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Robin Williams - Live on Broadway
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Product Description

Studio: Sony Music Release Date: 02/24/2004

Sharper and deeper than Robin Williams's previous road material, Live on Broadway is a mature comedian's view of all things to do with power, prejudice, and paranoia in the 21st century. On the anthrax scare of 2001: "The Senate cleared out of their building but told the rest of us, 'Get on with your normal lives!'" On his solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over Jerusalem: "Time share!" On the pitfalls of America's deepening alliance with Britain: "The House of Commons is like Congress with a two-drink minimum." A viewer may have to slog through Williams's tedious breast fetishism, but patience is quickly rewarded with bitchy takes on Martha Stewart facing prison, solid satire about French existentialist judges at the Olympics, and subversive op-eds about the Bush administration's inability to clarify terrorist threats to the public ("Has the CIA become the Central Intuitive Agency?"). --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Robin Williams is Hilarious
    This is such a hilarious show! Robin Williams is the best and will make you laugh so hard you will cry. Warning - this is an adults only show! Make it a great night, have some friends over, watch Robin Williams and have a night filled with laughs! He truly is a comic genius....more info
  • Hilarious
    Robin Williams is amazing at stand-up comedy. I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long time. This show is funny from beginning to end. It is definitely for a mature audience only since there is a great deal of foul language and riske topics discussed so I would only recommend this for the 18 and over crowd.

    If you are a fan of Robin Williams, stand-up comedy, or just want a good laugh, you should pick up this DVD....more info
  • Still laughing..
    I don't care why he is a comedic genius, but he is.

    If you want one reason to see/own this video (besides the fact that Robin is FANTASTIC), if you want a comedic answer to the history of golf, just buy it.
    ...more info
  • Vintage Robin Williams
    Robin Williams is outstanding in this stand up. Williams is a well rounded entertainer. We need more stand up from him....more info
  • Robin Williams
    The product was in good condition and arrived on times. I was very pleased with the service....more info
  • Just love robin!
    When I 1st saw this on tv I just knew I needed to own it. My only advice is if you offend easily be careful... But overall it is great!!!...more info
  • hilarious
    one of the most hilarious comidic acts i have ever seen. i love it. watched it four times in the first week and a half....more info
  • Always great
    Always have loved Robin Williams and this is just the latest in a long line of things to love. It's good to see his stand up routines again...more info
  • Robin Williams - Live on Broadway
    Robin Williams is always in some form nasty with some of his comedy. I love it. In part of his show he always talked about sex. Guys shotting a load here and shotting a load there. Usually raunchy enough for my enjoyable entertainment. What can one expect from guys, We love it!...more info
  • F-word in Almost Every Sentence...Why?
    Robin Williams use of constant F-words in this video & Broadway performance is inconsistent with his intellectual stature, comedic brilliance, genius-level creative skills, imagination, sense of humor, sensitivity towards others, and financial success. It's also disrespectful of Broadway, which traditionally has higher standards, I've been in Broadway audiences. Richard Kiley, Katherine Hepburn, the cast of Cats, Angela Lansbury, and others, did NOT use the F-word in almost every sentence as Robin Williams does in this performance. Andrew Lloyd Webber's music and lyrics contain NO f-words and his work is beloved by millions.

    I strongly suspect Williams off-tv use of cuss words is a bad habit leftover from the early years of his career and insecurity, it's time his mouth was as mature as his body. Or, maybe he overestimates how few people actually enjoy bad language.

    Either way, the Robin Williams style which made me laugh hysterically while watching him on "Actor's Studio" on Bravo for 2 delightful hours is not present in "LIVE on Broadway". Williams owned the whole tv audience without a single cuss word, the DREAM OF EVERY COMEDIAN, proving he doesn't need filthy words anymore. I shut off this video midway and returned it for a refund. It's language is needlessly abusive. Save your money. ...more info
  • I love Robin Williams!
    I am a huge fan of Robin Williams, and this is some of his finest and classic work!!! Highly recommended!!...more info
  • No Holds Barred...Laugh till you cry!
    I would have given this show 5 stars, and that is exactly what the content is worth!!! Robin is Hilarious!!! Anybody who has ever seen him, knows the boundless energy this guy has...his Mork and Mindy, His Movies, they all show what a great comedian and actor Robin is... this DVD/performance has an edge though... usually I do not 'link' Robin to the F-word...but he sure knows how to use it!
    So how do I discribe this: Top Notch, First Rate, hilarious comedy for people who do not mind 'things being discribed as they are'... Not suited for 'uptight' people (but hey, that's their problem!)
    Why do I only give it 4 stars then? Simple: I live in Belgium, why do we have to try to find and buy a region code 1 DVD-player? In other words: Why does Robin not bring this DVD in "no"-region code, so that every moderatly intelligent person with a halfway decent grasp of the English language can enjoy this? Isn't the right to have a -in this case- barrel full of laughs Universal?...more info
  • Not for the faint of heart
    Robin Williams is the usual ball of energy with great impressions, rapid-fire jokes, and is definitely funny, but even having seen his stand-up in the past, I was shocked by how foul his language is in this performance. This is definitely an adults-only performance, but I have always considered gratuitous and constant profanity the domain of less-talented comics who can't make people laugh without swear words. I was disappointed to see a comic genius like Mr. Williams deliver such a performance. Luckily, we rented the disk--I would not wish to own this one....more info
  • It was great!
    The item arrived on time and it was new as stated. I am very happy!...more info
  • Robin Williams on Broadway
    It's hilarious but only for mature audiences. He says a lot of really bad things....more info
    If you are offended easily - do not buy this! HOWEVER - if you still think colorful jokes about anyone and anything and any subject is still funny - its a must buy!!! I have watched it many times, played it for friends, and it is STILL HYSTERICAL!!!...more info
  • tee hee
    I have yet to see any of Williams' other performances on stage, but I have seen him in various movies and that did not prepare me for what I saw in Live on Broadway. He is quick witted and extremely humorous. He can make fun of anybody (even himself) and get away with it. Simply hilarious! get this or rent it. A must see for Williams fans, who are over the age of 18. :D...more info
  • Hilarious but dirty
    I have watched this video over and over. I don't think it will ever get old. Be ready for nonstop comedy. There is not a moment where you are not laughing. Robin Williams uses very strong language in his stand up routine however, so this may not be for the whole family. Much of his humor is sexual, hence the TV MA rating. If you like that kind of humor, you will not be disappointed....more info
  • Falling off my chair
    I have watched this movie over a dozen times and it is absolutly hilarious! robin at his best no doubt, poking fun at everyone and anyone including himself...if you like robin and dont mind getting dirty, foul language, and laughing at yourself....this is it!...more info
  • disapointed
    My wife and I watched this and were extremely disappointed. Not his best! There were some good parts but over all boring. I know it's hard to believe, we are talking about Robin Williams. Wait for a re-run on HBO and don't waste your money....more info
  • Buy Robin Williams on Broadway
    If you watch this and don't laugh, you have absolutely no sense of humor......His description on the game of golf is hilarious....more info
  • Side splittingly funny
    Robin Williams at his best. I have watched this many times since I have purchased it and it never gets old....more info
  • Funniest Standup live DVD ever!!
    Robin Williams at his best. I really can't say anymore. If you can't see him live then this DVD is the next best thing. He is clearly one of the best standups to date....more info
  • One bit worth the entire price
    Hilarious. Foul. Robin at his best. Even if you HATE Robin Williams (does ANYBODY hate Robin Williams) this DVD is worth the price just for his description of the invention of Golf.

    A lot of the material is "Hard R-rated" but this is a DVD everyone should own. ...more info
  • Brilliant stand-up...extremely funny, more like HILARIOUS !!
    Although the work of Robin Williams has never been a favorite, and I not one to hear excess profanity, but this stand-up show filmed live in NY is brilliant. Williams is certainly in a league of his own. It hilarious, quick, nonstop, and loud. Robins Williams' encompases his entire body to bring his humor alive! His facial features are extraordinary, and the constant "noises" he makes just further enhance the act. What makes much of his stuff creative is the use of a foreign voice, rather than just telling his audience in his own voice.

    Normally, I am a prude with sex jokes, but that last bit that begins with Viagra is so funny, I laughed til I cried. Everything was played out here, politics, sex, animals, colostomy, sports, golf, Michael Jackson (of course), Olympics. Everything he does here is funny, there are no breaks.

    Don't miss the DVD extra treat called "Noises"!
    A collage of fast-moving scenes from the show are just the "noises" that he makes. Seeing this at one time is icing on the cake. Someone had great insight to include this. Also is an interview with the producer chatting with Williams. ... You can't help but to enjoy the 1 hour and 45 minute stand-up. For one of the greatest stand-up performances, I recommend:
    Richard Pryor - Live in Concert
    .....Rizzo...more info
  • Shockingly boring
    I like Robin Williams, but was thoroughly bored with this performance. His stand up routine was profanity laced, and all over the place.

    ...more info
  • Outstanding
    This is the best thing from Robin Williams, since LIVE AT THE MET which is available on itunes.
    Check out Live @ The Met...more info
  • A must have!
    If you're a Robin Williams fan, you have to have this. It's hilarious!...more info
  • A Disappointment
    This was truly a disappointment. I have always liked Robin Williams' movies however I did not realize the foul nature of his "humor". Not only was the language a self-contest of how many foul words could he condense within a given time period, but the humor was dry to non-existant. I really tried to finish the dvd, like a bad movie you hope to find some redemptive value in; but could not. Even my 26 year old son didn't find it humorous. Robin should stick to movies....more info
  • Robin Williams Live on Broadway
    Robin Williams is a genius bordering on insanity - he is constant motion and constant laughs. This DVD is absolutely a riot. After 1 hour of solid laughing and holding onto my sides I didnt think I could laugh anymore, but Mr. Williams kept it going and we were exhausted when the show was over. It was a good kind of exhaustion. I recommend this DVD to anyone who enjoys laughing, really hard. There is no one in public life who is immune from being picked on by Mr. Williams - and he takes you out of the ordinary hum drum life and makes you laugh at yourself and everything going on around you. If I could I would rate it 10 stars...more info
  • Funny
    This video is very funny I got it for my husband for christmas and he loved it!...more info
  • Wonderful ADULT Entertainment
    This DVD is NOT for kids. It's very explicit and uses a lot of profanity. Having said that, I think it's really very funny. The entire thing is great, but the last 30 minutes (or so) of the show are the funniest. There is a proctologist skit that makes my husband laugh until he cries, and an oral sex skit that makes ME laugh until I cry.

    Also don't miss the Special Features. One, call NOISES, is all the times Robin makes a noise during the show compressed together - one of the funniest things I've ever seen. And the Easter Egg is the same thing with the profanity - every curse word in the show all crammed together. Side-holding laughs! It's worth getting the entire DVD just for those 2 special features!
    ...more info