Deluxe Wireless Driveway Monitor with Lamp Controller
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This deluxe wireless driveway monitor with lamp controller alerts you when a vehicle enters your driveway and automatically turns on a lamp in your home. A great security device, the lamp controller ensures you'll never come home to an unlit house. The wireless sensor detects when a vehicle arrives or leaves your driveway, alerts the indoor receiver in your home or office up to 1,000 feet away and automatically turns on a lamp timer. The timer can be adjusted to leave the lamp on for 2, 5 or 10 minutes, or until it is manually reset. The indoor receiver plugs into any electrical outlet and alerts you by chiming and flashing. A reset button allows you to check whether a vehicle arrived while you were out of hearing range. Sensor only detects vehicles, so you won't get false alarms from pedestrians, animals or shadows. Compatible with up to 16 additional deluxe wireless driveway monitors (sold separately) to cover multiple areas. Lamp controller is for indoor use only with 200-watt or less incandescent lamps. Cannot be used with 3-prong grounded lamp plugs. No. 33371. Made in USA.

  • Driveway monitor with indoor alert and lamp controller
  • Lamp controller automatically turns on indoor lamp
  • Wireless outdoor installation with 1000' range
  • Indoor monitor with reset button for missed alerts
  • Detects only vehicles to avoid false alarms
Customer Reviews:
  • Works when new, maybe,,then forget about it....
    My first unit filled up with water after a few days, the people there were nice and replaced it. The new unit worked for a while and we loved it. Now it misses about every third car and works when it wants. I have moved it, checked it, did everything. I agree with the other reviews, after about one year buy a new one. This one needs work to be what they represent it to be....more info
  • I am not happy
    I received my first Design Tech Driveway Monitor the first of June. It only worked for one day. I called Design Tech and they were very helpful and sent a new unit to me. It took a while for the new unit to arive. It worked great for about 3 weeks. Now it has also quit. I am waiting on a response from Design Tech now. I would look for something else....more info
  • It works for about a year
    This thing worked flawlessly for about a year. In the beginning, the only thing I didn't like was the sound of the chime (had I written this review then, I would have given it 4 or 5 stars). It would be nice if you could change the chime to a more-plesant doorbell-like tone rather than a warning-like tone. However, the functionality was so good we bought another one for my mother-in-law. After about a year, ours stopped working consistently. It would miss about every third car. I tried moving it, I tried increasing the sensitivity jumper, I replaced the batteries and nothing worked. I was convinced of some kind of "user-error" until my mother-in-law's started to become inconsistent as well. Now hers doesn't even work at all. Ours still misses quite a few cars but it does work on occation.

    I'm currently looking for a replacement....more info

  • It works well enough
    For the price it can't be beat. This unit works as advertised but don't expect more than about 250 foot of range. Keeping the unit on the default detection range I get about 1 year out of the batteries. Just remember to change them in the fall so the batteries are fresh going into the winter months. I had no problems keeping water out of the unit. Anyone who experiences moisture problems can probably put a piece of duct tape over the seam between the two halves. Overall, a good product for the price. P.S. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that a repeater was available to extend the range....more info
  • Driveway Monitor Does the Job!
    I used these reviews to purchase a monitor for my mother and am glad that I chose to ignore the 'highly educated engineer'. This monitor meets the needs of anyone who has a driveway and needs to be alerted to incoming guests. Perhaps the guy who underrated this product needs to spend big bucks to meet his needs. Well satisifed and thanks for having this site to help me make a decision.

    We had previously purchased a cheap $29.95 monitor and it goes without saying 'you get what you pay for'!...more info

    I've been a quality control electronic tech all my life. So I am very thorough about testing.

    SPEC 1. WATERPROOF. The outdoor Sensor/Transmitter implies it is waterproof. But water got inside the unit with the first rain test. Wet battery acid vapors will eat up a circuit board and battery connections in only a few days. Although the instructions do not tell you this, a temporary solution for this is to coat the rubber gasket with silicon grease like DC-4. I said temporary because once the sun warms up the unit, the grease will ooze out and you are right back to being NOT waterproof.

    SPEC 2. 1000 FOOT RANGE. This one is clever wording by DesignTech's marketing people. They state a distance "up to 1000 foot range covers most driveways" on their website. Further into their website patter they claim "up to 600 feet away". Then further in, their test results state "up to 500'". Well which is it? 1000', 600' or 500'? None of my test results ever reached 500 feet. Another reviewer here on Amazon also stated "about 300' feet, 500' was too far". Under perfect conditions, and using a surveyor's measuring tape, I consistently got 240 feet, direct line of sight, seven feet off the ground. Any distance further than 240 feet would not set off the alarm 100% of the time. Because I live on a ranch and my home is about 500 feet from my front gate, I needed something close to 400' to 500' distance.

    On another website that sells DesignTech products, they advertise a $40 DesignTech Long Range antenna (including shipping) that will "approximately double the range" of the Driveway Monitor. Well that would have at least given me 480 feet. NOT SO. The best consistent range I got was 260 feet with their range doubler antenna. Funny I thought doubling 240 would give me 480 feet. By the way, their ad claims that the antenna will double the range, but the 1/2 page instructions that come with the antenna only claim to increase the range by 50%. Go figure.

    I have returned the Driveway Monitor to with "no questions asked". I am still in the process of returning the $40.00 Long Range antenna to the "other" website and they are asking a lot of questions. They also won't pay for return shipping and may insist on a 15% restocking fee. As biased as this sounds, be prudent about purchasing products marked "Made In China". If you are really serious about security, pay the higher money to get a quality product from companies like ADT, AT&T or Wells Fargo. The $120 spent on this product is risky....more info

  • It actually works on my farm
    I needed a monitor for a rural area where motion sensors would likely have many false alarms from deer and other animals. This uses a sensor to detect metal objects in motion -- cars, tractors, 4-wheelers, etc.; and it works. I have had no false alarms and the range is good - about 300' feet, 500' was too far. The monitor is beside a wide dirt road - a farm road wide enough for tractors, and with the sensor set on 'high sensitivity' it has picked up every vehicle, so far.

    I didn't give it four stars, because I am still wondering how long 2 'C' batteries can power the external wireless monitor. For the price, this was an excellent value.

    The lamp monitor is essential for when you are watching a loud movie, listening to music, or using power tools, or maybe 2 of the 3. You may not hear the unit's chime - but you can plug in any light or siren with a normal household plug and it will turn it on when the chime goes off. It is a really nice addition to the monitor....more info

  • Easy To Install
    Very simple, easy to understand diagram and directions. Easy and fast to put together and have up and working in a manner of minutes. The chime sould was loud but the directions addressed that situation and it works just like I thought it would. Only one small screwdriver was needed to have it up and working....more info