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Claudine (1974)
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 01/08/2008 Run time: 92 minutes Rating: Pg

It's easy to get hooked by Claudine, a lean, funny, Nixon-era movie about a romance nearly undone by a patronizing welfare system. Diahann Carroll stars as Claudine, single mother of six children in Harlem and a maid working for under-the-table wages. Forever worried that her white caseworker will discover her meager, outside income (thus eliminating meager government benefits), Claudine further complicates her domestic situation by falling in love with Roop (James Earl Jones). An affable Romeo and absent but financially supportive father of several kids, Roop by his presence jeopardizes Claudine's official status as a mom without means. The couple's decision to go forward results in welfare backlash, personal humiliation, family strain, and corrosive behavior. A sharp script layers the personal story within a socially conscious treatment, while Jones and Carroll's special chemistry turns the characters into fully rounded people. John Berry (From This Day Forward), an interesting if forgotten director, brings a clipped vitality to this urban affair. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Back down memory lane
    This DVD had me laughing and crying. Everyone should have a classic like this in their library. I would use the Amazon service again. I had no problems with shipping or timeliness of receipt of products. ...more info
  • One of the best movies i've ever seen
    Claudine is off the hook, not only was she on welfare, she was also raising a "village". Black single mothers can learn a lot from this movie. Not to mention the fact that the soundtrack is absolutely beautiful. Good luck trying to find it though, not unless you want to pay 90 bucks for it....more info
  • Shocked
    I had always heard about his play/film. My parents, relatives, neighbors said this was the greatest play ever, Diahann Caroll playing a welfare mother. I could hardly wait to see it. And when I did, I was shocked. I could not believe the profanity. What was a good way of looking at everyday family life was overshadowed by the use or overuse of profanity. I could not get to the plot for all of the swearing. Do not tell me the writers were trying to realistically depict a family on welfare, public assistance, living in the ghetto or inner city. Being poor does not equal poor manners, poor language or lack there of. Families upholding integrity live in every neighborhood, every state, and every country. Quality runs within a person, even when they don't know how they're going to pay rent. Maybe it's just me, but I look for wholesome films to watch with my family. This misses the mark on quality....more info
  • An All-Time Classic
    This movie(DVD)is terrific. The cast was wonderful and the acting was superb. James Earl Jones and Diahann Carroll were outstanding. I enjoyed every minute of it. ...more info
  • Exposing The Myth
    Claudine is a very good movie. It helps to debunk some of the myths that continue to plague the single mother on welfare. Diahann Carroll is great as the harried mother trying to support six children. Her apartment is cramped and crowded, the children constantly bicker, Mom has to work as a housekeeper to supplement her monthly check. Never mind that she is not supposed to own ordinary household appliances that may or may not make her life a little easier. A caseworker makes routine visits to assure that she is not. Along comes a friendly garbage man played by James Earl Jones. He tries to help her by offering his love and affection, even proposing marriage but he also has a lot of baggage that in the end nearly destroys their relationship. They do persevere and manage to get back together but not without a lot of tears. There are still people who think women on welfare have everything handed to them and are living a life of luxury, but this movie allows us to see the other side of the coin....more info
  • Finally!!!!!
    This movie is long overdue on video. I am a little biased since my Godmother was the wardrobe person on the film and I remember staying to see the credits (something as a younger person that you never did) just to see her name scroll across. This movie was so ahead of it time and made a lasting impression on me. I have waited for years for them to release it and now that they have I will share it will countless friends so that they too can laugh and cry. The soundtrack still brings tears to my eyes and joyous memories. If you haven't seen it - do so and if you own it share it with all of your friends....more info
  • Classic 70's Music
    This is a great movie, but i'm reading a few of the reviews here and the one written by the user Taperpowell especially caught my attention. Did we actually watch the same movie here because this movie seems to have totally gone over your head. What crass commercialism are you talking about? This movie hardly has any cussing, absolutely no violence and one tame love scene so I have no idea what you're on about. Another thing, this movie is absolutely NOT a Blaxploitation film. I am sick of older black movies being labeled as that. I actually enjoy the Blaxploitation genre but this film does not fit in that category at all. Most blaxploitation films are low budget, include enourmous amount of nudity, violence, sex and usually involve pimps in the storyline. No, this film is none of that. This film is just a movie about a woman with six kids trying to work hard in order to provide for herself and her family. I will agree that the romance between Claudine and James Earl Jone's character moves too fast, I wish more time had been taken to develop that and I wish the movie had been a bit longer, but this is BY FAR one of the best black movie's or family movie's period of this time and still holds up until this day. The characters are likeable and the the movie is well written and directed. It holds your interest the entire time. The soundtrack is great too. Gladys Knight & The Pips and Curits Mayfield are a match made in heaven and provide perfect music for this movie....more info
  • classic
    this is one that should be everyone's dvd collection too. i always enjoy watching this movie....more info
  • Claudine~~starring Diahann Carroll & James Earl Jones
    This movie is the best of the best. Every female in my family cannot get enough of this movie. Of course, if you are of a black family in an urban neighborhood, then you would have no problem understanding Claudine's arguement as a black woman. She is raising about 6 children in a 2-bedroom apartment, and she is barely getting by. She is one day introduced to a garbage man, who changes her life for the better, showing her that there is nothing wrong with her current situation. This movie just has a happy ending. ...more info
  • Very Enjoyable Movie
    I really enjoyed watching Claudine I was just so happy I was able to find it. I never get tired of watching it. James Earl Jones and Diahann Carroll played excellent roles. I wish there was a part two I'd like to know how that would've turned out. The entire soundtrack is really awesome. I use Claudine as a relaxation as my quiet time. I'm really glad to know that really old movies are still available.

    Thank You,

    Amazon...more info
  • A very good film.
    I haven't seen this film in a long time, and it was as wonderful as I remembered it....more info
  • The Greatest Ever
    I have always loved this movie since my mom showed it to me. Now that I am grown, my childen can watch and grow from this movie. It is full of laughter and love and this movie will always be a nice family movie for all to see....more info
  • Good movie / music better
    This old school movie was one of the better ones to come out of the Black exploitation era. In a time when it was all about hustling, conning, drug dealing, and beating up the police this movie broke out of the mold without being sappy or relying on slapstick comedy. It's a good, wholesome movie the family could enjoy regardless of race.I purchased it for the soundtrack!!! Gladys Knights vocals combined with Curtis Mayfield's everything else still can take me through a whole range of emotions and memories. Its value can only be judged in your heart.. ...more info
  • Exrtaordinary Movie, An Award Winner in my eyes!!!
    This is a Must Have Great movie. The movie is about A black man who falls for a Strong black single mom raising 6 kids, with the struggles that come comes along with it. I first saw this movie as a child, and I watched it at that time because it had a lot of kids in it, which reminded me of my family of a single mom on welfare with 7 kids. Now I am all grown up and I watch this movie with great appreciation, I Love This Movie. I think this is one of the Greatest, realistic movie ever written and filmed. All the actors including all of the children were GREAT!!. It's a story of Love, Love that a mother have for her children, And the love shared between a man and a woman. I really think that this movie should have won quite a few Awards. It is definetly an Award Winner in my eyes....more info
  • Makes me cry everytime...
    I bought a copy of the DVD from Amazon a couple of months ago...and I cannot tell you how many times I have watched it since. I am a child of the 70's and all themes and settings in the movie are a part of my childhood. I remember playing outside on the sidewalk in Harlem and just being kids. This movie makes me cry everytime it ends! When I have nothing to watch on TV I pop it in the DVD player and pour a glass of wine and just think back. This movie shows the strength and fortitude of two people trying to work themselves up in life in spite of the financial hardships that they face. I don't think Rupert ran out on his children. I firmly believe that those relationships just did not work out for him. Same as Claudine. Granted there were nine children between them but all in all they were two people who happened to find themselves later on in life after they had already acquired so much baggage. The hookers and rodent infested apartments were what many families who lived in the tenements back in those days had to contend with. Overall Rupert was a hard working honest man. Claudine just wanted a good life for her children and that showed in how she went to work while she was collecting welfare. The soundtrack is amazing. I just downloaded it and I listen to it over and over again. 'Be Invisible' is my favorite tune, the music and lyrics are so true to life. Soundtrack and movie are fabulous. This story does have a happy ending and that's what makes it all come together in the end....more info
  • A Movie With Personal History
    I am delighted this movie is out, as I was present when the very first scene (the garbage scene) was filmed at the home in which I grew up (Riverdale NY -- at the end of Fieldston Road). Dianne Carroll and James Earl Jones, then working for an all-black film production company, were even more wonderful in person than in the movie, which is terrific. A must see for all, particularly for those who were there. ...more info
  • I liked it
    Well , this movie speaks for itself... I love old classic movies. I mean it is what it is....more info
  • Welfare can be funny
    I saw this movie when it first came out. I enjoyed it but couldn't help but think how far we've come since then. Now welfare is a norm for some people I guess I don't find much humor in it anymore....more info
  • A True Ghetto Classic !!!!!!!
    what can i say about this movie, If you are a struggling single mother or if your mama was one or if you know any single moms, than this is the movie for you. its the story of claudine a single mom in the 70's just trying to make it raise her kids and maintain a social life all at the same time. this movie is a must see it stays true and keeps it real...more info
  • Great idea for a movie, if someone ever really makes it
    I collect blaxploitation films because I enjoy the messages they portray. I realize the filmmakers were trying to make money, but many were also trying to be "gritty" and "raw" and "honest" about depicting what was happening in the black community in the 1970's. When a film really does that, you can enjoy and learn from it even when it displays negative messages...because we all walk away realizing something should be changed. That said--and admitting that Claudine was obviously seeking to be that kind of movie, lancing at the welfare system for being inefficient and standing in the way of true love--here's why it isn't successful at being that kind of movie, even after trying so hard to be:

    The love story, as one reviewer has already pointed out, moves way too fast. It's too easy to slip into feeling like, "so THAT's why this lady has 6 kids by 4 fathers; bucket of chicken, bottle of wine, that's all it takes." If we want to feel compassion for her, that she's doing all she can, we need to see her with some self-control in this area too. We know she has some; she gets herself up and goes secretly to work as a maid each morning. I know what goes on between adults, but if it had gone on a little later, I could respect her struggle a little more and not feel quite as much like she brought a lot of her trouble on herself.

    The language is gratuitously obscene. I'm not a prude, but cursing in movies is placed there to indicate strong emotion in a scene. Great, fine. But that many times in a row in some of the scenes? Okay, OKAY, I get it, strong, stop cussing each other out and give me some dialogue that moves the story along. If all you have is a string of 4-letter words, we've got a bad scriptwriter, actors ad-libbing badly, or both. Not compelling as cinema, and certainly not something the whole family should watch or that should be shown on TV, as a few reviewers have suggested. Having the kids do it was definitely not cool. We will never watch this movie with my daughter in the room.

    The crass commercialism every time a music cue comes up was particularly annoying. They were REALLY pushing this soundtrack album. Even when you see them put on records during the Father's Day party in their home, you hear another track from Gladys Knight & The Pips, straight from the album. I love soul music from the '60's and '70's as much as I like blaxploitation films, but after this movie I didn't want the soundtrack; they'd overdone it. It created a surreal impression that this was the only music that ever existed in their world, which was just one more thing contributing to the artificial feel of the movie. And I can't think of one thing I heard during the movie that was by Curtis Mayfield, though he gets a credit. As much as I like GK & Pips, I was sure tired of them by the end of this DVD.

    It was fun to see Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs before he became Freddie Washington on "Welcome Back, Kotter". But the whole vasectomy subplot was a rabbit trail we could have done without. We get that he is an angry young black man; this scene added nothing to the story. It was a setup for Claudine to deliver the lines about "why would you do this to yourself, this is what the white man is trying to do to you..." but just isn't believable, or necessary, by the late point in the movie that it occurs, and only makes it run longer. We already got that message when she and Rupe visit the welfare office earlier, though not in those words.

    I admire that they tried to tell this story, and in spite of its shortcomings (of which I've listed four, but there are more), I recognize what they were trying to do. In fact, it did enlighten me some on the issue; part of my own growing up years were spent in a poor white neighborhood with a lot of welfare recipients, and some of the same problems. If someone ever really got down to making it without being so heavy-handed, it might be a great premise for a movie.

    I bought it because I'm trying to see as many of the movies of this genre as I possibly can, and it is better than some. Since 20th Century Fox did it, there was at least some professionalism on the technical side...but even here, the soundtrack could have been fixed so you could understand the dialogue when the characters were mumbling (which seemed to happen often). To make my collection complete, I'm keeping it, but it's not one I'll return to often, like "Shaft" or "Superfly". 92 minutes seems like 3 hours when I run this film. See it once, get beat over the head with its message, then you can move on to the next one....more info
  • Love's Hangover
    This love story stars the ageless Diahann Carroll as Claudine Price and James Earl Jones as her suitor, Rupert B. Marshall. Claudine works as a housekeeper on Rupert's route as a garbage man. Claudine is also a welfare mother of six kids doing the best she can. Rupert doesn't see his out-of-state kids. At first, the Price kids object to Rupert's dating their mother but accept the situation. Claudine then has to juggle raising her kids, working on the sly, dealing with the welfare lady and maintaining her relationship with Rupert. This movie makes you laugh and makes you cry with the ups and downs of a struggling mother....more info
  • A 70s classic!
    This is one movie I saw by accident and now I own the DVD. I was born the year it came out, and didn't discover it until early this decade. It is a shame many TV networks don't air this movie like they should, that's one of my reason for discovering it late. Anyway, Dianne Carroll played this part to the bone, I don't think any other black actress of the day could play the part she did. Excellent storyline and excellent plot! I could relate to this very well, because I have 5 other siblings and my mother was a single mother. If you want reality in your movies, get Claudine now, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!
    I absolutely adore everything about this movie!! When it became available on DVD, I believe that I was the first one to purchase it. But I am in desperate need of the soundtrack!
  • All too real!!!
    Too real was the plot/story. Back then, a single woman single-handedly raising a half dozen kids and trying to keep her sanity at the same time was a common occurrence. Then a man steps into the picture and she's faced with several dilemmas; one question that she's asking herself if she should give the kids a step daddy or not. Although times are tough for her, she still loves her children enough to consider their point of view. And she's faced with the possibility of losing public assistance if she does marry. So true is how the government treat under-privileged people. They don't want you to have too much. One thing I've always wondered was what did a man buying a woman something with his own money have to do with whether or not she qualified for government assistance. I'm so glad those days of social workers showing up at a woman's house and snooping around are gone. That invaded their right to privacy, which to me says their constitutional rights were being violated. And this mess was going on just as recently as the mid-70s. Shows that blacks still haven't gotten THAT far yet.

    I vote 4 stars for this movie. Some of the sexual scenes were not necessary. But the characters and plot were real. Loved it!...more info