Sony CD-R 80 Minute 700 MB 48x - 50-Disc Spindle
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Product Description

Package of 50 / Convenient Spindle Pack / Certified for up to 48x Record Speed / Each holds 700MB Data or 80 Minutes of Music

This cost-effective 50-pack spindle of blank, high-speed, write-once recordable CDs from Sony offers a total of 35 GB of storage, enough space to back up or compile more than 66 hours of music using your computer's CD recorder. Each recordable CD holds up to 700 MB of data or 80 minutes of audio and can be fully written in little more than 90 seconds, using a 48x-capable CD recorder. Compatible for playback on CD-ROM, audio CD players, and photo CD viewers, Sony discs are tested for up to 100 years archival life.

What's in the Box
50 blank recordable CDs in a plastic spindle case, a product data insert.

  • 80 Minute
  • 700MB
  • 50 Pack
  • 48X CD-R

Customer Reviews:

  • Terrible Terrible
    I just purchased these on sale at Target, and I am really regretting that I didn't check the reviews here first. These are terrible. Four out of six have not worked and I have to restart my computer just to eject the cd. What a huge waste of money. DON'T DON'T DON'T purchase these. There are too many other blank media options out there. Sony should be ashamed for putting their name on this product....more info
  • they are ok
    these cdrs are ok. i dont think there as bad as the other people say but they arent too good either. i got a 0% burn rate which is good. but what makes these bad is that they scratch VERY...i mean VERY easily. id say 50% of my sony discs...after a year...have some part of the disc top come off. otherwise these are ok. i recommened them for people looking for good cd-rs for a temporary or short time use. if you are wanting to keep these for a good over a year like music or some computer program then stay away. overall samsung, philips, and imation are the best ones. oh and avoid maxell they changed their cdrs they are AWFUL...more info
  • Sellout brand
    I usually buy Fuji CD-R media, which are made at the Taiyo Yuden factory and have never failed me.

    I couldn't find Fuji media at my local $$$-mart, but I figured that Sony media had to be about as good.

    Instead I learned yet again that if a brand has a contract with $$$-mart, it usually means that they are simply stamping their name on cheap junk.

    These Sony disks use inferior and unstable phthalocyanine dyes. The quality control is terrible. Even at low recording speeds my Plextor and Lite-on drives often report recording errors (aka: coasters).

    In contrast, Taiyo Yuden disks use AZO dyes, burn great, and never seem to go bad over time. (Naturally, you should protect any CD-R media from high temperatures/sunlight).

    If you have Nero software, start up CD-DVD speed and select "Disk Info..." This will tell you the origin and dye type for your CD or DVD!...more info
  • With the Sony name you'd expect better!!
    I have many products from Sony. TV, CD-RW drive, digital camera, just to name a few. Over the years I've never seen a bad Sony product.
    Until now.
    A few weeks ago I bought a spindle pack of blank CD-Rs from another retailer (other than Amazon). Like many people on this forum, I expected more from the Sony name, so I didn't think there would be a quality issue. It's like another reviewer said, you have to read reviews on EVERYTHING nowadays. Before I even tried burning any disks, I took notice to funny looking markings on the outer edges of these disks. They look like there are erratic bubbles and lines on the edges and if you look at the playing side you can actually trace the erratic "bubbles" and lines making a pattern onto the reflective surface of the disk. I didn't give this much thought at first. The burning process itself was successful on all, but don't let the fact that just because it burned well you won't have an issue. I use Norton Ghost for system backup on CD-R's. On the data intgrity test THREE sets failed! I thought it was errors on my HDD but now I'm not so sure. I ran tests on my HDD and no errors showed up. Tried a backup with TDK blanks (which have a nice and smooth outer edge). NO PROBLEM! Then I tried burning a music CD with the Sony disks. On two disks in a row of the same program there is tracking error so bad you can't hear the music in spots. Tried same program with TDK disks. Nice & quiet. Nothing but the music. I complained to the retailer and they gave me another pack of Sonys (I requested TDKs but they told me that they had to have me try another pack of what I originally bought first). OK, now I want them to take these pieces of junk back and give me the TDKs like I requested originally! I WILL NOT trust important data to these disks! Actually, I remember I bought a 100 pack of Maxells a few years back and if I remember correctly, I only had 1 failure out of the bunch. Go with TDK, Maxell or Memorex here. I don't know where Sony has their blank CDs made but they ought to take a hint from this forum. They have a quality control issue there....more info
  • TERRIBLE - the worst I've ever used
    Success rate was less than 50% using a system known to deliver above 90% using competitive manufacturers' media (Imation, AT&T brands).

    DON'T BUY THESE!!! Save your money and time: buy another brand....more info
  • It's a SHOCK.
    I met some problem as other people said.
    Buy whatever brands just do not buy this Sony brand.
    Others are cheaper than it, and they won?|t mess your work up.
    I have never got a horrible blank cd-r.

    Never ever buy it.
    ...more info
  • Very Satisfied.
    I have three computers: an office iMac, a home iMac and an iBook G4. I'm rather satisfied with the office iMac and the iBook, because I'm not particularly adept with electronic things. Not long ago, I need another pack of recordable CD discs. Not knowing any better, I bought the Sony CD-Rs listed here. I've always been impressed with the quality of Sony products and have never been disappointed with the brand. They may be a little more expensive, but I'd say they're worth it. Well, I've now been using the Sony CD-Rs on all three computers and they've performed flawlessly. I use them mainly for recording large PowerPoint presentations which I use for lectures. I feel fortunate in that I've had troubles with a couple of other brands. No problems here.

    I bought the Sony CD-Rs first and then read the reviews by other people. I was somewhat taken back by many of the negative reports. I double checked and, sure enough, it's the exact same same product. I've had no problems at all. Not even a trace. Did Sony have a flawed batch go through? Well, from my own experience, I could only give this product 5 stars. I'm very satisfied. If I start having problems, I'll be back to amend my opinion, but at this moment I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of purchasing discs.

    Gary Peterson...more info
  • Do not buy Sony ... save your money
    I've burned a lot of CDs over the years and it came time to buy a new stack. I went to the story and ended up buying a Sony stack because I thought they'd be good because they had the Sony name. I hadn't read any of the reviews before buying them.

    Plain and simple, they are terrible. I've burned 6 CDs or so and every single one has failed. I've burned other CDs in the same exact method that have worked fine. The Sony's just do not work. Terrible, terrible product. I feel completely ripped off that I paid for these CDs. I've learned that even Sony can rip you off. I need to check reviews for EVERYTHING before I buy them. I have no problems with Imation CDs....more info
  • DO NOT BUY SONY CD-R !!!!!
    Agree with what the other reviewers said. Simply SONY CD-Rs don't work. I have used different brands of CD-R media, never met so bad product like SONY. Last month I bought a spindle of SONY 48x CD-R because it is a SONY, I thought going with this brandname won't be wrong - besides, CD-R should already be a quite mature tech. Yet, I AM TOTALLY WRONG. Yesterday I want to copy a cd-rom on-hand, I used SONY CD-R disk and can not read the copy. I tried putting it into 3 of my dvd-rw/cd-rw drives yet none of them can read it. I tried two more SONY CD-R disks and still the result is the same.

    Finally I returned the whole spindle of SONY CD-Rs.

    I am just curious, HOW COME?! To me, the SONY CD-Rs have a failure rate of 100%. Such kind of product should not ever go out of the lab, how did it went all the way through to the consumer market and asking for any $$$?!

    One word to any one who would like to try SONY CD-R - don't bother. Get any other brand, even 'no-name' would be far better than SONY.

    SONY, you suck....more info
  • Terrible Product
    This package includes 50 discs and over 30 discs are bad. This product has terrible quality....more info
  • Consistently Bad
    Just wanted to chime in and reiterate what everyone is saying ... Sony CD-R's are extremely unreliable!...more info
  • Odd reviews
    I have boycotted all Sony products in my home since the release of the PS3. These are the only exception. I have been using Sony 700MB CD-R's since I started burning and I am on my second 50 disc spindle. I buy them from Target. I have 2 failures. They burn as I would expect them to. Flawless....more info
  • Glad I'm not the only one.
    Honestly, I bought this product because it was cheaper than others, I usually trust Sony, and I liked the look of the CDs. Out of 15 cds, I was able to successfully burn 2. At first I thought it was some of the music I had bought online that was not working properly with the disc, then I worried that it was my computer. I would try to back up files, or create an audio cd and an error sign would pop up, eject the disc, and then the disc would be ruined. I threw away 13 cds! I was relieved to discover that I was not the only one having this problem. These discs are terrible!!! From now on I am strictly a Memorex girl. ...more info
  • Successfully burned 3 cds out of a spindle of 50
    This is the second time I've been dumb enough to buy these- both times, I saw an uncluttered surface (no loud logos!) and the sony brand name, and assumed it'd be good quality. Only after my burning software failed again & again, and then my cd drive stopped recognizing any discs at all until rebooting, did I realize that I'd been through this before- with Sony discs, a year ago.

    I can't imagine what could possibly make these so bad. I've used just about every other kind of discs with no problem. Reading the other reviews here makes me realize it's not just me. It's pretty upsetting that I've wasted $40 or so on these things, for a grand total of maybe 5-10 usable discs....more info
  • The worst
    I have used 50 pack and 10 pack of colored ones and 20-30% were bad. The rest do not play very well on many audio players. Junk. The Maxells or JVCs made in Taiwan are excellent, along with Maxells from Japan. 100% success on all players. ...more info
  • stay away
    you may be tempted to buy these because of the 'sony' name...but be warned, DO NOT buy sony cd-r's off of amazon....I bought this same 50 pack, and had to throw half, yes half as in 25 of the discs, out because they had read errors and God knows what else. I find this strange though, because I've bought (and still do) these same sony cd-r's from best buy, and at target, and at staples...and they've always worked fine. I thought I would give it a go buying the online and I'm sorry I did. If you want the sony cd's, just go to your local target and pick em up least I can tell, based off my experience, they'll work. Can't say the same for the ones coming from amazon....more info
  • First time CD-R user - says no problems!
    I bought this 50 pack of Sony CD-Rs a few months back. I'm new to CD-R burning and am making my own audio discs now. (Using a high-end turntable to get my old vinyl albums transferred to CDs.) These Sony CDs are great! No problems at all....more info
  • The worst cdrs I have experienced
    Do not buy! The first 4 cdr's I attempted to burn all failed or were unreadable in a player. Now I'm stuck because Target won't take back.
    Stick with Memorex,TDK ect.... I would have given it zero stars if that were possible....more info
  • Sony
    Ever since Sony's Rootkit problem it has prompted me not to buy another sony product ever, and I won't. Even Cd-r blanks. Who knows what there putting on these things. As a matter of fact you guys need to read this right here.
    Don't buy SONY, they need to go out of business. They are selling products that either people have problems with or damage their system like the BMG copy protected cd's. I use memorex or Pengo Technologies for my blanks. preferably memorex because you have to order Pengo from their website but they work great. So I'd beware of sony products, especially ones that deal with cd's. I bought some blanks from them and once i heard about the rootkits and how many results i got about it when i went to google i never trusted sony again. Oh yeah and SONY stands for standard oil campany of new york. They don't want you to know that because they are an ameircan made company and their name stands so high. Luckily for me I don't buy sony Copy protected cd's anyway. And now for sure I won't be. There infecting people's computer with spyware, trojans and even depending on what BMG copy protected cd you get from them sometimes they can tell when you hit the play button to play a song in a media player. All that stuff just from one BMG copy protected cd and you were actually suppose to get only the artist not the trojans and viruses on the cd. They are doing this to try to stop people from copying cd's, bu they ahve took it way too far. I think that in the future sony sells will swop downward....more info
  • Hit or miss I guess
    Well I decided to check the reviews out on here because I was suddenly having trouble burning data on my Sony CD-R's. I saw all the negative reviews and was somewhat relieved. I thought I was having a problem with my burner or some bug got in my computer system... however that wasn't the case. The damn Sony CD-R's must be defective. I had previously bought a 50-pack spindle of Sony CD-R's and used all of them up without any problems using the same program that I am currently using now (Nero). Then I bought another 50-pack, didn't have any problems with the first 8-10 but all of a sudden, none of them seem to want to work. Read errors all over the place! I must have wasted 25 or 30 discs by now. I decided to try some other CD-R's - Memorex in particular and the CD's burn as good as new. It looks like all the stores are slashing the prices on this item...probably because they got a lot of complaints. So thank you to all the reviewers out there who wrote the bad reviews. Very helpful. You may get lucky with these and you may not...but I wouldn't chance my money on them...just buy another brand, they're all basicly the same price....more info