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Braun WK200B AquaExpress Electric Water Kettle
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Product Description

Cordless Pouring / 54 Ounce Capacity / Auto Power Off When Lid is released or Kettle is lifted from base charger / Black

  • Braun WK200B Electric Water Kettle, Black 54oz
  • Braun

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product
    I love a hot cup of tea or hot cider, and this is the best (and fastest) way to get the hot water. I love that you leave the heating element on the counter when you pick up the kettle. Makes it light enough to handle easily, even for my mother with arthritis. Great product....more info
  • Great product for a great price!
    i bought this kettle for my new apartment, my significant other and i drink a lot of tea and this kettle is great for getting the water ready in a short amount of time. As soon as the water gets hot enough it shuts off and you can take the kettle anywhere with the hot water inside. its great for guests or just to take to the dinner table. Concerning some of the negative reviews : yes the cord is a bit short but you dont need to move the base from the counter so its not an issue, and as for the plastic smell or taste its non existent, i had no such thing. great product a must buy for tea drinkers...more info
  • We love it.
    Our previous Braun Water Kettle provided excellent service for eight years. It was given to us as a gift by our German exchange student. When it failed I tried to find a replacement, but we could not find the Braun Water Kettle at any local department store outlet. In speaking with our former student it was suggested that we try We did and found the Water Kettle in black color which is an even better match to our kitchen decor. The kettle was ordered on a holiday week end and arrived by the following Friday. We are very happy with the Kettle and the Amazon service that made it available to us. The UPS people have fantastic tracking of the shipment....more info
  • Started to leak after 3 months
    Looks like I'm not the only one reporting on this problem. Must be a small percentage of the product but the trouble is that it seems to happen after the return policy expires, which also makes it hard to know whether your new kettle is good or has this potential issue.
    Beware. A good kettle otherwise, unless you're unlucky, like me....more info
  • doesn't last
    We bought this kettle in Jan. 08 and it is now December. We use it to heat water for tea 4-6 times/day. The kettle was great, but seems to have shorted out. It worked sporadically for about 3 days and now no longer works at all. ...more info
  • Not the kettle it once was...
    There's a new kettle in town. I owned this item for 3 years - it made a pot of tea every morning and warmed every infant bottle during that time. But it started cutting in and out while heating so I looked for a replacement. My first choice was to replace it with another, but its now more expensive (65 to 120) depending on the reseller; and more importantly, its underpowered vs. the competition (1500watts vs. 1750watts). So I bought the Krups model instead and haven't looked back. The Braun is still good (4 stars) but the Krups, well it gets my 5-star rating in this category. Either kettle will suit, but sometimes it pays to change - at least my wife tells me so....more info
  • Pure Genius
    This is a fantastic product. Used multiple times per day, super quick and convenient. No plasticy smell after the first day or two of use and no heating elements submerged in the water. Auto-off, great safety feature. No annoying whistle. One button operation - no settings, no displays to read, it's on or it's off! Kettle lifts free of the base so it's completely cordless when serving or refilling. Rubberized handle never gets hot. Stylish black design, too. Brilliant. ...more info
  • great kettle
    After growing up with a mum who used a electric kettle exclusively for her tea water, I got nostalgic and decided to get one. Well, I'll never go back to a stove kettle again. It boiled water almost instantly and the screen in the spout keeps hard water minerals out of my morning tea. No more slug at the bottom of the cup. It works silently (my mum's made a lot of noise) and I can see exactly how much water is in the kettle instantly. I highly recommend this kettle. Love it, love it, love it....more info
  • Hot pot
    It works very well and heats up quickly...It is easy to see the measurements....Have no complaints so far....more info
  • Hot Water, Fast & Easy
    I am really happy with this Electric Water Kettle. I am a big tea drinker, and I have tried other types of hot water makers, only to have them leak all over. This pot is fast and easy to use. It's very convenient, easy to fill, and the water actually boils, which is essential for good tea. The price of this was a bit more than some of the other brands, but it was well worth it!
    I know we will use this even more in the winter time, for other hot drinks and soups. It's just so easy! If you're a tea person, this pot is definitely for you....more info
  • A little loud, but works well
    I haven't had any problems using this product. It does what it says it does. The only thing I would have liked to know ahead of time is that it makes a bit of noise for about 3 to 4 minutes. . .I planned on noise, but perhaps not as loud, and not for as long. My co-worker has one that I never hear, so I wasn't expecting the noise factor. ...more info
  • Looks very good, work great.
    Love this thing. Do not see any downsides.
    The only recommendation - put water in without opening the lid. It seems not very solid and might break. Otherwise it is very good product. boils watter extremely fast. Easy to clean if needed....more info
  • A champ.
    Purchased this kettle three weeks ago and so far it works superbly, boiling water in no time. So much faster than the stovetop!...more info
  • Unbeatable German Efficiency
    My wife and I are frequent tea drinkers, so we like having hot water on-hand all the time. We initially bought an Asian electric boiler with auto-reboil, but it ended up costing us an arm and a leg in electricity bills due to its poor insulation and constant re-boiling.

    Recently we found the Braun AquaExpress and haven't looked back since. It's extremely fast and eliminates the need to boil water ahead of time. It also looks great on our kitchen counter, and the construction seems very sturdy and reliable. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Fast
    Used these kettles in England on my vacation. I loved them and had to get one when I came home, everyone had one there....Boiled a full pot of cold water in 5 min. It took 11 for my non-electric kettle to boil with hot tap water. Nice and fast. Boiled a whole pot first and poured it out to clean it then made a cup of tea. The mesh filter comes out to rinse. The lid opens all the way if you hold the button down and push it up, so you can get your hand in to clean it etc. The handle is comfortable to hold and it pours well with no drips.

    I recommend this kettle. It has a 1 year warranty and Braun is a good name.

    ...more info
  • Kettle that boils
    Looks good, boils fast, nice ergonomic feel, european quality... what else could expect from a kettle?

    Flawless experience. Well worth its money....more info
  • Love it!
    I drink tea ALL DAY long, so this kettle gets used several times a day. No complaints - automatic shutoff works perfectly, boils fast. Capacity is perfect for my 34 oz Bodum tea pot.

    Wonderful for blanching veggies too!...more info
  • Used everday for 6 months and I love it
    I love my hot tea and hot chocolate and this boils your water in a jiff. I love it....more info
  • A good value
    This tea pot has been all I could ask for. It boils the water quickly and quietly, turns off automatically when the water is ready, doesn't get as hot on the outside as the previous one I owned, and is light weight. A good value for the price I paid. ...more info
  • I feel good about the purchase I made
    This was a good purchase. It boils water like promised. The build is sturdy and feels like quality material. I like that it doesn't have a cord attached. We use this for our french press coffee. It is a bit more expensive than the others, but I feel it is worth it because of the durability. I'm sick of buying stuff that feels flimsy and you know will break after a year of normal use. I feel this one will last for at least 200 or 300 years. ...more info
  • Great in college, great now...
    I love this water kettle because it works so well and has the automatic shut-off feature, so you do not need to worry about forgetting to switch it off.

    It's fast, has a filter for coarser residue, and heats water quickly. It pours nicely and, unless you go entirely overboard due to a lack of patience, never drips. I had this thing in college for teas, soups, and cooking... and it worked then as well as it does now for broth, teas dog food, and pasta... not that you put the pasta into the kettle but it speeds up the cooking of the water. ;)

    I can recommend this item, although it has gotten fairly costly... the price is double what I paid for on for a J&R version. It looks stylish but is all plastic, which surprised me, since the image hinted at some chrome parts. This does not take from the overall appeal this utensil sports....more info
  • Braun Water Kettle - wonderful!
    This is an excellent product, especially for those who have busy mornings getting ready for work. The kettle boils water for tea, oatmeal, etc. in about 1 minute. It's easy to clean too. Overall, a great product I would recommend to anyone!...more info
  • Great Product
    This is our second water kettle... our first one was alright, but was as durable. I really like this water kettle, its sturdy and holds about 3 travel mugs of water. It takes only 60 sec to boil one to 2 cups of water. Its great! We use it mutiple times a day!

    Love it. I like the fact the heater element is in the middle of the kettle. I like the view of water on both sides and that is automatically shuts off. The water gets extremely hot when you let it boil completely, not drinkable. Love that fact too!

    ...more info
  • great product
    I ordered this kettle as a gift to my friend and she is extremely satisfied with it. It looks cool and works great....more info
  • Leaks
    Bought it...loved it...2 months later the kettle leaked all over the counter...It's been more than 30 days since it shipped, so now I have to go through the hassle of trying to return to the manufacturer. No fun! I'm not keen to have another one as the quality is obviously lacking despite the hefty price tag. ...more info
  • Love this kettle
    Brews really quickly and has an auto-shutoff. No complaints and i have had it a year. Short power cord which may be an issue for some folk....more info
  • This kettle lives up to all the reviews.
    Ditto to everything everyone has said. Right now, I'm suffering from a sore throat, and this kettle arrived just in the nick of time for me, as I am drinking alot of herbal tea. Unlike others, I am happy it makes noise when it is just ready to quit boiling. I can be doing other things in the other room and know when to go get my tea. And no annoying high pitched whistle....more info
  • It leaks... After 6 months of use
    This is the second Braun boiler I am buying in a year. In the first one, the power switch quit much sooner than I expected. This model lasted for 6 months, and started to leak. No more Braun for me....more info
  • A nice electric kettle
    I had this kettle for about a month and have been very satisfied with it. I use it at work, and have it right on my desk. No smells, it's quick, takes up very little space, and is fairly atractive.

    I gave it four, rather than five, stars because it's a little larger than I'd like, I would have perfered all stainless steel, and the cord is about 2" too short to reach a power strip on the floor when placed on a typical desk....more info
  • Fast, Easy, with piece of mind
    Let's keep it simple...

    The Pros:
    - Auto on/off...No more worrying or having anxiety attacks about whether or not you left the kettle on. When the water boils, the unit automatically turns itself off.
    - Clear, see-through water indicator/measure. Nice and easy to see and measure how much water is in the kettle.
    - Dead easy, no thought process required to use. Just press the button and in LITERALLY SECONDS you'll start hearing the heating element heat the water.
    - My Wife uses it to boil water for pasta! SOOOoooo much faster then waiting for it to boil in the pot!
    - Easily detaches/attaches to the base. No special twisting or unscrewing or having wires attached. Just lift it up or put it down, very little fiddling required.
    - Nicely ergonomic shape. Handle fits nicely in hand and the position of it makes it easy to hold and pour.

    The Cons:
    - None. If you pressed me and threatened to force me to watch reruns of Roseanne, then MAYBE I'd say a longer power cord would be nice. But that's not even a big deal since only the base needs to be by the power outlet, the kettle can go anywhere you need it to.

    My Wife is forever rolling her eyes whenever I get yet another UPS package with some new "gadget" in it. But when I told her what this one gadget was and that she'd no longer have to worry about leaving the stove on for the kettle (not to mention the bionic speed it boils water), well the eyes weren't rolling anymore!...She's got enough going on in the day, this one little bit of piece-of-mind turned out to be a real blessing!...more info
  • fast and easy
    I love this thing! It heats up fast with no annoying whistle. It is easy to fill and use. I like being able to see how much water is in it and when it starts boiling. The only thing I would change is the cord which is very stiff, but once you figure out where to keep it, that isn't a problem. I drink a lot of tea and use this kettle several times a day. I have been very very happy with it so far....more info
  • Excellent Kettle
    Very nice product. Boils water promptly, looks good, easy to clean. I had it for about a month now and so far it's been great....more info
  • Very well designed
    We've been using this new electric teapot for about a week at least 2-3 times/day and it is the best! I've owned several other electric kettles and this one is surely the best designed.

    The highlights are:

    - teapot is very light (plastic body, metal only in base for electrical connections),
    - the buttons are in the right place right at the top of the handle,
    - the handle is at the perfect angle for pouring (I'm used to more traditional kettle handles that are curved, so was a bit skeptical figuring they were like that for a reason - wrong, this form factor is hands down much better)
    - easy-view window for water level - love this as our prior kettle had a terrible design for this
    - sturdy cabling with wrap-around storage underneath for extra length - this keeps things nice and neat
    - water heats very fast and reliable
    - looks good on the countertop

    Can't point to any negatives - except very minor point that the top lid should open more fully. It opens perfectly far enough, but would be even better if it opened just a bit wider for cleaning and filling with water.

    But overall this is a great product and is the best of several electric kettles I've owned....more info
  • Works Like a Charm
    We have had the Braun AquaExpress Electric Water Kettle for over a month and we are very pleased with it. I spent a lot of time reading the Amazon customers' reviews before I made my selection. It is a plastic pot and I appreciate the concerns of those who don't want to use a plastic product, but my husband & I weren't among them. I particularly like the ease and security of the handle. This is important in handling hot water. It is also easy to fill and I can easily see the amounts through the calibrated windows on both sides of the pot. We use it several times a day to heat water in amounts of 1 cup to 7 cups (full capacity) and it is speedy and always turns off. There is only a "click" sound when it turns off, but this is fine with me. If I am out of the room and miss it, it reheats very rapidly. The top doesn't open wide, so I don't know how one would clean the inside, but there is no exposed coil in this one, so the mineral build-up shouldn't be a problem. It has made our mornings easier and I use it to quick start water for cooking too. ...more info
  • It's great !!
    It does the job well, quick & I'm very happy with it. Boiling water on top of the stove takes so much longer & uses up so much more electricity...more info
  • Smartly designed
    After the fragile switch on our old electric kettle broke after only four or five months, I purchased this one to replace it. We use it heavily in our office, and it's performing very well. The handle feels comfortable, the switch's position makes sense, and thus far it heats water quickly, pours without dribble, and is durable. A+ purchase decision!...more info