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Slipknot - Disasterpieces
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Product Description

The nine member iowa band showcases their tremendous live perfor mances in this 2 disc concert set from london. Also contains bac kstage footage every video the band had released at that time and a unique multi-angle feature on 6 songs. You can select from 9 cameras to view the show! Studio: Wea-des Moines Video Release Date: 05/18/2004 Starring: Corey Taylor Sid Wilson Run time: 180 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Slipknot = Awesome DVDs
    Awesome DVD. I might even be the youngest Slipknot fan, being 10 and all. Amazing jump scene in Spit It Out, and exceptional drum solo from Joey(love the 2 story stage dive). I recommend this DVD to everyone that has never heard true speed metal before....more info
  • can add some starts to my rating please?
    OMFG!!! This dvd is so amazing! It blows your mind in every possible way! I could watch every part of this dvd over and over and over again a thousand times...oh wait...I have, and still am! This dvd is just...awww! I love it so much. I recommend that every maggot out there go out and buy a copy for themselves...and a couple more copies for your friends and even to get someone new into the slipknot world....more info
  • Here we go again!
    Come on everyone, admit it, everyone knows they like at least one slipknot song because everyone gets mad at the world. surfacing is the best choice here i believe, well, imagine seein it live. it's the coolest, but i think the best part of the dvd is anytime you see Joey (1) or Sid (0). only cuz they are the craziest dudes live, who wouldn't want to see sid crowdsurfing and then hit a fan. it shows it live in this during spit it out, and joey just rocks, the best parts are when he bashes his head into his cymbals and his solo which is (sic). believe me, i've been to 2 slipknot concerts (Ozzfest 2001, and tattoo the earth 200o 'fore they were huge) and you can completely feel what it's like to be at one of the shows minus the bruises and cuts and ears that hurt from the amps. so basically it's a painless rockin slipknot concert that you can totally rock to. well, painless unless you rock out like i did and bash your head on the walls and jump off your bed in a swan dive motion. oww. slipknot is one of the craziest bands live, get it, love it, live it, be (sic). so ask yourself this, Are you ready to take the ... test my friends? well, you're about to get your ... chance....." - Corey, intro to Spit It Out, LIVE! oh, and for those who aren't sure about the parental advisory cuz it says nuthing about it on the description, you can't buy this edited. so worry not my friends....more info
  • AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This was the best DVD I have ever seen in my life. The performence was great, the crowd was great, everything was great. Although, the reason I am giving this DVD 4 stars and not 5 is because the amps for james and micks guitars were to quiet. But other than that it was great. My words of wisdome are...just buy the DVD, I have no other comments....more info
  • Best live band dvd ever
    i buy a lot of live band DVD's and this one is without a doubt the best one. not only does the band put one hell of a performance, but the audio and video is INCREDIBLE. there's also a lot of behind the scenes, music videos and a really cool thing where you can watch 2 of the songs and chose one of the 9 members to watch during the song. great if you're a musician like me and want to watch the different things each member is doing. now for a full review of the concert....

    People=(...) 5/5, great opener, very energetic
    Liberate- 5/5, the crowd got jumpin for this song. really awesome.
    Left Behind- 5/5, incredible, Sid stage-dove from a 10 foot speaker into the crowd!
    Eeyore- 4/5, it's heavy as Corey promised but still not one of my favorites, i usually skip it.
    Disasterpeice- 5/5, great performance but it's just not one of my favorite songs.
    Purity- 7/5, my favorite. the song f'in rocks and its identical to the studio version. awesome!
    Gently- 4/5, worst song on the dvd but still good.
    Eyeless- 5/5, nice and heavy another one of my favorites.
    *Joey's Drum solo- 6/5, incredible, me being a drummer, i can appreciate that Joey is doing some pretty crazy double bass stuff while facing the ground at a 90 degree angle.
    My Plague- 5/5, another one of my favorites, again identical to the studio verison.
    New Abortion- 5/5, very energetic song, great performance.
    The Heretic Anthem- 6/5, electrifying, pyro everywhere, crowd going nuts, just awesome.
    Spit it Out- 7/5, again spectacular. during the breakdown, Corey gets the entire pit to sit down then after the build-up he yells "Jump Da F*ck up!" and the whole pit stood up and went crazy. best performance on the whole dvd.
    Wait and Bleed- 5/5 one of my favorite songs from slipknot done perfectly with energy.
    (sic)- 5/5- wow crazy is all i think of.
    Surfacing- 5/5, perfect ending on the perfect performance.

    so the best performances in my opinion were Purity, The Heretic Anthem, Spit it Out, (sic), Eyeless, and My Plague. best band DVD ever, buy it NOW!

  • This is how to do a concert/music DVD
    Lovem 'em or hate 'em, you've got to admit that Slipknot can put on a really good show. Their live set on this Disasterpieces DVD proves this, but more importantly, this is how bands should do concert/music DVD's. The first disc of this two disc set features Slipknot performing in London during their Pledge of Allegiance tour, and the fan favorite songs you'd expect to hear are here, including "People = S***", "Eyeless", "My Plague", "Heretic Anthem", "Spit it Out", "Wait and Bleed", and "Surfacing" among others, plus an off the wall drum solo from Joey Jordinson, who is undoubtadly one of the best drummers in metal today. The sound quality is amazing, and you get to see the kind of chaos which breaks out at a Slipknot show. Disc 2 features videos for "My Plague", "Left Behind", "Spit it Out", "Wait and Bleed", and the rarely seen animated version of "Wait and Bleed", along with the audio only "Purity" which was available on the Digipak version of Slipknot's self titled debut. All in all, this is one concert/music DVD which is definitely worth the price, and for Slipknot fans, this is most definitely a must own....more info
  • Killer DVD!!
    If you live and breathe Slipknot than you need to see this DVD. They did a great job of covering this concert. From behind the scenes to multiple angles during the concert this is a must buy....more info
    this is the coolest concert dvd ever! i hope they are as great when i see them in april....more info
  • Talented Musicians Go Awry
    Or another title could be: Hard Core Thrash Metal Fans Need Only Reply.

    Stone Sour lead by Slipknot's singer Corey Taylor releases perhaps the best hard rock CD this year (2006). Stone Sour's 2006 disk is melodic hard rock, the singing is clear and there are songs on the disk that even my wife can listen to.

    So I say to myself, maybe I need to give Slipknot another listen. Clearly I must have a mistaken impression of Slipknot if Corey Taylor and James Root's talent ring out so clear in Stone Sour. If Stone Sour is so good, can Slipknot really be that bad? YES!

    If you're a more traditional Metal fan, Slipknot is unlistenable and Disasterpieces is unwatchable. Disasterpieces could not be more appropriately named.

    Slipknot is a special breed of Metal, folks. If you're into the chaos that the likes of Unearth, Lamb of God and Cannibal Corpse put out then Slipknot and Disasterpieces are right up your alley.

    If you like Iron Maiden, Disturbed or Stone Sour, Slipknot is nothing like them. Slipknot's music is all over the place. You can't understand the lyrics. It's total, absolute mayhem.

    The DVD is just as chaotic as the music. You can't count to 2 before the shot changes. Strobe induced epileptics stay away!

    There are guys in Slipknot that you wonder what they even do. One guy stands in front of and climbs on some giant kettle drums. But you never really hear them being played even when they show him playing them.

    Joey Jordison's drumming was amazingly fast and precise. But it's wasted behind music that is incomprehensible.

    Slipknot is a freakshow by design for fans looking for a hard-core spectacle...not someone looking for music.
    ...more info
  • a reply to skymac...PWN3D
    Slipknot decimates. (I could really leave it there, but I'll go on.) I am a huge slipknot fan, I saw them in concert, it was unforgettable. I am also a huge Disturbed and Stone Sour fan, in fact I listen to Iron Maiden too. Don't stereotpye the rest of us simply because you are too close minded to appreciate more than one narrow strip of a genre of music. By the way, if you like Stone Sour, you must like "Get Inside" and if you like "Get Inside" how can you not like sLipKnOT!!?? Oh, and one more thing, I sing along with all of the songs, I have no problem understanding the lyrics, maybe your mind is just too slow....more info
    These people are awsome live and this DVD gives you a pretty good example of it. Recommend!...more info
  • Awsome [stuff]
    Oh hell yeah,its about time.slipknot did the right thing.there first video "welcome to our nieghberhood" was awsome.
    then when i walkd into "hot topic" and saw this dvd. i grabed it with ouy even looking at the back of of it.
    this dvd has everything maggots want. 15 [awesome] live songs.
    none are disapointing. an in [the] drum solo by joey.this drum solo will leave you speachless. sids dj solo...
    and back stage footage of the band getting ready to tear apart the arena and mick and jim guitar paractice. this dvd has all and a whole lot more. you wanted (sic) this is (sic)
    GET THIS DVD. GET THIS OR DIE!...more info
  • Bands, Take Notes
    Best Music DVD production next to a Metallica DVD production. The show is amazing, the sound quality is amazing, and the special features are awesome. They did not leave anything out on this DVD. We all can hear the same songs over and over again, but what makes the DVD special is the drum solo (you can't hear that on an album.) They play their best songs in this peformance, and i tell you what, his voice sounds great in every song....more info
  • Wow!!!
    This is the greatest music DVD ever.Slipknot has been one of my favorite bands for a while now and I've been waiting for something to watch besides "Welcome to our neighborhood" The first disk is awesome! It opens with some carnival music and shows shots of the band signing autographs, warming up etc. Then it cuts a shot of the stage. You can hear the introductory (515) playing. The lights are going crazy. Then the screaming of (515) comes to sudden stop. you see Jim Root play the opening riff to people ... and it's just chaos. That's an awesome moment. I am the owner of a number of concert DVDs and this is the only one that actually makes you feel like you're there.Slipknot is total chaos live. The thing they do during "Spit it Out" where everyone gets down on the ground then jumps up is crazy. The second disk is also very cool.It has all the bands videos to date(all of which rock). The "Wait and Bleed" animated version is cool. The multi- angle feature is not as great as people make it out to be. You don't really need it all. Overall it's a great buy, and I would reccommend it to any Slipknot fan, or any general metal fan. This is what it's all about!...more info
    The greatest band ever now has an official DVD! The camera work, sound quality, and crowd enthusiasm is unbeleiveable. A full show, all the music videos including the MTV banned Spit it Out and a new version of Wait and Bleed. Also, Purity is available. Best music DVD i've ever seen, highly recommended!...more info
    This is by far the GREATEST live show i have ever seen, and i have seen 47 live shows by 21 bands, and 6 of those have been SLIPKNOT but non of those shows even came close to this. Here are my reviews of the songs:
    1. People=S**t. 5/5 Great energy out of every memeber of the band, and a great way to kick off the show.
    2. Liberate. 5/5 Another amazing performance, sounded better live than the studio version.
    3. Left Behind. 5/5 A little bit of a slower song but that didnt mean that it took away from the bands energy.
    4. EEYORE. 3/5 Not one of my personal favourites but the band did look like they were enjoying themselves.
    5. Disasterpiece. 5/5 One of the best performances of the night, a very fast song that kicks a$$ the whole way through and SLIPKNOT showed that well with there performance.
    6. Purity. 5/5 This sounded incredible

    Sids solo. 2/5 I am not a dj so i am not really sure how to feel
    about this, it can get old fast

    7. Gently. 1/5 The worst performance of the show, coreys vocals didnt sound to good on this one.

    Joey's solo. 5/5 Being a drummer i can really respect Joey for what he did on this, he had some cool sounding double bass things in there. you have to see this to believe it.

    8. Eyeless. 2/5 Never was that great of a song.
    9. My Plague. 4/5 If you were to listen to this and not watch it you would think it was the album you were listening to.
    10. New Abortion. 4/5 Nice little talk before the song.
    11. THE HERETIC ANTHEM. 10/5 The best performance of the night, there was pyro everywhere, the whole stage was on fire.
    12. Spit it out. 5/5 Amazing.
    13. Wait and bleed. 4/5 a nice little song, corey sounded amazing.
    14. (sic). 2/5 meh.
    15. Surfacing. 6/5 Micks little solo that he does before the song sounded better than on the album, an amazing way to end the show.

    ...more info
  • Very cool.
    Slipknot puts on an amazing live show, but if you are afraid of getting stomped by the overly aggressive crowd, then this is a good way to get some of the experience while keeping all of your extremities. Also has all of their videos, which are pretty interesting, and extra fun stuff. If you are buying for a kid, or if you have kids, you should know there is a lot of swearing, especially the F word, and some satanic references (no, they aren't satanists). The video and sound quality are good, but not great. I would have liked to see more interview kind of stuff, but this is a great DVD. Enjoy!...more info
    this dvd is great, it last almost 2 hours . great quality,great sound everything a slpknot fan would want....more info
  • Best ever Slipknot DVD
    This is by far one of the best concert DVD's i've ever seen. Plus it has all of the music videos plus a rare track of Purity. Joey's Drum solo was flawless. And the sound quality is amazing.
    It has many different camera angles so you can watch witch ever member you like best. Plus the behind the scenes clips are great. You get to see the band putting on thier masks and even practicing before the show. Plus the songs they play are from there two best cd's, IOWA and SLIPKNOT including (SIC) People=$#&% and heretic anthem. Don't waste your money on the other slipknot DVD's.
    Buy this one it's really worth it....more info
  • wow............
    wow is the only way to put how great this dvd really is i think every slipknot fan should go out and buy this!!...more info
  • A MUST for Slipknot fans!
    Every song is a masterpiece. I love every track, even those that i didn't like very much before. I have one problem though, between tracks there are clips of thing that happen before the show and stuff. These get old REALLY fast, but as long as theres a skip button, im alright. The music videos have never been too great, but I LOVE the Spit it out video sooo much so imma let the others slide. Well, in short, SLIPKNOT FANS!! GET THIS NOW!!!!!...more info
  • Insanity just pure unadulterated insanity
    Now band DVDs are supposed to suck usually, right? Well this one by far takes the cake as the BEST band DVD ever created. Some people here have praised Joey's drum solo which is insanely great I admit but my favorite was Sid's solo on the turntables. Both before gently and after. It was just the best peice of DJing I have ever seen next to hip hop. I recomend this DVD for all my fellow maggots and those who wnat to know what a live Slipknot experience is like. By it now....more info
  • Worth your money
    Hi, this DVD is well worth your time. I strongly encorage that no one overly young watches it. I have been a fan of Slipknot since their first CD came out. I had tickets for one of their shows, but they bailed out. Anyways, this is the best footage you can possibly get of a Slipknot show. When I bought this DVD I was mad that the inside of my case was cracked (purchased at a local store, not online), the only thing that could make this DVD better is a case with a latch. The footage of this band is great, the have over 30 cameras filming them, not to mention being able to choose a camera angle when you watch on the second disk. The first disk is of their entire live london show, as well as watching them put on their costumes (beware Sid's butt crack). The concert is about one and a half hours long and includes about 15 songs. I like it that they perform their unreleased song "purity" live. The second disk includes all of their music videos: Spit it Out, My Plague, Wait and Bleed, Wait and Bleed (Claymation), and the audio track of Purity. This equals about half an hour. The entire concert is staged perfecly and heres a secret for you: During "Spit it Out" Corey has everyone in the arena get on the floor and then jump up at the same time, it is very cool to watch. Just trust me, buy this DVD. You will love it....more info
  • 666INSANE666
    This DVD is freaking awesome. It shows the members and crowd preparing and then BOOM! Intense music. With two amazing solos from SID and JOEY. Overall this DVD is crazy. It rocks almost as hard as the band....more info
  • as i close my eyes I feel it all slipping away......
    Great DVD, has lots of material, lots of energy and stage presence. Stage props, mosh pits, clown antics, 2 dvd's, cheap price, what more do yea want? My only minor complaint was some of the begining and the skits inbetween songs where annoying. There is a bunch of colorful lines, and annoying noises (similar to type-o-negatives dvd). They could have done something way better to kill time....more info
  • Simply Stunning
    Now, I've seen my share of concerts... But no band can grasp, let alone match, the work and thought that goes into the sets and performances of Slipknot. Sometimes you see a concert where the band comes out, plays their piece, and leaves thousands of dollars richer. You can tell that what we have here is a band that seeks to please its maggots.

    First, I must say the set was phenomenal... The band sort of captured their essence and strew it across the London stadium. All of the set is there for a reason, even if it be Sid's frequent little escapades, where he feels it necessary to leave his jockeying post and roam throughout the scaffolding and propsets...

    The camera angles are everything you want them to be... With an added feature. This DVD actually allows you to see the concert through a band member of your choice's point of view, making the experience all the more interesting with every viewing.

    The music... What to say about the music? It's Slipknot, people; you should know what to expect. The tracks blend the most precisely-timed and intricately-worked drumming and most intentionally diabolical guitar riffs to create a beautifully working piece of art. Included in the live performance are various rare tracks, including "Purity" and "Eeyore", both previously available only on the Digipak issue of Slipknot's self-titled album.

    This is one of the few DVD's I have seen to date that actually include an interesting bonus disc... On disc two, there is minimal live footage (what is there is various clips from concerts displayed as videos), but the DVD makes up for what it lacks in quality. Never before could you find the animated "Wait and Bleed" video, let alone that for the Terry Date mix. This disc includes many other videos from the pre-"Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses" era, including "Left Behind". Also included is the studio recording and solely audio "Purity".

    Overall, this DVD completely broke the barriers of expectation with the sheer amount of work put into a live performance... Simply stunning....more info
  • SlipKnot's Generous Tribute To The Maggots
    I've been a "Maggot" for about a year now. SlipKnot is one of those bands like Metallica, or Iron Maiden that when live, sounds almost identically to the studio version (Well Okay.. Corey's vocals can be a little blabbery at times). Here's how I'd rate the member's performence:

    0 Sid (Turntable DJ) - Very interactive. He did a very good job. He mooned the crowd. It was cool!
    1 Joey (Main Drums) - Stunning... Kick-ass solo!
    2 Paul (Bass) - The true pulse of Slipknot!
    3 Chris (Custom Percussion) - Custom Percussion has greatly imroved. Good work!
    4 James (Guitar) - Not nearly loud enough. But good.
    5 Craig (Samples) - Not used as much as I thought. Sid did more.
    6 Shawn (Custom Percussion) - Same stats as Chris, Shawn is better though!
    7 Mick (Guitar) - Better than James, but the amps were still too friggin' quiet!
    8 Corey (Vocals) - Very good. He was enegetic through the whole concert. Really great job!

    People = (...)- Very electrifying. 5/5
    Liberate - Another good song. 5/5
    Left Behind - A favorite off IOWA. 5/5
    Eeyore - Heavy as Corey promises. 5/5
    Disasterpiece - Another hit. 5/5
    Purity - Nicely done. 4.5/5
    Gently - Not my favorite, but good. 4/5
    Eyeless - My second favorite! 6/5
    My Plauge - Iddentical to studio version! Awsome! 6/5
    New Abortion - Powerful. 5/5
    The Heretic Anthem - Another IOWA favorite! 5/5
    Spit it Out - My favorite! Sid & Corey were very interactive with the crowd. 7/5
    Wait and Bleed - Another favorite. 5/5

    (Sic) - Nicely done again. 5/5
    Surfacing - SweEeEet! 5/5
    *Joey's Drum solo - Ground breakingly god-like awsome! 25/5
    *Sid's DJ solo - Good, but can get boring. 3.75/5

    My Plauge - From the Resident Evil soundtrack. Awsome! 5/5
    Left Behind - A confusing plotless video, but a good song! 5/5
    Wait and Bleed - A good SlipKnot song. 5/5
    Wait and Bleed Claymation - Loved It!!! Very Cool!!! 6/5
    Spit it Out - Very Good!! I Loved it! So Intersting... 6/5


    Performance - Awsome as expected.
    DVD Features - Multi-angle views are awsome! Very deep DVD!
    Sound Quality - Almost like you were there!
    Picture Quality - Sometimes it's hard to see because it's at night. But very clear!
    Menu Setup - Ummm... Pretty good(?) I dunno...
    DVD Overall - A Maggot's fantasy made reality... Thank you, SlipKnot!

    If you're a maggot, you'll love this!...more info

  • (SIC)
    This DVD is truly insane. great for any Slipknot fan and even if you arent get it cause its so amazing. Great heavy music as well. AWESOME...more info
  • Awesome!
    This is an awesome dvd, if you are a Slipknot fan, you MUST to have it, and Joey's solo is just amazing....more info
  • Confirms what I thought all along
    Namely: Joey=genius, the rest of them=not, Cory=needs to be shot through the lungs. Not because I have a particular deathwish against the guy, but merely because that (or a similarly drastic action) is about the only thing that can save him from sounding as aweful as he does on this DVD. The opening first frames of the concert are of him screaming his throat out, and it doesn't get any better from there to the end. Even when he stops the screaming to sing the occasional line or two, it's mumbled, dispirited, as unmelodic as possible, and probably horribly off-key before a postproduction ProTools pitch shifter. (I have no way of proving this, I'm just saying.) Rather than be ashamed, like any self-respecting musician would be, he seems to wear this suck vacuum on his sleve; peppered throughout the DVD are totally unnecessary commands to the audience such as "JUMP!" (pronounced, like the jews, 'yump') or "SCREAM FOR ME LONDON!" or "Get your f*cking hands in the air!" (At least half a dozen times, that one, sometimes with a modifier: "Pump those fists! Make some noise!") or "Could I have my DJ back now please, is that alright?" or "Do you want something heavier motherf*ckers!" or "F*ck you! F*ck you! F*ck you! F*ck you!" or "Sing from the bottom of your heart to the top of your f*cking lungs!" (So that's... three inches?) or the rather terrifying "We are about to DESTROY this f*cking arena, my friends!" (At which point I have no doubt every security guard for half a mile started talking frantically up his sleve--I'm pretty sure this shot is not included on the DVD, but IMHO it would make the product ten times better just to include one half-second pan over the venue security simultaneously straightening their jackets and squaring their shoulders and looking very unhappy) or, my personal favorit: "C'mon dudes, this is gonna be crrruuushing!" If my eyes could roll any harder they would fall out of their sockets and plop onto the floor--the kind of thing that would apparently be right at home at a Slipknot concert. Furthermore--I dont' care what any Slipknot fan says--the lyrics are all but completely indecipherable. I know that right now half a million pimply-faced youths (TM) are swarming over their keyboards to correct me on this but before you do that all I ask is that you really listen to the middle of Liberate on this DVD. I'm sure you know what part i'm talking about--between the second verse and chorus where it sounds like the cookie monster saying the alphabet backwards and then spitting out a brussel sprout. I defy you to tell me that's English. It's not. IT can't be. The best you can hope for is to convince me that it's some sort of incantation to bring about a musical appocalypse--but then I remember that i'm reviewing a Slipknot DVD, not a Manson DVD, and that that would actually be cool, which Cory Taylor is clearly not.

    That said: my disgust for Cori is equaled only by my admiration for "Joey" Jordison. The guy has only two speeds: fast and turbofast. While this is a bad thing in that he is almost always the reason why the slower songs like Wait and Bleed become medium-fast songs (he could learn a thing or two from Ginger Phish, he could), Slipknot doesn't have too many of those. (or didn't until subliminal verses Vol. III, but that wasn't released until after the DVD so none of those songs are on this.) Joey's not like traditional speed/death-metal drummers like Dave Lombardo or *insert your favorit Deathmetal favorit here*--rather than do blast beats all the way through and just mash on the doublebass as fast as humanly possible, Joey actualy uses all of his kit to the fullest. He never slows down, never gets tired, playing at 200BPM or faster pretty much the entire show--and the guy's practically a dwarf. Higher-profile drummers like Dannie Carey and Neil Piert don't play nearly as fast for as long as he does and their bodytypes are built for speed and endurance. Some have called Joey an "athlete, not a musician"; to them I say "You're missing the point. Your "musicians" can't do what Joey does. NO ONE can do what Joey does."

    As for the rest of the performers: both the leed and rhythm guitars play their parts well, although James cocks up a solo or two; no big deal, that's what happens when you're visiting London for the first time in front of thousands of fans with cameras in your faces recording everything. Talk about stress. As previously stated this is before Subliminal Verses though, so most of the guitar parts that are played aren't too terribly difficult. Cid the DJ does a great job, although I'd be hard-pressed to explain exactly what it means to be a DJ and do a bad job. Moving right along, ahem. The bass, keyboards, and backup percussionists probably do a good job; unfortunately you can barely hear them at all which leads me right along to...

    Sound quality. It's not great, and it's not terrible. Cori's vocals are way out in front--which I'd qualify as huge mistake #1 but I've already said everything I need to about that--then comes the guitars, then Joey. Considering how all-out Joey's drumming is I wish they would have been able to get him louder--the crash cymbals, in particular, are seriously wimpy--but Slipknot is hardly the only band to suffer from this problem. The bass guitar you can hear pretty much only durring Purity and... er, that one with the ludicrously long bass intro. This aint Dream Theater by a longshot; Slipknot is yet another in a long, long, LONG series of bands who have their bass way too low in the mix. Same with the backup percussionists; they don't play much, but when they do, it's barely noticeable over Joey's drumming; it just sounds like an odd sheet's been put over the tom or something. I mean if you're going to bother taking these guys and their instruments on tour you might as well let them be heard the five or six times they actually do something. Sheesh. As for the keyboard, if I was Greg, I would be filing lawsuits; if you just listen to the DVD you would have no idea that Slipknot even has a keyboardist. Bleh. The portions showing the concert preparation are naet; my only gripe is that they're inserted in the middle of the concert. Not at the beginning, or the end, or as a separate title, but spread out throughout the show, interrupting the flow of the concert to show people walking around and hauling amps on stage and whatnot. The soundcheck is also somewhat lacking; guitar check, then drum check (though it's rather amusing to see Joey doing straight deathmetal doublebassing over his soundcheck) and that's it. If yer gonna bother putting in a soundcheck, you might as well show more than two or three people out of 9. C'mon.

    As it stands, Disasterpieces is the only live DVD Slipknot has. If you want to listen to the band sounding good, get one of their studio albums; all of my gripes about Cory's voice are completely moot on any of the studio albums, he sounds miles better there. If you want to hear the band live, I recommend getting 9.0 Live; the sound quality is a little better (namely Joey is turned up a lot and the bass is turned up a little and Cory's voice has reached the point where it's gotten used to the constant abuse so it doesn't sound like he's on the vurge of coughing up a lung) and since it's a 2-disc from 2005 you get a lot more songs. If you need, need, to *see* Slipknot live (Or just Joey--his drum solo is amazing and the second disc has a camera angle just under his ride symbol you can watch for the entirety of several songs), or if you--like me--disapprove of the Pearl JJ signature snare sound, then by all means, get this; like the footage or hate the footage, the footage that is captured is unarguably unique and special....more info
  • Unbelievable - This is how u make a live DVD
    If there are any aspiring Music Producers out there take a look at this DVD and regardless of whether u like slipknot or not this how a live concert DVD should be made. The music quality is superb the live show is excellent and well filmed and the intensity of the band throughout the entire gig is superlative. Must Have ...more info