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Sekonic L-358 Flash Master Light Meter
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Product Description

The Sekonic L-358 Flash Master is an advanced, yet easy to operate, exposure analyzing light meter, that incorporates the latest technology in handheld meters. The L-358 features a retractable incident Lumisphere for standard or cosine corrected light readings, provides both hemispherical and narrow angle readings. Measurements can be taken in either incident or flash metering modes with accurate and convenient flash and ambient analyzing. In all electronic flash measurements, an analyzing feature simultaneously evaluates both flash and ambient light and displays the values in three ways: a) combined readings of flash and ambient, b) percentage of flash in the total exposure or c) simultaneous display of flash, ambient and combined readings on the analog scale. An easy-to-read illuminated LCD panel directly displays full, 1/2 or 1/3-stop shutter speeds or apertures and exposure/calibration compensation. Selecting settings is quick and easy with the built-in Jog wheel and cine shutter speeds up to 360 frames per second makes the L-358 a versatile tool in the most demanding lighting scenario. Optional spot finders extend the versatility of the meter with a choice of 1, 5 or 10 degree measuring angles with a viewable parallax-free viewfinder. Analyzing Function - A simultaneous reading of flash and ambient light is analyzed. The readings are displayed in three different ways on the LCD: 1. Combined readings of flash and ambient 2. Percentage of flash in the total exposure 3. Simultaneous display of flash, ambient and combined readings on the analog display Retractable Lumisphere - A built-in adjustable incident dome (Lumisphere) provides full measuring in the standard position or when retracted, provides cosine corrected light readings for individual light source measurements or flat artwork. Memory Mode - 9 memory banks are available in both Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority Modes, making contrast evaluation

  • Exposures accurate down to a tenth-of-a-stop for both ambient and electronic flash light readings (in full-stop mode).
  • Sekonic RT-32 Radio Transmitter Module installs easily, enabling wireless, Selective Quad Triggering of PocketWizard-enabled
  • Dust-proof and splash-proof (JIS Standard Water Resistance Class 4). Weather-sealed against dust storms ;easters, and the occasional rogue wave
  • Incident readings of three-dimensional subjects are taken using the Lumisphere fully extended, and retract the Lumisphere
  • Up to 9 readings can be stored in memory for meter averaging and contrast evaluations in Aperture and Shutter priority modes

Customer Reviews:

  • Simple
    This is my first flash meter. It was simple to use. It makes setting my camera a snap with my strobes. ...more info
  • Excellent light meter
    Easy to use. All the functions most people would want right out of the box. You can add pocket wizard triggering ability and buy a spot metering addon. It give the correct exposure quickly and takes the hassle out of calculating flash ratios. It is a worth while investment for digital photography. Even beginners will benefit from this product. ...more info
  • Does what it's supposed to do - a couple tweaks would've been nice
    Using primarily as a studio flash meter and for church formals.

    Unit meters as expected for a $240 unit, so no applause for that.

    I like:
    - The retractable lumpishere (from dome, to flat). VERY useful.
    - Ability to show ambient/flash as a percentage. Useful.

    I HATE:
    That the unit requires two hands to operate. For every operation, you
    need to hold down one of the functions buttons then scroll the wheel
    to change the value. This really stinks, since I'm usually holding
    something else in my other hand. Another 'dip' switch, as Sekonic
    calls them, should be added that allows the unit to be operated with
    one-hand (ie., automatically 'holds' certain function button while you
    toggle)....more info
  • A must have for all strobists.
    I love artificial lighting in photographs and for quite some time I just used continous lighting source. All was fine, till I decided to use flash lights, inspired by the Strobist blog. All though this was fun, there was no definite way to measure/meter the incident light before taking a picture. So to get a good shot, I had to have 4-5 test shots. Also I couldn't set the power difference between key light, background light, hair light etc. So I knew I needed a light meter which measured incident as well as reflective light. I chose L-358 based on feedback on the internet and amazon.

    The main advantages:
    1. Measures Incident/Reflective light very accurately.
    2. Different source selection. Natural, Flash remote and Flash chord.
    3. Optional PW support (I don't have Pocket wizards, but use Cactus through chord mode)
    4. Fantastic averaging function. This feature is usually present in digital light meters. But L-358 is very accurate and a delight to use (the subject should be static)
    5. Two ISO modes. This feature helps a lot as I generally use two different camera bodies and usually am on different ISOs on them.
    6. Easy to use indoors as well as on location shoots.

    1. The ability to set the aperture value in Flash modes and force the meter to show the shutter speed, would be a good advantage. This feature is available in natural light mode however. I usually like to use shallow aperture and I'd like to be in control of the aperture rather than meter telling me what to set it at. But this is no disadvantage, as some values can be tweaked by turning the control wheel. ...more info
  • Perfect!
    I was very skeptical about buying photo equipment online but it was a great decision. I go my light meter fast and it was in perfect condition with the case and manual also perfect. Thanks so much! I would for sure buy again from this seller!...more info