Bausch & Lomb Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Tissues, Box Of 100
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Product Description

Lens Cleaning Towelettes Style: Non-Silicone Treated For Use With: All Glass & Plastic Lenses Count: 100

  • Anti-Fog, anti-static tissues for use on glass or plastic eyewear.
  • Individually packaged.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great glasses cleaner
    I have used many different glasses cleaners, this product is the best, it dries the cleanest with the least streaks, and doesn't rip open oand dry out in your pocket....more info
  • Lens Cleaning Tissues Convenient and effective!!
    The Bausch and Lomb Pre-moistened lens cleaning tissues are great!!! They come in individually foil wrapped packs and are perfect for office, home or travel. Reasonably priced in a box of 100 packs, this product is highly recommended for all who wear glasses or deal with lenses that need periodic cleaning....more info
  • Keeps Your Glasses Clean and Safe
    These are by far the best lens cleaners for glasses. I use them daily on my plastic lenses, where it's essential to keep things clean to avoid scratches....more info
  • Very streaky
    I tried one of these tissues and threw the rest in the garbage. They leave a lot of residue. Not suitable for glasses, camera lenses, or anything else....more info
  • Where would I be without these?
    I work at the computer all day and I read and do computer stuff in the evenings. I've got a pair of reading glasses and a pair of those really expensive progressive glasses that are the modern equivalent of bifocals but there's no hard division between magnification.

    I love these wipes! I can use them to clean my glasses safely and then with the moisture that is left I clean the glass on my computer monitor. I can also clean the glass on my TV and the plastic digital display on my table radio.

    So, invest a little and save a lot of precious glass stuff not to mention your nerves. Clean the stuff you see and the stuff that you see it with. The individually wrapped wipe is the clear choice for me....more info
  • Wonderful Wipes
    These wipes are the best ever,,,I won't buy anything else,,,they are individual wrap for your purse,,car or whatever,,,they leave no streaks.
    Marion...more info
  • Misleading
    The description says 4 sets. They sent one. I wrote to them and never received an answer....more info
  • clean glasses
    I am never with out this product.
    I have them with me all the time
    and in stratgic locations(truck
    computer desk),Only coplaint is
    they took a long time to get here....more info
  • The best eyeglass tissue cleaners on earth
    Over the years we have tried many different eyeglass cleaner tissues. Most smear and leave glasses cloudy. These tisues clean eyeglasses thoroughly, most often with just one cloth. We won't buy anything else. ...more info

    The wipes are too big ... too wet ... and only spread the dirt all over the lenses.

    Bought two boxes and threw them away....more info