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What's Going On
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Sly & The Family Stone might have psychedelicized soul music, but Marvin Gaye personalized it. Although the powers-that-were Motown didn't even want to release the record, the unexpected success of What's Going On, issued in 1971, inspired Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, and just about every other black artist on the planet to take greater responsibility for their music and its meaning. Gaye co-wrote the songs and produced the album, flavoring it with layer upon layer of his own multi-tracked vocals, oceans of hand percussion, strings, flutes, and jazzy horn solos. Spacey and loose as a spliff-fueled Sunday afternoon jam in the park, the nine songs all played like a hit single. The title track--inspired by his brother's return from the Vietnam War--and the obvious social commentary of "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)" and "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)" actually were hit singles. Two other tracks ("Wholly Holy" and "Save the Children") would inspire hit covers by Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross, respectively. Nevertheless, What's Going On sounds as fresh today as it did the week that it came out. Recommended reading: Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gaye by David Ritz (McGraw-Hill, 1985). --Don Waller

Customer Reviews:

  • A tour de peace.
    Using questions, gestures of friendship, and ghetto lingo, Marvin Gaye makes powerful statements against war, pollution, poverty, drug addiction, and government overreach.
    The title track ("What's Going On") was a watershed in Vietnam-era protest music and for Motown Records. As Ben Edmonds's jacket notes explain, Gaye engaged in passive resistance (refusing to produce any more music) after Motown declined to release a single of "What's Going On." Gaye won the stalemate and so, eventually, did Motown after the song became a huge hit, giving the label its last smash before it left Detroit for Los Angeles. Motown's corporatist conformity and move to the Sun Belt were emblematic of trends blowing through American culture, trends so eloquently criticized by Gaye throughout the CD "What's Going On."
    Gaye movingly articulates emotions of the bewildered man of G-d amid the Silent Majority. The overseas militarism and domestic caution of the 1940s and 1950s had crashed headlong into the counterculture and civil rights movements, sending people and institutions careening in all directions. Rising as a musical Martin Luther King, Gaye tried to pull the strands back together, using appeals to America's Christian heritage and our common humanity. The job was/is too much for any one man but Gaye left an imperishable testament that current and future generations would do well to absorb.
    "What's Going On" the CD also displays notable worldly sophistication. "Inner City Blues" has the artist connecting hyper government spending and activity with rising taxes, shrinking economic prospects, and shorter physical life spans. (Give that man a Nobel Prize!).
    "...No, no baby, this ain't living
    No, no, no
    Inflation, no chance
    To increase finance
    Bills pile up sky high
    Send that boy off to die..."
    Gaye implores America to get back to long-term thinking. Less than two years after the 1971 release of "What's Going On," the U.S. Supreme Court declared all unborn children nonpersons through its infamous Roe v. Wade decision. Surveying the ongoing abortion holocaust that has disproportionately impacted blacks (15 million black babies dead and counting), listening to "Save The Children" is eerie and deeply saddening (especially since Gaye's prophetic plea was ignored).
    "...Live, live for life
    But let live everybody
    Live life for the children
    Oh, for the children
    You see, let's save the children
    Let's save all the children..."
    Driving home the point is a jacket photograph of the artist standing in an empty playground.
    Besides peaceful tones and appeals to love in the tradition of Nat King Cole, the enduring appeal of Marvin Gaye's music is its overall hopefulness. What's the cure for America's meltdown? George Harrison called it "unfolding your love." Others might refer to it as uncompartmentalized religion. Marvin referenced it as "Wholy Holy."
    "...Oh, Lord
    We can rock the world's foundation
    Yes, we can
    Better believe it
    Wholy holy together and wholy
    Holler love across the nation..."

    ...more info
  • Hardly deserving - only a few tracks shine
    Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" has been consistently acclaimed as one of the best albums of all time since it came out in 1971, and is often seen as the moment black music liberated itself from the confines of mass production.

    For all the efforts Gaye might have made to deal with the opposition of his record company to focusing as he did on social issues, the music on "What's Going On" really does not live up to its reputation. Unlike Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone or later Parliament, "What's Going On" is distinctly lightweight, even flyweight in tone. At times, indeed, Gaye's voice sounds even soppy and devoid of any emotion, notably on the famous title track.

    Only twice, on the two lesser-known tracks "Flying High (In The Friendly Sky)" and "Right On", is their really any passion and emotion. Whilst all of "What's Going On" is heavily orchestrated, only there does the orchestration enhance rather than blunt the groove in the music, so that in general "What's Going On" is one of many failed attempts from that period at orchestration in pop music. "Flying High (In The Friendly Sky)" is so toughing as to obscure the lightweight character of the music, whilst the epic groove of "Right On" is the one emotional note here. Even "Mercy Mercy Me", which is promising, could catch fire far better than it does.

    Compared to the best soul music of its day, "What's Going On" is really disappointing. Stick with Music of My Mind or Mothership Connection to see the best of blakc music from that tense era....more info
  • Songs of life and death
    Wow. When it comes to an album like What's Going On, it's easy to become jaded. Critics have been praising this thing since the day of its conception, have been hailing it as a masterpiece since before you even knew how to read, have apparently been putting it on a pedestal since before Marvin Gaye was born. It gets old after a while. It's the kind of album that becomes clich¨¦ before you even hear it, that's the kind of thing you can have a conversation about even if you don't own a copy. It's the Dark Side Of The Moon of soul.

    Well, I have some advice for you: If you don't already own a copy, buy one right now. Put on some headphones. Turn the volume up. Close your eyes. Listen. And fly away. This album has an entire world in it, a world of wah-wah guitars and moaning strings and divine horns and mind-enveloping percussion. It's a world of textures and feelings. Emotion bleeds out of every gorgeous layer of sound, radiates from every nook and cranny. It's the kind of thing you can swim in. Listen: There's joy, despair, anguish, hope, suffering, pain, beauty. There's life in it. The critics were right on the money with this one....more info
  • God IS Love...
    Along with 'Kind of Blue' and 'Songs In The Key of Life', this cd, album, the absolute embodiment of what music is about. Marvin was touched by the all-encompassing spirit that moves through and around all of us. 'What's Going On' speaks to a place in us that can only be described as seminal, pure, suigeneris...priceless....more info
  • Marvin Gaye
    I'm a big fan but this cd did not have the songs I like best...more info
  • Tortured Soul
    If not for this recording, artistic freedom probably would not have come so soon for Motown and many other black artists in the early 70s. It set the tone for political & religious commentary in music and highly influenced many such as Stevie Wonder, who followed suit and soon demanded his artisitc freedom, which led to his Innervisions LP.

    But Marvin laid it all out, the pain and suffering, and faith of a man in a way never heard before. It's still amazing that Motown didn't want to release this record. It was only after Marvin threatened to never record for them again that Berry Gordy relented and released the record, which turned out to be a major hit.

    Another must have for all; in particular Black Men....more info
  • The best album of the 70s
    What's Going On catapulted Marvin Gaye into superstardom. Three number one singles were pulled from the album: the title song, "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)," and "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)." This was the first album where Marvin overdubbed his voice multiple times, creating a one-man vocal group. The result was a level of timbral integration in the harmonies that became a Gaye trademark....more info
  • Gaye's finest. A REAL soul classic
    The reviewer who thinks that the Lighthouse Family (of whom the lead singer marked Gaye as an influnce)is better than this doesn't know what he's talking about.He should stick to his Shakin Stevens and other rubbish like that.Back to this which has been a favorite of mine since 1987 and to say that they don't make music like this anymore is becoming an understatment.This is solid gold soul music worth anything than the likes of 50 Cent.I won't go to detail of this as the other 5 star reviews have done so.Except to say that many of the tracks have been covered by many artists over the years.It's one of the last great Motown recordings to come out of Detriot through their golden years (1963-1971).It's a still an all time classic 34 years on that brings out the best of Gaye,the Funk Brothers and especially one of the worlds greatest bass players, the late great James Jamerson. ...more info
  • Marvin "the prophet"
    "What's Going On" is revealing in it's nature, very haunting and true...with this masterpiece Marvin did something that was never before done in the history of pop music culture; following in the footsteps of one of his idols Ray Charles, he mixed his musical roots and sang a sermon that to this day is fresh and powerful. Marvin is the greatest. ...more info
  • An album that has stood the test of time
    I agree with the many reviews that rate this a classic album. I know more people who bought this album, than any of the other great soul albums released in the early 70's.
    I have several other Marvin Gaye albums, but this is the only one I still play all the tracks.
    It's so sad his personal life was ruined by drug addiction.
    This is beautiful, heartfelt music....more info
    The 70's were unarguably the truest point in time for soul music. Motown got a big hit when Marvin Gaye put soul on a new plateau, mainly because he put his entire soul to this golden piece. Throughout his whole career, he tried to find a balance between spirituality and sexuality; on "What's Going On", he found spritual enlightenment in order to tell what has been going on with him, from his brother returning home, changed from the bloodshed of the Vietnam war (a senseless war that took so many innocent lives), living with the hostile realities of America's inner cities, the future of the planet, and his relationship with both his natural father and his spiritual father. This was Marvin Gaye's most monumental accomplishment and took soul music to new levels, and artists such as Curtis Mayfield took it further. Whether you are living good or barely living you should listen to this. ...more info
  • HEAVY lyrical content
    My father loves Marvin Gaye, so, growing up, I heard a whole lot of him. Unfortunately, Marvin isn't the kind of artist that most eight or nine year olds like typically, but now that I am a full-fledged adult, I have come to appreciate his creativity and innovation as an artist. If you listen to enough of his music, it would be evident to you that he pushed the envelope plenty of times throughout his musical tenure. Racy songs such as "Lets Get it On" and "Sexual Healing" and socially conscious numbers like the ones found on "What's Going On?" such as "Mercy Mercy Me" and "What's Going On?" all have controversial lyrical content. I enjoy his voice and delivery more than anything. He puts just enough soul into his music; never too much, never too little. He mastered the art of singing in my eyes. As a unit, this album is satisfying in many ways. It's not too long, the lyrics are great, and it is simply enjoyable all the way around. My few gripes are the fact that many of the songs sound alike production-wise and some of the songs are kind of eerie, perhaps because these songs were so far ahead of their time. If you were to listen to this album today, you would see how relevant his lyrics are to happenings of today.

    This album consists of mostly mid-tempos and ballads, all very touching and emotional. I have heard "What's Going On?" numerous times in my life, but today was the first time I listened with my undivided attention. It's a great song. The falsetto, hook and lyrics are all stand-outs. The song is about trying to come up with remedies for social problems. A lot of artists attempted to ape what Marvin did here by creating a socially-conscious album, but he is one of the few singers who was very effective. "Mercy Mercy Me" is also a nice song. Although this album has a strong 70s vibe, it doesn't sound dated.

    I highly recommend this album to R&B, soul, neo-soul and pop supporters. The content here will stick with you long after you have turned the album off. 4 stars. This one is a classic.

    Mikeisha's Top 5

    "What's Going On?"
    "Save the Children"
    "God is Love"
    "What's Happening Brother"
    "Mercy Mercy Me"
    ...more info
  • One of the Most Moving Albums Created Yet
    What's Going On is not only Marvin Gaye's masterpiece but its also a very moving album, and is one of the greatest albums ever created. Song topics range from damaged war veterans(What's Happening Brother) to the drug addiction of, "Flyin High(In The Freindly Sky)", to religion, "God Is Love", and finally a damaged ecology, "Mercy Mercy Me(The Ecology)". Each and every song in here contains Marvin Gaye's beatufil singing voice that sounds like it came from his soul. Also on a lot of the songs there are very beautiful string arrangements that makes songs sound like they come from the soul and heart. What's Going On is the essential album for any music lover because its just one of the those albums that really moves you. All in all if you dont own What's Going On I'd advise you to pick up a copy today if you want to hear an album that will change your life. ...more info
  • A Difficult Judgement Upon WHAT'S GOING ON
    After 5 years of having repeatedly heard this album, I have come to a judgement. It is a truly hard thing to say, for WHAT'S GOING ON has been, over these years, one of my favourite LP; nevertheless I need to be true to myself and to all of the people reading this and wanting to buy the album. It is undisputedly a great album, worth buying. It is certainly an historic recording for it has broken with a joyful but easy and unuseful tradition in Soul Music to embrace a more mature and moral consciousness (Stevie Wonder will follow magnificently). Yet, despite what said, the lyrics are, if not banal, really elementary. I totally agree with Chris's review; he says that these lyrics could have been written by an 11 year old kid and it is rather sad to say that and it hurts me so bad (you could never imagine!), but it is SO true. All that has been said by Marvin in this work had already been said a thousand times better and less ingenuously by Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel and all the folk movement several years before. So, I understand that his brother had just come home from the infamous war of Vietnam and that he was upset and he wanted to say that all was wrong, it is wholly comprehensible and so true and so courageous of him. But, at the same time, I cannot justify his total lack of skills in communicating these painful feelings with an original and deep use of language. It has to be said, anyway, that what he is not able to express through a good use of poetry, he can magnificently express through a celestial modulation of his voice; a voice which is, despite all the so called "Soul Voices" (that are NOT), one of the FEW REAL soul voices ever existed. The music is also astonishing, using a lot of bongos and percussions never used before in Motown.
    To conclude, Marvin's problems are the same of Stevie's. When they produce social-consciuos album they are quite childish in the use of words but immensely creative with the use of music. As I am Italian, I mean, a non-English native speaker, when I listen to foreign-speaking music I always have tent to pay a lot of attention to the music and less to the words. Usually I'm not so able to understand immediately what the singer says and I have to read the lyric. So, most of the times, firstly I base my judgements upon the music and the feeling an album can give to me, and only after upon what they say. And often I am really enthusiastic at the beginning and disappointed later. It is the exact contrary of what happens with italian artists. They are (better...were) really good in creating a poetic language and moving meanings, but they are poor in music and sounds, or better still, not original as Anglo-saxon music. But this is another topic. Sorry.
    P.S. I gave 4 stars because it is still too painful for me to give 3 to WHAT'S GOING ON....more info
  • R&B Masterpiece!!
    I remember when this album was released in 1971. The tracks are still a fresh today. When you think about it, this was a statement to the Black American community when this album was released. The message was that violence and war was not the answer to our problems. This was a challenge to better our lives and communities. It's the best R&B release in history! ...more info
  • Timeless, peerless
    Marvin Gaye recorded this record when I was in the 7th grade. Time has changed many things, but the beauty and power of this music is untouched. Even if one were to ignore the spiritual aspects of Whats Going On, you would be hard pressed to find a finer piece of 20th century music.

    To me, the cruel irony is that Gaye's father, who killed him a little over a decade later, desperately wanted Gaye to become the world's greatest gospel singer, and was unable to see that he did, in fact, did just that with this amazing work of fusion. With seemingly no effort, Gaye bridges the gap between God, penthouses and ghetto streets, raising more questions than he answers in the process. Beyond essential......more info
  • Should be part of American History, and one of the greatest albums of all-time
    1.) This should be taught in schools.
    2.) One of the most cohesive albums I've ever heard. A true, true, true classic....more info
  • What's Going On
    Marvin Gaye-What's Going On *****

    It is beyond the comprehension of my mind why for the sake of me that Motown didn't want to release What's Going On. Not only did it go on to be Marvin Gaye best selling album, and one of the best selling of Motown in general, it spawned three monster hit singles, The title track, 'Mercy Mercy Me', and 'Inner City Blues.' But more then that What's Going On has gone on to be acclaimed as one of the very best albums of all time, appearing on just about every best of list you can think of.

    Originaly released in 1971 What's Going On is the master, Marvin Gayes greatest achievement. Yes, his early hit singles were fantastic and have themselves gone on to become classics, and readio staples, and yes whats going on and all the sexual music to follow is perfect for that sort of thing but none of it can hold a candle to this album. This is his most important. The Orchesral arrangements made by David Van DePitte make give this record character and layering. Marvins vocals are insindeary. You can tell that he really feels what he is singing, and you can hear his heart breaking on this record as cliche as it sounds, it's true. That may be in some small part due to the fact that Marvin helped wrote every track on the album.

    Opening with the classic title track, 'Whats Going On' which is a plea, much as the entire album is starts things off nicely, I wont go into to much detail of the song because it's all been said. 'What's Happening Brother' is in the same vein as the title track but with lyrics a bit less personal. 'Save The Children' is the best example of the brilliance of the production on this album, which Gaye also lent a hand in. See he layered the vocals on all the songs many times and in several ways, even using backing vocals and choirs for texture. 'God Is Love' is a plea to live and let God. To let him take care of things, and live the way he wants us to and take care of the world he built for us. However your religious beliefs maybe the song does not come across pretentious, self-rightious, nor preachy, just simply as a man at his whits end asking us to help each other up instead of breaking us down. While seaguing straight into 'Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)' another one of the major hit singles on th elabum we find Marvin bringing to our attention the state of the Earth and how little we take care of it and how much we destroy it. 'Right On' aside from the underlining message has one killer groove. The original album closes with what I concider to be the strongest and best song that Marvin Gaye ever recorded, 'Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler).' Still get chills all over my body when I hear this song. Breathtaking isn't the right word just the first that comes to mind. Would have sat perfectly well in the hands of a punk band at the end of the 1970's the way the lyrics are written which is wht I feel makes the song most enduring is that the lyrics really are written for everyone. A perfect end to and amazing album.

    Depending on the version of What's Going On that you purches it may come with two bonus tracks. They are the B-sides to the original singles. 'God Is Love' is just a alternate version of the album version but really worth owning for true fans. 'Sad Tomorrows' is just a great song that was left off the album but would have fit right into place had it been left.

    Inspired by the return of his brother from Veitnam, Marvin Gaye wrote one of the greatest, most personal, and important albums of all time. The album plays like one continues song seageing into the next one with ease and coming to a close with 'Inner City Blues' which much like a well written essay ends as it began wrapping everything up again in one beautiful bow, and thats what, What's Going On is a world of horrid, horrid situations wrapped in a wonderful melody and voice....more info
  • Classic Album
    From beginning to the end. Truly, a masterpiece! I can't get enough of this album. Tracks seemlessly transition into each other. We still go through the issues he adress on this album today. A must have for all music connoisseurs! ...more info
  • An All-Time Classic
    Any barebones Marvin Gaye collection should include a good compilation of his 60's hits as well as Let's Get It On and this one. What's Going On found Gaye breaking free from the Motown hit-making apparatus to produce an artistic statement that has since become a cornerstone of R&B and one of the all time great records. It's instructive that only an artist of Gaye's stature was allowed to get away with something like this at the time on Motown.

    The title track is one of his greatest and has rightfully become an R&B standard. Gaye's gritty, streetwise lyrics set the tone for what's to come. "What's Happening Brother" concerns a dazed and confused returning Vietnam War vet while "Flyin' High (In The Friendly Sky)" is about the dangers of drugs. Considering his own habit and circumstances of his sad demise, it's eerie to hear him sing lines like "I go crazy when I can't get it...the pain, oh the pain."

    "Mercy Mercy Me" is another of Gaye's best songs and for me is the high point of the album as Gaye welds a classic and hypnotic beat to ecology-minded lyrics. Another classic hit, "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)" closes out the set. Despite it's fair share of hits, this record was sequenced so that each song flows into each other, with a singular purpose of music and lyrics that makes it best heard from beginning to end in one sitting.

    What's Going On not only pushed the boundries wide open on R&B subject matter, but experimented musically as well. Starting with background "party" sounds and adding bongos, congas and other percussion, full horn and string sections and lush backing vocals make this an almost symphonic form of R&B.

    A truly remarkable recording, and quite possibly the best R&B album ever. A must for any comprehensive collection....more info
    This was an album my Dad had and I grew up listening to, I was glad to see it on CD. Brought back alot of memories and Marvin Gaye's voice is still missed after over 20 yrs....more info
  • Marvin's 'Crystal Ball'
    I remember the first time I heard the song 'What's Going On'.I was in the kitchen with my dad with the radio playing and the song came on the air.And I was amazed I had never heard a song like that before.With its multi-track vocals.Mr Marvin Gaye would come to use this technique with a lot of his other songs as well.Needless to say I bought the single right away.You know its hard to believe Marvin had to fight real hard to get this album out to the public.The powers at Motown only interest was in playing it safe and not rocking the boat.'What's Going On' is Marvin Gayes masterpiece and surely one of the best R&B recordings ever.It's as if Marvin Gaye was looking into a crystal ball while he was writing this album.And then singing about events that would still be taking place 10,20,40,50, years and maybe even more into the future.This album hits on everything from God,bigotry,taxs,social injustice the environment and the frustrations that sometime come with every day life.Marvin Gaye bought these things up before it became politically correct to do so.With songs like Inner City Blues,What's Going On and Mercy Mercy Me just to name a few.This album reads like today's newspaper headlines and is filled with lyrics just crying out to be heard.'What's Going On' gives us Marvin Gaye at his creative peak.And he will go on to do two more noteworthy albums 'Let's Get It On' and 'I Want You' two albums that are must haves for fans of Marvin Gaye.But to me this album 'What's Going On' is the best.What's Going On would also insprie others like Stevie Wonder,Curtis Mayfield,The Isley Brothers and so many others to take their music to a new level.This is one ablum that really changed the music industry for good.Well,many years have come and gone since that day in the kitchen with my dad.My dad is gone now,Marvin is gone now.But the question this album brings up is still with us today 'WHAT'S GOING ON?'....more info
  • A Masterpiece as well!
    My dad bought this album, and I thought anything my dad listens to can't be that good. But Listened to it when i was alittle older and realized how amazing it is. It really stands the test of time, and is really one of the best r and b/ and or pop music albums ever made. I mean mercy mercy gives me chills. What's goin on is classic. Wholy wholy is an interesting tune. Marvin Gaye really hit his creative peak at this point. I think the only other R and B album that came out during this time that can compare is Al Green's Let's Stay Together. I'm still glad he's at least around to make music. HOw can anybody not like this album or not think that it has any depth. I think any fan of music in general will love this album. Most of the music is slow,but really works for his voice and is indeed very poetic. You should go and buy the album,its worth it!...more info
    Is Marvin Gaye's masterpiece, What's Going On, outdated?


    War, crime, poverty, drugs, inflation, taxation, ecological disasters. These are some of the social and political issues that Marvin Gaye addresses on his brilliant 1971 album, What's Going On.

    And in 2008?

    Take a look around. These same issues are (still) What's Going On.

    This album couldn't be any more direct in identifying the world's most urgent problems, or in suggesting that the world slow down and take a spiritual and peaceful approach to solving them.

    Outdated? No.

    A masterpiece? Yes.

    The atmospheric, funky and smooth soul music is powerfully emotional, and perfectly highlights the thought provoking themes. Jazzy saxophones, flutes, congas and funky bass lines accompany Gaye's soulful piano and heartfelt vocal expressions. The sweet Motown orchestration brings it all together beautifully.

    Every song has a social conscience, and each one addresses one or more of the planet's important issues, then and now.

    What's Going On:
    Mother, mother
    There's too many of you crying
    Brother, brother, brother
    There's far too many of you dying

    What's Happening Brother:
    Can't find no work, can't find no job, my friend
    Money is tighter than it's ever been

    Save The Children:
    I just want to ask a question
    Who really cares?
    To save a world in despair
    Who really cares?

    Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology):
    Oh mercy mercy me
    Ah, things ain't what they used to be
    What about this overcrowded land
    How much more abuse from man can she stand?

    Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler):
    Rockets, moon shots
    Spend it on the have nots
    Money, we make it
    'Fore we see it, you take it

    What's Going On is simply a brilliant and satisfying album. It couldn't be any better. The music is great, it's socially and politically relevant, and even as it tackles difficult issues, it's message is spiritually uplifting and positive. There are no romantic love songs here. They'll be on the next album. This isn't a sweeping epic, either, and more power to it for not being one. That would overwhelm Marvin's message. This is music for the people. For God's Children.

    What's Going On.

    ...more info
  • Marvin Gaye at his best!
    If you are looking for the best album Marvin Gaye has made: this is it!
    Each track is a gem and Marvin is at his best! Due to his lifestyle, the studiorecords are always preferable to the liverecorded albums. Every inch of his talent and qualities is to be found on this Motownalbum.
    ...more info
  • The Best of the Best
    I've had this album since its release in 1971. First on vinyl, then on cassette, and now on CD. It's one album I definitely could not be without. Every song is a perfection of arrangement, vocals, music and lyrics.

    Today marks the 25th anniversary of Marvin's death but he lives on in his music. I miss you Marvin! [April 2, 1939 - April 1, 1984]...more info
  • An absolute must-have for every Marvin Gaye fan!
    I really believe that Marvin Gaye was speaking to the Black community when he co-wrote the songs and released the album. The music and the messages are timeless; the issues that he addresses on this album are clearly as important and prevalent today as they were 34 years ago.

    Therefore, I believe everyone should listen to the album but I also think every Black man should have a copy of the album just to remind us how far we've come and how far we still have to go.

    February marks Black History Month here in Canada. This is one of the best ways to celebrate our Black heritage and the obstacles we have overcome...take a listen to songs like What's Going On, What's Happening Brother, Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler), Mercy Mercy Me, Right On and my all-time favourite, God Is Love.

    The album is realistic and paints a true picture of what we face in society but also has several inspirational moments. I like to listen to the CD on my way home from a busy day at work. It reminds me of how fortunate I am to have what I have and to acknowledge my blessings when others have not been as fortunate. Peace.....more info