Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly
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Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly is a great new platform adventure starring the cutest dragon hero around!

A sequel to Spyro: Year of the Dragon, a bestselling title for the first PlayStation console, Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly sees Ripto return with a plan to steal the dragonflies of the Dragon Realms. To combat his foes, Spyro's existing set of abilities has been enhanced with new features such as electric, ice, and bubble breath. Equipped with newly acquired skills, amazing new vehicles, and help from new and old friends, Spyro must find a way to return the dragonflies and restore order to the Dragon Realm.

  • When Spyro returns to the Dragon Realm, he discovers that his homeland is in chaos. The Dragonflies that dragons need to survive have disappeared, and Spyro goes on a quest to free them!
  • Use Spyro's incredible new breath weapon in 25 dynamic levels
  • Blast away with Fire, Ice, Electricity & Bubble Breath while you fight your way through enemies and avoid obstacles
  • Exciting action is waiting for you -- ride tanks and UFOs as you collect gems and free Dragonflies and experience what it is to be a dragon hero!

Customer Reviews:

  • what happened to spyro?
    When I first saw this game in Best Guy, I thought "Wow, cool! The new Spyro games's out!" Then I bought it for $50. That moment I could've ate the $50 bill, crapped it out, wiped myself with it and give it to a homeless guy and I would've had more fun then I did with this piece of crap you call a game. The music sounds like a retarded monkey in a music shop. The voice acting is so choppy, it sounds like William Shatner after eating a peanut-butter sandwhich with popcorn kernels. It's like Confidential Mission or House of the Dead for the Arcade. This game makes South Park Rally look like Banjo Tooie. So in short, this game sucks...more info
  • I hated this game!
    I have always enjoyed the other games, but this one suck. In the other games you visited other worlds, and had really great challenges. But this was only in one little world, and hardly any levels or challenges. I would suggest you not get this game. It was really bad. The only thing that was good was the change in the quality of the graphics compared to the other games, and the extra special powers that Spyro gets. But to be honost, it's not worth having. I mean I beat this game in half a day and I like games that are challenging and take some time to accomplish. Not something that you can beat in half a day. Don't waist your time or money on this game. It isn't worth it....more info
  • Spyro is a classic!!!
    If anyone hasn't played the newest Spyro I really recommend you should. There are great new features. The best has to be his added breath options. There are a few to chose from: fire, ice, bubbles and electric. The visual design of the game is also stellar. The graphics rock. I hope that future Spyro games are this good....more info
  • Bad Port for GC
    If you're going to play Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly on a GameCube, I'd rent it and have a look at the sub-par porting job...It seems like they took it from the psx driver. The graphics are nice, sure, but the frames jump from 60 to 15 or so. Really really choppy, definately not something you'd expect out of a gamecube. I think Majesco needs to have a talk with their software team. If it was as smooth as a game like...Crazy Taxi for example, it would be an awesome game....more info
  • terrible game
    spyro enter the dragonfly is a pathetic excuse for a game. theres numerous glitches jagginess in graphics and too much gem collecting. youre going to have to go around collecting as much as 1000 gems yes 1000 gems. one of the things i liked about spyro games was that they were fairly long. each had somewhere between 20-30 levels. but this peice of junk has only 8. besides the game is just a much worse version of all the others. i love spyro but i hate this game. not only that enter the dragonfly has one of the worst camera systems ever. simple things like trying to jump from one platform to another at very close range can be a difficult task. usuaully i just fall and its in lau island. if you fall you have to swim underwater then do about 5 more minutes of platform jumping every single time. youll fall quite often off a platform then its another 5 minutes of pointless irritating work. and if you beat this game geuss what happens nothing. the game has groce camer angles awful storyline telling repetitive levels and unfair controls. whatever you do do not buy this game. just rent it if you must play it....more info
  • Slowwww Loader
    I bought this game for my kids, but I've also enjoyed playing the games as well. This is the first Spyro game that I could cook a meal and play at the same time!! World warping takes an average of 2-3 MINUTES to load to the next world. Graphics are still good as is the story,but the excess time that it thats is enough for my kids not to want to play....more info
  • Fun,but not extravagent
    The purple dragon is back on Gamecube!

    First,let me get this straight,if you buy this,don't have ANY pre-concieved ideas of what's is gonna be like.You many end up dissapointed...Anyways,

    Spyro:Enter the Dragonfly is very well put-together game.The plots flows,the graphics rule,and the music is catchy.The levels are VERY detailed and there's plenty of hidden corners and secluded spots to snoop out.My only issue,is that is just doesn't seem to have as much as the Playstation and GBA games.But if you're a die-hard fan of Spyro,or just a fan of pleasurable,entertaining game,this is a good one.

    Just don't get any ideas of what's it'll be like!...more info
  • Not bad
    It's not the original Spyro games, but it's a nice sit down and play game. There are glitches in the game but nothing to bad that I have found. ...more info
  • Old Spyro gamers will be let down.
    I loved Spyro for PSX. It was so much fun, it lasted a very long time, there were tons of levels, and it was a flat-out great game. So, I was so exited when I saw this game on the shelves. I immediatly got it, looked at the atlas, and whoa-there's less than ten levels? It was also kind of pathetic how they couldn't come up with new ideas; there was too much of the same. It might just be my GCube, but it was really slow. Aside from all that, it's a Spyro game, so it's fun, but nothing in comparison to any of the other games. Sorry Insomniac, but would ya think a little more?...more info
  • ps1 spyro games are better
    i love spyro iv played all of them this is the worst not the worst season of ice is the worst you barley see hunter bianca pofesser is not even there money bags is only on the first level ripto is only seen two times on riptos rage you see him 6 times and why isnt crush and gulp arnt a boss riptos hard but doesnt take long to beat him only takes 3 hits and he just gives up but on spyro 2 it takes like 40 hits and plus he doesnt give up he dies...more info
  • Spyro - Pretty Good!
    Enter the Dragon could have easily banked on the popularity of the other Spyro games, but it succeds in adding new features and a new journey to produce a grade A game. Ripto is back and Spyro must collect dragonflies that have been scattered everywhere to prevent Ripto's evil plan. I like the way the game handles and especially like the different places Spyro visits. They are very elaborately illustrated. A few examples are a rainbow and monsoon. The music and voice acting also sound great. I hope to find other games that interest me as much as Spyro....more info
  • just okay.
    I used to play this game all the time as a kid, so I thought I'd give it a try and buy it. It's very addicting :)....more info
  • Spyro:Enter The Dragonfly
    This is a game that is advertised so well,and you'll think this game is just like the other spyros.You are really wrong. This game only has one boss named Ripto. You could beat this game faster than any other spyro. Talk about ruining the Spyro series....more info
  • this game is the pitt's
    wow this game is the end to the spyro line. It lacks entertainment value,its hard to master the controls,and its also a rip off of a good 20-30 some dollars. if it was my oppinion i would discontinue the game, becausethis game really is a stinker!...more info
  • this game STUNK!!!!!!
    i wish i could give it 0 stars, but its not a choice. where should i start?? the first level...no comment. the first level took me an hour and i STILL didnt finish it...pointles game!! thats ALL i have to say about it. i was smart and rented it and am i glad i didnt buy it...for those of you who like to be bored...this is the perfect game for you!!...more info
    This game is HORIBBLE. There are annoying glitches galore, gameplay is absolutly awful, and the story is stupid. The old Spyros, even though the graphics are a little out dated, are fun and witty. This game is a disgrace (hope this doesn't happen to Ratchet and Clank). ...more info
  • This is the best spyro game ever! By Prston cocoli
    The graphics are perfect the gamplay is awesome the sound is wonderful the coolnes is overwilming I would recomend this game for a holiday gift 100% this is the best game ever This is a cool game!!...more info
  • Spyro:Enter The Dragonfly
    This is a game that is advertised so well,and you'll think this game is just like the other spyros.You are really wrong. This game only has one boss named Ripto. You could beat this game faster than any other spyro. Talk about ruining the Spyro series....more info
  • This is the best spyro game ever! By Prston cocoli
    The graphics are perfect the gamplay is awesome the sound is wonderful the coolnes is overwilming I would recomend this game for a holiday gift 100% this is the best game ever This is a cool game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Enter The Dragonfly is GREAT!!!
    Spyro has always been regarded as a good collection of games. Enter the dragonfly is totally kick A##. There is hours of game play. Countless worlds to discover and catch those dragonflies. Spyro travels instyle on new vehicals such as a surfboard. The last thing I pictured on a surfboard was a dragon. Anyway so I also was impressed by the realistic way the characters look when they move around. Great job there. In all an excellent game and excellent buy....more info
  • Gr
    This game is horrid. It's slow, ridiculously hard is some parts and hard in others, and just horrid. The game play is sketchy, the plot is meaningless, the controls are badly designed... Dont' bother spending your money on this....more info
  • It's Good, But Not a Leap Over Spyro 3
    I got this for our new GameCube because Spyro 3 is the best thing that ever happened to our Playstation.

    Well, this Spyro is good, and it does build on that last one, but in my mind, it's not a significant enough improvement over 3. In fact, it actually reminds me more of the first Spyro. I just hope it gets better as we get further into it, but my son (5), who played Spyro 3 constantly for several weeks, has basically ignored this one, which is a shame.

    If you've never played Spyro, GET THIS GAME. But if you've played 3 just don't be surprised that it feels very similar to that one....more info

  • Cute Game, But Really Not That Great
    I do not reccomend this game to you if you play the Gamecube mostly for the experience of stunning graphics and awesome animation. The character modeling (how every character in the game was drawn up in 3D for the game) it is almost as bad as Nintendo 64. The animation of the charcters is not realistic and there are scenes where characters are walking and they look like they're sliding across the ground.

    If you want a better visual experience play Super Mario Sunshine, Starfox Adventures, a Need for Speed game, or Sonic Adventure DX...more info

  • Great fun!
    If you aren't a fan of Spyro you will be after this game. There are many levels where Spyro searches for dragonflies. The music and voice acting is done well. Also the animation is stellar. When spyro moves it looks pretty real. Also, he can shoot ice, electricity, bubles and fire. in all great fun. Playable anytime and by anyone. Good or all ages....more info
  • Very Disappointing
    The gameplay is excrutiatingly slow and the graphics get choppy if you get Spyro to run. All in all, compared to the other Spyro Playstation platform games, this is a joke. Any visual improvements are lost in the sloppy design and game flow.

    Bring back Insomniac!...more info

  • Not the best video game.
    This video game is full of glitches, and gets very boring quickly, for example; when you fight ripto he's actully quite hard, but gives up very quickly after you deffeat him you think "I cant beilive I caught 90 (or 65) dragonflys,and a boring battle with Ripto is the thanks I get!?...more info
  • could be better
    I bought this game on the weekend and have already won it. It's a very easy game. Not the best challenges. My copy of the game also has an error in it. In the Dragonfly Dojo when you race the Ninja's it will not let you exceed 3rd place. Even when you pass all the Ninja's it still says your in 3rd place. It's not a big deal but it makes it impossible to get a perfect score in the game.
    On the other hand, this game is great for young kids who aren't too avid gameplayers. It is cute and entertaining, just doesn't last long....more info
  • The Fantastic Spyro Games Continue
    Like the past Spyro games, this one doesn't disappoint. When I first began the game I didn't know what to expect, but after messing around with it for a bit it reminded me of the prior games. I like the way it handles and there are new features. besides the main game there are also mini-games. Sometimes I find myself playing the mini-games more then trying to catch all of the dragonflies and "beat" the game. The voice acting was good too....more info
  • Spyro enter the garbage desposal
    Spyro 4 sucks! It freezes up to many times. The breaths are cool, but the game sucks. The plot is stupid. Plus they switched the people who made it. Spyro 2 and 3 I recomend that you get them. Camera angles suck. Camera angles suck. It sucks monkey butt....... Cudos to X Play....more info
  • Ugh, Freezes up all the time!
    I love almost every apect of this game, except is has a habit of freezeing up especially on challenge boards when you are winning. Personally I like this one the least of all the Spryo's and I love these games!...more info
  • Encore please!
    Yeah, I said that! I think this game is awesome! You critics out there need to play the whole game before you start talking about my purple friend. I personally think the graphics are outstanding and the gameplay is entertaining as hek. Lands are huge and there's room and time to explore the area. If you explore the land good enough and find all the dragonflies, then you get a special ending for passing the game at 100%. The only problem though is that gameplay is relatively short, only being about 15 hours. But if you a lover of platform games like I am, then you definitely gots to add this to your game collection....more info
  • Very boring and easy
    This is the worst game ever, definately not a good game. Kids may like it a little, but if you all are 10 and over dont buy this. This is the easiest game ever and incredibly BORING. Trust me, this is not worth buying, and if you get it, go trade it in at Gamestop, I got 11 dollars for it and I got it for 10 dollars at Massachusetts....more info
  • Great Game *** Spyro Enter the Dragonfly
    Anyone who loves the Spyro franchise will totally be into the newest Spyro game ~ Enter the Dragonfly. The game brings back some of the old characters and also introduces some new ones. There is also added breath options and new environments to visit. Catching dragonflies, collecting gems, ridding ufos & surfboards and much more. I hope future Spyro games will be coming soon....more info
  • Not as good as playstation 1 spyro
    I love Spyro for PS1 and the only reason I wanted PS2 was for Spyro. Thank goodness I have found other games because this one is not good at all. Spyro's reaction and walking is slower and doesn't move as smoothly as the PS1 versions do. I didn't even want to continue playing the game so my 4 year old son plays it now and it even makes him mad at times. I would not recommend this game for anyone who truly loves Spyro and is used to playing him on PS1. ...more info
  • Short & Easy
    This game is fun...when the camera is acting right. I thought it was just me, but after reading through some of the other reviews, I'm glad to know that I wasn't being crazy. That is one of the biggest problems with the game. I also didn't like that it was so short. Playing for just a few hours will get you more than 50% through. But other than that it is a very fun game to play. I LOVE Spyro, but I had to give it 3 stars for these reasons:

    --too short
    --too easy (and I can't believe I'm complaining. The others are easy, but not like this, it's ridiculous.)
    --camera is glitchy (which makes for very frustrating gameplay)
    --disturbing long load times
    --no extra lives for flamming extra fodder (and you need them with that horrible camera)

    --the graphics & music are great
    --the plot is tolerable
    --Spyro Rocks
    --it's easy for those gaming-challenged individuals
    --it's fun...more info