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  • Good Ab Workout...
    I have never done Pilates anything before... this ab routine was at a good pace (not too slow and not too fast) and it did target all the muscles in the abdominal area. The day after trying this video I was very sore... and that was kind of half-assing the moves, because I wasnt as flexiable. Overall, throughout the workout you will find your body in heat, and somewhat sweating. This is a differnt approach to your standard crunches...very effective... brace yourself to be sore! ...more info
  • Tough on the abs
    I have been doing pilates and yoga for a little more then a year and the day after I did this tape my abs were hurting. She really concentrates on the intesity of the moves rather than the amount of them. It is a little challanging for beginners, so I recommend starting off with something a little easier first....more info
  • Ana Caban is a pilates GODDESS!
    This is a VERY challening pilates routine. While Caban doesn't add any new exercises to target the abs, she does focus on those traditional mat exercises that are the most ab intensive. She also does more reps on some of them. For example, the Series of 5 (which consists of the Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, Single Straight Leg Stretch, Double Straight Leg Stretch, and Criss-Cross) is normally done with 5-8 reps per exercise. Caban does 10 (and she does them SLOWLY! particularly the Double Straight Leg Stretch and Criss-Cross). She also does open/closed leg rocker 5 times each (I believe it's is traditionally done 3 times each). Also, her general pace is slow and often makes you hold your legs in the air between moves while she talks. This slower pace makes even basic moves very challenging. Caban also adds variations on many exercises to make them even more challenging. On top of that, she does all of this with perfect form and a serene facial expression!

    There are a few odd choices made, in my opinion. For example, she only does 3 reps of the neck pull (compared to the traditional 5) and 2 of the Spine Twist (instead of the traditional 4). The only exercise I miss (and can't understand why she omits it) is the Spine Stretch Forward. This move feels SOOOO good (particularly after the series of 5) and does work the abs somewhat. I also think that, for an abs video, she could bump up the teasers a bit. She does three teaser 3s (arms and legs together) and on the last teaser, she adds arm circles. Don't get me wrong, these are challenging as it is (especially when you go directly into the hip circles), but I love the teasers and would have loved a full set (the traditional advanced method is teaser 1, teaser 2, then teaser 3, 3 reps each).

    In the end, this is a great over all core routine. While I wish she had added a few more exercises, what she does offer is still incredibly challenging. I've been doing this DVD for months and still finding it difficult and rewarding. You will not be disappointed with this one....more info
  • The belly killer!
    This is a short 25 minute routine which focuses strongly on the abs. You probably need to alternate with something else, in order to get a more balanced workout, but it ends with a few good spinal stretches, so this is a good DVD to do in the morning and then call it a day. It's pretty standard pilates, until the last fifth where it really gets challenging!...more info
  • Excellent, AFTER you master the intermediate mat workout
    This is a great workout DVD. Compact at under 25 minutes, but the pacing is neither too fast or too slow. The workout starts (relatively) easy and then progresses to some toughies at the end. For that reason, this workout is more advanced than the intermediate, and I would recommend buying it AFTER you either take some pilates classes or master the intermediate mat workout by Caban. This workout really burns your abdomen! Remember, the best way to work on pilates technique is to get someone to teach you. ...more info
  • "the tummy you would love"
    Anna Coban gave clear instruction during this 35 minutes session. Very easy to follow also very intense on the abs muscle. The heat from the exercise and the well controlled movement relieved my lower back pain. Everytime after it, I felt lighter when I walked around. Similar effects as yoga, you would feel taller and straighter. It was actually pretty hard to finish the whole session without pausing even in the beginner's level. So the advance in the excersise gave me enough challenge and fun. ...more info
  • Tough workout, not for the beginner
    To start of with, I must agree with other reviewers that this DVD is not for the beginner. Before attempting this DVD I took pilates for several months in group classes with an instructor. Proper form is highly essential to get the full benefit of the exercises and to avoid injury so I highly recommend taking classes with an instructor before attempting this or an easier pilates DVD. This DVD assumes that you already have information about good pilates form and basic moves and does not provide advice on either.

    That said, if you've already taken pilates and want an alternative to classes, this is great. Many of the other DVDs I have tried are so basic that the exercises seem repetative and not beneficial. However, this workout challenges me every time I try it. I am in good shape and my abs still burn by the end of the DVD. I also really enjoy the soothing music they play and the scenery of Maui. Even though it is an intense workout for my abs, I find that the background music and backdrop make it very relaxing for the days I come home stressed from work....more info
  • Awesome
    I started pilates with Ana Caban, and I won't do anyones else's workout! It's fun, and this particular workout is really hard. But, you feel stronger when you're done....more info
  • Fantastic
    This is a terrific workout and worth purchasing!! In 25 minutes, Ana will give you an amazing workout.

    There are a few exercises I am not yet strong enough to do. But Tara demonstrates the modified poses which helps a lot.

    All of the abdominal muscles are worked here. Even those ellusive lower abs. The day after I first did the DVD, I was amazed to feel tightness deep in my core.

    Great stuff!...more info
  • THIS is a super workout!
    This workout video is superb, a must-have. Ana Caban's instruction is clear and easy to follow, and the workout itself really works your core muscles. ...more info
  • Great Workout At Home For Those With Experience
    This is the perfect home workout if you've had a significant amount of Pilates training and have good form. I was skeptical about doing mat work to a DVD- I'm used to taking one-on-one classes with an Authentic Pilates instructor who helps me adjust my form, but now that I have almost a year of Pilates under my belt I thought I might be okay to work out on my own, at home, sometimes. Having taken so many private lessons, I'd have to say that newcomers to Pilates owe it to themselves to find a good studio and take some classes before they jump in and try to learn from a DVD. But if you're at an Intermediate level, this DVD is great.

    Ana Caban works at a nice pace- she's not manic but definitely not too slow. She keeps filler conversation to a minimum and her reminders to engage your ab muscles are very helpful. Her assistant, Tara, simultaneously demonstrates easier versions of the exercises. The exercises are similar to most mat classes you'll find in a studio or gym, but she adds some interesting twists toward the end. I can tell that the more I perfect my form the deeper I'll get into working my core muscles, and that's what I really want from any mat routine.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Gets The Abs
    I have been doing Pilates about a year and a half or so, so I am not quite sure exactly what level I am, but have been practicing pretty consistently and getting better at it. I really like Ana's DVDs so I wanted to try this one. Even though it is challenging it is very worthwhile to do and OI am able to do alot of it.

    There are some harder variations on some Pilates moves that target your abs alot and you feel the moves. The modifications for some of the movements are a big help. If you have done some Pilates and are feeling comfortable with it, this DVD is very worthwhile for the Ab work. If not get one or two of Ana's other DVDs before you try this one of hers....more info
  • A video you'll use over and over again!
    I bought this video to supplement a once a week pilates class. It focuses just on abs for about 25 minutes. It offers CLEAR/simple instructions, but not too much talk (like the beginner's workout video). It is just the right pace and offers a great variety of exercises at varying levels of difficulty...you can start at the "easier" level and work your way up. This way, you'll be able to use the video for quite a while. Definite results in my abs and posture in a short period of time. Highly recommended and enjoyed!...more info
  • Really tough on the abs

    This a tough workout for the abs that should be done after mastering the intermediate mat workout. Not only does it include the challenging teaser that took me forever to master, but also two other sets of teasers that are even more challenging. I can already see the definition in my abs after only a few sessions. LOVE IT! LOVE IT!...more info
  • Challenging - in a good way
    As a former professional dancer and someone who stuggles to find "quality" ways to stay in shape (rather than something like a mind-numbing running machine), I was thrilled to get this dvd. I don't do this every day but integrate it with my work out a couple times a week; it's a great tool and a step-up from the Winsor Pilates ab dvd I used for a few years. If you want something challenging to work up to - get this dvd. (Her program is about 26 min long, but that includes a 3 minute verbal intro that you can fast forward through after you watch it once.)...more info
  • Serious abs workout
    Thought my abs were strong until did Ana Caban's workout. Excellent workout, which you definitely feel the next day. If you are a beginner some moves will definitely be challenging and can only be mastered until you become more advanced in Pilates. Thoroughly enjoyed the challenge....more info
  • Fabulous narration, easy to follow.
    I've been taking pilates on and off for about a year. I always feel the most challenge during the abdominal focused exercises. This DVD is perfect for that. It is continuously challenging your abs, and you can really feel the burn! Which means your working the deepest layers of the ab muscles. Ana Caban narrates this DVD from 3rd person, so rather than wasting time during the exercises looking at the TV to see if I'm doing it right, I can just listen and pay more attention to performing the exercises more efficiently. The scenery is great, there's no annoying chit-chatting, and modification is always an option. Did I mention the results are incredibly fast? GREAT DVD!...more info
  • Definite results
    I love Ana Caban. I love her technique and overall routine for this DVD and others. This ab routine is very challenging. Just when you think you have mastered one move, the very next move gives you an extra burn and more of a challenge. The flow is great. I do this DVD two days a week with other cardio and pilates and have seen definite results. This is the first pilates tape that I could get my husband to do with me and he likes it too, and agrees it is tough. This is a great DVD and I recommend anyone to try it - even beginners - to work your way up to the most challenging moves....more info
  • challenging, relaxing, and fun at the same time
    i loved this dvd, my roomates and I do it all the time. its easy to follow and her voice makes it a soothing experience. if you cannot perform the exercise, her assistant does an intermediate version, making it easy for any level to follow. but dont be fooled, it is challenging! im definately a fan. ...more info
  • Want flat abs? Get this DVD!
    It's not for beginners, but for the intermediate and advanced.

    I love Ana. She goes nice and slow and explains instructions for each and every exercise to the letter.

    There's not a lot of unnecessary chatter, nor are there a lot of useless tips. Just listen to her voice (you don't even have to look at your TV screen) and do what she tells you.

    This is the best Pilates DVD on the market. You can't go wrong!

    Thank you, Ana ;)...more info