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The Princess Diaries (Full Screen Edition)
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Mia is a bright but terribly shy teenager whose goal is to surviive school with a minimum of attention & embarrassment. Unfortunately her wish is thwarted when her estranged grandmother arrives and delivers the shocking news that shes a real life princess. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 05/11/2007 Starring: Julie Andrews Hector Elizondo Run time: 115 minutes Rating: G

A thoroughly engaging fairy tale that's family friendly without being condescending, The Princess Diaries is your basic Cinderella makeover story given a fresh, affectionate twist courtesy of a game, energetic cast and a screenplay that skirts schmaltz in favor of gentle, effective comedy. Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) is a frizzy-haired, glasses-wearing 15-year-old girl whose two highest ambitions are to become invisible and to get a few smooches from the slickly attractive school heartthrob. As a girl who can't stand being the center of attention so much that she throws up during debate class, she's stunned and horrified when her coolly continental grandmother (Julie Andrews) shows up and informs her that she's the crown princess of the European principality Genovia. Soon enough, Mia has to undertake "princess lessons" (and a makeover) from her queenly grandmother, and eventually she blossoms into a confident, radiant girl--despite the worries and pressure that her newfound status brings. What makes The Princess Diaries work is director Garry Marshall's guileless, irony-free approach to the material (based on Meg Cabot's novel). In comparison to most snarky, ultra-hip teen comedies, The Princess Diaries is refreshingly and enjoyably square, content to win you over on charm alone and not a slick bag of tricks. Hathaway is a charismatic, appealing role model with a sharp sense of comic timing, and Andrews--who came to stardom as the object of a makeover supreme in My Fair Lady on Broadway--is at her regal best whether teaching Mia the proper royal wave or learning how to eat a corndog. Both leading ladies are complemented by a finely tuned cast, including Hector Elizondo as Genovia's head of security (and romantic counterpart to Andrews), Heather Matarazzo as Mia's best pal, and Robert Schwartzman as the good guy who ultimately wins Mia's heart. All in all, a royal pleasure. --Mark Englehart

Customer Reviews:

  • princess diary
    we saw the movie on Disney Channel but did not saw all of it. So we decided to get the movie. It was funny and it was great to see the movie....more info
  • The book is better!
    Apparently based on some of the reviews I've seen here, a plethora of people do not seem to know that the movie is based upon (or is supposed to be) the book "The Princess Diaries" by Meg Cabot, I believe.

    This movie is cute. However, this is not to say that it barely follows the book. The only things that are in the movie that are like the book, are the fact that Mia acquires princess lessons, goes out with Josh to the dance, finds out she's a princess, Mia's mother dates one of her teachers, Lilly yells at her when she sees her hair, and a few other things.

    In the movie, when Lilly sees that her friend is turning to someone similar to Lana, she becomes angry. In the book, she ignores her for quite a large bit of the story. In The movie gives the impression that Mia's grandmother is a loving woman but they have not spoken in fifteen years. In the novel, Mia does speak to her grandmother but never was able to figure out that she was a princess (in the book grandmother is a princess, not a queen) of Genovia herself. In addition, Mia's grandmother is not the nicest of people. Furthermore, the Prince of Genovia, Mia's father is still alive. The only thing is that he can not have any more children.

    I think you understand my meaning. Please, read the book instead....more info

  • Anne Hathaway looks as beautiful as other Disney Princesses!

    This movie was just as dreamlike and beautiful as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. When I saw Mia Thermopolis in the first scene, with curly hair and glasses, I knew they were trying to make her seem like an unattractive, unimpressive girl with no looks. But it really was hard to believe so! Even with those heavy glasses and thick hair she looked pretty! Julie Andrews as Queen Clarisse fitted the role like a key in a lock. Mia's relationship with her mother and her reactions to the biggest and most unexpected information about her own life were totally realistic. Her neighbour, the man who wrote plays all day, was so so funny!! I liked Hector Elizondo in the movie too. Another person whose role completely suited him. And the ending was almost touching. Mia makes her decision, whether or not to accept the throne of Genovia, based on her father's letter to her! Another thing that makes the movie an amazing fairy tale is Mia's wish of popping her leg up while kissing! It reminds me of those Disney cartoons where they talk of the 'kiss of true love' solving all problems forever!
    Princess Diaries is for anyone in the family even remotely interested in dreamy fairy tales and queens and beautiful princesses!! Can't wait to watch part 2!...more info
  • Royal Troubles
    The Princess Diaries
    Staring Anne Hathaway

    Okay so maybe not the best movie in the world but I think its still pretty great! This movie has some hillarious scenes and great acting. Anne Hathaway who is by the way A really great actress fits the character perfectly. My favriote of the sequal style movie is definitl the Princess Diaries #2 Dont get me wrong #1 is fantastic but #2 is Quirky and funny.
    This movie I think is as a rate of 3 stars because I felt as if the movie should have maybe clued the viewers i a little more. Dont get me wrong this movie is good but definitly not for all ages I think eight year olds might sit still throgh this movie I dont think that many teens would be to interested in this movie.
    [...]...more info
  • A Royal Party!
    Princess Diaries is a great movie. I laugh a lot every time I see it!

    Mia (Hathaway) is in high school and she is invisible to everyone but her best friend and her best friends brother! She has a crush on a popular guy who also sees her as invisible. Until Mia finds out she is a princess...she tries to keep this a secret but it ends up getting out and then everyone including the popular kids wants to hang with Mia!

    You watch Mia go through the hard life of being in love and someone not loving her the same...Someone loving Mia and her being blind to it (Rooney's lead singer!) and best friend trials. It is full of comedy and romance and was well made. Mia tries hard to have a foot popping experience but finds out what true love really is in the end!

    The music to this movie is great and this movie has a great moral what goes around comes around. I don't think you will be disappointed when you watch this movie!
    ...more info
  • I love ugly duckling into swan movies
    Why? Because I identify so much with them! Lets take Mia for example. Like me she has: bad hair, glasses, a bit geeky, and clumsy to boot. The only thing Anne Hathaway wasn't 'blessed' with during this movie was bad skin. Why not?!

    I must admit I'm a sucker for a good Cinderella story, after all, what girl wouldn't want a hunk carrying her away from everything? (And doing stuff to her afterwards that Disney can't show?) This isn't that much of a Cinderella story, although it's loosely based around the idea. There is the fairy godmother, but there's no prince charming - the guys were not cute in this movie!

    The only thing that stops this movie from becoming four stars, is the fact it's so slow!!! The first hour flies by, the second absolutely drags. It has a few funny moments, particularly when they're at the big fancy dinner, but that's about it.

    I loved the fact that this movie was directed by Garry Marshall, the same guy who directed Pretty Woman. Even some of the same actors appear in this. Allan Kent who plays the waiter at state dinner says the words, "Happens all the time." He said the same words as the waiter in Pretty Woman. Patrick Richwood, who played elevator operator Dennis in Pretty Woman also appears as Mia's next door neighbour. Also, you may also spot Hector Elizonda, who was the hotel manager, Barney Thompson.

    There's an underlying romance (since Mia wasn't getting any) going on between Hector & the fabulous Julie Andrews, which was hinted at during the movie, but never really brought forward. However, this relationship Queen Clarisse Renaldi and Joseph was not scripted. The dance scene and the underlying affection was added by the two actors. According to Hector Elizondo, "We felt that a romance after 50 was important to tell and it can be sensual and sexy while keeping your clothes on."

    The scene where Mia trips and falls in the bleachers was real. Anne Hathaway had tripped while doing the scene, and director Garry Marshall thought it was funny, he inserted it in the final cut. Hector also played basketball several hours solo in the rain for the few seconds shown in the movie.

    Two of my boyfriend's favourite women also appear in this, and they are Mandy Moore and Heather Matarazzo. Neither have really big parts, and Heather plays her usual role, of being a really little whine at times, and also a snob. Mandy played a blonde cheerleader, and once more, she sings a song during this. Why?! Why must she always sing in movies, to constantly remind she was a not-so-successful singer before this? Grrrrrr. She was a real cow in this movie, and thankfully, she got her come-uppance, cos I was about ready to strangle her!

    The plot is predictable, and the extras are majorly fluffy, but what else do you expect from a Disney movie? Anne Hathaway held her own against the other bigger name stars, and really shone in this movie. And she did the ugly duckling/swan looks really well. It will be interesting to see how the sequel goes, as I don't really think they could have done much more with it than already done.

    I don't think as some reviewers have mentioned this is a kiddie version of Pretty Woman. For starters, there's no handsome hunk to sweep the lead off her feet, in fact, the whole guy-lusting-after-girl-but-she-only-notices-the-popular-guy-at-school is really dumbed down, and hardly a major part of the movie. I think I prefer Pretty Woman though - Garry Marshall has never surpassed that movie.

    This movie will never be considered a classic, and is pretty much forgettable a while after watching it. It's nothing special, although Anne Hathaway could do with a little nudge in the right direction, and she'll become a star....more info
  • delightful
    I found this movie to be a delightfully entertaining and well-done movie. I think the casting was perfect....more info
  • great and easy transaction!
    Great and easy transaction--fast shipping and product arrived in great condition. I would definitely recommend this seller!...more info
  • Lovely!
    This movie is so charming. Anne Hathaway is perfect as the nerd to princess. Although the premise is not totally believable , "Miracles Happen". It was wonderful to see Julie Andrews in a movie. I felt that the story was well written, well cast , and well directed. My hats off to Gary Marshall for taking the care to do such a nice film. I can see the comparisons to Pretty Woman. If you liked Pretty Woman, you will love this film. ...more info
    I loved this movie from the very start. It has great acting, awesome plot, and is just plain funny!! Anne Hathaway sparkles as an awkward teenage girl just trying to fit in. I reccomend this movie for the entire family!! (unless you have a teenage/preteen son)It is incredible!!...more info
  • The Royal Princess
    I think the book and the movie where the same in these wayes. They both had the same had the same plot line which she did not want to a princess. The book and the movie had the same charters. In both the book and the movie her mom started to date her teacher. A poplure boy she likes embrasses her in front Of everbody.

    The Differinces between the book and the movie are that in the book her mom is dating her algabra teacher and in the movie her mom is dating her debate teacher. In the movie when she got enbrassed it was at a beach pary in the book it was at a school dane. In the book her dad is alive but has cancer. In the movie her dad had alredy died of cancer. In the movie she had never met her grandmother in the book she spent every summer wit her grandmother.
    ...more info
  • Part 1 of the Princess Diairies series
    How would you react, if you live your life, and then one day, you find out that you are royall family, that is what Mia Thermopolis finds out in this movie, I mean would you believe it. I know that I would have to watch this movie before watching the sequel, to get a better understanding of the series. When the movie opens, Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) is just shy of her 16th birtday, and goes to school, and lives with her Mom (Caroline Goodall), and doesn't even know that her father was royal, and that she is a princess, until her Mom tells her that her long lost grandmother Clarisse Renaldi (Julie Andrews) has come to vist, and wants to meet her and have tea, so even through she hates it, goes to the hotel, that she is staying, and there she is informed that she is a princess by her grandmother, and her father was the king, her parents was like dirvoced, and her father had passed away. And her grandmother orders her to not tell anybody until the royal ball, or the press will have a field day with this story, she goes to school by day, and she even tell her best friend Lilly Moscovitz (Heather Matarazzo) that her grandma has sent her the limo, to get on her good side, and it is driven by her grandma's head of scercuity (Hector Elizondo). Even, though with the negtive reviews, I still liked this movie, and maybe soon I will own my own copy of the film. ...more info
  • Great Walt Disney Movie
    I really enjoyed the followup to The Princess Diaries. Both movies are enjoyable by all ages. They are wholesome movies for the whole family...more info
  • The girls really love this film... it's a must-buy for home!
    We saw this at the theatre, and I have to admit that it wasn't the movie that we planned to see (which was sold out). We weren't at all disappointed, and have since purchased the DVD and watched it umpteen times with all the girlfriends of my teenage daughter. It's a 'feel-good' movie that will make you smile on a cloudy day!...more info
  • Great Movie!
    I bought this for my granddaughters and they love it. They watch it over and over....more info
  • The Princess Diaries
    I just love this movie. I have watched this several times & enjoy it each & every time I watch it. When I am down I watch Princess Diaries 1 & 2 & it cheers me up. I wish stuff like this really did happen in real life. I would be in 7th heaven....more info
  • the best "happily ever after" movies
    i love the first princess diaries. its beautifully done. the acting is great. a movie the whole family will enjoy. take my word my mom loves this movie and bought it for me the first day the special edition came out. its great. ann hatheway has found her self a new my mom)watch it its wonderfully magical and funny....more info
  • As listed, but.....
    Received well ahead of scheduled date but would have preferred a standard blank case instead of an oversized case. Played well!...more info
  • Awful
    This movie is unrealistic and poorly made. By "unrealistic", I don't mean that the concept of "ordinary girl becomes princess" is stupid. I'm always game for some good fantasy. But the way the characters responded to their circumstances seemed stilted and unnatural. Also, the happenings of the movie didn't make much sense. Case in point: Near the end of the movie, Mia is crying in a broken-down car, wet and bedraggled, because she can't make it to the royal ball, while her grandmother (the Queen) is about to announce to thousands of people that the Princess has abdicated her duties. Suddenly, the screen goes black, and in the next scene Mia is clean, dry, and dressed in a beautiful gown, making her royal entrance. Huh? This is just one example; over half the scenes are done like this. Basically, this movie was unacceptable to me, and I really hope that the books it was based on were better than this....more info
  • Are you kidding me?
    4.5 stars? I can't believe it! This movie is awful!
    I'm not a guy and I'm a teenage girl, but seriously who will love this dumb movie?
    Ok, there's a normal girl find out she's princess blah blah blah... so damn boring! The story is pointless, acting are anoying, not fun, not funny, unrealitic...etc.,etc
    I hate this movie....more info
  • really cute
    this was a really cute movie, really different from the books which i think are better. Something for the whole family to watch....more info
    I NEED WIDE SCREAN I LOVE THIS MOVIE IT"S ALWAYS makes me happy when I watch it ahh(...) ALSO I love ELLA ENChanted THE MOVIE AND BOOK...

    I need a hero
    I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
    He's gotta be strong
    And he's gotta be fast
    And he's gotta be fresh from the fight
    I need a hero
    I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
    He's gotta be sure
    And it's gotta be soon
    And he's gotta be larger than life


    PS. Go to MC DEE's (MC Donalds) AND but an ADULT HAPPY MEAL IT"S COOL...more info

  • Sweet and Innocent
    The princess diary takes a look at the awkwardness of growing up. Mia Thermopolis lives in a refurbished San Francisco firehouse with her mother Helen and cat. A nerdy neighbor suspect sometime strange is happening next door. Mia sleeps upstairs in the loft and slides down a fire pole ended at the main floor. Who wouldn't love to sleep in a firehouse loft and slide down a fire pole each morning?

    Mia awkwardness is best expressed when during a "Josh kissing Mia daydream", Mia gets chocolate ice cream smeared against her uniform; or when Mia throws up after being embarrassed during debate practice; or when she stumbles over her thick soled shoes as she practices walking with a stately glide; or when Mia's car breaks down on the way to the acceptance ball, too be rescued by Joseph, as she sits crying in the rain. Joseph not Josh is the white knight to Mia's rescue. Joseph is both understanding with Mia and very helpful in assisting Mia to become a beautiful young woman. Joseph and Queen Clarisse help gently push Mia from the nest and help Mia fly.

    Helen manages a career, as an artist. Helen is a single mother, keeps secrets from Mia, and manages to get date with Mia's debate coach. Mia and Helen rock climb together. Mia and Helen are more friends then mother-daughter. Mia discovers she is heir too a small European principality of Genovia, a secret her mother kept from her. Helen wanted Mia to grow up, be educated, and suffer like all non-royalty, but on her 16th birthday choice. The character development between Lilly, Lilly's brother, and Mia was minimal. Lilly is a "save the earth" outcast, who pulled Mia into her cause. Mia pretends to share Lilly interests because she is her friend.

    Lilly, at first likes Mia changes in popularity and status. Lilly loves Mia makeover but over time, Lilly spends most of her time mumbling and nagged Mia. Lilly can see their friendship disappearing. Lilly's brother seems too gawk at Mia most of the time but at the end managed to dance with her at the acceptance ball.

    The central fantasy of this movie was the make over. Every young girl believes cosmetics, perfect hair, and great clothes will transform them into popularity, affection with boys, and success. Character development is the essence of a person. Mia discovers both. The beauty stylist ask Mia if her these were her glasses. When Mia says, "yes" he snaps them in half. The stylist says to Mia, "If Brooke Shields married Groucho Marx, that child would have your eyebrows." Mia gets her frizzed hairs straighten but not before the wood brush is broke trying to navigate through it. Next, the eyebrows are plucked and cucumbers placed over her eyes. Straight hair, eye shadow, eyelid coloring, cheek color, lipstick, and contacts restore the princess image. The change catches Joshes attention and Lilly's brother, the quiet musician.

    The choice to accept or reject royalty may seem complex but it was not. Mia almost immediately chose wealth, prestige, and royalty from the moment she met her grand mother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi. Joseph head of security escort Mia around town by limousine. Joseph secretly has a love for the queen but she can't, at the moment, accept his love because she must manage the kingdom.

    The Queen educated Mia on matters of manners, etiquette, statesmanship, and power. Mia role as a princess only required to claim what was hers by birthright and this made her immediate famous. The media received a tip from the hair designer about Mia royal status and TVs attention immediately converge on the High school. Mia royalty had the affect of launching her into celebrity status. The tabloids exploited this fact and followed her every move.

    In one scene, Queen Clarisse knights two officers rather than receive a speeding ticket. The officers are dumbfounded and accept knighthood with all its perks. The irony of the situation makes one laugh, they go out to give a ticket, run into a stately dress woman in her mid 50s, and become a knight of Genovia. Mia arrives at the ball and accepts her title as princess of Genovia. Mia is amazed as she arrives by helicopter to the exclusive castle on the hill, for which, she will take possession of. Wealth has its privileges.

    The movie has no real villains. The cheerleader nemesis played by Mandy Moore offers no opposition rather ignores Mia and continues expressing her affection to Josh cause jealousy on Mia's part.
    ...more info
  • Princess Diaries
    I was very pleased with the service and products I received from Amazon. I have been buying from them for quite some time and have never been dissappointed....more info
  • Girls will love this!!
    Every girl who's always dreamed of being a princess will love this movie. Mia is a quirky teen who doesn't really fit in, but everything changes when she discovers she's a princess!! Buy this one and the sequel, very good!!...more info
    Mandy Moore, who played Lana, in The Princess Dairies, made the entire movie worth watching. She looked amazing in that cheerleading outfit, but to bad she got conned by Mia. I think Mandy Moores character is a true inspiration to all girls who are good looking. Lets face it, looks are everything. Sorry unattractive girls....more info
  • *Good Movie For Everyone!*
    A good movie for the family to enjoy.Entertaining and enjoyable to watch.One to be shared....more info
  • This Movie Is A Comedy Gem!!!And Anne Hathaway Is HOT!!!
    In this movie geeky High School Student Mia Thermopolis discovers that she is in fact an Heiress to the Throne of Genovia in Europe. Her initial reaction is one of Horror as she informs her Grandmother that " I'm just want to be invisible and I'm good at it".Watching Mia's transformation from clumsy schoolgirl to sophisticated woman is a true delight and the transformation itself is quite funny.This movie teaches the viewer a few lessons abour Peer Pressure and growing up to face one's responsibilities in Life. I give this movie 5 stars because it all works so well and comes together so gracefully....more info
  • Enjoyable film
    I enjoy both of the films.
    Enjoyable but not perfect films. The reason I saw both in the first place was to watch Julie's performance.
    She is perfect in her role as Queen Clarisse Renaldi.

    Hector Elizondo was also god in his Joseph/Joe role in both films.

    I hated Larry Miller's character. It was SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY. I found it hurtful & rude.

    This special edition is good. You have both the wide screen & full screen viewing options.

    Extras good. Outtakes, deleted scenes good.
    The "A New Princess" on disc 2, the "making of" special was good as well BUT MISSING 1 THING. WHERE THE HECK WAS HECTOR ELIZONDO? A staple in Garry's films, why was he not spoken to? That I thought was disappointing not to have that.
    ...more info
    The excellent casting of Julie Andrews as the Queen of Genovia and newcomer Anne Hathaway as the reluctant princess instills THE PRINCESS DIARIES with its undeniable charm. Hathaway plays commoner 15 year old Mia, the class invisible girl, whose life is thrown into chaos when Queen Julie arrives to tell her that she is the sole daughter to the Prince of Genovia, and theretofore, the next in line to rule the kingdom. A MY FAIR LADY transformation occurs, with the formerly nerdy Mia becoming quite a fetching young woman to the dismay of her best friend and wanna be boyfriend (marvelously embodied by Heather Matarazzo and Robert Schwartzman). Hathaway brings the right amount of naivete and insecurity to her role, while Andrews is regal as always. Hector Elizondo is marvelous as the Queen's security chief and possible love interest as well. Although predictable in its resolution, the movie is charming, well done and entertaining....more info
    Rather tepid, uncreative offering from Disney, Inc. involving the well worn formula of yet "another spin" on the rags-to-riches story. Anne Hathaway plays Mia, and of course, Julie Andrews, do the best they can. They are troopers with a so-so script that really keeps its focus on the teen trauma, that IS adolescence. Unfortunately, adults will become rather distracted and start counting the lonely minutes, as the film wears on. The script tends to really drag, laden with the usual provisos that require more than a few dull-witted adults, hip kids, et al. Worse yet, the script aims at the adolescent thought zone and stay there, making it way too cute to suspend a gram of belief. Throw in the fact grandma is the head of state of a country, and knowing her name and being totally oblivious to this fact, is a serious stretch. Julie Andrews comes as close to anyone, to being the antagonist of the film. I'm sorry, but the mere thought of Julie Andrews being nasty or even rude to anyone, could bring down the republic. She is a goddess of musical entertainment, and we would still worship her anyway. The real standout of this pic is Hector Elizondo, who is believable, likeable and charismatic, as Joe. The scenes between him and Julie are some of the best. THE PRINCESS DIARIES is not one of the best, but it's not the worst, by far. Just don't expect any of the usual nod and wink moments of adult humor, that keeps those over twenty on their toes. This one makes it over the hump, to be recommended....more info