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Lowepro Micro Trekker 200 Camera Backpack (Black)
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Product Description

This backpack has a large front pocket with organizer, expandable side pockets, laminated mesh pockets, shoulder straps, sternum strap, a removable waist belt and attachment loops for SlipLock add-ons. Removable bottom straps take a small tripod or a windbreaker.

  • The Micro Trekker is designed for photographers who want to take a 35mm SLR on a day trip rather than a National Geographic-sponsored expedition
  • It will accomodate an SLR with an attached 80-200 f2.8 lens plus your choice - three extra lenses, an extra camera body, or a flash
  • Shoulder Straps are a bi-laminate S-curve design that fits perfectly around your neck to reduce strain on shoulder muscles
  • A Sternum Strap adjusts to reduce shoulder fatigue
  • A foam Back Pad reduces back fatigue and wicks away moisture

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Bag
    This is a great product. I have been taking it with me on my bike rides. I Love the size, and it holds everything. ...more info
  • Well designed mid-size camera backpack
    I bought this to replace a Tamrac Velocity sling bag I had, which I was not happy with for a variety of reasons. (note: This Velocity model was replaced by a new design, and although I have not tried it, it appears that have made several improvement to it).

    This photography backpack is a nice compromise between huge, "bring everything" models, and small, "take only the basics" bags.

    Typically I carry:
    * Nikon DSLR D80 or D90
    * Nikon 18-200 VR Zoom
    * SIGMA 10-20 Ultrawide Zoom
    * UltraPod II compact tripod
    * Nikon SB flash and diffuser
    * In addition to these items, there is plenty of room and pockets to carry all of your small items such as batteries, cell phone, filters, walkie-talkie, etc.

    * The bag is well padded on all sides.
    * I use this in the Arizona desert where triple digits temperatures are the norm a good part of the year. The part of the bag that rest against your back has ventilated padding and this really helps. The back of my shirt is not soaked in sweat when I take this off.
    * It is very well designed. For the most part the pocket locations are just what I'd want and there are a variety of different sizes of pockets. Many have velcro or zipper closures. There a lot of place to put stuff both inside and out. I can't say the same for other bags I've looked at.
    * It has adjustable chest and waist straps. This not only makes the bag more comfortable when fully loaded but it's a must if you are hiking on rugged terrain.
    * The tripod straps are removable.
    * It's a comfortable bag.
    * The workmanship seems top-notch. I've only had mine for about a year but it has held up very well.

    * Because of all the padding, this bag is very stiff. When empty it is going to take up as much space as when full. It's not a bag you can collapse easily and place in a suitcase for travel.
    * You have to fully remove it to take your camera out. This is not a bag you want if you need to whip your camera out in a hurry. This is true of most backpack style bags - although manufacturers are starting to come up with clever ways around this. (see Lowepro Fastpacks).
    * Although this bag should protect your gear from a light rain, it's not an all-weather pack.
    * Thera is no large separate compartment for non-camera gear (lunch, jacket etc.) There is an outside pocket on the back which expands and can hold some items, but not a lot. I've been able to stuff a non-insulated windbreaker in it, but anything heavier will not fit. In the bag's defense, it would be impossible to do this without : 1) making the bag bigger, or 2) make the camera storage area smaller. As such, this not really a "con," but it is something to consider.

    Overall this is a great mid-size bag for photographers. It works great on hikes into the back woods, or a day's excursion at Disneyland.
    ...more info
  • Works great
    Works great for my digital SLR and the old 35mm with an extra lense for both. Lots of places for stashing batteries and all the take along stuff. Gave my old (same) backpack to my daughter and bought this one to replace it....more info
  • Nice size, holds a lot, but still managable
    Got it to hold my small travel outfit, D50 with 3 lens and SB-800. Already have a full sized backpack, so the 200 is a perfect compliment.

    Only significant weakness is the tripod holder, would prefer a vertical arrangement with the tripod supported by a cup....more info
  • Great Bag
    I am an amateur photographer trying to build my equipment on a budget. This is a great bag for the money. Holds my camera and several other lenses (including telephoto) along with all of my other camera necessities AND room for keys etc. It is comfortable to carry. Haven't had it for too long but looks durable. Definitely recommend it....more info
  • Phenominal Backpack! Highly Recommended!!!!
    This backpack is amazing. I bought it because I knew I would need something. This bag is better than I ever expected.

    Currently in my bag: SB-400 Flash, 3x Filters, 55-200mm VR lens, 18-55 VR lens, camera body, lens hood, 2x battery chargers, 8x AA batteries, 3x EN-EL9 Batteries, lens bag, PnS camera, 8x SD Cards in cases (5x 8GB cards, 2x 4GB Cards, 1x 2GB Card)... I still have room for more items!

    This bag is awesome. It is really small but holds a ton of stuff. It is so light. I take it everywhere with me. It is incredibly comfortable! I love this bag! ...more info
  • I just wish it had a security strap.
    Nice product. I have my small-mid sized SLR body with 17-55 f/2.8 without the hood in there. I can also put my Nikkor 105 Micro with the hood, Sigma 30 f/1.4 with the hood, Sigma 10-20 wide angle with the hood, Nikon 55-200 VRII with the hood, and my sb400 flash. It would be a tighter fit, but you can put an sb600 with all that in there. I also have two filters in the original plastic cases, several AA batteries, cards, extra battery, portable charger all in there. My only concern is the lack of one of those security straps from the sides of the bag that goes over the opening flap, that would prevent my bag from opening should the zipper fail or not be secured correctly. The bag is comfortable enough and fits easily under the seat on an airplane. I'd give 4 stars 4.5 if it had either that security strap or more weather proofing. 5 if all that....more info