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Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Microbrewery System
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Product Description

Become THE brewmeister right in your own home with this Mr. Beer Premium Brew Kit! Brew and bottle it yourself, pour it into a glass and no one will know if it's yours or a famous premium brand. So good in fact, you'll need a lot. Which is fine because it allows you to bottle twenty 12-oz. beers a week. Brew a new batch every 7 days. It uses all-natural ingredients and carbonation, and the unique venting system allows perfect fermentation process. The Kit includes: brew keg, 1 can of beer mix, 1 package of Mr. Beer booster for body and flavor, 8 big bottles with caps, yeast and cleanser and a recipe book and instructions. Measures 12 1/2 x 9 x 7 1/2" and weighs 4 lbs., 5 ozs. Reach for your fridge for thirst-quenching pleasure. Order ONLINE Today! AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Mr. Beer Mix Refill Kit - word search in our Store for 'Mr. Beer Kit'. Mr. Beer Premium Brew Kit

In just 14 days, beginning and advanced brewers alike can enjoy a glass of premium, handcrafted beer with this home-brewing kit. The 2-1/2-gallon brew keg features a pour tap and wide-mouthed lid for easy cleaning by hand. Included with this microbrewery kit are a can of West Coast Pale Ale mix, which produces a mild, full-bodied beer, a single-use packet of booster, which contains all-natural carbohydrates that enhance flavor and boost alcohol content, and brewer's yeast. The beer-making ingredients are simply mixed with water, left to brew in the keg at room temperature for a week, and then put into the kit's eight one-liter PET bottles for another week, during which time natural carbonation takes place. No CO2 cartridges are needed to enhance sparkle or beer head. Plastic bottle caps and labels are also included, as well as an instruction booklet full of brewing tips and recipes. Other Mr. Beer mixes and booster packs can be ordered separately. The keg is made of FDA-compliant PVC, which does not impart taste or color and is virtually indestructible. --Ann Bieri

  • Easy to brew, just add water
  • Premium beer at a fraction of the cost
  • Drink you own home brew in as little as 14 days
  • Re-usable kit for continued brewing
  • Makes an excellent gift

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome Gift!!! Great service and SUPER-FAST delivery
    I ordered my Mr. Beer Kit through this site after finding it advertised on other sites for $50 and higher. I chose Super-Saver shipping because it was free and to my surprise and delight, the package arrived the NEXT DAY!! It was a last-minute gift for my brother and he was absolutely thrilled. There are so many different recipes and we can't wait to try them! I can't be any happier with my purchase. ...more info
  • Good for casual or curious brewers.
    Are you a beer fanatic? Is St Bernardus, Rochefort, Dark Lord Imperial Stout, Peche Mortel, Westvleteren (if you're lucky!) a common-place in your fridge? Also, are you really eager to try and brew your own beer? Well, if you answered yes to both of the above questions then I would probably skip the Mr. Beer kit and move on to something a little bigger and better. If you're not too picky about your beer, or if you're curious about the very basics about brewing then this kit might suit you well.

    With the Mr Beer kit you get everything you need to brew palatable homebrew. The steps to creating beer are simplified with kits like this. All you have to do is dump some extract into a pot with some water, throw some "booster" in, let it cool, throw in some yeast and wait a couple weeks. Before you know it you're drinking some homebrew!

    If you're picky (like me) then you will find that no matter how hard you try, you're beer will just not seem quite right. You will probably get some off-flavors in your beer from a number of reasons. Maybe you didn't cool your wort down fast enough, perhaps you pitched (put in) the yeast too early while the wort was still hot. Maybe you got a bacteria infection. It seems that even if you take these issues into consideration when brewing with this type of kit, you still can't brew the beer you have in mind. Well that's because the quality of the extracts that come with these kits aren't very good. I will not get technical but in a nut-shell often-times manufacturers that make these extracts don't make them under the best conditions and they can create some off-flavors in your beer. For a casual drinker it may not be so much of a problem, but like I said earlier, if you're wanting to achieve commercial quality beer at home then this type of kit will not do you justice (not even close).

    If you really want to start brewing quality beer then you should check out your local brew supply store. It will take a bit more work, but your labor will certainly pay off! It's much funner to start playing with specialty malts, hops...etc then it is to use one of these "just add water" type of kits. I love brewing beer and I can certainly say that I get much more enjoyment out of brewing via other methods then I do with these types of kits. I am certainly not saying that this is a bad deal. Brewing beer is fun no matter how you do it, but for around $70.00 and a good brew book (The Complete Joy Of Homebrewing is a must have classic!) you will be brewing beers leagues above kits like this... and it's great fun too!...more info
  • Good Brew, Lots of Fun.
    I have had my Mr. Beer for about 2 years now and I am still having fun brewing my own beer. Mr. Beer provides me with an inexpensive way to experiment with any flavor beer that I can think to make. The fresh flavor and unique taste keeps me coming back for more. ...more info
  • A wonderful little 'learning' kit.
    What more can one say about a kit that is only $40 and includes everything you will need to make 3 two-gallon batches of beer? While it isn't the highest quality beer, it is a fantastic learning experience and can certainly whet your appetite for homebrewing. For me, this kit was only the beginning of my exploration into the world and art of home beermaking. I have since bought a few books, higher quality equipment and begun experimenting using different malt, hop and yeast combinations from my local homebrew supply store (which you can do with this kit as well).

    Prior to this kit, I really didn't consider myself a huge beer aficionado...just a casual enjoyer of a nice cold pint. While I am not a master brewer now, learning about brewing has increased my appreciation of what goes into the making of beer and the long and fascinating history behind it.

    Right now we are in a heyday of home and micro-brewing with new local breweries opening constantly. Go ahead and get this kit, now is a great time to learn about humanity's oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. And let's not forget that in these days of 'going green,' making your own brew is the environmentally friendly way to go.

    So educate yourself and save the environment while you're at it!!! Drink homemade beer!!!...more info
  • Mr. Beer Keg
    I like the set up (I have two). Even though many suggest not to, I've used the included yeast, with proper results. I would suggest using the booster & any sugar replacement, as sugar gives that "cider" taste till you let it sit.<br /> Even reusing the "soda" bottle bottles, I've had some fine tasting beer.<br /> The kit is easy to use, you can order more stuff online. It's a good kit to start brewing your own beer. Just follow the instructions & use a wooden spoon! I'm glad to see Target is carrying this, as well as a supply pack-good job.<br /> Oh a neat guy gift, for certain....more info
  • Easy fun brew
    I bought this two weeks ago, and so far I like the results: The pale ale, which comes with the kit, turned out great! Can't wait to experiment with different brews - the Hefe Weizen is in the works :-)...more info
  • An awesome gift
    This was purchased as a gift for someone, and it was considered one of the best gifts given. The recipient had wanted to brew their own beer for some time, so the gift was greatly appreciated....more info
  • just what was expected
    This product shipped very quickly. Even with Super Saver Shipping it came sooner than expected. The product was just as it was described on the site. It is also the same price as I have seen it on sale at several stores in our area. I was pleased with the product. I can't wait for my husband to have time to try it out....more info
  • a GREAT gift
    We bought this for my father-in-law last Christmas. He is nearly impossible to buy for, so we thought this would be something fun. He and my mother-in-law have made all sorts of beer, and it is so fun to try out their latest creation. Much of the beer has been delicious!! They have a good time experimenting and tweaking their recipes....more info
  • yukkkkkkkkkkk
    I made several batches of beer with a variety of mixes, waters and techniques. All resulting in a barely drinkable malt beverage (I refuse to use the term beer). Even though I changed up the mixes and used different recipes every batch tasted the same. Ben Franklin once said "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy". The product produced by my Mr Beer was proof that the devil exists and he likes to play jokes on us....more info
  • nothing is easy
    "Cold brew" beer kits will fool you. The only way to make these things work is to boil your water first, then add your ingredients, ONLY add yeast when the temp goes down below 80 DEGREES!! Stir the mix well, and then pour it slowly into the "fermenter" (the plastic barrel)

    In home brewing CLEANLINESS IS EVERYTHING. Use a weak bleach solution in about 5 gallons of water to sterilize EVERYTHING that will come in contact with the beer!! You can not hope to produce anything good if cleanliness is taken lightly!!! Skip the plastic bottles, save up some glass ones (no twist-offs!) and buy some unused caps and a capper. Brown glass bottles or even champagne bottles are best for the final ageing. Buy a book on home brewing, even the simple books will help in a huge way!...more info
  • Yummy!
    I have no idea, what Mr Yuck is talkig about - I just tasted my second batch, the "Whispering Weizen", and it is FANTASTIC! Fun stuff for any beer lover!...more info
  • Great Gift!
    I purchased this for my brother-in-law who's something of a beer connoseur and he LOVES it-- the humour had the whole family on the floor and rolling. Reccomended- only if he'll share! Also, I should mention this was shipped beautifully from Target/Amazon- get the gift wrap, it's worth the $!...more info
  • great gift!
    Gave it to my brother for christmas. He is in process of brewing beer right now. For darker beer it takes longer to ferment. So far so good!...more info
  • Very Good
    I got this for my roommate as an Xmas present, as I am not a fan of microbrew, but of course assisted him in the brewing. It is exremely easy to use and makes wonderful beer - I am now a fan of the Mr. Beer microbrew beer. With excellent beers and great flavors there is literally no end to what you can create. Great for first timers, yet still makes quality beer for the pros....more info
  • great way to get started
    I received my kit a little over a year ago. It is a great way to get into home brewing. I have now moved on to 5 gallon brewing, but am glad I started with this kit. I was able to make all the newbie mistakes on a small scale ( I can drink 2 gallons of so-so beer). I learned a lot with the Mr. Beer kit and managed to brew some really good beer. My last batch with it was a porter that a neighbor called the best beer he ever drank. I still use the bottles and highly reccomend this kit to someone thinking about homebrewing. ...more info
  • Purchased out of desperation, now beer of choice!
    I live in a remote location where commercially available beer is often difficult to come by. So I purchased the Mr. Beer Kit to give it a try. The instructions are very simple and easy to follow. The provided materials are well made and durable. The final's fabulous! This is a beer lovers dream come true...plentiful, tasty beer available at an affordable price! Since my original purchase I have added an additional four kegs to my micro-brewery collection and have no interest in commercially produced beers. Thanks Mr. Beer and Amazon for selling this product....more info
  • Mr. Beer is easy and fun.
    My boyfriend and I really enjoyed making beer together. And it came out pretty good. =) ...more info
  • For the microbrew fan
    I received Mr. Beer as a gift. I love it. Some of my friends and relatives who drink light domestic beers, aren't fans of my creations. Those who like the richer more flavorful beers, love it! It was really almost too easy. I would have been disappointed by this if not for the ability to add flavor enhancers of my own. And for those of us who like the microbrewed beers, this is much cheaper. It's about 50 cents per 12 ounce bottle.

    Cheers...more info
  • I Am A Chemist... And My Kitchen Is My Lab
    I made my first batch of beer in three weeks. It wasn't so great (a little flat), but tweaking the recipies is the fun part. I'm moving onto more expansive brewing efforts, but if it weren't for my practice with Mr. Brew, I probably wouldn't have had the motivation to try something a little more difficult.

    Mr. Brew is fun. And the beer is good enough to secure bragging rights, even if the first batch or two doesn't come out quite right. It's probably my favorite thing in a long, long time....more info