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Allsop Metal Art Monitor Stand - Black
List Price: $34.99

Our Price: $24.33

You Save: $10.66 (30%)


Product Description

Brings a clean, contemporary look to your desktop / Raises your monitor to a more comfortable height / Optimizes desk space Construction is of rigid reinforced steel Accomodates monitors up to 21 inches and ergonomic keyboards Steel construction - holds up to 70 pounds Dimensions - 4-1/2H x 23-1/2W x 13-1/2D Color - Black

  • Great storage for your monitor or notebook
  • Clean and modern look, great for any office
  • Raises monitor to reduce neck strain
  • Holds monitors up 21" and items up to seventy pounds in weight
  • Work space dimensions of 14.6 wide by 11 deep

Customer Reviews:

  • Bigger than I expected
    I ordered this stand for my 24" monitor. The feet of the monitor easily fit in the dimensions of this stand. I'd wager that it can hold a 30" LCD. The stand is also much more rugged and heavier than I expected. Very satisfied....more info
  • Great stand for the price! Works great with my 28" widescreen...
    For the price I paid, and with free super-saver shipping, I'm very happy. This stand is wide and sturdy (virtually no bounce for me). I have a large 28" LCD for my computer, and the stand is almost as wide as the monitor itself. It raises it up enough so the monitor is now at eye-sight level, which means no more slouching over! Phew. Plenty of room underneath it for whatever you might want to put there, such as a laptop, keyboard, or a drawing tablet. I was going to get a monitor arm, but they are expensive and I couldn't find one I actually liked. I'd buy this again and I'd recommend it as well....more info
  • Good, solid, no frills monitor stand
    Sometimes you just want something that provides a basic function and nothing else. After six months of having my monitor on two phone books, I ordered this monitor stand. Truthfully, I don't think I needed anything so heavy duty, but everything else was much more expensive due to bells and whistles that I didn't want like drawers or speakers or plugins or whatever. This is a big black piece of metal with a pattern of circular holes across the entire surface of the monitor shelf, probably to keep the weight down. It is big, and it will hold pretty much any monitor that isn't actually an old T.V. Grab a tape measure and see if you are ok with the dimensions. I put it all the way back on my desk against the wall, and find that I have plenty of space in front. Plus, now I get a whole new area to use under the monitor. It is what it is with no flash or added features. Until someone decides to make a less robust stand without add-ons, I'd recommend this one if you just want your monitor to be higher on your desk....more info
    I bought the stand to use to place a 19" TV on and placed my DVD/VCR player beneath. This was a perfect solution vs. buying a piece of furniture. It's sturdy and attractive....more info
  • Super stand!
    Nice monitor stand! I have a little 19" LCD monitor, so this stand gives me plenty of room for my speakers too. Defineately a space saver. Very happy w/ this purchase....more info
  • I have my desk back!
    I can finally do paper work at my computer desk without having to rearrange my monitor, speakers, keyboard etc. I mainly bought this for my 19" HP flat screen monitor that did not have a height adjustment. Now it's at a very comfortable height but the best feature is how much desk space I acquired. The construction is very solid and it is holding my monitor, speakers, and usb hub and has the space to hold more. The area underneath should accept even the biggest of keyboards. I have gained so much space that I can now do my homework here without having to move things around or go lay across my bed. The entire unit is black satin finish (NO SILVER TOP AS SHOWN ON FRONT OF BOX), which will match anything. Also, there is no construction involved which is nice. Thanks ALLSOP! I ordered your monitor stand and received a "new desk"....more info
  • Just what I was looking for.
    Hey guys.

    There really isn't much to say about this product. There are no parts to it, no assembly, nothing. From the point it reaches your doorstep, all you have to do is open it up, and placed it where you want it.

    I have to admit, the construction of this stand is absolutely sturdy and worth the money I paid for. It is currently holding my 22" monitor perfectly without any trouble. And the ample space beneath the stand allows me to tuck my laptop neatly underneath it. This finally results in a whole lot of new desk space!

    I am giving it a 5 stars because the height of this product is perfect. Please know the dimensions of this product before purchasing it! It may just be too tall for you!

    Cheers....more info
  • A little cramped underneath
    As a monitor stand, this is excellent. It has no problem supporting my 22" HP w2207 LCD monitor. However, if you want to put your keyboard and mouse underneath it, be mindful of the space.

    The space between the supports is about 22 inches wide and 12 inches deep, so I can put a keyboard underneath it. Unfortunately, there's not much room to store a mouse and a mousepad side-by-side with the keyboard. Luckily, I have a cordless mouse, so I just put it on top with the monitor when I'm not using it.

    When I type, the stand casts shadows that often fall on my keyboard, so I can't see the keys. It may be helpful to use a keyboard with illuminated keys. I normally just pull the keyboard towards me so it's not in the shadow. I could try touch-typing without looking at the keys, but there's only about 4 inches of space underneath the stand, so my hands tend to bump into the underside of the stand....more info
  • Excellent Stand
    Excellent quality stand perfect for a wide monitor. Very modern and appealing to others in the office. Matches my black and silver office decor....more info
  • Perfect!
    I have a Dell 24" LCD and I was adding a laptop to my network and wanted to put it beneath my monitor. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Nice and wide so the laptop could have cables poking out of both sides without having to bend them up or raise the laptop to clear the legs.

    No bouncing, very well constructed. Most things you buy these days that aren't cheap garbage cost you a bunch of money above what they should. This stand is an exception. The price is very reasonable given the quality....more info
  • Not for me!
    To big, slightly too tall, and two of the rubber pegs on the bottom came out....more info
  • Perfect for what I needed it for.
    It holds my 19" CRT with room to put my 2 speakers next to it(approx 55 lbs.) and I can slide my Logitech g15 keyboard underneath. Perfect...more info