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The debut of thundering supergroup Audioslave--featuring members of Rage Against the Machine post-Zack de la Rocha with ex-Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell--is as much curio as fascinating blend of visions. Cornell might be outnumbered, but his unmistakable holler and nihilistic imagery ensure that Audioslave, the album, recalls early Soundgarden. That's especially true since de la Rocha took Rage's signature rap and politicking with him. Still, if this is Soundgarden, it's Soundgarden set to stun. Rage guitarist Tom Morello is more of a mauler than Kim Thayil ever was--witness "Shadow on the Sun," which moves from bruising thud to psychedelic freak-out and back again--while the Rage rhythm section of Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk anchor the bottom end with pure instrumental cement. Intentionally or not, "Gasoline" bears passing resemblance to "Rusty Cage," while the sweeping "I Am the Highway" and slow-burning "The Last Remaining Light" best showcase Cornell's surprisingly New Age-y lyrical bent. Cover art by Storm Thorgerson, who gave Pink Floyd records their distinctive stamp, underscores the set's inherent celebrity. Fans of Rage and Soundgarden can raise clenched fists in unison, for Audioslave is win-win. --Kim Hughes

Customer Reviews:

  • Like some kind of religious experience...
    Get this album and crank it. Chris Cornell's voice is like a miracle. His screams at the end of "Shadow on the Sun" could flay flesh from bone, then transition to buttery smooth in the next song, "I Am the Highway" like the most beautiful mood swing.

    The "Rage" players turned out to be FAR more versatile than I imagined. Every part is played to perfection. Morello's signature sound manages to survive in many of the songs, and in some it punches through like a declaration. He plays like some people sign their name to a painting.

    I just can't say enough good things about this album. ...more info
  • Like A Stone
    Audioslave is made up of Chris Cornell, Ex-Soundgarden on vocals with Tom Morello ex-Rage Against the Machine on guitar, A real supergroup that was famous already before the album was released. This self titled album is ma deep, rocky album that often reminds of early Soundgarden, many songs are pretty rough here and Audioslave seems to have prefered to make it that way instead of going more commercial and exploring more barriers. Sometimes I wish that the material on this album would be a bit more diverse from each other cause they follow the same formula more or less all over the album.

    First song "Cochise" sound pretty much like RATM but without the political lyrics ofcourse and ditto with "Set It Off". "Show Me How To Live" is a dark rocker and a highlight here too, perfectly suited for Cornell's strong voice. "Gasoline" and "What You Are" are rockers aswell, and the latter is pretty loud. "Like A Stone" is the best song of this album and both meliodic and deep. "Shadows of the Sun" and "I Am The Highway" are also highlights in the right direction while " Bring Em Back Alive", "Explorer" and "Last Remaining Light" I could live without "Light My Way" is alright with some funky riffs but it's forgettable, "Getaway Car" is a little soulish and sticks out.

    I think this is a great debut, few debut albums the last few years have got all this attention, it's a good mix between soundgarden and RATM's mucic. It sticks to solid ground however, if they would be ready to explore more and make some more commercial songs with better hooks I'd like it more. Audioslave's debut album is good, with many brilliant songs, however there are far to many songs that sounds too simular and follows the same path. 3'5-4 stars for this album from me....more info
  • Solid Rock.
    I'm not sure what happened with either Rage Against the Machine or Soundgarden to cause them to disband, but, i do know that i like the result of it. Thanks to solid vocals and well thought lyrics from Chris Cornell as well as the crazy guitar solos and riffs compliments of former RATM members produces a great sound.

    "Cochise" features Cornell's massive scream which is like 20 seconds...and the song is still good.
    "Gasoline" has a consistant hardcore riff where it is complimented by the vocals--opposite of "Like A Stone" which has a duller sound, but, still is a good song.

    Overall, I'm glad these guys got together and put together a good hardcore album....more info
  • An amazing band.
    I can feel this cd every time I put it in. Chris Cornell is one of the best singers I have ever heard and every song on here show his vocal skills and range. When I hear him sing it is like he's in my soul singing from within me. I highly suggest this cd to everyone....more info
  • Stop it tom, it's not funny anymore.
    Look, no matter what you think Cornell cannot sing.

    I saw him play at the Oakland Coliseum years ago w/ Soundgarden, and honestly they should've had me up on stage singing instead of Chris, he couldn't sing then and this was YEARS ago ! That they didn't cancel the show and refund our money; one word: criminal. Honest to God, I walked into that show a die hard S.G fan and left a bitter disapointed man.

    As for the the RATM guys, yeah they're great, but folks to light a firecracker you need a match and the match was Zack, sorry but that flame is no mas and as a result what's left doesn't go boom.

    Does it pain me, heII yes, I loved RATM, saw them 3 times live (GG park Malrepa TFF, The Filmore, and Oakland), spent the entire time at all three shows in the pit (remember me Tom ? Shaved head and no shirt ? Oh well.) Talk about paying your dues for a band you like, I left all those shows black and blue all over.

    Look, I liked Van Halen too - A LOT, saw them at the US Fest in '83 when I was just a pup, but DLR lost the edge, and the rest of the band while great, I mean Eddie on guitar forget about it, but they brought in Sammy and it was done, OV-ER. It pained me, I tried to like it, but it was like an old girlfriend who was really hot and then you see her 10 years later and she's fat, and you're like damn, wish I had just let the memory of that one lie.

    Say goodbye, goodbye to RATM, goodbye to S.G., goodbye to V.H. It doesn't last and that's because it isn't supposed to. Think bonfire, starts small, gets really big and hot, and then it's all downhill from there.

    Young friends, this is the ageing process and it's sucks, but that doesn't make it stop. DO NOT BUY ANY OF THIS GROUPS MUSIC, YES IT WILL BE PAINFUL, BUT LET . . . IT . . . GO ! I'm sorry but it's over, hopefully you enjoyed it while it lasted, and if you didn't, well that's the good thing about rock bands, they're like the city bus, another one will be along in 20 minutes or so....more info


  • Garden of Rage?? Not quite..
    When RATM broke up I was disapointed to say the least. When I heard that Chris Cornell formerly of Soundgarden had joined up with them and then finally joined up and formed Audioslave, I was quite excited. I honestly didn't know what to expect from this band. Would it favor a more Nu-Metal sound like Rage or would it favor the grunge/alt rock of Soundgarden? Come to find out it would be neither. When I heard Cochise on the radio, at first I had mixed emotions, but the more I heard it the more I liked it. Then I got my hands on the album before the actual release. I fell in love. This CD must have been the only CD I listened too for about a month before it actually came out. Then I bought it and listened too it some more.

    The best thing about this album, is that they truly have found their own sound. Comparisons to their former bands cannot be avoided, but listen to Soundgarden and Rage and then listen to this album. Its different. They don't abandon what makes them great mucisians, but they take that and have created their own sound that expands on their previous bands sound. Audioslave is just pure rock and roll. Tom Morello even said this in a interview, that Audioslave does more rocking than Rage ever did, and they have also shed the political aspect that rage had, which is fine with me. Rage was Nu-Metal, Soundgarden was grunge/alt rock, and Audioslave is just Hard Rock.

    All the ingredients for a great band are there. Tom Morrello is still one of the greatest and most innovative guitarists out there. Timmy C is a very talented on bass and Brad is a great drummer. Those 3 have been playing together for a long time and have a great chemistry. Then add Chris Cornell who has one of the most unique and amazing voices in all of rock. He is also one of one incredible songwriter. The rest of the band were all in awe over how quickly Chris could come up with a song all in his head. All of that makes for quite a special band in my opinion.

    I'm not going to do a in-depth song by song analysis, but each song on this album rocks. Some are like I said just in your face hard rock.(cochise, gasoline, show me how to live, set it off) others are more what you might call ballads. But each song sounds incredible. The energy of this album is amazing. In my book, this is a classic rock album, and Audioslave is easily one of the greatest bands to appear on the music scene since the 90's. FYI, if you can, go see these guys live, they put on a amazing show....more info
  • Great!
    I don't give a rat's ass what people think of Audioslave, I love 'em. And as far as the complaints I hear from people whining about how this CD is "watered down" or "laid back", listen to it again. Songs such as "Cochise", "Set It Off", "Exploder" and "Light My Way" are heavy as hell. ...more info
  • Work of Art
    This is CC at the top of his game. This is grunge at its finest....more info
  • Legendary
    With the members in Auidoslave, as said forms a superband but also causes very high expectations, which were succeeded. I dont know how other people look at it but to my personal likes audioslave beats RATM AND SOUNDGARDEN.

    Not to grundgy and not to hard rocky rappy, instead a mix- eliminating the rap, thus Chris cornels voice of a god would be a disgrace rapping.

    This album is what speaks rock in its true name loud old skool vocals great guitar and bass teamwork and a drumbeat you can't compete others with! I have nothing more to say, other than, anyone interested in Rock,or Metal the genre in basic, from country, to punk, to goth metal, youl like Audioslave, simply because, its Non- Unlikable.\
    Definatly the best Alternative metal band out there today.

    Highlights: Show me How to live, your time has come, gasoline, shadow of the sun...more info
  • Sort of a "blah" affair here
    I should, by all means, like this band. I love Rage Against The Machine. I love Soundgarden. Therefore, combining the band from the former and the frontman from the latter, Audioslave should be a home run, right?

    Hardly. This album is decent, sure, but nothing really reaches out and grabs me. It's almost as if they played it safe and didn't take any chances. "Cochise" and "What You Are" are good, but the rest just bores me.

    I dunno. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I am slowly slipping into senility. But the bottom line is, Audioslave is a decent rock band, but they are capable of more than this.

    Okay, go ahead and click that jolly, candy-like "NO" button below....more info
  • The best of both worlds
    This band is the perfect combination of two awesome bands. the only thing that ever even slightly put me off about Rage was Zach de la Rocha's vocals, and I have always thought of Chris Cornell as one of the greatest vocalists alive, so combining his singing and talent with writing grunge music with the heavy riffs and amazing guitar stylings of the master Tom Morello creates something truely awesome...more info
  • I love this band
    I cannot resist this band and will always buy their cds any time they release one, no question. If you're mad or vindictive, and are seeking retribution, I think this could be your band, too. ;)
    I think I like almost every song, and they have songs I can listen to over and over and get stuck in my head and I don't even mind. Isn't that a rare thing? I wake up with their music in my head and it colors the landscape of my dreams. They are not trendy, in my mind, since I bought the first cd when it came out, and I always come back to it. They have music good for dark days, and some for better days when you just need something mildly devious and just want to smile knowingly. I would go into a burning building to get their cds out, or buy them again if they were stolen, taking solace that the thief likes good music too.
    Do not abandon hope; there is great music out there that will speak to you, if not for you, when you have no voice at all.
    Buy this if your soul is wounded and angry. It has helped me heal. ...more info
  • Audioslave rocks!
    I bought their second CD first, but also wanted the lp they released before going to Cuba for the first open-air concert performed in that country by an American band. I love it! Rock and roll does more to create bridges of understanding than politicians do....more info
  • great album
    This took me sometime. But it is a great album. Chris's voice is great and tom's guitar wail. ...more info
  • Audioslave: Grunge Band of the New Milennium
    Awesome record. I was skeptical at first but one great band was formed from two great bands.
    1.Cochise- Incredibly fast-paced. Cornell's vocals are outstanding. Reminds me of RATM's Guerrilla Radio. 10/10
    2.Show Me How to Live- Another great song. I love how Cornell screams the chorus. 9/10
    3. Gasoline- More of a Soundgarden song. It's pretty heavy. 8/10
    4.What You Are- Love this song. Didn't like it at first, but I like the music during the verses. 8/10
    5.Like a Stone- Audioslave's best ballad. The guitar solo is one of the best I've heard. 10/10
    6.Set It Off- Cornell goes more poliical here. The song is still cool and I love it when Cornell screams the F-word. 9/10
    7.Shadow on the Sun- Didn't like it at first listen until I heard it from the guitar solo- on. Now I like the whole song. 9/10
    8.I Am the Highway- Chorus is very catchy and is altogether a great ballad. 9/10
    9.Exploder- Cool riffing and is fast-paced. 8/10
    10.Hypnotize- Brad Wilk's best drumming here. Turns a so-so song into a good one. 8/10
    11.Bring Em Back Alive- Another heavy song but still catchy. 8/10
    12.Light My Way- I love the chorus. 8/10
    13.Getaway Car- Ehh... Can't get into this song. 3/10
    14.The Last Remaining Light- I actually enjoy this song. Sounds like a lounge song. 7/10...more info
  • Too hard, not enough melody
    I don't normally listen to wailing, hard-edged bands anymore, but Soundgarden's "Superunknown" is a stellar album and for an album with such a hard edge, the songs were damn catchy and moving. This album, however, had very little that stayed with me. "Like a Stone," the main single from this album, ended up being the only song I liked. Most of the other songs were just hard guitar wailing combined with screaming vocals with few melody hooks to speak of. If you normally like this sort of music then that might be OK, but for the rest of us... sorry. So for those of you who are NOT ashamed to admit that you mostly stick to "mainstream" music, like myself, I doubt that you'd like this album. But try it for yourself I guess. I'm done with Chris Cornell, hardcore, metal, and punkbands myself. Call me getting older, but I don't care, there's just too much good music out there to waste on this sort of stuff....more info
  • Audioslve
    This is an awesome cd! The whole cd is fantastic,there isn't one bad song on the whole cd.The vocals and the guitar work is excellent!! Audioslave was such a good band, its a shame they went their seperate ways. Chris Cornell has been one of my favorite vocalists since I first heard Soundgarden many years ago. ...more info
  • Amazing debut album
    One of my favorite albums. I've listened to this album nonstop for days and not grown tired of it....more info
  • Not Expected
    I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this album. I was never a Soundgarden fan, and I didn't like Rage very much. So when this album came out I had not intention of buying it until I heard a few songs on the radio. This is a great freshmen outing, and I can only think that they are going to get better and better with each new release as they gel better as a band. I really enjoyed Like a Stone and I Am the Highway. I think they really show great vocals....more info
  • Blah
    So you say this band is comprised of memebers of Rage Against the Machine, one of the most innovative metal bands of all time, and Soundgarden, probably the best grunge band of all time? Well, what are you expecting?

    Are you expecting either:
    A) FAST-PACED guitars, SWEET basslines, KICKIN' drums, and some IN YOUR FACE vocals/rapping/lyrics? or...
    B) SLOW, GRINDING guitars, DEEP, DARK bass, INTENSE drumming, and DEPRESSING vocals/lyrics? or...
    C) A REALLY boring band.

    If you're expecting A or B, don't be surprised that Audioslave is probably the most boring band you'll ever hear. If you're expecting C, you're in for a treat! They're just PRETTY boring, and easily ignorable....more info
  • Gritty Good Alternative Music
    Though not a music expert, I feel confident as a long-time fan of alternative rock that I can contribute a helpful opinion. This group is outstanding, and their gritty themed music is just the thing that needs to be added to any audiophile's collection. Chris Cornell's voice is powerful, and the music on the album does justice to the genre. Expect the best..and then sit back and appreciate listening to it!...more info
  • Truly a great album
    After Soundgarden disbanded, Chris Cornell moved out of the limelight to work on a solo career. But, by the time Rage Against The Machine broke up in 2001, Cornell was back on his feet with some of the most exciting musicians of the day, particularly the creative Tom Morello. Cornell's voice is back on Audioslave, while Morello covers all the guitars, Tim Commerford is the pounding, groove-controlling bass player, and Brad Wilk is the drummer. This band was never really taken seriously at its inception, but proved itself with some awesome tracks and an album that has sold over 5 million copies to date.


    Cochise- 5/5
    The rocker of the album, and the first single. Truly an awesome tune.

    Show Me How To Live- 5/5
    The groove track on the album. Morello drops to D, and rocks out like no other. Almost too good to be true, particularly after the powerful Cochise.

    Gasoline- 5/5
    This track shows that the party is just getting started, as Morello drops even lower to B and the rock comes pouring down, heavily as can be. A highlight to be sure.

    What You Are- 4/5
    This is a step down, but still a nice track. This would be a three if not for the outstanding solo in the middle.

    Like A Stone- 5/5
    The song that really brought attention to Audioslave, this song is truly beautiful- Cornell's voice isn't strained, Morello plays beautiful melodies, and Tim and Brad keep the whole thing together. Best solo I have heard in years.

    Set It Off- 5/5
    The best opener to any Audioslave tune, this track is nothing out of the ordinary, and contains no guitar solo, but really gets things heated up. Truly a great track.

    Shadow On The Sun- 5/5
    Best cut on the album. Morello is in B, but teases us with a bone-chilling opening line on the higher notes up his fretboard. the song really cranks, and is the centerpiece of the record.

    I Am The Highway- 5/5
    After the mind-blowing Shadow On The Sun, this song slows things down, and is perfect to drive to. Morello's guitar work feels like moving wheels, with a hint of Spaghetti Western. Fun, fun track.

    Exploder- 5/5
    This shows the album starting to repeat itself, but still a fiery track with an explosive (no pun intended) chorus.

    Hypnotize- 5/5
    The most "out there" song on the album, this is a highlight. Dig in.

    Bring Em Back Alive- 4/5
    The solo on this song is outstanding, but its still a weaker tune, as its almost too grungy for this very rock-orientated album. The chorus is good, but the verses just slow the progress of the album down. Still a great track nonetheless.

    Light My Way- 5/5
    By this point, Audioslave has run out of ideas, but is still trying to fill album space. I love this song, but I can recognise the fact that Audioslave are really straining here.

    Getaway Car- 4/5
    Almost like a weaker I Am The Highway, Getaway Car is just too slow to be at the end of the album, and slows down the progress to much- similar to much of the latter half of the album.

    The Last Remaining Light- 4/5
    Instead of an explosive finish, we get this, a song that has a great chorus, but suffers from being too uninspired to really end the album triumphantly. The album farts out, but no matter; it has done its job, showing us the listeners that Audioslave is capable, and that much better is to come, if we can be patient.

    Truly a masterpiece of an album, this was reviewed song by song in the context of the album, but since I love every song, I give it what it deserves: 5/5. Buy Out Of Exile, its fantastic....more info
  • Good Start
    The band stats off with a good CD. Chris is at his best. ...more info
  • Soundgarden fans line up, RATM fans be patient
    I liked Soundgarden just fine, but I didn't shed a tear when grunge music slid out of public consciousness. Audioslave is a band made up of musicians who want to make music and tour. I have no problem with that. Hailing Audioslave as the greatest thing in rock music is either ignorance or extremely bad taste. Rage Against The Machine was a historic event. They, collectively and individually, were as talented and driven as any great band and their music will be remembered for decades. When Zack left that group, the rest of the band searched for a replacement to carry on and developed chemistry with Chris Cornell. They recorded and released an album and its okay (at best). Chris Cornell can't vocally compete with the intensity or intelligence of Zack de la Rocha. He eliminated the political voice since he is not into that and the music world suffers. I heard a rumor that they recorded with DMX before settling for Chris Cornell and I think that may have been Rage Against The Machine's last hope. If they enjoy making music, more power to them. If you enjoy listening to it, more power to you. If you were looking for politically charged insight, you'll have to wait for a Zack de la Rocha's solo album, the Rage-era is over. Three stars for the backing band, a tight unit that will hopefully release some instrumentals soon....more info
  • A Bit More Variety, Please.
    Let's go Three 1/2 Stars, really. Sound Garden was one of the few Grunge bands that could actually compose a melody, and that is one of the features the makes Audioslave interesting. You take Rage Against the Machine and make them more "singy", so it's not just beats and guitar and words. These songs are sung.
    Tom Morello is not a traditional lead guitarist with speedy note-by-note runs, and that turns out to be his strength, because he comes up with the most interesting ideas for sounds, and executes them well. It's exciting to hear a new CD of his because as the songs gear up for the middle eight solo, you have NO idea what's coming. It's like being on a new roller coaster for the first time, slowly cranking up those rails until . . . WHOOSH!
    Chris Cornell has a great voice, and can scream with the best of them, but towards the end of the CD, you're a bit tired that almost every song is a screamer. A little more variety would make for a more captivating album, with valleys and crescendos. The songs on the second half of the CD are a little too similar, and the feeling I had was that ten or eleven songs (instead of 14) would have made for a stronger piece. ...more info
  • It's pretty simple...
    I will never get tired of listening to this cd. I've owned it for almost a year, and it's still find myself putting in the player regularly....more info
  • Maybe too plain...
    Audioslave's debut album is really dificult to review, and that's because its "parent bands" were so good in different aspects. If Audioslave's goal was to deliver a "new sound", then they failed, and that's because in this debut the RATM riffing is way too much evident, the music is pretty much plain and simple; furthermore, Tom Morello quited doing all of those pirotechnical sounds, leaving the combination of effects just for some solos in an attempt to gain distance from RATM I guess.

    However, Audioslave manages to put out really strong and catchy songs, some of them could even be sung in the shower if you want: Cochise, Like A Stone, Show me how to live, What You Are.

    Bottomline: Audioslave's debut is good enough and recommendable for those fans that like the melancholic and sort of introspective lyrics by Mr. Cornell, this time accompained with a solid band, with a plain, yet solid sound. Not that recommendable for people who has high expectations in Audioslave as the perfect combination of the best of both's RATM and Soundgarden....more info
  • Mainstream, but thankfully not the boring [...] MTV churns out.
    It is a long-held belief of mine that music today [...] All the new bands are either whiny and emo or just plain bad, and the older bands have this nasty habit of completely selling out. I've listened to both Audioslave albums, and some songs off of the new one, and I have to say this one is definitely the best and showcases most of their (remaining) talent. While Audioslave could never hold a candle to RATM or Soundgarden, it's above Velvet Revolver (which is a crying shame, 'cause Slash is a deity of guitar) and most other rock bands out today. Cornell's voice is obviously strained and weaker than it was in the '90s, but I have to say it's still pretty damn good. The boys from RATM do a good job of making some crunchy, loud riffs and sprinkling in some of Morello's crazy guitar magic. Not that I'm saying it's better than RATM's first album or anything... Before I liked RATM or Audioslave I was a Soundgarden fan, and when I listened to this album I noticed it was completely different from the creepy, driving guitars of Badmotorfinger coupled with Cornell's soaring wail. But replace Kim Thayil with Tom Morello, and it's actually very good. Different, but good. The rhythm section is loud and great for blasting in your car while driving (Commerford and Wilk were always good for that).
    Cochise is good, although I can hear the straining in Cornell's voice while he's singing. Show me How to Live, Gasoline, Set it Off, and Exploder are the heaviest and probably the best songs. However, Like a Stone and I am the Highway are actually pretty good, and I was surprised I enjoyed them. All in all, Audioslave is different than the two bands it was spawned from, but compared to today's music it is high on the scale of rock.
    As a sidenote, this only applies to their first album...Out of Exile was far more mainstream....and Revelations looks to be even more so, although Original Fire is pretty good. ...more info
  • As good as it gets
    The worst thing that can be said about this album is that some tracks don't sore to the incredible heights of some of the others on the album. However, those tracks are still as good as anything else out there really. Don't feel scared to pick up this album. ...more info
  • Could this prog more than plod?
    Want to hear big metal riffs with some guy wailing over them? Get your balls right here people. Would like you variety, artistry and a lack of annoying guitar solos? Shop elsewhere. I can enjoy this album for maybe 2 or 3 songs at a time. Any more than that and I get bored. Its a slow, deliberate album. You get the impression of a AC/DC release with song tempos all hanging around each other. Luckily, Cornell is screaming his head off. The lyrics are vague but personal. No high-minded musings of abstract gloominess on this one. Okay, well maybe a few. The band has some good riffs and groves but they seem to pull back -whatever that means. I can say that some parts of the album will get the hair on your neck saluting. I'd say about...4 instances of that.

    If you feel like hearing some big rock then pop this in. Just keep a copy of SuperUnknown around so you can keep the vibe going after 2 or 3 tunes from these super troopers. I wouldn't recommend listening to Evil Empire afterwards. It will just make you realize how little the rage guys have changed musically. They've used that riff on Cochise like 8 times now. Did I mention the similarity to AC/DC? ...more info
  • Just buy this and hear for yourself
    This is Audioslave's first and best effort, hands down. Just buy this album and you'll not regret it, especially if you like 90s-era rock with a grunge flavor to it.
    Chris Cornell has one heck of a set of pipes and Tom Morello, even though I would not say he's the most proficient guitarist, has one of tastiest and spot-on guitar licks, trademarked on all of the tracks. Instead of spending your money on two lattes or beers, just buy this CD and get your own musical high!...more info