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Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball Mouse 64327
List Price: $44.95

Our Price: $24.99

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Product Description

USB Connectivity / 2 Button Operation / For Windows PC and Macintosh / Maintenance Free Optical Technology

  • Orbit Optical Trackball Mouse
  • Comfortable for left or right-handed users
  • Compact design, stays put and takes up less space
  • It's inexpensive, looks cool and performs well
  • Five year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Designed with precision,
    I never thought I would like a trackball, they don't collect as much dust or lint as the old mouse, I have have a problem with a disability of my right arm, so I have to be certain that the position of the hand and arm are good. Don't twist your hand or wrist in an unnatural position.
    The hand hugging comfort design actually feel really good, it is like your hand would rest naturally on the desk top. You use your fingers, not your thumb to move the ball. it appears to fit both large and small hands equally well. As well as right and left handed users.

    By using a trackball, you save space on your work space, you have no need for a mouse pad. You just plant the trackball, and get comfortable. The acceleration and brilliant cursor feature minimizes repetitive movements. The drag feature can make it a lot easier specially I am working with design softwares.

    We are five at home, and I wasn't sure about how well they would handle it. It seems that it made no difference all of them said this is cool, so I can assume it passed the test.
    ...more info
  • The best mouse.
    I just bought my third Kensington trackball mouse. This is a really great mouse. Unlike the Logitech trackball (which I bought and subsequently replaced), the sensitivity and "feel" are just right.

    The biggest advantage of a trackball is the ability to get your cursor in exactly the right place, and then release the ball (i.e. the positioning mechanism) prior to clicking. In this manner, the cursor won't move as you make the click. This has real advantages for the graphic artist.

    Another advantage is not running out of mouse pad or cord, since the mouse itself stays stationary. It takes up less room on your desk.

    I don't believe it would be a good mouse for gamers, though I do not use my computer for games and perhaps there are some settings changes that would allow it to be used for such. It's more of a precision instrument....more info
  • Not bad. . .
    if you need a cheaper alternative to carpal tunnel syndrome. I, too have used the Expert mouse from Kennsington for as many years as the previous reviewer. I also bought a turbo-mouse. It failed, but was replaced by a Fantastic remake of the Expert, with a spin ring that serves as a scroll wheel (Thank you Kennsington!). But I found the Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball Mouse 64327, despite its high quality, a bit too light weight, literally. It was hard to keep it still during intense use. The smaller ball was also hard to keep from flipping out of its "eye" socket and I found my thumb reaching too high for critical left clicks.
    So. . . if you've never used a Kennsington Expert mouse, the Optical Trackball is probably a GREAT choice. But if you're accustomed to the perfect heft, ergonomics and ease on the wrist of the Expert, don't buy yourself short. . . get the Expert....more info
  • Plain and simple...
    Had an old Kensington Serial ball mouse (yeah im old). well MOBO's really dont come with serial ports anymore, and this old friend just was working anymore. It was the one with the cue-ball, large and awsome. Well here comes the predessor.. and I got to say, 3 years going with the child and its simple and easy to use... if your 40 something and want the past back, go for this pup....more info
  • Good low-cost option
    Good mouse if you like trackballs. Nice large ball, kensington quality at a low price - due to lack of buttons perhaps. You can get scroll-wheel functionality through the mouseworks software - hold down both buttons and the ball scrolls....more info
  • switching to trackball
    i have never used a trackball, but was interested in getting one because i do a lot of mouse work that started to have an impact on my wrist. at work i have dual monitors so there's a lot of ground to cover and not a lot of mouse space.
    I chose this model because of the price and the design looked good to me. It has worked well for me, but i must say it's taken a lot of adjustments to get used to.
    You can just plug and play with this mouse without downloading the software, but i found that i needed to download the software because the tracking was SO fast that i needed to change the settings. the ball's movement is also so smooth that it's very easy to accidentally move the ball when you click one of the buttons. this can be really quite annoying. i remedied this by folding up a napkin and placing it under the mouse to provide a little bit of resistance against the place where the ball sticks out of the bottom. this has helped me gain a lot of control, but seems like a cumbersome, extra step i had to do to make it work the way i expected it to.
    all of this took about a full working day to get accustomed to, and i now i like it. I dont know if i would get this again, or if i would get a different brand, but i think i'm sold on trackballs. The product is worth it if it's going to prevent health issues, even if there is a bigger learning curve than expected.
    ...more info
  • Super Durable
    I have been using this mouse (the *same* mouse) for over five years. There is a spot on the left button where it has become worn from my thumb clicking. I'm a Web developer so I use this mouse pretty much continuously--at *least* 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. It has performed flawlessly since day 1. It is so comfortable and I have used it so long that it feels like an extension of my hand.

    Also, I have always used it on a Mac. The Kensington Mouseworks software has performed flawlessly as well.

    I highly recommend it....more info
  • Trackball vs mouse
    This sits in one place and does not hurt my shoulder. Like this one vs the more expensive model. Keeps your fingers limber....more info
  • Good mouse
    Works well. Makes navigating the big 23" monitor on my Mac a cinch. Accurate cursor placement. Can even use for simple graphics. LOVE it! ...more info
  • Great product
    The Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball Mouse is an outstanding device for computer input. The ball rolls very smoothly and is very accurate. The one feature I miss in this product is the direct access buttons the Turbo Mouse Pro had....more info
  • A Good Buy
    I'm working in a limited space and the Kensington Orbit makes the situation a little more comfortable and at a reasonable cost. I've used Orbit Optical's big brother Kensington Expert Mouse Optical USB Trackball for PC or Mac 64325 and I prefer the smaller version.It's simple and it gets the job done it's a nice easy little product, HOORAY....more info
  • Trackball mouse elminiates wrist strain
    When I have a lot of mouse work, if I use a regular mouse I sometimes get wrist pain and discomfort. By using a trackball mouse, in my case the Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball Mouse, I eliminate the pain. Instead of gripping a mouse with my whole hand, I roll the ball with my outstretched middle three fingers. Also, I program the little-finger key to double click, thus eliminating many clicks I would have had to perform with my thumb. When I first got a trackball mouse years ago, there was a definite learning curve/adjustment phase that lasted a couple of weeks. It felt a little awkward. But, that feeling soon went away. Eliminating the carpal-tunnel pain that comes with heavy mouse work is so worth the relatively short time it takes to adjust to using a trackball mouse. I would recommend this mouse to anyone who does a lot of mouse work and want to eliminate repetitive-injury discomfort....more info
  • Great Mouse
    I love this mouse!! The roll ball glides smoothly and I've had no problems so far. I bought this mouse specificaly because of the roll ball, before the mouse I was constantly having wrist pain and since the mouse my pain is gone. I love it!!!...more info
  • Trackball wizard
    Finally had to replace my old Kensington Trackball after 18 years! This new one is slick, comfortable to use and good-looking....more info
  • Trackball
    It works very well. I do wish that it had a scroll wheel. That is the only thing that I miss. I do a lot of photo editing so I have to move around the screen a lot. It does it well with no wrist fatigue...more info
  • Great Product but no support for Mac users
    The readme file never mentions this mouse and the techies in Bangladesh are courteous but clueless as to how to change the default to left hand use. I considered returning it but didn't want to give up since I liked the feel and look and held out hope of finding a way to replicate the scrolling features offered by the Mac Mighty Mouse - but for the left hand.

    Emailing Kensington about the product merely yielded their advice to call them but even that didn't help until I figured it out for myself for which I kept one star for myself as a reward.

    There are complaints that the ball falls out (as opposed to the parallel Logitech Marble Mouse...) but that's unfair since there's no need to pick it up and turn it over. The red glow of the ball is a nice touch as is its 2 inch size which is not mentioned in the tech info.

    Amazon needs to design a better order form, one that includes precise instructions on how to fill it out if both US Postal Service AND private carriers are involved in the shipment and delivery so that PO Box holders do not suffer delays when the post office receives parcels addressed to a street address and the clerk does not know the recipient's box number. That's particularly critical where delivery and billing address are different....more info
  • Comfortable, yet flimsy
    This is easily the most comfortable trackball I've ever tried. It's accurate enough for most graphics work, but too delicate for gaming.

    However, they last for about 2 years before the left button breaks. It just wears out and can't be repaired. I'm on my third one.

    If you're okay with that, go ahead and buy one. Heck, buy several because you will go through them at a rate of 4-5 a decade....more info
  • ok but
    This is OK but not as good as my Logitec, only plus is the plug and play no software....more info
  • not as comfortable as I thought it would be
    works well, not as comfortable as I thought, when I use it I keep right clicking by accident. would be better if right click button was smaller....more info
  • Gets the job done
    I owned the older model before but it finally klunked out and was time to get a new one. (Old one was 6 years old). The ball glides more freely and do not get the dust build up on the sensors like I did with the old one. I had to use an optical mouse while waiting for this to arrive. I had aching wrists every night. Now I am back to my normal happy wrists again. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has to do detail work and finds optical mice cumbersome....more info
  • Great unit~!
    This produce is a must have for us. If you have shakey hands and poor controal of your hands, this unit will be much easier for you to use than a commond type mouse with the tracking ball on the bottom....more info
  • Mice Should be Exterminated
    The typical computer mouse damages your wrist / arm. Trackballs are low impact / low stress input devices. However, not many people use them (try looking for them at a major name chain store)...why?...poor marketing?...don't know? Doesn't matter - they work. I use two Orbit's and an Expert Mouse trackball (different computers). They are a fast, efficient way to communicate with your machine (takes up less desk space too). They are inexpensive, work well and don't damage my wrists...what more do you want?...more info
  • A Happy Camper!!
    I searched around for a week looking for the best price on a Kensington
    Orbit Optical Trackball Mouse 64327 and found it at It was a Saturday night when I ordered the Ball tracker and I expected that it would take up to 10 days to arrive. You know, with the New Year weekend and all....well was I surprised on Monday morning as I was getting my wake-up cup of coffee, the UPS van pulls up and theres my Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball Mouse 64327 !!...less tham 36 hours from the time I placed the order!!! That woke me up better than a cup of coffee...and within 10 minutes, I was a happy camper on the Internet again! Thanks, Best price, free shipping, and fastest delivery ever!!
    Walt Shadden,
    Carson City,NV...more info
  • good item
    very happy with the trackball. I am on the computer a lot and have pain in the arm and elbow, this has helped so much. ...more info
  • orbit tracker mouse
    the kensington orbit optical tracker mouse, takes the major movement from the wrist and utilizes finger movement to do the functions required. ...more info
  • not fully supported in Vista
    Thank you for contacting Kensington Technical Support.

    We regret to inform you that, our Kensington mice are compatible with vista as a normal mouse but it will not give the capability of programming the buttons.

    There will be no Kensington Mouse Work's software support on windows Vista and there is no way to program the extra buttons of the mouse or trackball in Windows Vista.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.

    If you need further assistance, please feel free to reply to this message or call to our technical support toll-free number (1-800-535-4242) from Monday through Friday anytime, between 7:30am and 4:30pm Pacific Time, and we will happily assist you with your problem.


    Rinki Kumari
    Kensington Technical Support...more info
  • a title
    Good mouse at a good price. My only complaint would be that when I take it with my laptop case the ball does not stay in place. So far so good, but I have a feeling I am going to either lose it or damage it by dropping it one of these rushed days.
    Best if left on the desktop....more info