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Audio-Technica ATHM30 Professional Headphones
List Price: $119.00

Our Price: $41.69

You Save: $77.31 (65%)


Product Description

Audio Technica ATH-M30 - These lightweight headphones are comfortable enough to wear for recording sessions or raves that run into hours, and provides the exceptional clarity and sonic accuracy you need for precise mixing 11-foot cable Frequency Response - 20Hz - 21kHz Sensitivity (1 mW) - 100dB Impedance - 65 ohms Maximum Input Power - 1600mW at 1kHz Weight (less cable) - 7.0 ounces One Year Limited Warranty

  • Exceptional clarity and sonic accuracy for mixing
  • High power handling for tracking sessions
  • Circumaural design ensures superior isolation
  • 40 mm diameter drivers, neodymium magnets and CCAW voice coils
  • Adjustable cushioned headband and lightweight design for maximum comfort

Customer Reviews:

  • Quality headphones
    After shopping around, I settled on the ATH-M30 due to its price and apparent quality. The phones allow me to listen to my record player while moving around my room due to the 11' cable. The phones provide extraordinarily clear, balanced sound. There is no bass boost, seeing as these are studio phones, but the sound is still gorgeous. I recommend these to any vinyl lover or music lover in general who wants crisp, clear sound at an affordable price....more info
  • Very, VERY GOOD :)
    Very good headphones - simple as that.

    I'm not an enthusiast or professional and I'm using those for listening of my mp3 player and computer gaming.

    ...more info
  • Great headphones for medical transcription!!!
    I'm a medical transcriptionist who works at home. I was looking for some noise-cancelling/reducing headphones to cut out some of the noise in the house when I'm working. These fit the bill! They are great headphones for my work...and less than 50 bucks AND free shipping! Wonderful....more info
  • Great value for money
    These phones have exceeded my expectations. Very comfortable. Bass is not boomy like other closed phones in price range. Excellent mid range and treble. Needs about 150 hrs of burn in....more info
  • Terribly mediocre
    This is a pretty bad set of headphones. I used to have the Sony MDR-V150s which had decent sound but were extremely tight and uncomfortable. I bought these to get some high-end sound quality and some comfort. Unfortunately the ATH-M30s could give me neither.

    Sound quality: Highs and mids were quite clear and sounded pretty good, but bass is virtually nonexistent. I like to feel the bass in a song but I heard none whatsoever in most tracks, and it took a song with very, very prominent steady bass (not hip-hop beats or anything) for me to hear any of it.

    Comfort: Terrible. These headphones seemed comfortable when I first tried them on but they quickly got very uncomfortable after only a couple minutes. I adjusted the headband and everything but it was absolutely impossible for me to position them on my ears in a comfortable position. It's not bearable to wear them for more than 30 or 45 minutes. These headphones gave me no relief from the extremely tight V150s. The earpads were not very comfortable, they're supposed to be some kind of leatherette but they feel papery. I do have a pretty big head, but these are some uncomfortable headphones.

    - Clear highs and mids
    - Long wire and strain relief coil
    - Cool looking

    - No bass whatsoever
    - Extremely uncomfortable
    - Earpads are papery
    ...more info
  • sound great but don't feel great.
    Great sounding headphones. One complaint is the ear pads are very thin and extended use irritates my ear. Also they don't seal out noise very well. The Sony v6's are more comfortable and more efficient power wise. ...more info
  • Good Headphones but not all day comfortable for me
    These are good headphones and have good sound quality to my amateur ears. I feel they are a bit heavy and not all day comfortable. They limit most extraneous sound. Good value for the price, but if I could have tried them on before buying, I probably would have kept looking. ...more info
  • Impressive!!
    I'm very happy with these headphones, shipment was prompt and the headphones are well made, comfortable and the sound quality is Greeeeat! I use these in my home recording studio to monitor and master recordings, I can hear every little detail. They're much better than the other 4 sets I own and the price is definitely right. Highly reccomend these!!!...more info
  • Headphones
    Sound quality is great, headphones are really very comfortable.
    I use them to watch movies on my laptop, my husband uses them for playing games on the computer and we are both very satisfied. Headphones rest very comfy on your head and lay tightly around your ears, making it easy to wear them for a long period of time. Good noise reducers too.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Audio Quality, Ears might hurt
    The sound quality was great for the price. I do not know if this is particular to me but ear hurt after listening to an hour or so. ...more info
  • Worth the Money
    Great sound but not quite as comfortable as I had hoped they would be, after about 2 hours I start experiencing some discomfort, but to be honest this may be do in part because of the fact that I wear glasses....more info
  • Performance
    These headphones did not meet my expectations. Sound was muffled and seemed distant (like you wanted to turn it up, but couldn't),plus they weren't loud enough to really enjoy 80's metal and/or symphonic rock. They were comfortable on the ears and had excellent noise cancellation properties....more info