Skooba? / RoadWired 12" Advanced Protection System Wrap
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Product Description

Talk about a product with a jillion-and-one uses Versatile, inexpensive R.A.P.S. are an ideal way to add an extra measure of carrying protection, particularly inside luggage, carry-ons or other unpadded cases. Just wrap up anything you want to protect, pack it, and go

  • Layered construction and overlappingself-securing design protects against the elements. Lining material is a true moisturevapor barrier
  • 18 thick foam interlining throughout, to protect against bumps and jolts
  • Patented Corrosion Intercept lining (originally developed by Lucent Technologies Bell Labs to protect missile and space components protects against environmental gasses, pollution and humidity, improving the performance (clock accuracy, key response, etc. of electronics, reducing errors, and extending useful life
  • Hookloop closure material at all four corners allows R.A.P.S. to be folded, rolled and closed in virtually limitless configurations, to conform perfectly to any contents
  • Velcro-compatible tricot exterior with Corrosion Intercept lining and mesh ventilation layer
Customer Reviews:
  • Great protection for electronic items
    I bought my first one of these to protect a handheld GPS that was under the seat of my car most of the time. Texas temperature extremes can be tough on delicate electronic gear like MP3 players, cameras, cell phones, or GPS units, and this does a good job of protecting such a device from temperature extremes, dust, dirt and accidental spills.

    I now have several of them which I keep on items like cameras and audiophile headphones even in the house or workshop. If it's (a) valuable or (b) delicate or (c) gets exposed to temperature extremes, it gets one of these on it, now. They work great in your luggage around your camera, or in the trunk of your car....more info
  • Must-Have Equipment for the Road Warrior
    I make my money on the road as a photographer, and the Roadwired RAPS! are indispensable for travel. I've always got a gadget or three stuffed in my shoulder bag, and it's great to be able to wrap them up for protection while in transit. I've bought one in each of the three sizes, and 4 days out of 5 will find one in my bag, holding a GPS or a camera or a flash or a PDA or an iPod or a hard drive or get the picture....more info