Tiny Love Developlay Activity Center
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Product Description

Tiny Love Developlay Activity Center A multiple award-winner including the prestigious Best Toy Award, the new double-sided electronic Developlay Activity Center will keep baby busy pulling, pushing, spinning, grasping, looking, listening, smiling, and squealing with delight! For three to six months, Developlay's blue side stimulates the senses and encourages your baby to lift their head and neck. A spinner, reflecting ball, squeaker, and light-up, musical smiley face will be activated first by chance, then gradually on purpose. A baby-safe mirror promotes self-awareness, and the unique ring-pull activity develops hand-eye coordination and motor skills. For six months to two years, Developlay's green side reflects your child's developmental advances. Lever and button triggered activities, as well as a peek-a-boo door, increase their understanding of object permanence and cause and effect relationships. Baby-activated musical composition stimulates imagination, improves logic skills, and sound identification. A complete learning center for growing minds and bodies, order the Tiny Love Developlay Activity Center today!

  • STAGE 1: Blue side
  • Light-up, musical smiley face
  • Baby-safe mirror
  • Spinning clover
  • Unique ring-pull activity

Customer Reviews:

    My son loves this toy. It two sides and can attach to the crib or be used on the floor. I have it attached to his crib. He loves to play with it. He loves listening to the classical music when he goes to sleep. Unfortunately I spent more than $40 for it, but it was well worth it. This toy is highly reccomended. Great toy with tons of entertainment....more info
  • My daughter likes this when it's not in her crib
    The gadgets are neat.It's very colorful. The music is horrible. I purchased this for night time entertainment while my daughter is awake in her crib....so my husband and I can sleep. Well-- She is only interested in playing with it outside of the crib. I would not recommend this product....more info
  • Fantastic
    My four months old immediately fell in-love with this toy. He loves to play with it and does not get bored right away like some of his other toys. Tiny Love did not yet disappoint me! I love their products and the activity center is no exception....more info
  • Not a bad toy
    I bought this for my 7 month and it is a pretty nice activity center with lots of different knobs and switches that babies like. I like the idea of two different sides of play. The only problem I have with this is that I have trouble hanging it from crib, it really isn't designed to hang from the side of crib, just too bulky. Overall a pretty neat baby toy that my son can grow with....more info
  • Beautiful Toy! Loved the Music! Keeps my 7mo Entertained
    I just got this "Tiny Love" Toy for my Son and He just is so drawn to it! In the store I originally thought, well Im not gonna buy anything today but we sat a played with it and he was soo entertained! I figured this is Great! I like that fact that its two sided! Has lots of different things and I love love love the reversable little FEET which props it like a little table. This is a Great Toy, and Stimulates my babies senses just enough. You just need to make sure and "monitor" your child while playing with it to avoid getting hurt, like falling against it. Which they can fall against anything at this age!...more info
  • Every child should have one!
    My daughter loves this activity center. She goes from side to side discovering every little part. Lots for a child to look at. She especially likes the little critter that pops up and giggles when you hit the button. Very durable and well made. Easy to travel with as well. Would highly recommend!...more info
  • Best Crib Toy we Bought!
    We got this for our 2nd son when he was 8 months old because he use to wake up early in the morning or in the middle of the night. At first he liked to play with it more outside his crib, but we put it in his crib a month later and now he LOVES it! He will play with it in the middle of the night for 20-30 mins and fall back asleep. Sure I can hear the music and him twirling the little things on it, but it's better then hearing him crying and screaming! This is the best $40 we have ever spent on a crib toy. And believe me we wasted a lot of money on our first child! ...more info
  • What A Fantastic Toy
    I do not agree that this was an annoying toy. The sounds were not that loud. My daughter LOVED this toy. This toy had to go everywhere with us. There was so much to look at and she LOVED the bright colors. She enjoyed flipping it over to see what was on the other side. I think that this toy was well worth the money we spent on it. I would recommend this to to everyone!!...more info
  • Be Careful!
    I used to let my son play with this toy in his crib. One day after his nap, I went into his room and saw that he had ripped the squishy ball off the toy. It was laying on the floor next to his crib. I'm just thankful he didn't put it in his mouth. I have contacted the company and the CPSC about it....more info
  • Surreal
    Kiddo loves it. Keeps him occupied as long as can be expected. However, I would recommend only using the older-kid side; the younger-kid side has a blinding red LED in the happy face's nose. What the heck. Seriously, you stare at it, it hurts, you look away and regain your sight in a few seconds.

    The older-kid side's music is way out of tune. If David Lynch made a movie with a baby, this toy would be in the crib.

    Issues aside, he thinks it's great, so we just let the music haunt our dreams and keep him away from the light. We have to take it out of the crib at nap time because he won't leave it alone. It just latches on the side with a plastic hook, so it doesn't bog down the routine to do so....more info