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Product Description

Watchport/V2 is Digi's next generation high-performance USB camera for kiosks, ATMs, point-of-sale, ID badging, mobile computing, webcam, or any mission-critical application utilizing camera surveillance. It offers exceptional low light sensitivity (<1 lux), 30 fps USB frame rates at all resolutions and enhanced resolution to deliver optimal picture quality. Watchport/V2 is USB powered and offers Plug and Play installation for easy integration into any new or existing application.

  • Only USB camera of its kind with Windows NT drivers
  • Ideal for photo ID badging,kiosks, ATMs, access control and general surveillance
  • Motion detection software available to create cost-effective remote monitoring system
  • Low light sensitivity: < 1 lux
  • API available for application software development
Customer Reviews:
  • Beware of Bright Lights
    I own two of them. The sharpness, detail, and light sensitivity is excellent. However, there is a significant issue with this camera: the Color CCD sensor can be permanently damaged by exposure to bright light sources, like the sun. The result is a faded, yellow splotch or streak in your images which never goes away. Repeated exposure to bright light will cause the entire image to have a yellowish cast and loss of detail. If you use this camera for viewing an outside scene, make sure you don't catch the sun inside the frame. As the sun moves through its ecliptic, it will steadily burn out more and more of the CCD until the burned section covers a good portion of your image and the camera becomes a doorstop. Both my Watchport cameras are damaged and almost unusable. I wish I had looked at one of the Axis cameras before I bought the Watchport. I've used the cheap Logitech cameras, Philips cameras, D-Link cameras, the Axis cameras, and none of them have had this issue....more info
  • Don't Bother
    I bought this camera, and the first thing I noticed was that the LED light on the cam was not working when it was on. I then noticed that the button to take individual still frames was not working at all when I would push it. I called ionetworks and they told me that alot of units were sent out with the LED not working as it was wired wrong at the factory, and they further added that the button on top was no longer functional to take individual frame shots. ionnetworks then told me that I could send the unit back to them and wait two weeks for a new unit, and that I would have to pay shipping back to them. THEY SHIP DEFECTIVE UNITS AND WE THE CONSUMER HAVE TO PAY FOR IT? The camera constantly gives me artifacts when using with yahoo messenger, it does better when used with MSN. The camera is not consistant either. Although it does "self adjust" to a nice picture SOMETIMES most of the time it is no better or less quality than a logitech 4000. If you are using this cam to chat I do not think it is worth 149.00, when you can get a logitech 4000 on AMAZON for 79.00. As far as for surveillance you can buy an axis camera system that is far better than this, as the watchport does not have built in IR for nighttime viewing. These things were on sale for 99.00 at one point, and they should definately go back to that price....more info
  • 6 years old - still beats the market leaders today!
    I just got the cam today and can only compare it to my cheaper Creative VideoBlaster Webcam Plus which it should beat hands down considering the price difference - and it does. However, here's the startling part:

    This cam was released about 6 years ago (at least!). Originally it was called Vicam, but in early 1999 it was licensed to 3Com and sold as the 3Com HomeConnect PC Digital Camera. 3Com discontinued it for some reason, and so now it is sold by Digi International and Inside Out Networks (same thing?) as Watchport/V. Back in 1999 the MSRP was apparently the same as today: $199. Surprising? Here's why:

    Look at a webcam test on Tom's Hardware Guide (Google it) from last fall. Here it is compared to the new models from Creative and Logitech - NX Ultra, QuickCam Pro 4000, QuickCam Orbit and more. The winner is: Watchport/V!

    So here's to the market leaders Creative and Logitech. Impressive that you can stay on top selling webcams anno 2005 which still lose out to this cam from 1999 (or before?). What have your engineers been doing for the last 6 years, by the way?

    I installed the cam on a Win98SE machine, and it worked out of the box. However, much of the value is in the Watchport Manager software which for some reason wasn't on the supplied CD, but you can download it for free (along with the newest driver) from Inside Out Nerworks' website. In fact, it would be a good idea to download the software and check it out before deciding whether to buy this cam.

    I'm disappointed to realize that I've just paid $150 for a 6 year old webcam. On the other hand I can only be happy that I didn't pay for one of Creative's or Logitech's all but innovative models. Would you?...more info