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Uplight Lamp with Crackle Glass Shade
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Product Description

A unique accent for any room, this uplight table lamp has a trendy crackle glass shade. Sitting on a round base with a brushed-steel finish, the cylindrical shade is made of frosted glass with an inset crackle pattern. Features a touch-sensitive 3-way brightness and on/off switch. Just touch the base to brighten the room or turn the lamp off. Uses one 60 watt standard bulb (not included). Imported. 9.5Hx6.25" dia.

Customer Reviews:

  • wonderful accent
    I recently purchased this lamp for my bedroom and I just love it! It gives off a soft smoothing glow that really accentuates the painting I have above. It can also be adjusted if more light is needed. Alot of style for the price!...more info
  • Nice for the price, but a couple flaws
    This is a very cute lamp, and the low profile works nicely in the bedroom, where I also appreciate the diffused quality of the light. One small aesthetic issue: with the white glass and nickel-colored base, why on earth did they put a black power cord on it? Because I have it on a built-in shelf, it can't be hidden at the back, so it's kind of clunky looking. As for functioning: when I tried to use a compact fluorescent bulb, it wouldn't turn off completely! It just flickers and then starts to strobe, but never goes off. As it happens, I also had a 3-way bulb in an old lamp, and that works just fine. Which is a shame, since I've been trying to use more CFLs. But since it will only be used for pretty short periods of time, and not even every day, I've decided to keep it....more info
  • Buy it here because it sells out too fast in the stores!
    Wonderful lamp - the touch base is fairly responsive and the glass thickness and translucence create a light that is just diffuse enough to be attractive but bright enough to be useful. I find the "high" setting a bit too bright with a 60 watt bulb, and I noticed that in the stores the display has a 25 watt bulb so I would recommend a 25-40 watt bulb for maximum enjoyment of this lamp....more info
  • Totally awesome!!
    This lamp is so versatlie and easy to use. It comes in handy with kids who are afraid of the dark, but also works well for adults. I love it because if you have to get up in the middle of the night for whatever reason you don't shock your eyes like you would with the stark lighting of a regular lamp. And it's nice and heavy, so it won't break easily with usage. The only problem is that it sells out so quickly. This is the only place that I am able to get notification of when it's in. The next time it's in I'm ordering two more....more info
  • I cannot believe the price!
    I ordered this lamp based on the reviews I read, and also because it is the coolest looking lamp, and just what I was looking for. I received it a couple of weeks ago, and I LOVE it!!! The 3 levels of light are perfect! I'm using it in the bedroom, and how I wish that this lamp was made with the same design, but in different sizes. I would get one for EVERY room!...more info
  • cheap but cute
    i luv these lamps..i went to 5 different targets and finally found 2...great price and great lamps :) would never think they were so cheap!!! must have!!!...more info
  • quality and great design
    This was given as a gift and I bought an identical lamp soon after to use on night stands. They look great and are practical too!! The dimmer option is just an added bonus to this already perfect lamp. I also get lots of compliments on it!! I had it for over a year and haven't had any problems....more info
  • Knoxville, TN was right!
    It took a lot of trips to Target throughout the week to finally find this lamp not sold out. It has the simplicity of lamps sold at triple the price, and adds a contemporary flair to my French-Country bedroom. Buy it while you can!...more info
  • Great Lamp!
    We bought one of these for our summer cottage, and liked it so much we bought two more! It turns on and up (it's a 3-way) with a touch on the base, and gives a fair amount of light considering one's limited to a 60 watt bulb. It would be fantastic if it could be re-engineered to use a 150 watt....more info
  • Love it!
    I love this lamp! This is the third time I've bought this one. Great in the office when I need a little light at the computer at night, light without being glaring. Great for the bedside too! I love being able to turn lamps off and on without fumbling for a switch!...more info
  • What a great little lamp!!
    This is a great little lamp. I love the "touch" on and off feature. I especially like the different brightness levels too. It fits nicely on a small bedside table and there isn't a big shade you have to worry about bumping and knocking over. The lamp looks exactly like it's pictured and it's heavy and sturdy. For the price, it's a good lamp....more info
  • Very nice, perfect solution!!
    I bought this lamp because I was tired to look for the switch to turn my lamp of in the middle of the night. This is a perfect solution, no matter where you touch it turns on or off. It has 3 intensities of light and does not need a special bulb. The design is really nice also !! I would recomend it !!...more info
  • I Love This Lamp
    This lamp is even prettier than it looks in the photo. It is so easy to touch it on & off. I am really enjoying it....more info
  • Great Buy - try different bulbs
    I bought two lamps for my bedroom a month ago and I love them. I noticed some people had problems with the light flickering or not turning on. My suggestion is to try a different lightbulb. I almost went back to the store to return mine before I realized that the spiral fluorescent bulbs I placed in mine were the culprit. For some reason, those bulbs were just not compatible and made them flicker and sometimes not turn on (plus made a annoying buzzing noise). So if you are having that problem, try a tradition incandescent bulb and that may nix the problem. Other than that, no problems since, even with daily use. I would suggest this lamp to anyone looking for a stylish, versatile lamp without a big price-tag....more info
  • Kinda missed that on/off switch...
    Bought this at a local Target store, got it home, popped in a bulb & plugged it in. Light came on. Touched the base. Nothing. Tapped the base. Still nothing. Pounded on the base. The thing would not turn off! Unplugged the lamp, popped out the bulb, packaged it back up & returned it to the local Target store. Think my next lamp will have ye olde reliable on/off switch as in days of yore......more info
  • love it
    I bought this to go with a new entertainment center I recently bought but was disappointed when I went back to get more but was excited again to discover Home Depot sales the same exact light for the same price!! love the light!!!!...more info
  • Gorgeous Lamp, and Good Light
    If there is anything I hate about pretty lamps it's that it never gives off enough light... and if there is anything I hate about lamps that give off good light... it's that they are either ugly or the boring carbon copy seen in every household across America. This lamp trancends both of those problems. I have two -- one for each nightstand. They are bright enough to completely light a room, or soft enought to just act as a reading light, or mood-lighting. Enjoy your new lamps!...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    Beautiful lamp and at a fantastic price...too bad it only works right when it wants to. It sometimes comes right on, other times its almost as if I have to find that 1 centimeter touch zone in order for it to come on. Like I said, I guess you get what you pay for! ...more info
  • comforting to the sick
    Bought 4 of these lamps to try in patients rooms in my hospital for the night time. The nurse can easily enter the room and touch the base to start a warm glow of light just enough for the patient to get used to the light and no rude awakenings. Then the light can be adjusted up as needed. Patients often find comfort just having the lowest level of lighting on all night long. Nurses and patients like them. A 40 watts bulb is sufficient. The only way it could be improved for our use is if the glass shade was made of unbreakable material. We recently had one accidentally knocked over and broken. Best to keep up high, but not too high to reach. ...more info
  • Great Night-Stand Lamp!
    It's great in the morning when you're not ready for the "big light". The touch base has three levels of lighting, and it looks really nice too. <br /> At this price and free was a great purchase!...more info
  • The perfect bedside table lamp!
    Last year I built my wife a nice red oak bedside table and we looked a long time for an affordable lamp to accompany it. This little lamp has turned out to be just the thing! The silver color and frosted/crackle shade are attractive and the touch-sensitive power feature is great for turning the light on without fumbling around in the dark too much. The three way bulb is also nice for different reading light preferences.

    There's not much to say other than this lamp has the look and feel of a quality item costing much more. I highly recommend this purchase!...more info
  • Great lamp for the price!
    I purchased two of these lamps and placed each on the top shelf of a bookcase to add some ambient light to my family room. I was looking for something that would add light and look nice, without spending a lot of money. The lamps arrived in perfect condition. Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase.

    ...more info
  • God I really love this lamp!!!!!!!
    I love when things really work out like this!!! As my 2nd baby approached delivery I really wanted to get a bedside lamp...I wanted one that would attach to the wall so it would not take up space on my nightstand and I wanted one that would dim so that I could have it very low when taking care of the baby in the middle of the night. Well I looked and looked and looked and it seems no such animal exists...well I found something on ebay that ikea makes but its soooooo modern looking and the globe sat in this ring and was detached from the base...anyway that was like $40 and then decided I couldnt use it - so then I saw these lamps and decided to give them a the brightest setting they give off ALOT of light and at the dimmest setting it is just perfect for taking care of baby or getting up to go to the bathroom...the fact that they are touch lamps makes it really easy - no fumbling for the switch. Also because of their shape they dont take up TOO much space on my nightstand...they are glass shades and I worried about that because we are clumsey here - but they are very very stable. Anyway I love them and I couldnt be happier!!! (well I could if they hung on the wall, dimmed instead of 3way, and if the dome werent made of breakable material - but no such animal exists and the price cant be beat!!)...more info