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Sweet Home Alabama
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A successful New York fashion designer has agreed to marry but first she returns to her old home in Alabama to sever ties with her high school sweetheart and husband, who refuses to give her a divorce.
Genre: Feature Film-Comedy
Rating: PG13
Release Date: 28-DEC-2003
Media Type: DVD

As formulaic, utterly inoffensive romantic comedies go, Sweet Home Alabama could be better, and could be worse. It's a variant of Julia Roberts's Something to Talk About, with all the same strengths and weaknesses, and Reese Witherspoon is definitely its saving grace. As an Alabama country girl turned hot New York fashion designer, Witherspoon finds the genuine emotions hidden under a blandly familiar plot, making her character's romantic indecisiveness seem not only credible but disarmingly appealing. She's just agreed to marry the Camelot-bred son (Patrick Dempsey) of New York's no-nonsense mayor (Candice Bergen), but first she has to officially divorce the husband (Josh Lucas) she left behind years earlier... only to discover that their love is stronger than ever. The rest, of course, is a foregone conclusion, but with a sharp supporting cast and a few charming moments, Sweet Home Alabama will satisfy anyone who prefers safe, reassuring entertainment. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Heart Melting... So Cute Movie Ever!
    My opinion is this movie more wonderful cozy for everyone watching it. It makes us happiness night time--you know? I so love it! It's actually my favorite movie. I feel so comfortable and it makes me tearing down, heart melting by Josh Lucas played Jake Perry... (Chuckling) Wonderful movie! ...more info
  • Korina
    Wonderful love story. If your a Reese Witherspoon fan. You will love this movie....more info
  • Ya'll will love this movie
    Put on your Confederate grays, break out the Stars & Bars, grab your Southern bell, and snuggle up on the couch to watch this movie together for some quality snogging time. This is the best romantic comedy ever written.

    "What you wanna be married to me for?" You'll have to buy the movie for the answer.

    If you have a friend or relative who is a Civil War reenactor, give them this DVD as a gift....more info
  • Sweet Home Alabama
    Both DVD's that were sent didn't work. However they were very good about refunds and replacements....more info
  • Love Triangle - Civil War Style
    Just who will hot New York fashion designer Melanie Carmichael (aka Melanie Smooter) choose? Her heart is torn like a north and south divide between first husband Jake in Alabama and fiance Andrew, the JFK-like son of Manhattan's mayor who plans to groom her son to Presidental status. After Andrew proposes Melanie must rush through a divorce with Jake only to find that after 7 years of running away, she is still a Southern Belle at heart.

    Melanie's torn heart is like a civil war clash as her accent changes back and forth to reflect her inner turnoil and personality identity confusion. Just who is she? She wonders as her marriage preparations are underway. Is she the chick New York fashion designer who creates clothes that are picked up my high-end retail stores all over the country? Is she the Manhattan socialite who has nabbed the most elibible bachelor in town? Or is she a southern belle confederate sweetheart still in love with her first love? Is she really truly just Melanie Smooter Perry who inspired Jake to make something of himself when she left after a miscarrage?

    The only way to know is to watch her walk down the aisle a second time....more info
    Cnadice Bergen as a bitchy Mayor and mother of the bridegroom gets that line and it's my favorite from the movie. Bergen chews up the scenery with her accustomed gusto and flair. Now, as far as the movie goes, it's the cast and particularly Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon that elevates this film. Reese plays an up and coming fashion designer who gets engaged to the mayor's son (an effective Patrick Dempsey) but first has to get divorced from the husband no one in her new life knows about (Josh Lucas playing his usual Josh Lucas he-man roles). Reese has been trying for 7 years to get hubby Jake to sign the divorce papers but she has to back to sweet home Alabama to convince him to let her free so she can marry handsome Andrew. Fred Ward and Mary Kay Place are fine as Reese's down to earth parents; Ethan Embry is effective as an old friend with secrets; and Jean Smart is present as Lucas' mama. We all know what's bound to happen and it seems like it takes forever to do so. But there are some amusing moments and Reese, as always, is fun to share a couple hours with. Not great but okay!...more info
  • Sweet Home Alabama DVD
    Have been looking for this movie everywhere. Found it, of course, on Amazon at a great price. Love the movie and even purchased another one for a friend of mine. ...more info
  • sweet home alabama
    If you are a romantic at heart this is the movie for you. Great great movie....more info
    I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! This movie is funny, and filled with the kind of characters that love one another, but won't admit it, that makes for a great movie. Josh Lucas and Reese Witherspoon do an incredible job at battling it out, until they realize what they want most, is to give it another go.

    The whole concept of finding your true love in a childhood friend is incredible touching. Josh's undying love for Reese, is one every girls longs for. A knight who does what it takes to win his princess.
    ...more info
  • Fun and light
    This is definitely a light romantic comedy. Reese Witherspoon plays an up-and-coming New York fashion designer with the perfect life laid out in front of her - including the perfect boyfriend. When circumstances arise that take her back to her roots in rural Alabama, her two worlds clash and the fun begins. While there are many humorous, funny parts there are also some heartwarming/thoughtful moments as well. Reese Witherspoon is great in this lead role and Josh Lucas is perfect for the part he plays.

    Not "serious" film but enjoyable -- a good, entertaining movie....more info
  • Below average rom com
    I was fairly enjoying this movie, with the southern accents, and it was reminding me a bit of Hope Floats. Until about half an hour before the end, when I started flicking through a magazine I was that bored. The finale drags out way more than it ever should have been. You know what the ending's going to be, you just wish it would hurry up & get there!

    Apart from that, the actual song "Sweet Home Alabama" is well, and overly, used during this movie. Reese Witherspoon's hair is SOOOOOOO much better in this, than that stiff, godawful wig she insisted on wearing during both Legally Blondes, and it really suits her. And imagine having a mother-in-law like Candice Bergen, playing a similar character to the one she played in Miss Congeniality.

    When Melanie is chasing Andrew through the crowd of people watching the reenactment, she trips over the dolly track. The first movie to be allowed to shoot in New York after the 11 September 2001 attacks.

    Charlize Theron was originally cast as Melanie Carmichael, but due to the actor's strike, she jumped to a ready-to-go movie Trapped. Reese was cast the same weekend that Legally Blonde opened.

    An entire character (along with a subplot about her) was deleted from the film, when test audiences consistently misunderstood her relationship with Andrew. Erin Vanderbilt (played by Katharine Towne) survives in the finished movie only in a newspaper wedding announcement shown to Melanie during the closing credits.

    The ending of the movie was re-written and re-shot after test audiences found the original version to be horrifying rather than funny. In the original ending Melanie and Jake are struck by lightning as they're kissing on the beach (bringing the story full-circle, as it originally started off with a very young Jake and Melanie kissing before struck by lightning). Later we see Jake carrying an apparently dead Melanie into the tent where the "reception" is taking place. As everyone gasps in shock and dismay, Jake says "Melanie Charmichael is dead," pauses several seconds for effect, then says "long live Felony Melanie," at which point Melanie pops up to the assembled crowd's delight and relief. (Watch out for a young Dakota Fanning as the young Melanie - is it just me or is this girl in everything at the moment? If she doesn't be careful, she's going to be a burnt out recluse by the time she's a teen, like some other child stars.)

    This is an OK movie. The runup to the ending pretty much ruins the rest of the movie, so go and make yourself a cup of tea, put the cat out, and do some dishes while this bit is on. Believe me, you'll know the section I'm talking about! And the original ending is actually surprisingly good....more info
  • LOVE it....
    her time to shine!
    Reese was ab-fab in this movie. It was very cute, adorable, and at times funny. Great for every cute chick-flick colection. The music behind it was also great. Avril Lavigne's top line in the movie. I suggest you buy it i know i have :)...more info
  • excellent custer service
    They service that was given was very good and I am happy with my purchase I will in the future order again. ...more info
  • Proof That The South's Still Dead
    When you can't afford Matthew McC, hire Josh Lucas. America's new sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon -- night now, Sandy B. -- does her best at holding this most formulaic so-called romance together. Seriously, I'd type how I REALLY feel but I just realized that I'd be wasting more time than I did WATCHING this 122 minute fiasco. If you don't see every single angle coming, then you might as well stop seeing films. Utter trash. And I'm not certain that a single stereotype goes unwrapped. Reese, you're better than this. But after "Legally Blonde" and this, you might have to re-prove yourself. ...more info
  • Y'all Have to See it
    I loved Sweet Home Alabama. This is the best romantic comedy I have ever seen. The storyline was awesome and the actors and actresses did a excellent job. Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite actresses. She's really talented. This movie did have some foul language and a few sexual references. I was dissapointed about that, but besides those things this was a cute and heartwarming movie. I bought this movie a few days ago and have watched it three times and I know i'll enjoy watching it over and over again in the time to come....more info
  • Torn Between Two Worlds
    "Home Sweet Alabama" is a combination of humor and serious drama. Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) is young woman who left her past behind to pursue her career as a clothing designer in New York. Just when she is at the top of her game and is engaged to Andrew Hemings (Patrick Depsey), the son of the mayor of New York (Candice Bergen), things start to unravel. Returning to her redneck husband she finds that he is not quite ready to finalize their divorce. Amidst all of the comedy, Melanie gradually finds herself as she tries to complete the transition from the world she was born into to the woman she has created. While watching the film one enjoys following the self realization which gradually turns Melanie into her true self.

    I won't say more because I do not want to ruin it for you, but on two levels, this is a most entertaining movie. Don't miss it.
    ...more info
  • returning to the small town
    Reese Witherspoon plays an emerging fashion designer recently engaged to the son of the New York mayor. But before the announcement can be made public, she needs to return to her Alabama hometown for the first time in seven years, to tell her parents and to get a divorce from her high school sweetheart.

    It's a sweet movie about a small town girl who's made it, who looks down upon her past and then learns to appreciate it. While the characteristics of Alabama and New York residents are sometimes overdone, it does a nice job showing both the positive and negative of small-town southern life. And Witherspoon does a good job in playing a "hoighty-toighty Yankie" who viewers can also sympathize with.
    ...more info
  • Excelent
    Nice movie that shows that being in a place that all is vanity, make you forget all that really matter, love......more info
  • A simple country girl.
    Sweet Home Alabama tries to be a cute and funny romantic comedy but just ends up falling a few centimeters short of brilliant. Reese Witherspoon plays Melanie, a fashion designer who resides in New York but now she must go back to the state she was born and raised, Alabama and must find her husband to get a divorce as soon as possible since her new boyfriend has proposed marriage to her, but unknown to him he doesn't know about Melanie's marriage to a good ole country boy back in sweet home Alabama. Her husband is played by the very hunky Josh Lucas and the soon to be finacee is played by Grey's Anatomy's Patrick Dempsey. This film has some sweet and tender moments and I think the orginal ending to the film was better but the director, Andy Tennant was told to change it because the ending was considered too depressing, Tennant explains in further detail in the special features section. Witherspoon can make any mediocre film seem better than it actually is, a so-so film, decide for yourself on this one.
    ...more info
  • Oh please
    I thought this was a good enough romantic comedy to sit through but much of the time I was rolling my eyes. This is a movie clearly with an anti-liberal anti-Democratic agenda. You have this evil city girl go back to her Mayberry home town and become born again as a sweet country hick. Her soon to be mother in-law is the Democratic mayor of New York who is a bigot against poor people even though she says she isn't. There's a gay guy in the hick town and he's automatically accepted and welcomed among his Republican buddies. You have two studs, one New Yorker, one hick. The New Yorker is a bland bore. The hick is an out-going glass maker who the girl ultimately ends up with because she kissed him first when she was five. And I like how the girl is able to punch the mayor of New York and not be arrested at the end....more info
  • CD
    I love this movie, but then I'm a sucker for anything with a happy ending. And I love getting a bargin, and this CD was wonderful. It arrived very fast and was in prestine condition for being used....more info
  • Sweet Home Alabama
    Reese Witherspoon was wonderful as Melanie Carmichael! She plays the displaced southerner very well. Josh Lucas was the perfect counterpart portraying the southern hick. They have known and loved each other since they were kids, but of course life interferes, and that is where this movie starts. The town and residents are a typical stereotype, but it doesn't even matter because the film was that good. The writing and supporting cast are priceless. I do have to give special mention to Candice Bergen. She is at her best when she plays those dry roles.
    ...more info
  • For the hopeful romantic
    I am definitly a sucker for a good romantic comedy. This one centers on Reese Witherspoon starring as Melanie Carmichael or Smooter depending on what time in the movie we focus on. :) She is a hot fashion designer in New York prepping for her first big show. When her fiancee (Patrick Dempsey) proposes to her later that night, it seems like the best day ever. That is...until she realizes she needs to go back home and finalize her divorce with her husband (the gorgeous Josh Lucas).

    As she is ashamed of her home, her parents, and her friends, she starts to realize she isnt any better than any of them. She must come to terms with what she really wants instead of her hopes for a better life and the direction in which her mother has always pushed her.

    I am a sucker for a happy ending so I could definitly appreciate it....more info
  • Sweet Home Alabama DVD
    Romantic Comedy. Excellent movie. Makes you laugh and cry. Touches all emotions. A movie you'll want to watch again and again....more info
  • Home is not where you make, but it's where you belong(spoilers)
    In Sweet Home Alabama, Melanie thinks she's better than everyone in Alabama because of where she lives and where she works and because of her relationship with the mayor's son. Futhermore, Melanie goes back to Alabama only to realize what she's been missing all along.

    On October 23, 2005 I watched Sweet Home Alabama in my bedroom. This was my third time watching it. Earlier this year I watched it with a group of friends at there house. My first time watching Sweet Home Alabama was at the Orpheum Theater when it first played in Kodiak.

    I believe that Melanie thinks she's better than everyone in Alabama because she compares her lifestyle to their lifestyle. Melanie's lifestyle is fast, on the edge and what most people would say luxurious. On the other hand, the people in Alabama have a slower lifestyle, more laid back and they all have ordinary jobs. I think Melanie compares her job and her city to Alabama when really there is no comparision. The city and the country are on opposite ends of the spectrum. It all comes down to what you like and what fits your lifestyle. I think Melanie starts to realize what fits her lifestyle toward the end of the film. At heart, Melanie is a small town country girl who is happy with making an average amount of money. This is what she realizes when she comes back to Alabama.

    When Melanie makes the trip back to Alabama, she's engaged with the mayor of New York's son. To me, this is another reason why Melanie thinks she's better than everyone else. This guy could give her the life she never had and the life her mom had always wanted her to have. The life that I'm talking about is the one full of security and pampering. Since the guy she was going to marry had incredible amounts of money, she could go off and do whatever she had ever dreamed of doing. I think this was tempting to her because she thought she wanted all the things that Alabama couldn't give her. In reality, Alabama had everything she had ever known or really wanted. She didn't think she could like "the guy next door" because that wasn't how everything was supposed to work out. Her plan was to go off to bigger and better things and meet the guy of her dreams. The guy of her dreams was supposed to be tall, dark and handsome with lots of money. She thought she needed that guy who looked like he was going somewhere and a guy who could giver her the security she had always wanted. Liking the average Joe like Jake was almost impossible thinking for her after she had moved to New York. It was almost like she had standards for the guy that she was dating. Towards the end of the movie she realized that money doesn't make you happy and that love is all that should matter in the end.

    Now that I have watched Sweet Home Alabama for the third time, I can say that she has found what she has been missing all along. She was missing the life that Alabama gave her the first time around. Alabama is where she started and Alabama is where she will end.

    I thought this whole dilemma that Melanie had going on was helpful for the audience to fully understand the point of the movie.
    ...more info
  • Love it
    This is a favorite. Not for children, but def good for a girl's night! It's so romantic and sweet...yet still got some sassyness to it! One of my favs!...more info
  • Great acting from Witherspoon, Ridiculous Unbelievable Plot
    While Southern-born and raised Reese Witherspoon's acting in this movie as a sassy Southern gal with a wild redneck past is excellent, I think the plot in the second half is ridiculous and unbelievable. I don't think it would have played out like that in real life, nor would the guy who lost out in the love triangle react the way he did. IMO, this movie is only worth watching if you are a Reese Witherspoon fan, but not if you want a satisfactory screen play with a remotely believable plot. I also thought Candace Bergen was quite good as the ambitious, big-mouthed mayor of New York.

    I was undecided whether to give this movie 2 stars or 3, but since I enjoyed watching the two male leads, and the hound dog's acting, I'm giving it 3 stars.


    The wedding scene could not have happened in real life. To get married in the U.S., local jurisdictions require a marriage license. Marriage licenses require proof of divorce if someone was divorced less than a year before applying for the license. Hence, Melanie would not have had a marriage license, and an officiant would not have agreed to marry her as it would have been illegal to do so. Any officiant in such a high profile marriage would have certainly checked for a marriage license before performing the ceremony.
    ...more info
  • okay passtime....
    ...if you are really bored. It has a couple of good sountrack scores, but little more. Sure Reese Witherspoon is a good actress and she is sweet enough, but this movie is so boring and has cliches as far as the eye can see, so many infact that sometimes it just gets a bit humiliating...Reese, with her wonderful acting abilities can't even save it... i wouldn't really recomend this if someone was to ask me to recomend something fun or good.... it's prob okay if you are bored out of your mind and have Nothing and i do mean NOTHING else to do... i gave it 2 stars cause the acting is not too bad, the cast does an okay job, but the plot is... well it's not very good. stear clear if you don't like those cutsie, clih¨¦ movies. cause even though it may look tempting, it's one of the worst cutsi clich¨¦ movies i've ever seen....more info
  • A must see for those who love romantic comedies...
    I know a movie is good when I can't stop talking about it. I've been talking about this movie all day to everyone. It's just so good. And it may be a bit cliche, but there are elements and twists that keep you interested for more. It wasn't nearly as predictable as I thought it was going to be. It's also much funnier than I anticipated. There are so many romantic comedies that it almost seem to be the same movie with different actors, but this one is definitely worth watching. Reese Witherspoon is so cute with her accent!...more info
  • The Heart Within Sweet Home Alabama
    Yes, this movie is formulaic. It is a bit like reading
    the fourth romance novel by the same author - you have a
    strong idea of what you are going to get and yet you
    read it anyway because you want to see what twists and
    turns show up along the way.

    For me - those twists and turns include a remarkably
    truthful performance from Mary Kay Place, a shrewdly
    Diva-Esque performance by Candace Bergen and for me -
    the discovery of an incredibly attractive man (and
    some fine, subtle moments within his performance) in
    Josh Lucas.

    Who hasn't said, "Lightning never strikes in the
    same place twice"?

    How many people want to recreate themselves for all
    the wrong reasons and then end up unhappy and unfulfilled?

    This movie is inspiring in that it's lead actors grow
    towards excellence AND grow towards loving and caring for
    each other.. and sometimes loving each other means
    not going through with a marraige which would not
    work out.

    You can read the other reviews to learn of the plot
    and main story line. I hope you will watch this movie
    for the heart within it....more info
  • Nice romantic comedy
    The first time I saw this one, I thought Witherspoon's character was a little too unlikable for the lead in a romantic comedy, however, after watching the movie more than once I don't feel as much that way. This is a nice movie that still has a few surprises even though you kind of get the feeling you know where things are going. The one thing this movie is lacking that usually shows up in most romantic comedies is a seriously dumb moment in which the characters look goofy and completely unbelievable. That's a plus. The movie has fun with sterotypes about the south and big cities like New York without going too far over the line. It's definitely worth buying a copy of this movie for occasions when you want to watch a nice light movie. ...more info