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Monster Cable THX Mini-to-RCA Audio Cable (8 Feet)
List Price: $35.93

Our Price: $11.00

You Save: $24.93 (69%)


Product Description

Interconnecting Cable for connecting RCA audio

  • Dual-balanced conductors for more lifelike sonic reproduction.
  • Easy to identify color-coded bands for simple, error-free hookup.
  • Separate protective shield for maximum rejection of RFI and EMI.
  • 24k gold-plated contacts for optimum signal transfer and corrosion resistance.
  • Meets minimum THX certification standards for proper system performance, reliability and ease of installation.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good quality cables
    These cables are very well built. There is only a problem. I purchased it to connect on my computer sound blaster, but they don't fit due to the large and wide connector. So, if you don't have much space between your connections, avoid these cables. Otherwise, they are very good....more info
  • For the car
    Have not installed these yet but I plan on using them in the car for Sirius and for my iPod. Hopefully the thicker wire and insulation will result in less engine whirl sound. Wish me luck....more info
  • Big Plugs
    I have had trouble with both mini plug and RCA plugs. They are too large to use with my MP3 player and my receiver. They plug in part way and the connections are not tight enough to use. I think it is due to the large cable size....more info
  • Easy
    Within about 12 seconds of opening the box I was listening to my IPOD on my home stereo. Wires are well made.

    There may be cheaper options that work as well but these will last forever....more info
  • Awesome!
    Bought this cable to connect an iPod to a stereo receiver. The cable is a bit heavy (i.e., it tends to weigh the iPod unit down and "pull" it) but it is high quality and the price is right. An excellent choice for this type of application!...more info
  • Well constructed, Very Low Volume!!
    This is a very well constructed cable, and is probably one of the best mini-to-RCA Y cables. However, I have found the sound from the iPod to the receiver/amplifier to be VERY low; much much lower than the signal from a CD player (1/5 of the CD output loudness). This forces you to turn the sound level way up, both on the iPod and on the receiver/amplifier, consuming lots of battery power on the iPod. If you have a low power receiver/amplifier, you may not be able to play it loud enough. The sound quality is adequate, but not great, as one can expect for this type of Y cable, regardless of build quality. I also purched the NYCO iPod Stereo Link for comparison, and the sound quality is much better with a much louder output volume (3x louder than the Monster mini-to-RCA cable). The NYCO is also more power efficient as it drains much less power from the iPod. It does not go through the mini-jack, and also bypasses the volume control (a good sign if you care about sound quality).

    If you don't need to recharge your iPod while you play though the cable to a receiver/amplifier, I would definitely go with the NYCO Stereo Link Cable. I am an audiophile enthusiast, with quite a bit of experience in high-end audio....more info
  • Best'assured
    I use this to connect my mp3 player up to my home theater...excellent sound, keep in mind though it is a pretty thick cable, almost to big for the player (heavy), but it works great hooked up through the docking station, you get better quality than through the headphone jack of the mp3 player. With Monster Cable you know youre getting a good product, and for only a few dollars more than a genaric brand at radio shack....more info
  • Great Performance, Great Price
    I have my iPod hooked up with this cable to a fairly high end stero. I carries the signal very well to the amplifier, and makes your iPod sound like a CD player.

    Other cables abailable are either higher priced for the same quality, or lower quality for the same price. ...more info
  • decent quality audio
    i am pretty happy with this purchase. The cable provides decent quality audio when i hook up my iPod to my home stereo. This is all you need if you are trying to play songs from your iPod. i didn't like the dock type products that constantly charge my iPod when i hook up to the stereo. ...more info
  • Monster Quality
    Run my PC to my Carver pre-amp. Does a great job without losing any sound along the way!...more info
  • All you need!
    I tried an inexpensive GE cable first. I'm not sure why I did this when every other cable in the house is a Monster Cable. After a day of listening to my music with marked sound loss, I ordered this Monster Cable to connect my iPod to my Bose. NICE! You can spend more to get the white iPod-y Monster Cable mini to RCA, if you want, but this one is great....more info
  • What else can you say about Monster
    Cables work great! The last Y cables I purchased were Radioshack brand and they were not weak or flimsy, the coating of the wire was a lil thick. After about a year the Radioshack Y cable had to be moved around near the connetions on the receiver because i was losing sound in the right channel. This is very frustrating for someone who has a surround sound. I chose Monster because of the repuation and the very chick coating in their wires. I was looking for durability and quality as all "audiophiles" should. Anyways, the Monster cable did change the sound in terms of bass. Bass is enhanced, i luv it! ...more info
  • Monster Cable thx mini to rca
    Product arrived quickly and it is exactly what I was hoping for. Excellent sound quality....more info
  • Good, but bulky
    Don't get me wrong, this is a good product, but it's too big to be of universal use.

    It sounds great, and has very, very little distortion, but the RCA jacks are big and it can be hard to get them right next to each other on the back of your receiver. It's a very close fit for me. Also, the 1/4" mini connector is also bulky. It's nice (in many, but not all circumstances) to have it a right angle, but in some cases, because of how close it is to the product, it won't work if at all recessed (like an iPod in a rubber case).

    So, I've got one of these, and I'm glad that I've got it, as it sounds great, but I can't use it everywhere I want to....more info
  • great purchase -- especially if you use a dock
    I have been using this for a few weeks now and I love it. Great sound quality. Great price.

    The only quibble I had is that the mini plug is a bit bulky and heavy. Now I have a dock for the iPod and all is completely copacetic. The cable stays plugged into the cradle all the time and all is fine with the world....more info
  • Monster Cable is a rape--I mean rip-off
    If it's not already obvious, Monster Cable is the carpetbagger of the home entertainment world. With the rapid development of new HD and audio technology, Monster Cable does their best to be the first to provide cables--but not without charging a horrendously inflated premium. In this case, all you're getting for your 20 bucks is an RCA-to-1/8" converter and eight feet in between. Sony makes a great 5-foot cable for less than four dollars, and if the length is what you really need, you can daisychain a couple of those together for still less than half of the price of Monster Cable's offering. It is important to be aware than in the world of electronics, and in fact everywhere, someone will try to rip you off....more info
  • Great cable, but doesn't work well with XM Radio
    I bought this cable to hook up my XM Radio home docking station to my reciever. The only problem is that the angled connection doesn't fit into the docking station with the other necessary cables plugged in. I guess I'll just have to wait to get an IPod and used this cable for it....more info