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TIME gives you more than just a weekly news summary. TIME provides insightful analysis of today's important events and what they mean to you and your family--from politics to scientific breakthroughs to human achievement. Plus, TIME helps you keep up with the arts, business, and society. That's why 30 million people worldwide choose TIME.

Customer Reviews:

  • General Subject Magazine with a News Focus
    I began subscribing to Time Magazine as a way of getting more depth on world and national events, as well as sound bites related to a variety of events. While I have found that Time Magazine leans a bit toward the left, in general I have been able to read through the slant of the language. Additionally, it is always good to have a balanced viewpoint of the world, and given my traditional lean to the right, Time provides some balance to my personal opinions.

    The magazine presents a broad array of articles that cover key events such as births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and indictments, in "Milestones," sort of a mini-People Magazine. The entertainment portion covers books, television, movies, recordings, and even occasionally live performances. The "Numbers" portion is short, but provides comparisons of numbers to help put numbers into perspective, like the amount spent on school children per year versus the amount spent per soldier per year (I am unable to remember if Time reported that exact statistic, but that is the sort of thing they compare - it is fascinating). Time even includes letters to the editor, which are always interesting to read.

    In keeping with the times, Time also has articles about computers and technology, and internet sites and scams are often reported. Time also does a good job of analyzing styles and trends in society, and how those styles and trends can affect us. Commentaries by writers such as Joel Stein often put these articles into interesting and humorous perspective.

    At the heart of Time are the analytical articles. Typically there will be at least two and sometimes more articles that are in-depth. In some circumstances the magazine will explore a subject with several articles on the same issue, which is when the magazine also provides its most balanced reporting because the articles when then attempt to see the issue from all sides. The joy of the magazine is that with the quality of the print and the organization of the articles it is generally easy to skim and pick out key facts.

    I've subscribed to a variety of magazines that are general news magazines over the years. I had previously tried Newsweek, which I also liked but thought was a little too focused, as well as U.S. News and World Report, which was great for straight on news, but again was more news versus an array of articles. It is Time Magazine's breadth that makes it the "Reader's Digest" of news magazines. It has a bit of this and a bit of that, and it may lead you to seek out more information on a subject. Ultimately, it is the exposure to the large variety of subjects that makes Time Magazine one of my favorite magazines, and now my only news magazine. Definitely subscribe because it is more cost effective, and the longest subscriptions are the cheapest. My son and I usually fight to see who will get the new issue of Time first. It usually doesn't take long to skip through it, but we each want to be the first to know!...more info

  • Good price
    To subscribe to this Time magazine from Amazon is money saving. I used to subscribe to the manazine directly from Time, the price has gone up incredible high as more than $70 for one year subscription. When I came to Amazon I realized the price here is so low ($29.99) for a year subscription. Why not switch! So, I did and saved a lot of money. ...more info
  • Delivered on time
    Magazine was delivered on the 5th week! (within the 4-6 weeks timeframe as originally promised)...more info
  • GOOD... BUT
  • "Time flies, and you are there...."
    For over 80 years, Time has been one of America's premier weekly news magazines, covering a wide spectrum of topics which range from world events that shape its history (the 9/11 attacks, the war in Iraq) to such trivia as Britney's infamous kiss with Madonna on a cable music awards show. Along the way, Time became part of a huge multimedia empire that encompasses publications (People, Fortune, Sports Illustrated), movies (Warner Bros.), television, and even the Internet (even though it recently shed the AOL part of its 2001-2003 corporate moniker, AOL-Time-Warner).

    Over the years, too, Time has evolved in both look and content. With the exception of its famous Red Border and familiar TIME logo, the weekly has changed its look, style and even editorial focus as it tries to remain relevant and, well, timely, in today's fast-moving world of 24-hour news coverage on cable and satelite networks and the almost instant "you-want-it-now-you-got-it" Internet news updates. Gone are the days of many short and staid articles covering various world and national news events with black and white photos; now Time readers get fewer articles but more analysis, and often there are photo essays -- once the specialty of Time's once-dominant sister publication, Life -- that tell their stories more evocatively than a 1,000-word articles.

    The articles, written by talented reporters and editors such as Nancy Gibbs, J.F.O. McAllister, Cathy Booth, and columnists Joel Stein, Charles Krauthammer and Michael Elliott, are always well-written and informative. Stein (a smart-alecky humor columnist) is known for his self-deprecating, wry and often absurd columns about his life, slacker attitude and his work -- or efforts to simulate work to please his bosses -- are proof that if he ever gave up his columnist's gig and started posting at the Customer Reviews discussion boards here, he'd be very much at home.

    I have been a Time subscriber for nearly 21 years (in other words, all my adult life) and I have had very few complaints about my subscription. Yes, there have been a few missing issues over the years. Before I had access to the Internet a phone call to their Subscription Center in Tampa would either result in a back issue being sent to me or, if that was not possible (there's, of course, a finite number of issues printed), my subscription would be extended a week or so to make up for the lost magazine. For subscribers with Internet access it's easy to renew, cancel, or simply check on a subscription's status, but if one has no ISP, the 1-800 number appears in every issue's masthead page.

    As all subscriptions do, Time's yearly subscription price rises periodically. When I became a subscriber in October of '83, the cover price hovered slightly close to the $2 range, now it's close to being double that. But subscribing cuts the price by half, which in the long run is more fiscally wise than having to tramp-tramp-tramp to the supermarket once a week to get one's weekly fix of news, analysis and commentary....more info

  • New sections an improvement
    I was unsure about renewing my subscription to TIME, a solid-if-unspectacular magazine that delivers in-depth coverage of major domestic stories while spending most of its foreign reporting on Iraq. I have high regard for the new regular sections on History and Law. I will reserve judgement on another new section titled "The Power of One," but Caroline Kennedy's recent work on a New York City principal left something to be desired.

    If you're looking for deep coverage of world news, this is not the magazine for you--look into The Economist or Foreign Affairs. But as a weekly summary of U.S. news with sharp analysis of the '08 Presidential contenders TIME does just fine....more info
  • Definitely not a Republican newsmag!
    When I first subscribed to Time, I was impressed with how respectful it was with regard to our current President and I could not believe how many people had lambasted it for the liberal nature which I could not see.

    However, as 9/11 (the impetus for my purchasing the subscription) faded into the collective subconscious of America, I noticed that the cynicism with which Time regarded both Bush and all Republicans seemed to increase with each passing day. I think that this magazine is fun to read and informative, but I can no longer stomach the contempt with which they hold George W. Bush, so I have allowed my subscription to expire and picked up one to a rival newsmag.

    If, however, your views are less conservative (perhaps moderate-conservative to ultra-liberal), you can probably enjoy even the most political articles within "Time"....more info

  • trash
    Aimed at the lowest common denominator. Loves nothing better than a Jonestown massacre....more info
  • It's about TIME
    It's nice to be able to read what is going on in the world and in our nation....more info
  • Lots of adds, too much pop culture, but still has great photography
    In my opinion there is one reason only to buy TIME magazine and that is their photography. They still have some of the best photojournalism out there, and kick the pats of NEWSWEEK in that department.

    Unfortunately, in between the great photos are a slew (and I mean about 3/5 of the pages!) of advertisements. Seriously, it reminds me of the Chicago Tribune there are so many adverts.

    Another problem is they've gone for that cheeky pop culture tone in a lot of their sections, with pithy little articles on this celebrity or that one, who is with who, and what shoes are most popular with the glam girls... It's kind of a pathetic for a magazine that used to be as serious as this one. If I want pop culture I'll get myself a pop culture rag like Maxim or People or whatever.

    Gladly the news articles themselves are well written and aimed a little higher than NEWSWEEK. Their exposes on work politics are great, and I find them to be engaging and informative most of the time, even if they do have a narrow but perceptible liberal bias.

    Overall, this is a magazine that like SPORTS ILLUSTRATED I look forward to more for the photography than anything else. It's still a subscription I carry from year to year, even if sometimes I ask myself how much value I'm getting considering it is chokingly full of advertisements....more info
  • Sensationalist Entertainment for the Masses
    I subscribed to Time for a few years, then I discovered The Economist. The difference is enormous.
    While Time is rather parochial, the other is truly international. Where Time writes about whatever subject happens to be popular at the time, The Economist offers comprehensive coverage weighed in order of its political and economic significance.
    If you want entertainment, buy Time. If you wish to be well informed, buy The Economist....more info
  • Rapidly deteriorating
    TIME has long been increasingly superficial in its news coverage, and recent years have only accelerated this trend. In the 60s and 70s, it was a somewhat serious magazine with a centrist bend (originally it was considered quite conservative), but as the years go by it's degenerated into more and more pop-culture fluff with little substance.

    As for its being part of the "liberal" media, this is inaccurate. Recent coverage of the (2004) election has attempted to reduce the Democratic candidate to the status of a non-person. The first debate between John Kerry and George W. Bush was not even covered, except for one very brief article listing a few "fact check" points. Instead, the cover story wa about new products and movies, a kind of Sharper Image catalog Lite.

    TIME also gave no coverage whatsoever to the election in Afghanistan. It was mentioned in passing in another article about the U.S. election, but I would imagine that conservatives would object to the magazine's ignoring a signficant world event that George W. Bush has pointed to as one of his accomplishments in office.

    In my view neither candidate received adequate and fair treatment. The bias seems to be in favor of Mr. Bush, but it's still mostly bland and superficial. Your money is better spent on the British magazine "The Economist" which is far more substantive. While its editorial viewpoint is conservative, it's sound fiscal conservatism rather than the tent-revivalism that currently substitutes for conservatism in U.S. politics. "The Economist" also provides a liberal viewpoint and is the closest I've found to a (dare I say it) fair-and-balanced approach to the news.

    TIME can still be entertaining to read, but I wouldn't take what they say too seriously. They tend to bend with the political wind....more info
  • Shallow, parochial, and thin with too many pictures
    It is a shame but the reviewer that made the comment that this magazine does not have any balanced view of what is serious world news and what is fluff hit the nail on the head. It skims the surface and is 'pop'.

    Anyone reading this would be entertained but be none the wiser about what is going on in the real world.

    Again it is a shame if this is all people have to read on what is going on in the world (Newsweek is exactly the same) especially in the United States.

    TIME magazine is from the same people that gave us CNN and is unfortunately symptomatic of the liberal media and the inexorable consolidation of all media particularly in the U.S. and the resulting blandness and lack of real choice.

    The other irritating thing about TIME is it's tone which is patronising and a little supercilious.

    Subscribe to the ECONOMIST, there are less pictures !

    ...more info
  • Great Product Great Price
    I love reading Time every week, and even better is the huge savings from the regular subscription price....more info
  • Kinda Fast Delivery
    The website said it wouldn't come for 6-8 weeks and it came in four. Best price I could find for the mag....more info
  • I'll probably re-new.
    At $.53/issue just a couple good articles makes it worth the price. However, each year I seem to read fewer and fewer articles for reasons many have already stated.

    Time Warner has cut back on Time's foreign offices and the coverage is now poor. They are so worried about presenting a balanced political viewpoint that Time no longer has the backbone to give opinions on what's really right and wrong with our government. One thing that hasn't changed over the years; their movie, book and music reviews have snob appeal.

    Edit: I didn't renew. I'm really enjoying the New Yorker. There's usually a few lengthy articles I really enjoy in each issue. I see that Time fired Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol. Maybe there's hope for Time....more info
  • Time?
    This magazine is ok... I beleive some informantion on Time may not be all true. Other magazines call them out....more info
  • Best News Magazine in America
    When I started out in Christian writing, I checked the bibliography of my favorite author Hal Lindsey's Bible Prophecy books to see what he read for information. And I do know that when I took high school journalism for a semester, they said NEWSWEEK was an example of a magazine with a lively writng style. But I think TIME Magazine is more readable. When I got it in the 90's I did like their analysis of the news-like their reporting on the gang situation in Los Angeles before the LA Riots. And how amateur photographers were following cops around when they were shaking down black motorists. And this amateur photography one day photographed the Rodney King beating which led to the LA Riots!
    I remember studying Daniel the Prophet where God had compared Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar to a giant tree that provided food and shelter for the animals and birds of the field. And also that the Babylonian Empire had enssured freedom from domestic wars and brought civilizaiton to the conquered peoples. Later Charles Krauthammer had written a similar editorial comparing Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon with the former Soviet Union.
    I liked the article on Mount Weather, West Virgina where the Washingtom politicians get to hide out in a bunker through the nuclear war while we all get killed. I did notice they were of a better class then the hacks at THE TOLEDO BLADE who I delivered papers for for three years in high school.
    Their aricles on young professionals and their home offices did inspire me since I am a disabled writer who writes out of my home.I found out about the rock band PEARL JAM from their aritcle on the angry sound of young america.
    I liked their stuff so much that I even sent them my resume in the 90's. When they had an article which I read in my doctor's wating room, one of the reporters had said that he graduated The University of Pennsylvania. He said this was an Ivy League school. The University of Pennsyvania had in 1984 accepted me for grad school in Chemistry; but I never heard of the place except that it was located in a state next to Ohio where I live. And their grad program looked too demading for me.
    They had done a report on Clinton and NAFTA in which they visited and interviewed unmeployed factory workers in North Toledo where I live.
    They had also reported that 25% of Toledoans were on public assitance of some sort. I had also checked in 1989 with the human services about this as background to my Christian witness that never made it.
    I guess, all in all, I can appreciate their quality.
    I know that I read about the proposed Monroe, Michigan Supercolliding Cyclotron which some of my Physical Chem and Inorganic Chem professors had boasted about at Michigan State Univeristy in 1984-saying that now they will have access to two Energy Department Supercolliding cyclotrons for their nuclear research. Later, I read in TIME that George Bush Sr. had decided to move it to Waxahatchie Texas-BOY THAT HURT MY FORMER PROFS who seemed to hate my guts and we were appatently enemies-me and the P Chem department at MSU. So, at times I seemed to read about my enemies getting paid back in the pages of TIME!
    I liked their story about Mt. Weather, West Virginia where our politicans will get to hide in the safety of an underground bunker under the mountain in the event of a nuclear war. I was once in the US Army Chemical Corps out of high school; so this interested me. ...more info
  • Very Good
    It is very good to order from Amazon, The Mag was delived on time...more info
  • Informative and interesting!
    I was surprised to see bad reviews for this magazine.. I find it to have alot of interesting stories and is a great way to keep up with current events. Cheap too! What more could you ask for?...more info
  • Good price, not set up for renewal
    This is the best price (with the additional 5 dollars off)for this subscription. However it is not set up for those who has on going subscription of this magazine to start the new subscription when the old one expires. I have to find the special number to call, and they said they will try to arrange that but not guaranteed....more info
  • Used to be great, but has lost its edge
    I used to read Time, used to enjoy its dissection of political, social, and ethical issues. The writing was always top-notch and it never seemed frivolous.

    Then they started choosing completely inane cover stories (Newsweek has been plagued by the same problem). I don't think its the stories themselves I mind (after all, they stuck Molly Ringwald on the cover in '86), I think its the way the magazine's outlook has changed: they're no longer intellectually stimulating (if ever a magazine was politically correct and completely non-threatening, this is it) and they seem to be content with peddling scientific tabloid fodder ("The science of catching a KILLER"). I cancelled my subscription last year, and nothing has convinced me to renew it. Hopefully, one day something will....more info

  • Sometimes a non-establishment nugget
    I flip through Time every now and again at the barber shop. Sometimes there are good bits that they are using to keep the interest of people who want progressive social change, people who are sick of the power of the corporate elite and the violence of our militarists.
    For the most part, since Time receives most of its revenues from Big Business advertisements, it can't challenge the establishment as it needs to.
    So instead I read magazines like Z, Utne, Mother Jones, The Progressive, The Sun, Earth Island and the New Internationalist....more info
  • Too Dumbed Down
    I will be cancelling my subscription to Time Magazine. In an effort to increase their appeal, they have done the opposite. The magazine has gotten as silly and irrelevant as TV news. It is simply too dumb to merit reading.

    ...more info
  • Interesting Stories - Miss LIFE though
    Each week the stories are usually quite interesting but I still miss LIFE magazine. Ever since the two merged there's been a void for good photojournalism....more info
  • Very good overall news magazine
    If you're looking for a magazine to help you stay on top of current events ranging from politics to entertainment, Time is for you. Although the emphasis is on the former, with articles about presidential performance, elections, foreign affairs and the like, you will also find in-depth coverage of national disasters and scandals, major health and welness trends, and a wealth of information on technological advances. Time's milestones and entertainment pages will help you keep track of who is doing what, from dying to litigating. Add to this thought-provoking editorials by major columnists and hilarious takes on just about everything from Joel Stein (who wrote the article on meditation which appeared in the issue featured on this page), and you have an intelligent, enjoyable political news magazine with mass appeal....more info
  • Good for an overall picture
    I think Time magazine is a good subscription for those just looking for an overall picture of what's been going on with the U.S mostly. Not too many internationally related articals. The past issue of the 100 Most Influential people was really bad in that they picked the most pathetic examples, i.e Brad pitt, Justin Timberlake. I'm beginning to think Time is a sellout. I would recommend U.S News and World Report instead....more info
  • Glory days behind them now
    Time magazine now is just a void full of advertisements and one sided political banter. It is like fictionalized films that try to present false, twisted information! The only good part about it are some of the cartoons at the beginning of it. Even then, c'mon people I mean wake up, this is a rags rag. I use mine to get the fire in the fireplace going, that is about the extent of its worth to me, but now that I cancelled my subscription I will have to use some NewsWEAK magazines I found in the attic. ...more info
  • Time is old news
    Time used to be relevant. With the advent of a 24-hour news cycle and from competition from more competent mags, Time decided to revamp a month ago or so. There is a new format, new fonts, new features. But what is left is the same tired political agenda, and its readers are the same tired political hacks.

    I subscribed to a specail $[...] six issue trial. After the first edition, a biased global warming send up, I cancelled it. The stories, letters to the editor and 'opinion pieces' all have a political slant. Some of the letters chosen for publication were downright hateful and disrespectful.

    Gone is hard news; hello political magazine.

    I find nothing wrong with political mags. There is a place in this world for tomes like "The Nation", "The Weekly Standard" and "Reason". But don't try to mascarade "Time" as hard news anymore.

    That aside, I do not even like the new format. The layout is cumbersome, the font is hard to read and hard on the eyes. There are also too many advertisements....more info
  • Establishment Pablum
    Time is more of a propaganda tabloid than a news magazine. No matter what your political slant you're are not going to get the truth here (or even a logical defense of their opinions). By all appearances, the staff of Time is completely in thrall to the nations political and corporate public relations firms. Instead of news we are offered homogenized establishment pablum. It's better to get a liberal AND a conservative journal. I recommend Harper's magazine and the New American magazine. Both are excellent and you are given enough information you can actually decide for yourself what to think....more info
  • Look out for the magazine's bias
    I have been a subscribe to Time magazine for a year. But not because I truly value the magazine: rather, I was given a free subscription due to AOL's "gift" to members. Often times the magazine appears to be a mouthpiece to the liberal point of view. There is endless criticism of our current president, George W. Bush, but often times the magazine provides an enormous amount of praise to liberals of all stripes, from Representative Nancy Polosi to Sen. Edward Kennedy. Also, the letters to the editor that they publish come from seminar-writers--people who have been told to write a certain response to a major news magazine. Well, I'm not re-newing my subscription, and the bias that this magazine has in the liberal direction is the major reason....more info
  • Time is still the best
    The best weekly news magazine on the market, Time also gives science and technology updates, movie reviews, some celeb news, and provocative articles on world trends. Well worth a subscription, especially if you don't have time for the nightly news...more info