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Jennifer Aniston turns in "a fantastic performance" (Us Weekly) in this quirky comedy about first encounters and second chances. Thirty-year-old Justine Last (Aniston) longs for a life more fulfilling than the one she leads with her boring husband (John C. Reilly) and dead-end job a the Retail Rodeo. But when a passionate young co-worker (Jake Gyllenhaal) catches her eye and steals her heart, Justine's good-girl existences takes a turn for the worse- with unexpected and comical results.

Jennifer Aniston gives a career-changing performance in The Good Girl, a movie that questions whether goodness is a virtue or a trap. Justine (Aniston), weary of her dead-end retail job and her childless marriage to Phil (John C. Reilly), diverts herself with a new coworker named Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal), who feels as ill-treated by his life as Justine does with hers. The empathy between them leads, all too quickly, to an affair--which just as quickly turns into an obsession that threatens to destroy Justine's marriage. But this is only the beginning; Phil's buddy Bubba (Tim Blake Nelson), the store security guard (Mike White), and a handful of other characters all have a part to play in the unraveling of Justine's life. The script and performances of The Good Girl are subtle but vivid, and the movie's emotional impact will linger long after the movie is over. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • This is not a comedy!!!!
    The box describes this movie as a comedy. The front states "Sly, Comic and Touching". The back says "A Comedy of Winning Delicacy and Heart." Other mentions are "quirky comedy", "...comical results."
    So imagine my surprise when it turns out not to be a comedy at all. It may be good as a drama, but since I bought it, and watched it expecting a comedy, that is what I reviewed it as. If anything it is kind of depressing. If you are looking for something funny, DO NOT buy this movie!
    On the UP SIDE. It did have a very little bit of nudity with Jennifer Aniston (not a double)!...more info
  • Love, Sex and "Gettin' Got" At Your Local Retail Rodeo!
    You know, reviewer readers, every town from Salem, Massachusetts to Salem, Oregon has a local store just like the great state of Texas' Retail Rodeo featured in this film. Go ahead and call 'em Odd Lots, Big Lots, Dollar General, Family Dollar, or the old fashioned phrase of Five & Dimes, but every town has one and usually they employ some strange people to boot Let me tell ya, there are LOADS of strange characters in "The Good Girl". Justine "Teeny" Last, played surprisingly & extraordinarily well by none other than Mrs. Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston is a clerk/cashier/cosmetics counter employee at the local Retail Rodeo. Who knew that Jennifer could really act? Not me! For her to break out of the Rachael mold was exciting to watch for I was quite pleased with her performance even though I am not a huge fan of "Friends". The unhappy, trapped in her loveless & babyless marriage, Justine meets the morose Tom Worther, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, the "brandy new" cashier at Retail Rodeo and well... they start up an affair. Tom is his "slave name" as he tells Justine, so he has re-named himself after "The Catcher In The Rye". Justine asks, so your name is "Catcher"? He states, "NO, Holden, from Holden Caulfield, the main character in the book." Teeny and Holden start meetin' for their lovin' in the back store room of Retail Rodeo, the town's seedy motels, and even Teeny's car, they form a bond and above all else, seem to really understand one another like no one has understood either one of them before in their whole existence. They sweetly refer to it in the film as "Gettin' Got"... Even Justine's pothead housepainter of a husband, Phil Last, played deftly by John C. Reilly (Boogie Nights) never has really "got" Justine. Bubba (Tim Blake Nelson) , Phil's best friend, co-painter & pot smoker in crime and his dog Bits find out about Holden and Justine and then things sure do git interestin'! Zooey Deschanel from "Almost Famous" has a hilarious part as Cheryl, a smart aleck and edgy store employee, Mike White as the gospel preachin' Nazarene security guard, "Corney", Deborah Rush as Gwen, and your Retail Rodeo Store Manager, Jack Field is played convincingly by John Carroll Lynch. This is one of the best drama/comedies that I have viewed in quite a while, so come on down to your local Retail Rodeo and "Get Got!!!" Happy Watching, All!!! ...more info
  • You either Love it or Hate it!
    This is one of my fav. movies. I love how original this movie is. Its deff. different from anything i have ever seen before. It has some really funny parts in it. ...more info
  • Un-Rachel Jennifer: Dark, Unpredictable Comedy about Despair
    Can Jennifer Aniston do anyting better than "Rachel" after the successful TV drama that went on very long (or too long)? "The Good Girl" is the answer. Yes, she can, and in a surprising way.

    Justine (Aniston) is working at a mini-mart in Nowhereville, Texas, completely dissatisfied with the humdrum life with her pot-smoking husband (John C. Reiley), who just doesn't care anything about his life. Her work is boring, always in a drab uniform which makes eveything in her life quite hopeless.

    But one day, she notices that a young boy working in the same shop is interested in her. She is attracted to this boy (Jake Gyllenhaal, "Donnie Darko") who has, however, a slightly troublesome tendency. He calls himself "Holden" because, yes, he identified himself with that anti-hero of "Catcher in the Rye," and like Holden, this boy perhaps thinks too much.

    Now, Justine thinks: "Could this strange boy is the last and only help offered to her?" Can she escape from the dull reality of life? And if escape, how and where? It's the same case as Madame Bovary, whose name is briefly referred to in the film.

    "The Good Girl," written by Mike White (who wrote alarmingly unique "Chuck and Buck"), follows the life of Justine with a wry humor. Written with skewed perspectives, the film is never predictable, giving us a few surprising moments and one very serious decision Justine has to make. It is effectively supported by original characters played by Tim Blake Nelson, Zooey Deschanel, Deborah Rush, and Mike White himself as church-going guard.

    Its dark humor is not for everybody's taste, and the undercurrent statement on life is often disturbing. But Jennifer Aniston's acting as Justine is strong (though you may still see something of Rachel in her.) The film, in its own quiet way, will make you grin, and then think ... think particularly about life as it is, not as it should be....more info

  • Doesn't quite live up to itself.
    This is sort of a confused (not confusing) movie: It's not really as funny as a comedy and it's a little too absurd to be a drama. How many mistakes can one woman make in her life?

    Jennifer Aniston is more appealing as a girl-next-door, even one with a limited perspective and questionable judgment, than as one of the many incarnations of Rachel, but her character's lack of insight seems remarkable for a woman of 30. The other characters are more interesting and even the weird ones--confused Phil, creepy Bubba, and unbalanced and delusional Tom/Holden--are less irritating. The ending is not necessarily happy but at least it makes sense....more info
  • A Future Classic!
    This is a wonderful black comedy about a woman who lives a dreary life working at a Wal-Mart type store and has a lousy husband who smokes dope all the time. She finds romance at the Retail Rodeo with a 22 year old who fashions his life along the lines of Holden Caulfield, the protaganist in The Catcher in the Rye. Everything seems pretty exciting and steamy until she becomes pregnant and motherhood looms.
    This is a wonderful film and I loved it. I was very impressed with Jennifer Aniston and never knew she was such a good actress. This is not a film for most fans of Friends or of big Hollywood movies. It is a lot more artful and very subtle in its humor. This will probably be the film that will last and live on for her considering what she has been making lately. A performance to remember. ...more info
  • Pleasantly suprising...
    Jennifer Aniston's work has never struck me as being either deep or watchable, but I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and engaging quality of 'The Good Girl'.
    Aniston's character, depressed and miserable in her marriage and in her job (a dead end job that she probably only ended up with because she was undereducated, a point another reviewer below sadly missed, judging by his misinterpretation of her response to a comment by her coworker regarding 'The Catcher In the Rye'), begins a friendship with a coworker several years younger than herself. She both enjoys and fears this relationship because although it makes her happy, she is terrified that her husband will find out about it. Her anxiety and fear increases when her husband's best friend finds out about her relationship and blackmails her into having sex with him.
    She reaches a crossroads, a point at which she must choose between the husband she loves and despises in equal measure and the relationship that she had begun with her coworker.
    I found it intriguing that when faced with what was the most important decision of her life, she made the choice that lead her back to the existence she hated. Ultimately, neither choice probably would have made her happy but she chose the path toward the familiar, deciding that the awful life she knew was preferable to a leap into the unknown. Her decision had dramatic, tragic consequences, both at work and at home.
    Aniston's acting was brilliant. I was amazed and completely drawn in by the film and by her performance in particular. She has a genuine talent and range I was completely unaware of, and now I'm anxious to see her future projects. 'The Good Girl' is wonderful in every aspect, from the writing to the cast, and the direction is flawless, lending a very real sense of the desolation and loneliness that is this woman's day to day existence. It's the kind of film that resonates, staying with you long after the credits roll.
    Absolutely wonderful!...more info
  • an unneeded comedy
    Nothing much to write about: A wonderful Jennifer Aniston ... a terrible screenplay!
    I really don't like to provide one star only for any film because it clearly shows my mistake in picking it up and/or watching it. However, fully unexpected the storyboard as such Aniston was urged to play is that horrible that it justifies this my one star evaluation.
    ... the basic idea of the story isn't that bad at all but unfortunately the cinematic achievement is really miserable and only Aniston's splendid performance makes the film bearably; GOOD GIRL!...more info
  • Great Movie!!
    Saw this movie in the theaters when it first came out and i thought it was great... jennifer did a outstanding performance... seems simpleton minds like Monkeytot are the only twit's here... he can't seem to tell between fantasy and reality like the character in Catcher in the Rye... let me tell you a little secret Monkeytot about this movie and most movies in general... Jennifer didnt write the script nor that line you mentioned... she didnt make up the line neither it was someone else's work... not everyone in the U.S. much less the world has read Catcher in the Rye and thats what they were showing in that scene with Justine.. that she is a simple girl from a small town who was never into reading till she met Holden (if your going to call anyone a twit wouldnt it be someone who names himself after a character in a book?)... so maybe you should watch the movie again Monkeytwit and "think" for once.. as for the movie to everyone else.. i give it 5 stars... and recommend it to anyone.....more info
  • The Good Girl??
    After watching this movie twice, I still wonder if the title is fitting description of Jennifer Aniston's character, Justine, or rather a big joke. I suppose it can go either way, it just depends on the moviegoer. It's a very good movie, very slow paced and humdrum, which is altogether fitting. The characters are comical, but depressing to watch at the same time.

    Justine (Aniston) is bored with her life, working day to day at the Retail Rodeo and putting up with her stoner husband Phil (marvelously played by John C. Reilly). Then one day she strikes up a conversation with new cashier Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal) and perhaps sees a bit of herself in him. Their relationship grows, though it's more like a weed than a rose.

    Jake Gyllenhaal is fanstastic in this movie. His droopy look and depressed demeanor make his performance intensely believeable. Aniston also delivers, prooving that she's more than just Rachel on Friends. Zooey Deschanel also gives a great perfomance as one of Justine's co-workers, who does little to hide her anger that she has to work at the Retail Rodeo. This is a stellar cast!!Awesome script by Mike White, who also appears in the film as a bible-thumping security guard. Definitely give this one a look see, you won't disappointed. ...more info
  • This is why they make movies.
    Every once in a while, a movie comes out that is very subtle, yet very direct. A movie that is both depressive, yet laugh-out-loud funny. These movies leave you playing with your thoughts, looking at life from a different point of view. "The Good Girl" is one of those movies.
    Jennifer Aniston made a complete U-turn by making this movie, because it is incredibly different then her signature character, Rachel in "Friends". In "Friends", she is quirky and goofy, but here, she is confused, depressed and, simply, amazing. Her portrayal of Justine Last, a woman who is mentally brought down by life and obligations, is sincere and Oscar-worthy. Aniston makes sure Justine is someone the audience can relate to, as she copes with the themes of solitude, love, infidelity and honesty.
    Justine works in a ridiculous store, where every day is the same and nothing is ever interesting. Her husband paints houses, is stoned all the time and doesn't give much thought to whatever happens behind Justine's fa?ade. Things change when she meets the new clerk, Tom a.k.a. Holden, who is a "Catcher in the Rye"-obsessed existentialist. Partially because of his mysterious appearance, partially because of his age (he is ten years younger then she is) and mostly because he seems like he understands her, Justine falls for him and they start a relationship that is impossible to get out of. This provides a crucial decision Justine faces - is life about expectations and obligations, or is it about that little dose of craziness that is needed in order to stay sane.
    What makes this movie a believable drama instead of a pointless downer, are the characters. John C. Reilly plays Justine's husband, and it seems like it is the role he shines in (remember "Chicago", or the very similar "The Hours"?), whereas Jake Gyllenhaal nails Holden, his feelings and conflicts he faces. However, the show is stolen by Jennifer Aniston, who makes a statement with this movie, that she is a great actress. Her timing (both comedic and dramatic) is flawless, her walk, posture and accent believable and in character. She makes this movie worth-buying and watching at least once a year, when one feels shallow or monotone. "The Good Girl" works on many levels, and the catharsis it provides is the reason why they make movies in the first place....more info
  • "The difficulty in life is the choice"-George Moore
    Poor, pitiful Justine (Jennifer Aniston) works her days away in a dreary predictable discount store and returns home at day's end to her painter husband and his slimy sidekick, who together spend their nights ensconced on the couch smoking dope and watching mindless television. We see in her listless, slumped shoulder walk the look of desperation and resignation. How can we feel anything but empathy and pity for Justine, for the life to which she has been condemned? Is the director making us a witness to yet another yarn about the stifling dullness and persistent hopelessness of the small town cocoon?

    One day out of the fog of dreariness and predictability a new male employee at Justine's place of employment catches her eye. The young man, who is roughly 9 years her junior, is, as we discover, a candidate in good standing for bipolar poster child of the year. The young man has shed his "Slave Name" Tom and adopted the name of Holden, because he sees himself as the embodiment of the main character in Catcher in the Rye. Justine is attracted to his impetuous and flamboyant personality, because she sees in him an escape from her horrid dull life. As the relationship develops and moves from the mental and spiritual to the physical, Justine withdrawals more and more from her friends and responsibilities. She and her beau nouveau are lost in each other and the possibility of a better life somewhere else. All is going swimmingly until Justine and her Holden are discovered by Justine's husband's sidekick as they emerge from the hotel room after one of their romps in their field of dreams. Things get very complicated after that.

    As a result of being found out Justine is forced to make other compromises to hide the extent of her relationship with Holden. This is very taxing for Justine and at one time she even considers religion as an answer to her dilemma. Holden also becomes very upset when he discovers some of what Justine has done to cover up their dalliances. To the very end Justine makes decisions and lies to protect herself, while Holden tragically disappears from the picture.

    What is the lesson, message or insight that we the viewer should take away from this movie. At first glance it seems a simple tale about the consequences of the choices we make in life. Each step we take will to a great extent determine what the next step after that will be. After letting this movie run around in my head for a few days, I have decided that the Good Girl is perhaps the psychological dialectic to the Garden of Eden story. In Eden, Adam and Eve had everything they needed to make them happy and in The Good Girl, Justine and Holden believed that because of where they lived and how they lived that they had nothing of what they needed to make them happy, to fulfill there dreams. Out of these two different worlds, one full of hope and one, from full of despair we see the rise of the same human impulse to break away, to change, even though, the provocations that engendered the need to change things were different, both Adam and Eve and Justine and Holden had to change because the sameness of their lives was too stifling. Perhaps the lesson is that it is ok to break away, to explore more deeply that which makes us human, but do so with your eyes open. Who knows? maybe God wanted Adam and Eve to leave Eden. Perhaps the lesson is that what we don't have always looks more appealing and feels more desirable than what we do have, and the key is not getting what we want but wanting what we have. In both cases, I think we do have a choice, and for that, we are always responsible.

    ...more info
  • intriguing start descends into formulaic
    This movie starts out with an intriguing situation. Jennifer Aniston plays a depressed Retail Rodeo employee with a pig of a husband. She plays the role convincingly, making viewers feel the world of a small-town Texas woman.

    When she meets a new employee, a disturbed but more intellectual young man, she thinks she's found an escape from her daily drudgery.

    From this point on, events spiral downhill and the movie becomes disappointingly predictable. The element of surprise is lost and viewers are taken on a formulaic ride where predictable consequences come from foreseen actions.

    It's not a bad movie to watch on those nights when you want something light, just don't expect surprises....more info

  • Disgusting and predictable
    First, an ongoing quibble: WHY, oh why, must movies take cheap shots at religious characters in hopes of a laugh? Does "The Good Girl" really intend us to think Justine implicating the only Christian in the movie (a stereotypically Bible-thumping one at that) in her adultery, and her husband and his best friend, with whom Justine actually HAS had sex, subsequently beating the crap out of the poor man, is funny?!

    This movie seemed like a pathetic attempt at proving that Jennifer Aniston can act. Small-town girl with a boring life = NOT Rachel, and apparently that's all it took for Aniston to sign on. The movie accomplishes its goal in the sense that Aniston abandons all her Rachelian sprightliness for a single, forcedly dull facial expression, though her hair is still fashionably mussed (without the classic Texan perm and hairspray) and her clothing is cool-sloppy, a la the Gap.

    By the time Aniston's character gets into bed with her husband's best friend to keep him quiet about her adulterous relationship with an underage, depressed clerk, the movie had already abandoned all hopes for good taste. And maybe the last scene, with Justine and her husband snuggling her new baby, is supposed to be heartwarming, but Justine's ignorance as to her child's paternity is disturbing instead. My sympathies, as much as they were engaged at all, lay with Justine's husband, the only even semi-innocent person in the movie, even if John Reilly's sad-faced cuckolds are getting a bit old. His willingness to trust and forgive Justine was slightly touching--certainly better than she deserved. Justine herself was easily ignorable, and that's the best that can be said for her....more info
  • Don't steal and don't be disturbed
    This is an odd movie to write a review for. However, since most people reading this are looking for an answer to the question, "Should I watch this or not?" I'll give you a quick answer: Yes. It's worth every penny- for a rental, at least.

    "The Good Girl" is like no movie I've ever seen. That's not a compliment, and it's not a criticism, it's just an observation. I don't want to pigeonhole it into any one genre. The movie has plenty of very funny moments, but it's not a comedy. It's also rather depressing (at first) but it's not "black." It's dramatic, but can't really be classified as a typical drama (although that's the section it's in at the video store).

    In short, it's just a bunch of stuff that happens.


    There are a lot of very funny moments that will have you laughing out loud- sometimes at moments that you're not sure you should be laughing. The cast performs every character in "The Good Girl" superbly, from Jennifer Aniston's ramshackle Justine to Jake Gyllenhaal's sullen Holden to Justine's slovenly but affable husband Phil (played by John C. Reilly). Of course, I must mention Zooey Deschanel as cynical cashier Cheryl, one of the funniest and all-around best supporting acting performances I've ever seen. And yes, I am now officially a fan of Jennifer Aniston, even though I'm decidedly a non-fan of "Friends" (I tried watching it after seeing "The Good Girl," but couldn't get into it).

    THE BAD:

    Although the acting is great, it sometimes seems like they're acting in different movies. Holden's movie is a bleak tragedy, Justine's is a finding-yourself drama, and Phil's is "Half Baked" (cheap joke, I know). Justine is a hard character to empathize with, because you come to dislike Justine's paramour Holden more than her husband.

    However, you do want Justine to find happiness. But you know it's going to be hard for her to do so with any of the people in the movie. She's not a heroine, she's not a villain; she's just a human. She screwed up and she knows it. It'll help to keep in mind while watching this movie that all it's characters should not be looked at as either protagonists or antagonists, they should be looked at as humans.

    The movie left me a little depressed after watching it, but the more I thought about it the more I liked it. It's a good cautionary tale. One of the things that tells me if a movie is good or not is how much it sticks with me after I see it. I rented this, watched it twice, and cannot get it out of my head. I'm planning to buy it.

    "The Good Girl" is good, and it's worth a rental....more info

  • Didn't do it for me.
    All I heard when this film hit the theatre was how good Aniston's performance was. After viewing this movie, I feel like the odd woman out. Really how hard is it to act depressed? And that accent-Lord help. Gyllenhaal, as always, is astounding. He and his sister are definitely talented and are rising stars. John C. Reilly the underappreciated talent is also good. Aniston-needs to go back to tv with her other friends and stop masquerading as a movie star. I suspect now that Mr. Pitt is gone that will be where she'll get future work. The film isn't a total bust, there are some thought-provoking questions posed but the plot was entirely too transparent. I knew what was going to happen to Holden back when he first started giving her books to read. Overall: It's just not my cup of tea....more info
  • Don't bother
    The other one-star reviewers have pretty well covered this movie, but I will say there were a few amusing scenes (not nearly enough in that hour and a half of wasted time). When a character commits adultery, deserts a friend during an emergency, tries to get rid of a mentally unstable lover by feeding him (she thinks) contaminated grapes, lies to her husband that he's the father of her baby, lies about whom she had an affair with, causing that man to be beaten up, and goes on about her life with the same expression throughout, with no change or growth in herself, her story is shallow, and the movie is pointless....more info
  • Great movie, but she'll always be Rachel
    That's the problem. Once you've watched an actress in a weekly show for 10 years (and then watched it a zillion times after that!) you find they can no longer play any other character. The only differences between Rachel & Justine, is that one has a sometimes tedious southern/Texas drawl (can't decide which it wants to be), and the other is very posh! OK, maybe Rachel isn't that posh.

    Jennifer Aniston also performed her first sex scene in this movie. OK, it's hardly a lot - you can't see anything, and Brad apparently told her to "go easy" on Jake Gyllenhaal! It does come across as the awkward first time sex with someone, and that does come across well.

    Justine does come across as quite a selfish character in the movie. She drops Holden in it at the end of the movie, and when her 'friend' Gwen goes into hospital, instead of staying with her, she goes to meet Holden. In the movie, it never came across as Gwen & Justine being that great friends, they were work colleagues, nothing more. Of course you're gonna go off with a cute guy if you're gagging for it! If it was your best, best friend, then maybe you'd stay at the hospital. This is all put into perspective when Justine discovers Gwen has died. She starts pulling away from Holden at this point, and almost seems to resent him because she died.

    I didn't really like Jake's character, Holden in this. He was nice enough at the start, and actually looked quite cute! He played a very similar character to Donnie in Donnie Darko. But halfway through, at the same point as when Gwen died (and perhaps even before then) he becomes extremely clingy and possessive of Justine. She comes across as his first true love, but the OTT possessiveness is enough to make any girl back off!

    This film is always described as being hilarious, and a comedy. Am I the only one who didn't find that? I found it more of a drama than anything. It was extremely powerful, thought-provoking, and very sad. The finale was a bit disappointing, but I was rooting for them to stay together. I always do! I suppose every relationship goes a bit stale after a while, as Justine's and her husband's has, so the same probably would have happened with Justine & Holden.

    I also noticed in one scene, when Bubba and Phil are sitting watching TV, they are actually watching the sickest cartoon ever, Happy Tree Friends....more info

  • too smart for its own good, but also worthwhile
    Jennifer Anniston leads a carefully constructed yet deadening life as Justine in "The Good Girl". In one of those dead-end Texas towns (which I suspect exist largely on backlots in Hollywood) Justine works a dead-end job at a local department store, is married to a dead-end shlub (the latest in a long line of amiable, moron-losers played by John C. Reilly) and has nothing to look forward to. Bubba seems incapable of having that same perspective - largely because he spends most of his free time smoking pot with his best friend, Bubba (Tim Blake Nelson - late of "Holes" and "Minority Report"). Justine is that critical age, when people who had thought themselves young adults realize that middle-age is in sight, and they've got nothing to show for it. The world that had seemed a candy store to her when she was young, now looks like death row - bereft of possibilities. Things change with the arrival of Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal) a wide-eyed young dreamer who hates his life, but has ideas for changing things. Holden is a dreamer who patterns his life on "Catcher in the Rye" and the sense that he was meant for bigger things than their town allows. Sensing Justine's wanting spirit, Holden fixates on her, spurring feelings Justine as well. Much of the "Good Girl" follows Justine's dilemma - stick with her hated existence, or take a chance on a reconstructed one with Holden. Though soon realizing that Holden's sense of imagination means trouble, the dilemma only deepens, and Justine only pines harder for a new life that's increasingly unattainable. Never making a final decision, Justine verges in one direction, then the other - spurning, then giving into Holden. Unfortunately, Justine will also learn the consequences that her new relationship will have, and how the tottering of her carefully-balanced life affects the delicate illusions of life for those around her - Holden, her husband and even Bubba.

    "The Good Girl" veers between being a dark comedy and a serious character study - sort of like "In the Bedroom" with gallows humor. The script pokes relentless fun at the small-town Texas characters (a compulsively fundamentalist security guard, a goth co-worker, and her dead-pan boss) but remains weighted down by Justine's abject life. At its worst, "Girl" is also infected by the same annoyingly arch and flighty personality that drives Holden - but our lives aren't as bleak as Justine's, so we're not as easily fooled, and we're left with a script that tries to be much smarter than any of its players. It's almost as if Holden wrote it. If "Girl" does succeed it's because the leads put more soul into their characters than the script does - with kudos to Reilly and Nelson. If Bubba and Justine's husband aren't exactly sympathetic characters, they are characters who manage to inject some surprise into their predictable roles. In short, this isn't a flick for a light-night at home, but it's one you won't soon forget....more info
  • Uneven, but good
    Justine (Jennifer Aniston) is not satisfied with her life because she chose to marry and settle down at a young age instead of going to college and seeing the world. At thirty, she becomes restless and yearns for excitement, romance and whatever else she is missing that life has to offer. Enter Tom (Jake Gyllenhaal): a twenty-two year-old boy who patterns his life after books he has read, such as "Catcher in the Rye." Enamored of what dreams Tom might be able to fulfill, Justine falls for the ostensibly worldly Tom, who calls himself Holden (after Holden Caulfield). Life becomes complicated after this. Aniston was a good choice for the role of Justine because it is imperative the audience feel sympathy toward her plight as a frustrated housewife, and people love her because of her role on "Friends." As her husband, John C. Reilly is, as usual, outstanding. His films are always worth seeking and this one is no exception. In supporting roles, Tim Blake Nelson and Zooey Deschanel provide several moments of hilarity. As Bubba, Mr. Nelson's demeanor and expressionless face belie the mischief brewing within his scheming mind. As Cheryl, Miss Deschanel has a bad attitude and the impudence that declares she could take her job or leave it. It is the light-hearted and comic tone of the film that prevents it from being better than it is. Although I really enjoy the film, it falls shy of poignancy in scenes where it is required. It could have been great, but is merely very good as it is. The DVD has some deleted scenes, commentary from cast and crew, and includes both the full-screen and widescreen versions, which earn the DVD an extra half-star. ...more info
  • Unforgetable
    This is a great movie that gives a great moral leason. Which is,"In life you can do whatever you want but you must pay the concaquince". The story was great and the cast was unforgetable. Jake Gyllhenaal's character "Holden" is an remarkable and unforgetable acting proformance. Jennifer Anistins character "Tiney" is a great charcter but i have seen better performances from her on "Friends". All-in-all "The Good Girl" is a great movie, and maybe you will learn a leason from....more info
  • Jennifer Aniston like I've never seen her before
    THE GOOD GIRL is a bitter sweet movie with Jennifer Anniston like I've never seen her before, since she plays a bright, but down on her luck lady having marital problems with her pot addict husband(John C. Reilly) putting Justine(Jenn Anniston)in a "No win" situation prompting Justine to fall for a young sleazy troubled youngman(Holden)at his sexual peak giving her the attention & intimacy that her husband is failing to give her causing Nina to become co-dependent on Holden as a substitute for her disorganized husband(Phil), starting out with a steamy stunning sex scene with Holden in the hotel room when Justine seduces Holden for the first time showing Jennifer Anniston like I've never seen her before.

    Fortunately, this movie ends up having a happy ending when Justine decides to dump Holden and reconcile with Phil(John C. Reilly)who decides to take over a new leaf and make a new start with Justine when they both discover that Justine is pregnant with his child. ...more info
  • Self Pity Is A Waste Of Time
    What a waste of talent...Why is Hollywood so in love with losers?...The acting is top rate which makes this a very well constructed Outhouse!
    Outside of the talent, this story has one redeeming virtue, it shows the destructive effect Catcher In The Rye has had on our culture...Holden Caulfied is living in a free society, equipped with a healthy body and access to more education and advantages than can be dreamed of in 80% of the world..but the little spoiled brat is unhappy because the world is not perfect....and those who are addicted to Salinger's work are infected with this cowardly approach to life...What a waste of an hour and a half...There ARE happy, contributing, courageous human beings in the world and their stories are truly interesting.......more info
  • Jennifer is a far superior actress to Angelina!!
    I had obviously been on another planet where we never watched Friends so The Good Girl was the first time I ever saw Jennifer Aniston and she blew me away. This dark comedy has a quirky but believable plot and a wonderful supporting cast-Tim Blake Nelson, John C. Reilly and a young, dreamy-eyed Jake Gyllenhaal. The film's director even has a bit part as an evangelical security guard.

    Anniston is Justine-a small town, working class everywoman trapped in a dead-end marriage to a stoner house painter husband wonderfully played by Reilly. The brilliant Nelson portrays his workmate Buddy [ASIN:B0000714E7 Cherish],[[ASIN:B00003CXRM O Brother, Where Art Thou?] who is a very chilling blackmailer. Justine works at a mundane job and there she ill-advisedly becomes sexually involved with Holden (Gyllenhaal), a disturbed young man who calls himself after the protagonist of Catcher in the Rye which he reads obsessively.

    Bless her heart, Justine is basically "a good girl" who makes some pretty poor choices all around while trying to please everyone but herself. Her character is so appealing that you want root for her even when she is screwing up. Best of all is the satisfying ending that I really didn't see coming. ...more info
  • BOY!
    Is Jennifer Aniston dumb or what? in this movie someone says he was named after Catcher in the Rye (its a book) and she say "Your name is catcher?" When the guy ment the character in eh book Holden Cawfield!!! She is a total twit!! Must be why she and that other no-brainer Brad Pitt get along so well!

    Jennifer Aniston What an idiot!!!...more info

  • Sad,Amazing,Jennifer Aniston gives an amazing performance.
    I saw this movie two years ago and saw it again recently and now I feel is the time to write my review.Mike White(School of Rock,
    The Stepford Wives,Chuck & Buck) wrote the script while the movie stars Jennifer Aniston(Friends,Along Came Polly),
    Academy Award Nominee John C.Reily(Best Supporting Actor "Chicago"),Jake Gyllenhaal(The Day After Tomorrow),
    Tim Blake Nelson(O Brother,Where Art Thou,O),and Zooey Deschanel
    (Elf,Almost Famous) star in this dark comedy and heart felt drama. The movie is about Justine(Aniston)who works at a dead end job at the retail rodeo and has a stoner husband Phil(Reilly).If that's not bad enough her husbands best friend Bubba
    (Nelson) stares at her all the time and we found out later quite hilariously what he's thinking but it'd obvious.Anyway.One day
    Justine meets Holden(i'm not spelling Jakes last name again),and to her Holden is a way to escape from the problems in her life.
    Deshanel has a hilarious semi-cameo as a woman who works at the rodeo who likes to use profanity on the loudspeaker. But the movie's speed is really slow.Mike White who usually writes comedy like the big hit "School of Rock". And starred in the comedy "The Stepford Wives". Anyone who says this film isn't good is an idiot.B+...more info
  • A guilty pleasure.
    The Good Girl (Miguel Arteta, 2002)

    You know those movies where you laugh, but every time you do you feel guilty for doing so? Yeah, that's The Good Girl. Arteta (Chuck and Buck) starts this off as if it's going to be a light, breezy (if mean-spirited) comedy, but things just keep getting more and more tragic. The brilliance of the film is that the more tragic they get, the funnier the script becomes. There are quite a few ways in which this film puts me in mind of Very Bad Things, and I mean that in the best of ways.

    The story: Justine Last (Jennifer Aniston) is stuck. She's in a dead-end job, her husband (John C. Reilly) is a house painter with a serious dope habit and a bonehead for a best friend (Tim Blake Nelson), her own best friend (Deborah Rush) is about as deep as a pothole. Is this all there is to life? Enter Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal), a new cashier at her place of business, who feels the trials and tribulations of late adolescence just as Justine feels the trials and tribulations of adulthood, and the two of them strike up a friendship. Complications, as they say, ensue. And as it is in the movies, once complications ensue, everything that can go wrong does at the earliest possible opportunity.

    This could have played out as a Lifetime Original Movie melodrama, but Arteta keeps his eyes on the prize-- making the viewer laugh, and making the viewer feel guilty about laughing. Aniston and Gyllenhaal both play their roles perfectly straight while everyone else around them plays for laughs, which only adds to the uncomfortable hilarity.

    The more I think about it, the more impressed I am with this movie. Good stuff. ****...more info
  • A Really Disturbing Film
    I have read all the other reviews for this movie and I am truly very surprised with how many people enjoyed it. I tried, really, to like this movie, but it is one movie that I truly despise. The story line in itself is unoriginal and also stupid. A woman is having a really bad life, so she starts trying to fix it, no big deal, maybe even intersting. But then her way of "fixing" it is to be in an affair with a strange pyscotic younger man. Not exactly what I think would qualify as fixing. This movie did not hold my attention and to this day I am sorry for the time that I will never get back that was spent watching that movie.
    On the plus side, the acting from Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal is very well done. That is the only plus side for the entire movie. Do yourself a favor and watch something you won't regret later, "Office Space" or "The Day After Tomorrow" if you're stuck on the actors, perhaps. Both of those movies are signicantly better....more info
  • Kudos for Jennifer
    I really liked this movie. But then, I always like offbeat, indie movies with a little heart.

    Jennifer Aniston proves she's not just another pretty face in this brilliant little indie gem. After a string of romantic comedies for exposure, she proved she had a soul under all that cute "Friend" persona with "The Object of My Affection". This movie was under- appreciated and scorned by some in Hollywood -- maybe the boy-toy character with the Morrisey haircut was too much for them (the Paul Rudd love-interest). Anyhow, in "The Good Girl" she shows all her acting muscles as she portrays, with sensitivity, how a small-town girl can get caught in a rut and somehow, despite looks and intelligence, never really get out of it.

    I grew up in a small, working class suburb of Baltimore and I know how some girls just get caught up in the life they have pre-ordained for them. What didn't hold true for me was that Justine seemed too intelligent not to break out of this mold. Most of the girls I know in this kind of environment would never have heard of Holden Caulfield. If they had been forced to read "A Catcher in the Rye" they would not have understood it. If they had understood it, they would not have stayed married to the John C. Reilly character. This, to me, is the flaw of the movie. Justine does not ring true. She is too intelligent, too esoteric, for her predicament.

    But still, I admire Jennifer Aniston for making the movie. She actually makes it believable. She needs more movies like this.

    ...more info
  • Actually pretty good
    I rented this movie for my wife because it had the girl from 'Friends', I expected it to be a lame chick flick that I'd fall asleep wathcing. To my surprise it turned out to be a really good movie. Men if you're in a similar situation where you pick out a movie for yourself and one for your girlfried / wife, give this one a chance. ...more info