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Omron HBF-306 Body Fat Analyzer
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Product Description

The Omron HBF-306 Body Logic measures your body fat weight and percentage in seconds, at the push of a button. This is accomplished with clinically proven accuracy, with the help of Biolectrical Impedance (BI). BI is a widely accepted method for measuring body fat levels, both at the surface and between the body's organs. This internal fat is often overlooked by surface testing methods but can play an important role with other measurements of wellness. Athlete mode for accurate results with those in training Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included) Includes Guide to Wellness book

  • Analyzer measures your body fat with a gentle, micro electrical current
  • Two modes -- athletic and normal -- provide accurate results based on your exercise regiment
  • Delivers measurement results for Bi method (Bioelectrical Impedance Method) and BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Delivers results in approximately seven seconds
  • Features a nine person memory profile for the whole family

Customer Reviews:

  • Quick & Easy
    The Omron analyzer, like any other electronic fat analyzer, measures the resistance of a given electric current thru two ports of the body (hand-to-hand in this case, foot-to-foot in other designs; recall that it uses batteries - DC producers). The results on this device - for me - have been significantly higher than when I use a four-sight caliper method and the US Navy circumference method. However, I reccomend using this product as a measure of absolute change: if it tells you that you have 25% BF on day 1 and 20% BF on day 120, then you lost 5 points. The truth may be that you went from 21% to 16%. Don't get too hung up on the numbers, but rather the change in the numbers over time. The fact that you are measuring fat instead of weight already speaks volumes about your approach....more info
  • Nice Product
    Nice elegant product. Easy to use and accurate if used correctly. BMI calculation is probably unnecessary. ...more info
  • cool product
    Iam very happy with this body fat analyzer. It's easy and fun to use. It's very helpful for people trying to lose weight. It's easy to get discouraged when the number on the scale isn't budging but when you have this product, and you see that you've lost fat, it's easier to keep up your healthy habits of diet and exercise. ...more info
  • GREAT!
    I am using this fat analyzer for a weight loss group at church. It is very easy to use and seems accurate. You can keep several profiles in it. As we loose weight you can see your fat percentage drop as well as the BMI. Well worth the price....more info
  • Ok not great
    -For ease of use it gets 5 stars
    Easy to set up and use in a matter of 2-3 min
    -For accuracy it gets 1 star
    I got readings from too low to calculate to 9% (the later being closer to reality) but most falling between 4 and 7. If you are only tracking change it should be ok if you are consistent with time and stay well hydrated.

    -Overall 3 stars
    Its easy but i wouldn't trust it for more than basic monitoring of changes in %.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Service
    The service was excellent. It arrives very quickly and in good condition. Also, the price was fair based on the market value for this item....more info
  • it's ok
    it's not bad, it's not great, but it works................for now

    i think i'd recommend it...more info
  • Easy to use; seems fairly accurate
    I have never had my body fat calibrated at the gym or doctor, but my results seem pretty accurate. It is incredibly easy and quick to set up and use. Good supplement to monitoring your weight and fitness progress. ...more info
  • im happy
    what can i say, this is a great produced. this is the same body fat analyzer my trainer at Golds gym uses. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I bought this with the intention of using it during personal training but have already tested everyone in my family. It is very easy to use right away and has good categories like: normal/athlete, female/male, height, weight, etc. I think it is more accurate than any caliper test a trainer could do....more info
  • recommends measuring body fat to track weight loss progress!
    The scale is NOT your friend if you are trying to lose weight! Measure body fat for a more accurate picture of your efforts. The Omron handheld Body Fat Analyzer is simple to use and the readings seem very close to handheld calipers. The important thing is to track your body fat progress consistently, so this is a great tool that can be used by anyone. I particularly like the fact that it has an "athletic" mode which would be used by most people that do incorporate strength training into their workout routine....more info
  • nice and useful...
    since I have this device I can track my goals and monitor my levels... great product....more info
  • Satisfied Omron Customer. Surprised actually.
    OK so I was laughing when I bought this and really didn't think it would work. BUT to my surprise, it's fairly accurate!

    I went to the gym and had them do their analysis and the results were almost identical!!!

    The Omron was 1% off from what the Trainer at the gym told me.

    I use this everyday now and chart it to watch my BMI and Body Fat %

    I've had this thing now for more than a year and it works great.

    I only wish I was loosing more BF% but that's my bad! LOL

    Anyway, if you are looking to watch your BMI and Body Fat % and measure it daily or even weekly, this little Analyzer is great for keeping track....more info
  • An accurate device
    An accurate device but I'd go for a scale that already had these features. Jody Bissoon...more info
  • Elegant, convenient, and simple!
    I've used BF analyzers for years, even before I became a CPT. I like the scale combos but I prefer the handheld. This model in particular is really nice. It has many diverse features that would probably fit just about anyone who would be smart enough to get one (that's not a sarcastic comment, few understand that the true measure of health and weight is in body composition, not weight or anything else). This thing is so quick and simple I don't have to take a major break or excessive preparation to use it. You just hold it straight out in front of you a few seconds and you got your own personal body composition measurements. That is invaluable and for anyone who knows or cares anything about health, totally essential! I love this thing b/c it doesn't take up much space, it's compact, easy to store, durable, effecient, and (among other things) very accurate! I used some of these type back in college but this particular one is the best one I've used. It's like a health index computer w/ handlebars. I use mine for everyone in my family and as a personal trainer I don't train anyone w/o keeping thorough records of their body composition b/c it is simply the single best way to chart exact progress....more info
  • Omron Body Fat Analyzer -- easy, easy, easy
    I wanted something to give me a reference point as I have recently started a regular excercise program. I really wanted something to give me an idea of where I am at and where I am heading. It is doing that and gives me encouragement at the sametime.

    Good buy....more info
  • Better than nothing
    I've used the Omron for a few years now for myself and many others who train at my gym. I must say that after some time of using this device on at least a weekly basis I've grown frustrated with it.

    It has some pluses:
    + easy to use
    + catalogs multiple users
    + fun for folks
    + fast results
    + BMI included in results
    + long battery life

    However, it has some drawbacks as well:
    + somewhat inaccurate
    + very easy to fool (flexing and hydration both heavily skew the results)
    + somewhat inconsistent
    + age restrictions (not to be used on the very young or those with pacemakers)
    + gives no guidelines for the decision of "athlete/normal"
    + does not function well/at all on those with very low bf%

    All in all it's a decent scale, and definitely better than nothing. However, I have ordered a spring caliper to use in conjunction with this device and plan on averaging the readings. Till we can get a home water-displacement unit, that'll have to do :D
    ...more info