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Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug & Secure Swing
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Product Description

The 2-in-1 Snug 'N Secure Swing from Little Tike is sturdy, safe, built to last and loads of fun for your child. As a baby, your child can enjoy swinging though the air while feeling secure and safe - the straps and harness keep your child snug in the swing seat. As your child grows and his confidence grows, you can remove the straps and harness and watch as the 2-in-1 Snug 'N Secure Swing become a regular swing.

Young children will get the hang of hanging with this cute swing from Little Tikes. Its blue plastic body sports sturdy yellow shoulder straps and a red T-bar to keep babies and toddlers safe; the T-bar can be removed for older kids. Parents should make sure not to hang the swing above concrete or another hard surface, and they should check that the support structure is secure. (The instructions don't specify how to attach the swing to the support.) The swing holds a maximum weight of 50 pounds. --Andy Boynton

  • Swing converts for baby to toddler
  • T-bar and straps holds baby secure
  • Bar and straps fold away when not needed for todder.
  • Can be attached to swingset or tree
  • Recommended Age Range 9 to 48 months

Customer Reviews:

    My 2 year old daughter Loves to swing and this is great -we even put it lower so she get in it herself - the harness is great for keeping them from falling out...more info
  • Low tech = fun
    Our little lady is now 8 months old, and we've bought all kinds of toys to keep her amused. Turns out that the simplest solution works better than any electronic gadget or complicated gizmo - this basic plastic swing! She squeals with delight every time she swings back and forth. The safety bar is great, too - it keeps her in place effortlessly and I like that she's unable to open the release clips herself. This swing is a winner!

    By the way, after reading one of the reviews where someone mentioned their child leaned forward and tipped the swing over maybe someone needs to say USE COMMON SENSE WITH ALL CHILDREN'S PLAY EQUIPMENT! If your child is leaning that far foward, then it's inevitably going to tip no matter how safe it is or how well made. Exercise caution with everything!...more info
  • Poor strap design
    We purchased this swing 4 years ago. The strap design makes it extremely difficult to get children in and out quickly. After four years the straps are completely gone. My two boys (5 and 3) enjoy it now with the middle harnass tucked under; however, I am now shopping for a new swing to use with my 1-year-old. This swing is great for the older children, but I would not recommend it for small children who need to be strapped in simply because of how difficult the straps are to undo....more info
  • swing
    I've had this swing for about a month now.. My 9 month loves this swing.. I like that it goes from 9 to 4 years.. ...more info
  • Little Tykes-excellent Child's porch swing!!!
    I purchased this for my 20 mo. old grandson. It is safe, sturdy and very durable! I highly recommend this swing to all parents who would like a single swing for their child. I also like the fact that is designed for children(toddlers) up to 48 months! Thank you!...more info
  • Just wonderful!
    For the money, you can not beat this as a gift or for your own baby. You can get it for $19 at most local toy/baby stores (as apposed to Amazon's $19 plus shipping). It's available everywhere (Toys R Us, KB Toys, Target, ect.)
    My baby loved it from the moment she first got in it. Some days, it's the only thing that makes her happy (very helpful when you have a teething baby).
    I can't say enough great things about it.
    I had to buy a longer rope at Sports Athority, but it was pretty easy to get up. My niece had one from when she was a baby, 7 years ago. It's still hanging in her yard, used frequently by her little brother, and in great shape (though faded considerably).
    I just love this swing, don't hesitate, you'll be happy with it!

    Update: This swing has been in our yard for over a year now and it seems like every kid at every age just flocks to it. Because the safty harness can be flipped down, I've seen children as old as 6 in it having a blast.

    A tip, mount it pretty low to the ground so that your child can learn how to get in themselves (with you holding it steady). Otherwise it's kind of tricky holding a child and chasing around a swing to plop them in....more info
  • Unsafe and uncomfortable Strap design
    I purchased this swing for my 9 month old son. He loves to swing. However the swing straps on this swing seemed to annoy him. Due to the design of the straps he was able to free himself, and just hang over the safety bar. The design also seemed to push him down and caused him to slouch and lean in unconfortable ways, so he never wanted to stay in this swing very long. The rope was also very short, as the instructions indicate swing should be no more than 18" off the groud, and ours was easily 3'. Rope was also hard to adjust to swing straight, so he was always swinging a bit crooked. We returned it after only 3 days and purchased a roadster child swing at the Home Depot(also found on amazon)it looks like a little car, and baby just loves it, and I can tell he is comfortable and safe!...more info
  • Little Tykes 2 in 1 Snug Secure Swing?
    We bought this swing at WM. It lasted less than 1.5 years before it suddenly broke, I reasoned, at first, it could be due to weather but why would you make a swing that couldn't stand up to the weather? Last fall, when I had my 10 month old grand daughter in the swing, the right strap simply snapped apart. I grabbed the swing in time and felt blessed that the front held by the left strap but it really gave me a scare because she was leaning on it. I always had a lot of faith in little Tykes products or I never would have bought this swing. It never occurred to me that the straps could age that quickly and simply snap apart at the area where it snaps into the little lock hole on the tilt up device that holds the child inside. I liked it pretty well until that happened. Now, I will never purchase this swing again and I would not recommend it to anyone. I'm looking at some commercial type toddler swings instead....more info
  • Very safe swing!!
    I bought this swing because the straps look sooooo much safer than some of the other swings. It has been great, I have a wiggley child who can get out of most things but not this swing. I also like the fact it goes up to a higher age than some other swings. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Where are the instructions
    Alas, it's just another piece of plastic taking up space around the house until Little Tikes decides to either: a) include hanging instructions for the product; or b) create a website that includes the same. Unfortunately they fail on both accounts. So our Secure li'l Swing rots in the attic...what a neat toy!...more info
  • Lil Tikes makes mommy smile!
    Great gift to our triplet grandbabies - yes there are three swinging at once, how precious! This product is excellent, inspires a great sense of security as they swing. We would like to have had longer hanging option(s)... had to purchase pieces/parts to extend. Otherwise -- fantastic! (And a very special thanks to Amazon; without your community we could never have found them "off season".)...more info
  • Great Wang!!!
    Our daughter could not wait for my husband to get the swing up so she could wang!!!She goes to the door and says she wants to go wang!!!Very durable...and has held up in all weather so far. (we store it in the garage during the winter months) Great gift for any holiday...great to have something to do and enjoy being outside. Your little one will very much have lots of smiles and laughs...they love it!!!...more info