restored prints, optional commentary... none of which are evident on this poor release of a wonderful Hayley Mills film. Disney's inexplicable inconsistency becomes evident when poor efforts such as this one are compared to stellar, awe-inspired efforts such as "The Parent Trap" and "Pollyanna", multi-disk sets released with quality and features on par with Criterion Collection releases. I give up on buying Disney. Next time, I'm going to rent the DVD first. Why waste money on new Disney DVD's that are inferior in quality to the VHS versions I already have! Hey Disney, wake up!...more info
  • Moon Spinners
    I have not seen this movie since I was a young teenager. I found that I forgot the biggest part of the plot. Happily, it was like watching the movie for the first time.

    I have been a Haley Mills fan since my pre-teenage years to this date. For those who are not familiar with Haley MIlls and her movie credits I strongly recomend renting/buying her movies starting with Pollyanna. The viewer will not be disappointed I'm sure.

    ...more info
  • Well golly, gee - full screen format again!
    MICHAEL EISNER - YOU JUST PLAIN STINK! Adios My Friend! And Robert Iger, you're no better! Your 2002 policy stating "whereby any movies that appear to have limited adult appeal will be released on DVD in Pan & Scan" is IMHO a gross error in judgement showing complete disregard and respect for the buying public; ESPECIALLY for Region 1 consumers! If you really want Disney to make money on DVD sales, release them in their OAR. Anything less is totally unacceptable. The quality of the majority of the DVD's being released by Disney is just pure greedy, bush league garbage. But then again maybe you just don't care what the consumer really, not maybe, you just don't care period!...more info
  • One of Disney's sophisticated movies
    When I was a little girl - I didn't fully appreciate this film as much as I do now. The reason for doing so was that, I loved the more romantic & old fashioned life action movies, that Disney is well known for, such as such as "Pollyanna" & "Summer Magic". But over the years, I have grown fond of this movie and now it is one of my very favourite Disney movies to watch. Unfortunately, I have not yet read the novel on which the movie is based on, so all I can remark on is the film itself. The locations used for the film are exotic and the music used in the film fits both the tone of the movie and adds to the Greek atmosphere, although the title song "The Moon Spinners" used at the beginning of the film could be viewed as a bit much. All of the actors are superb in their respective roles; including Hayley Mills; Peter MeEnery; and Eli Wallach (who is, at times, unnerving in his role as the villian Stratos). This is definitely a film for not only Disney fans, but for anyone who loves a good romantic mystery. ...more info
  • love this movie
    By far my favorite Hayley Mills movie...with the drama, action, and romance. It's fantastic....more info
  • What is the matter with those people?
    I have just acquired the new Disney DVD release of The Moonspinners. What is the matter with those people? Last year, they released three excellent, high quality DVD sets of The Swiss Family Robinson, Pollyanna and The Parent Trap. I can understand not producing two disks each time - there is only so much extraneous material available, but this new DVD is inexcusable. It looks like it's been recorded straight off a video tape - the quality is appalling; indeed, I have an old video that is superior in quality. And not to issue the film in it's original screen format (or both!) is just insulting. After all, one of the main attributes of DVD is that it can reproduce film quality for the TV screen, and it seems very silly of Disney not to take advantage of that. It seems to be impossible to contact Disney to express my disappointment, and if I could get a refund I would........more info
  • Good Clean Fun
    My DVD was widescreen and excellant quality. I remember seeing this movie almost forty years ago. It was a treat to see it again. Hayley Mills only had five good box office years but in that time she truely entertained us. Moon Spinners was fun and even a little suspense throw in.Check it out for family fun....more info
  • The Moon-Spinners
    A fun Haley Mills movie, but not close to the story written by Mary Stewart. Still, worth watching....more info
  • Hayley Mills: "The Moon-Spinners" is a success!


  • You can't go back
    I saw this movie when I was about 13 and thought it was fabulous. I always had such fond memories of this film that I bought it for my daughters, 8 & 13. We watched it together so I could relive the experience through their eyes -- we were bored silly! The movie dragged, the plot was infeasible, the acting overdone. I have never been so disappointed in my life. I still gave it a "3" because for the past joy it gave me, but the movie itself did not age well....more info
  • Love this film!
    I have no words other than wonderful!...more info