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Parents can always use a hand at feeding time. The Swing-Tray Portable Booster can be used instead of a bulky, space-hogging high chair, for children over 6 months and up to 50 lbs. The swing-away, raised-edge tray releases and adjusts with one hand, making it easier for a parent to get their child in and out of the seat. And when mealtime is someplace other than home, the lightweight seat folds up compactly for easy transport. Includes three height adjustments so it can grow with your little one, and it's dishwasher-safe so mealtime messes are easier to clean up. Also features a three-point safety harness for added child safety, and two sets of safety straps to secure to standard chairs. When your child is ready, detach the tray completely and push the chair up to the table with the rest of the family. Measures 8.5" x 17" x 8.5".

  • One-handed swing-away tray
  • Use as a high chair or a booster seat
  • 3-point child safety belt
  • Portable°™folds up
  • Easy to disassemble & dishwasher safe
  • Booster Seat

Customer Reviews:

  • Good chair for the price
    This is a good chair. Security straps are plenty long enough and adjust easily. The swing tray works well and comes off easily. Clean up is great - spills wipe off with little effort. Overall, I like it and so does my 2 year old!...more info
  • All you ever need for kids
    This is the only "high chair" we have at our house. We have two and two kids. The seat is adjustable and seems very comfortable to the kids. It is easy to clean and easy to use....more info
  • Easy, secure and travels well.
    Bought for my 9-month old for travel, took it with to Europe where high chairs are as common in restaurant as in the US and found it very convenient. Very easy to strap on securely on a regular chair. ...more info
  • Dangerous!
    I have contacted the company, as this seat should be put on a recall list. My son weighs half of what the spec says it can, and the bottom detaches and the tray falls off, so your child can have a dangerous fall if the seat is secured to a chair. If you do happen to have this product, do your child a favor and keep it on the floor. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money...
    I am shocked to see anyone who likes this chair. I have had it for almost a year and am thoroughly disappointed in it. The back falls off, it doesn't sit level in the chair, and the adjustable seat has fallen out several times causing my son to fall down to chair level. I'm currently searching for something more stable. ...more info
  • Great space saver
    My son is 13 months old and 25 pounds. One mother wrote that her 10 month old 24 pound baby could not fit in it, but my son fits into it fine with room to grow and he is even considered a "big baby". I think that people need to take into consideration the height and weight proportion when buying the product. Every child is different, with different weight and height which means different shapes.
    Instead of my huge high chair in the kitchen, I now have a small booster that stays in one of the kitchen table seats and slides right under the table w/ the chair when my son is not in it. It is a great space saver. ...more info
  • Take it back!
    I recently purchased this seat for my son because he is "too big" for the high chair and I wanted something that would keep him from falling out of the dining chairs! So we went and got him this big boy chair and he was so excited to sit in it - after the 45 mins of getting it all together right - he sat in it and it pretty much fell apart. The straps get tangled up and hurt his legs and the latch is pretty hard to unbuckle. I am taking this back to get a different seat....more info
  • Not for Big Babies
    This item goes together very easy, has a nice size tray, and a base that attaches easily to any size chair. However, this item is not for a bigger baby even though it says up to 50 pounds. I bought this for my 10 month old son who weighs 24 pounds. The harness was at its maxium length around my son's "belly" so he had NO room to grow. I could not snap the tray on because of the size of his legs without pinching him. I went back and purchased the Grow With Me Portable Booster by Safety First and he fits in it much better....more info
  • Not for big babies
    This item is very easy to put together, has a decent size tray, and has a base that will attach easily to any size chair. However, this product is not for a bigger baby even though it says up to 50 pounds. I bought this for my 10 month old son who weighs 24 pounds. The harness was at its maximum length around my son's "belly" so he had NO room to grow. I could not snap the tray on the chair because of the size of his legs, there was no room without pinching his legs. I went back and bought the Grow With Me Portable Booster by Safety First and my son fits in it much much better....more info
  • the best seat ever
    My husband and I love this seat. We have two, one is for the and one is for home. The one in the car is for travel and when we go out to eat. It is so convieniant since most high chairs in restaurants are way to big for a 10 month old. It folds up and sits in the trunk without taking up too much space. Also the chair in the house is connected to a table chair and out of the way it never takes up any needed space. The chair seat raises and lowers that ajusts to his growth and comes apart very easily and fits well in the dish washer for quick washing and it is sterilized whice is the most important factor. I recamend this chair to everyone in the market for a high chair....more info
  • a must for families on the go
    I recently purchased this seat for my 1 year old daughter and used it last week at the beach. The chair easily and securely fit on the chair. The tray stayed attached, unlike other models I had tried. My daughter enjoyed many meals in her new seat. Cleaning it was a breeze as was packing it for travel. This is a great seat at a great price....more info
  • Very Convenient!
    We have this seat and love it! The tray is great because you don't have to remove it every time you take the baby out. If you have a Houdini toddler like I do, you will love the fact that you don't have to worry about taking your eyes off the baby to look for a place to put the tray. The entire seat can be taken apart and put in the dishwasher, which is great since my son makes quite a mess in it. The seat can be raised and lowered 3 levels as he grows so we get our money's worth....more info
  • Not the best choice
    My 18 month old was able to unlatch the table and swing it. On one occasion she managed to pull it fully off. Also, since the height is not at all adjustable, she could not sit at the table.

    We returned it and found a better alternative....more info

    My son got this chair for his 1st birthday. I wish we'd had it from the start.
    We've been using it for over 3 months now and I haven't got a single complaint.
    It's ridiculously easy to clean and there's nowhere for food to hide.
    I haven't had any problems with stability and sturdiness.
    My son is pretty mellow and tends to sit calmly during meals however
    so I can't say how it would hold up to roughness.
    That said, I highly recommend it....more info
  • This is a fantastic chair!! The poor reviews are baffling.
    I had this chair for my first son - its the only chair we ever used. We loved it, but for some reason I wanted to try a real high chair with my second son, and we did - an expensive Peg Perego one. I hated that chair because it so hard to clean and it just didn't have a good fit, so I bought a new First Years Swing tray booster for him, and I love it!! I should have just stuck with that with my second one from the start. I have never had a problem with anything coming apart or being loose. It is the easiest thing to clean, especially with the tray cover. My son has a much easer time eating in this chair and there is far less mess on the chair. If there is, its a breeze to clean up. For a really good clean, you just take it apart and wash it, along with the straps and its like new. I guess some people must have got defective chairs, or maybe didn't assemble them correctly, because this chair is great in my opinion. For $20, its one of the best value baby purchases I can imagine....more info
  • Simple High Chair
    We bought this as a primary high chair for our daughter after she got too big to use her infant car seat to feed her in. Straps easily to the chair, every once and again you'll want to tug on the end of the webbing to snug it back down again. Never had a problem with the latch being hard to work, she learned to work it on her own about 3 1/2, which was a safe age for her. Whole thing disassembles and fits in the dishwasher. When not in use, you can fold the back forward and snap the tray over top of it and the whole thing stores easily. The only thing that could be considered in the least bit "flimsy" would be that when the back is folded down (not possible when the child is sitting in it) it will slide right off (this is how it's designed to come apart). In fact, I was recently searching for a small sturdy seat to attach to the rear rack on my bicycle for my now 5-year old, 43lb daughter to ride in. I had almost given up when I thought of this booster on a storage shelf collecting dust. She still fits in it (minus the tray), and it well met the size & sturdiness requirements I was looking for....more info
  • Not for long term use.
    I bought this tray seat for a weeks use at my fathers house in SC. Im glad it was only a week. It tips very easily even with the safety straps firmly in place. and my 20 month old son can easily remove the tray when hes seated in it. BUT, it served its purpose I suppose....more info
  • extremelydisappointed
    I usually love The First Years products. I already had the fisher price healthy care booster seat and loved it. I wanted to leave that one at my parents and have one to travel with so I thought I'd try this one. I was expecting to love the swing feature, it was the one thing I thought was missing out on the fisher price one. Well, I returned this chair w/in 24 hours and bought a second fisher price one. Here are the reasons why; The base of the chair is hollow and wobbly, it is also very wide and didn't comfortably fit across a normal kitchen chair. You have to attach the straps yourself when purchased and they are also too wide. At their tightest level they were still way too loose to be secure. Thought the swing out feature would be great but when the tray swings out, and then you wipe baby's hands, as you're putting your hands under his pits to lift him off, he's already got his hands in the leftover mess on the tray. The back of the chair comes off every time you fold it down. You have to take the chair apart to adjust the level. And when folded up, it's not as compact and portable as fisher price's model. Do yourself a favor and splurge the extra $5 for the healthy care booster seat. ...more info
  • Great Chair
    My son has been using this seat since he was able to sit unassisted. The chair is very easy to assemble and disassemble. It is also dishwasher safe, which is helpful for those really messy situations. The removable tray is great for getting the mess away from him, so I can clean him up without him getting messy again. He is now almost 20 months old, and we still use it (now as a booster). He is tall for his age, but it still fits him well (with plenty of room to grow). As for the complaints about it not fitting larger babies, I don't really know. My son is very slender, but there is quite of bit of "breathing room" for him. We make frequent trips to grandma's house and to friends' houses and this seat is very travel friendly. All in all, this is a great product at a great price. ...more info
  • Okay but not great
    I bought this seat for my son when he was probably around 6 months old and just starting on solid foods. Ten months later, I hardly ever use the darn thing. It worked okay for us for a little while but it was not one of my better baby purchases. My complaints with the product:

    - Not particularly sturdy. The backrest portion in particular seems to pop off way too easily.
    - The straps that secure it to the kitchen chair are annoyingly long and in the way. Not such a problem when the seat is secured to the chair because you can just tuck the straps in somewhere. However, everytime I remove the seat from the chair the straps prove to be a real pain in the rear. And unfortunately it seems I need to unstrap and remove the seat after every meal to clean the bits of food that inevitably end up on the big chair to which this seat is secured (another complaint).
    - The second tray which pops on over the swing away tray (at least on my particular model) is very easily removed by my son. He lifts it up and dumps his food on the floor. The point of this second tray was to make food prep and cleanup easier but it fails miserably.
    - This seat is not at all sturdy or useful as a stand alone seat. It HAS to be strapped to a chair or it will easily tip over.

    The good things about this product are that it is relatively inexpensive and is a good spacesaving alternative to a regular highchair which sucks up so much floor space. It is also fairly easy to clean due to the plastic design.

    Overall it is not a bad product but not on my list of favorites. If I had it to do over, I would have bought a similar type of chair but probably a different brand....more info
  • We LOVE this chair!
    I have a home daycare, so this chair is used constantly. I've had two of these for well over a year, and today I bought a third one. I've tried several different seats in the past and this one is the best by far. Nothing beats the swinging tray. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
    We've used this seat when traveling, and everyday use at home. When our son was about 15 months old, I put the highchair away and started using this. It can be taken apart easily and put in the dishwaser!! It folds down so it can be put away easily if you're having guests, unlike a big highchair! GREAT CHAIR!!...more info
  • This chair is great!!
    We got this chair as a baby shower gift, which I registered for and absolutely love it! I don't understand the problems the other reviewers are talking about. If used properly, this chair gives absolutely no problems. The seat locks in at different levels, if it's not locked in, of course it will fall apart.

    The seat is easy to use, folds easily, and cleans easily. We store it in our van (we have Stow-and-go storage) and it fits perfectly!

    We've used it since my son, now 16 months, could sit up. He lays his body from side to side and the seat doesn't budge...very safe. The tray does snap off easily, and he has done that at times while trying to climb up on it. This doesn't bother me, since it's not a 'toy' and shouldn't be climbed on anyway. The tray hasn't snapped off while in use, and hopefully won't!

    We've used this chair on both a chair, and the floor when seating was limited (like at family get togethers). We haven't had any problems at all.

    Anyway, I highly recommend it......more info
  • Terrible Design
    We had been researching booster seats for our 2 year old and we found this seat and thought it was an large enough and sturdy enough for our rambunctious son. Boy, were we wrong. The first time we put our son in it the seat fell apart. So we popped it back into place and all he has to do is wiggle a bit and the seat pops out again. He only weighs 30 pounds and it specs for up to 50....I would definitely not recommend this to anyone. ...more info
  • what were they thinking
    this idea is nice but, the tray is hard to fit up to your child its tight or too loose were food is in there lap. next the tray is hard to get off and wash. next mine came with a tray to cover or use as a tray, and that is really hard to get off, by the time i got it off i was ready toss it in the trash.
    unless you are super woman i would not buy...more info
  • It lasted a year
    It lasted a year and it goes in the dishwasher and that is all the good there is to say about it. Now the bad! The pivot point where the back attaches to the chair is poorly engineered and comes off way to easy. Mine is warn to the point that my 20 month old can pull it off when he is sitting in it. First he takes the tray off (also very easy for him) and then he pulls the back off. At that point he shimmies out of the straps and is out of the whole thing. Don't plan on it lasting through more than one child....more info
  • Problems with seat "popping" out of base unit.
    I purchased two of these seats for my twins over a year ago when they were about 18 mos or so. I have had consistent problems with both seats frequently popping out of the base units. The sides and back height positions are set at the same levels so that is not the problem. Weight of the children is not an issue as the weight limit is 50 lbs per the specs and my boys are not even close to that.

    I would not recommend these seats based upon my experience with them....more info
  • Love this seat!
    We love this seat. Our son is almost 10 months old and we have been using it since he was 4 months old!! I was going to go buy a highchair when we needed one- but we never needed one!! I love this chair. You can adjust the height as he grows; the whole thing goes in the dishwasher; the swing out tray is wonderful. He is very safe and secure when buckled in. We have never had a problem with him kicking off the tray and he's a very active baby. I would highly recommend this seat- especially if you do not have a very big kitchen and a highchair would be so cumbersome. Just make sure it is securely attached to your kitchen chair!!...more info
  • OK for smaller children maybe
    We bought this booster when my son was 18 months old as he loved to sit like his parents. However, he is a very large boy (35" and 34 lbs) and the tray could not fit over his legs comfortably. So we took off the tray so he could sit at the table, and he uses the holes where the tray attaches to stick food. We went back to the high chair without the tray - and he is perfectly happy. We use this seat when visiting relatives which is nice it is so portable, but then spend time afterwards cleaning up the food underneath the seat where he stuck the food....more info
  • Adequately designed - room for improvement
    The basic idea is great and the ease of assembly is nice - no tools needed. We have used it with all the grandchildren (6) and one nephew. I think it needs some design improvements: (1) the straps which are used to hold it to a chair would be better if there were a strap which went from front to back, not just around the back of the seat. One of the grandkids seems unable to sit still and I keep expecting him to tip over the chair because it tends to slide sideways in the front. (2) the tray is designed for a slim child. On one side, the tray fits a finger like protusion into a hole. On the other side, there are 2 places to attach the tray in slots. Only when the tray is in the innermost position, is it aligned directly in front of the child and there isn't a great deal of tummy room. If you move the tray to the outer position (available on one side only), the tray is cocked at an angle and it still probably wouldn't accomodate a child with a larger stomach. (3) the belts to hold the child need to be longer. Fortunately for us, all the grandkids and nephew are slim. At least so far....more info
  • Great chair!
    Assuming you are not expecting some type of miracle chair that makes your child sit still and behave, this chair will do what it is meant to do. My daughter has been using it for a year, from 12 months to 2 years, and she still loves it. It folds neatly, travels light, straps on securely and cleans up like a dream. When the straps get stained it goes in the diswasher and comes out sparkling. My daughter has never kicked off the tray or seemed unsafe in any way during a year of use. Naturally, she's buckled in, and we never leave her unattended. The tray takes a little getting used to to be sure it is securely attached, but reading the instructions tends to solve this problem, I think... just banging around without taking a moment to figure out the mechanics of the tray could be frustrating but would also just be silly. Washable crayons wipe right off the white tray, so my daughter creates new artwork every day while (thanksfully!) staying put. It is our only high chair and I have had no problems with it... love the swingout design. For the price, a fantastic product. I would definately purchase it again, and I recommend it to all my friends looking for a simple, easy to use, safe portable booster feeding chair....more info
  • Grows with Child
    It's a MUST HAVE! I bought this when my girl was about 8 months old for travel/visits to friends house. She is now 2 years old and we use it everyday for meals. There are adjustments for height that allow it to grow with the child. I read reviews about kicking the tray off and it just hasn't happened with ours. Once it clicks into place, it stays put. The safety buckle definitely makes it secure. My girl now enjoys buckling herself in it. We always bring it to grandma's and it even packs in a suitcase for trips. Nice for drawing/art projects as well. It wipes down easy. Even spagetti sauce magically disappears. Probably one of the best most useful baby purchases we have made. ...more info
  • Do Not Buy This Chair!
    I bought two of these chairs for my infant twins. They quickly learned how to kick off the tray with their feet, sending food flying everywhere! I notified the company of this problem and they sent replacement trays, which the babies were also able to easily kick off. A few weeks later, they learned how to pull off the back of the seat and toss that to the ground too. I decided enough was enough and bought the First Years chairs instead....more info