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Nilsson composed and performed the score to this legendary made-for-TV animated fantasy. This resissue contains four previously unreleased bonus tracks, including the unedited version of \""\""Down to the Valley,\""\"" the haunting \""\""Life Line,\""\"" and the recently di\""scovered demo of \""\""I'll Never Leave You.\""\""
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Media Type: CD
Title: POINT
Street Release Date: 11/19/2002

Must everything have a point? That's the question posed by Harry Nilsson's 1971 pop parable of a well-rounded young boy named Oblio, from the Land of Point, who's cast apart from the community by those who resent his pointlessness. Conceived when the gifted singer-songwriter was on an acid trip, The Point! is a product of its time, what with its central theme (the hollowness of conformity) and ornate Beatles-era pop. But the message--presented in song and narration--and music are delivered with a grace and gentleness that elevates The Point far above most socially conscious '60s art. Produced as a made-for-TV movie in 1971, this audio version of the modest masterpiece will appeal to adult fans of the late singer. More to the point, however, it'll capture the fancy of thoughtful youngsters who'll empathize with the little boy who finds points where he's told there are none, and concludes, "If everything has a point, well then I must have one, too." --Steven Stolder

Customer Reviews:

  • think about the bubbles
    As amazing as I remember it as a kid! I played the album a million times as a kid and now my grandson thinks its great also on DVD/CD!...more info
  • Childhood Flood of Memories
    My dad has this record, and many of my memories from childhood involve music from his record player. There are several albums I have bought simply because HE had them. This is one of those albums that I never really looked for--I think we both just assumed it never made the transformation to cd or dvd. Every once in a while, usually when someone says "arrow" I'll start humming "Me and my Arrow." We were chatting online one night a few weeks ago, when he made an obscure reference to The Point that I probably would have missed if I were one of my brothers, but since I fell in love with his music so long ago, I picked it up right away. It sparked an idea, and I searched for the album online. I found it. I found it. I really found it.

    I immediately ordered two cds and two dvds so that we could both have copies-his as his Christmas present. They came yesterday, and I nearly teared up with joy when I opened the package. My dad's record isn't in such great condition, but this will allow him to play it even in the car. I know this gift will mean more than any other gift I've ever given him, and I can't wait for Christmas. If you haven't listened to this album, I sincerely suggest you do. As other reviewers have said, it doesn't matter what age you are, you will appreciate the message--or at the very least, enjoy the story....more info
  • Something about the Point
    A conversation with co-workers lead me to thinking about the point and vaguely remembering a song I had heard years ago. So I went on the internet and Searched The Point and found This collection.
    I listen to the cd often as it is so down to earth when it comes to realizing how much we are similar and different. Great lesson on how we need to embrace this, is key to human interaction....more info
  • I love the Point!
    I am so glad to share this story and its soundtrack with my daughter. The songs are still so vivid and so much fun to sing. ...more info
  • The Point
    This is such an amazing soundtrack. I bought the soundtrack and the DVD for my husband to take a stroll down memory lane. We haven't watched the DVD but the CD is the entire story and fantastic music. It is as good today as it was when I first heard it 25+ years ago....more info
  • Great!
    This cd is wonderful for adults and children alike. I listened to it as a teenager and now my daughter loves it too....more info
  • One of my very favorites!
    I listened to this album as a kid (yes, on an album, remember those) over and over and over. Since the day I threw out my record player I've been dieing to get a copy on cassette and then CD. I'm so excited to see this re-released and I highly recommend it. The songs are catchy and well written. The story is charming and has a point!...more info
  • One of my very favorites!
    I listened to this album as a kid (yes, on an album, remember those) over and over and over. Since the day I threw out my record player I've been dieing to get a copy on cassette and then CD. I'm so excited to see this re-released and I highly recommend it. The songs are catchy and well written. The story is charming and has a point!...more info
  • Nilsson is brilliant
    Harry Nilsson is a truly gifted composer. His music is fabulous and this simple story of a boy and his dog and their journey to enlightenment and acceptance is fantastic. It's good for all ages. ...more info
  • The Point is great!
    I love the Point. A made for TV movie from the 80's. This CD was brand new, and fabulous. CD was is perfect condition, and the music is great!!!!...more info
  • The Point! is a Classic!
    I remember this story as a child, listening nightly, lulling me to sleep! I was amazed to find a copy with such great sound! I look forward to listening to the story again and again!!!!...more info
  • Thanks Amazon
    I was very pleased to find this item at Amazon after trying for many years to find a copy. I don't know why it took me so long to try Amazon, but you can bet I will be back for more. Thanks Amazon....more info
  • lost friend
    Its really great to be able to get hold of music you heard years ago and havent been able to get.
    The point is one of those unforgettable records from years gone by and to hear it again was a treasure.
    Both for kids and adults its takes you on a journey that delivers stories with moral undertones at many levels. This CD is highly recomended...more info
  • A timeless treat toward enlightenment
    I received the audio cassette as a gift when it was released years ago. I listened to it regularly in the car. The Point is a story that conjures up images as the narrator describes events so clearly. Wanting never to be without this story of acceptance and the insignificance of difference in appearance from one another - it was time for me to get the CD. It's perfect! I would recommend this story full of magic and catchy little tunes to anyone from school aged children to the older and wiser of us. It's a classic!!!...more info
  • Amazing!!!
    This CD is so incredible - it's just what I remembered from my childhood. My 2-year old asks to listen to it in the car every day. I love the way it makes me feel. Harry Nilsson is truly wonderful!...more info
  • You Been Goofin' With the Bees?

    This is arguably Nilsson's best set of songs. Every number is melodic, filled with wonderful "orchestral" arrangements, retaining the bounciness you want from Nilsson. His puzzling multi-tracked vocalizing never sounded better. Great period keyboards.

    It is also one of the best soundtrack lps ever. Why? Not just the songs. The fantastic idea of having Harry himself read his story between each song works so well. And he's NOT reading the film script, but his own typed out version of the fable. (In other words, he's not reading Ringo's narration from the film) This makes for differences in story. For instance, in Harry's version, Oblio has no friends other than Arrow. In the film, he's pretty popular with all the townsfolk, except the Count's son. Harry's own double-tracked Rock Man is hilarious and Harry's voice for the Count is, of course, a bit like a Nazi in a WW2 film. You'd expect that.

    The extra cuts are revealing of the creative process. The final one, "Down to the Valley" eventually became the superior song, "Everything's Got 'Em." The other two extra cuts feature radically different instrumentation choices, and different vocalizing.

    The package includes two booklets:

    The cd-sized comic book is difficult to read as others have said. Get out your magnifying glass.

    The main booklet is thoroughly informative, revealing much interesting trivia, and includes a complete personnel listing. Four or five names should look familiar to fans of Pet Sounds! ...more info
  • Thank god for the point
    It was winter (I think) of 71 or 72 and I was 11. I was at home sick with the flu and I saw The Point and loved it. I was a somewhat lonely only child so perhaps I had an inherent set of ideas on conformity which where a large part of The Point's subject. It comforted me during this confusing time and taught me some valuable lessons about always re-examining your ideas and values and the preciousness of a loyal friend (ie. Arrow)among other things. Having seen The Point only the one time its messages have echoed with me to this day. Even now I cant listen to "Me and my Arrow" without beaming, or "Lifeline" (when Arrow dissappears into the hole) without a tug at the ol' heart.

    Truly a gentle and unsung masterpiece!...more info
  • A Blast from the Past
    I purchased Harry Nilsson's The Point after recently disposing of my vast collection of vinyl records. I hadn't heard The Point for many years and wondered whether Nilsson's whimsical and satirical piece could withstand the rigours of musical time. I am writing this review to let you the reader know how wonderful it was to revisit this clever and humorous work which provokes thought on so many levels for school age children to mature age adults. I highly recommend this CD regardless of your age - the Rock Man is sure to bring a smile to your face....more info
  • As Wonderful Today...
    Oblio and Arrow are characters of my childhood. Funny thing is 30 years later, I still remember all the words.

    Oblio the little round headed ( pointless) boy teaches children and adults about the ridiculousness of conformity in a land of people with pointed heads.

    I shared this in college with friends and found it as much fun then, and now my four year old niece and I sing along today.

    I still have the record album, have bought several of the Cd's. Now I wish I could find the Movie!...more info

  • Nilsson high point...
    One-of-a-kind offering from the true "Fifth Beatle" (with apologies to Klaus Voorman, Billy Preston and Eric Clapton) mixing narrative and music. Unlike subsequent concept "story" albums like Jeff Wayne's "War Of The Worlds" or Godley + Creme's "Consequences", you won't feel compelled to skip the spoken word parts (after one or two listens) to get to the music; the blend is perfectly symbiotic here. The story, concerning little round-headed Oglio trying to fit into his pointy-head-centric world has the same mixture of charm and winking subtext that made the late Shel Silverstein's clever fables so appealing to kids and adults alike. The music is quirky but beautifully crafted pop, similar to what Brian Wilson was creating during his "Smiley Smile" period (same source of er, "inspiration", from what I understand!). Most listeners will probably recognize the McCartney-esque "Me And My Arrow", which was one of Nilsson's first radio hits. The reissue is nicely packaged and well-mastered. Even the crankiest grown-ups should find this one a guaranteed mood elevator!...more info
  • Don't Miss!
    A fabulous CD with well-written, easy-to-follow songs and a poignant story with just a bit of whismy. (Thankfully, the message avoids being overly preachy.) I enjoyed the LP as a child and now have it in my CD collection for my baby-to-be!...more info
  • The Point of it All
    I first heard this album when I was living in a college dorm 16 years ago. I've been a fan ever since. This is the first time I've heard though, since that day.

    The story and the characters behind them are a lot of fun and will appeal to kids and adults alike. The narration between songs is engaging and entertaining and does more than just tell a story. It has a point! What is the Point? You'll have to listen and find out for yourself. Although this album is sort of geared towards children, there seems to be a deeper wisdom under the surface of it all that people of all ages can learn from.

    As for the music, it varies a little, starting off very strong with Everything's Got 'Em and Me and my Arrow. It seems to dip occasionally below these very high standards that are set at the start of the album, but there isn't a bad song on the album. For now, Me and My Arrow is my favorite song on the album and must be one of Nilsson's best songs.

    It's a very cheerful album. This album might very well change your attitude and brighten your day if you feel so inclined.

    The packaging on this remaster deserves to be mentioned. It is one of the best packaging jobs I've ever seen on a CD. Besides the booklet containing lyrics and excellent liner notes, it also comes with a bonus cartoon booklet of the story. Even the picture under the CD in the case is a treat. Very cute! Buy it and see for yourself!...more info

  • Don't miss this re-release!
    We owned this on 8-track more years ago than I can count, but it was stolen along with others. About 4 years ago I found a copy and bought a second for a friend, but had to resort to buying one off eBay last year for another friend's little boys, because there were none to be found. Children love the story, which is beautifully narrated by Nilsson himself, but the irony is not lost on adults. Many times I have found myself humming "Me and My Arrow" when walking my dog, or "Think About Your Troubles", which is my favorite song on the whole tape. For Nilsson fans, I don't have to tell you how terrific this CD is; for others, it would be a bargain at twice the price, which, BTW, is what I paid on eBay. Don't let this rerelease pass you by!...more info