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Cyber Acoustics CA-3001RB 2.1 Subwoofer/Satellite System- Black
List Price: $19.99

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Product Description

Cyber Acoustics CA-3001 is the most affordable 3-piece subwoofer system on the market. It has an ergonomic space saving design, with a convenient desktop volume control and a cloth grill cover. The system includes a floor style tower subwoofer, a 3" poly carbon, high excursion woofer and 2" high frequency satellite radiators. It features a power on/off switch and a power on indicator.

Enjoy the ergonomic, space-saving design of Cyber Acoustics' affordable 2.1-channel PC speaker system. The 14-watt (total) system encompasses a pair of compact satellite speakers and a powered subwoofer to round out the speakers' low end. A convenient desktop volume control lets you easily manage the system's playback level while you work or play.

The satellites feature 3-inch woofers and 2-inch high-frequency drivers and real cloth grille covers. The subwoofer is housed in an acoustically balanced wood cabinet with a ported, bass-reflex enclosure for extra low-end heft. Controls include a Power on/off switch, a Power-on indicator, and volume control. The system is PC and Mac compatible with a single minijack .125-inch stereo analog audio input.

What's in the Box
Two satellite speakers, a subwoofer, requisite hookup cables, a 9-volt power adapter, and a user's manual.

  • Ergonomic space-saving design featuring cloth grill covers and a convenient desktop volume control
  • Satellites feature 3-inch polycarbon, high-excursion woofers and 2-inch high-frequency satellite radiators
  • Acoustically balanced wood subwoofer cabinet with ported (bass-reflex) design for enhanced bass output
  • 14 watts power output (total system power)
  • Includes 9-volt power adapter

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Speakers for a good price.
    Don't expect a Bose sound quality coming out of these speakers for 20 dollars. But they are really nice speakers. The design is nice. Really small, blue light to indicate the speakers are turned on, and of course it comes with a subwoofer. The sound is under-toned, but very clear. I got the white-gray version for my laptop and the black version for my desktop computer. Get the black ones, much more sleeker and simple. You could find these speakers ranging from 15 to 20 dollars. Anything above 20, means you're paying too much for them. So yes I'm satisfied with these speakers. Go get them!...more info
  • Best everyday computer speaker value
    I gave these to some of my coworkers, only to have the speakers become an object of envy, requiring me to buy sets for nearly all the others. The speakers look good and sound good, and are very favorably priced. They won't shatter the windows, but they are ideal for a working environment. I have a set in my bedroom, too, where they offer wholly adequate sound for my mp3 player. Your money will not be wasted on these!...more info
  • You can't beat them for the price
    I have an office at work. I type all day long, and listen to music. Because people are constantly walking up to me, I prefer to have my music out-loud. We all know how good computer speakers are.

    For under 20 bucks, I now have decent sound, decent bass, and more than tolerable music. Over all, this is exactly what I was looking for. And, if they get stolen, well, it's less than $20 I've lost.

    I have not noticed any problem with electric current or anything else causing staticl, as one of the other reviewers states. Of course, I don't have them turned up all that loud, either. The quality may well suffer at a loud volume.

    (*)>...more info
  • Great Sound
    I bought these speakers for a Christmas present and then decided to buy 2 more for my son and daughter. The sound is terrific for such an inexpensive item. I would highly recommend them to go with any MP3 player....more info
  • The best bang for the bucks
    Imagine how surprising it is to find a set of what I really expected to be cheap knock around speakers (for listening to iTunes when I'm using my laptop) and finding a gem of a set! These sound better than pretty much everything else under $150!!! They may be "cheap" but they sound fabulous. The treble and bass combo are perfect!...more info
  • Ok
    If you like heavy sound...this is not the system you want to buy, it may be ok for a laptop....more info
  • For the price.......
    Regardless of the make, I have never heard decent sound from a notebook computer.
    For around $20 that can be rectified. The bass is remarkable from such a small set of speakers, and the aural placement of the music, or whatever, is tight and natural.
    I doubt they would adequately fill a large dance hall with sound, but they will sure raise the intelligence of the sound for your computer.
    I also have these on my desktop.
    You can't go wrong....more info
  • Good Sound, Easily broken
    I have used these speakers for over a year. It has great sound, however, it's given me more frustrating moments than I can count. If the wire is not correctly positioned, sound from the left speaker will not function. The subwoofer also disconnects at times. This can get incredibly annoying day after day. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and bought a new speaker set. ...more info
    I listened and Compared lots of different systems. This is the best sounding for the price range.........Sound rivals those that are 3 times as high.........Now if your looking for Bose sound buy Bose....Can't beat for under$50...more info
  • I think I got more than I paid for
    I'm not an audiophile and I am on a strict budget; otherwise, I doubt I'd be buying twenty dollar speakers (I actually paid fifteen). These speakers are better than speakers that come with the typical desktop computer or laptop. The 14 watts is much better than most other speakers that sell in this price range and the subwoofer really does enhance the sound. I love jazz and americana and the sound coming from these guys is just fine by me. No, the speakers might not do for an outdoor party and yes, if you turn the volume on the speaker and on all your computer volume controls all the way up, you might get some distortion, but if you treat these speakers reasonably, they do just fine. They get quite loud with a nice rich sound. Friends walk in a room I have them playing on and they can't believe I bought them for under twenty dollars. I liked them so much, I bought an extra set a couple of weeks later. I've had these speakers for four months and haven't had a problem out of them. ...more info
  • Unbelievable value for the money
    This is another gem for under $20. The sound is crisp and the bass adequate for its small size. I've been using CA speaker system with subwoofer for 4 PCs/laptops at home for years and am very satisfied with the fine quality....more info
  • You call that a subwoofer?
    A 3-inch 4 watt speaker can not function as a subwoofer. 4 inches is the minimum to even come close to achieving the deep richness of music. Consider the "subwoofer" to be a mid-range accentuation piece. This is not a sub. I do not expect a computer subwoofer to rock like the one I have in my car, but for goodness sakes this 3-inch dingy is pathetic. I returned it within hours of purchasing.

    The satellite pieces are fine. They are very clear and tweet like they are supposed to. The satellites are what earned this item three stars. No thanks to this below par subwoofer. I think Cyber Acoustics does sell the satellites on their own. They would not be a bad pickup at all if you are looking to replace old satellites from another set. Otherwise this is just not worth it. For five or ten dollars more, get something with a legitimate sub.

    Bottom line, you get what you pay for....more info
  • Just Plugged These In and WOW
    Before I got this speaker system I had a pair of typical, funky little speakers. I was sick of not being able to hear anything with any boost or definition.

    When I opened the package, I went "oh,oh". They are soooo small.

    So, I plugged it all in anyway and threw some exteme rock tunes at the system. So much better! OK, so they aren't $1000 surround sound speakers for your computer or whatever. They give maximum bang for the buck and for so few bucks, that's a lot of bang.

    My advice is this: if you're sick of your little speakers that came with your Dell or Gateway or generic PC, buy these. They will definitely brighten up your day.

    P.S. People who write spotlight reviews should really learn to spele....more info
  • Terrible
    They pick up the noise from electrical currents as soon as you turn them on. Most annoying sound, TRASH....more info
  • Don't Bother - Poor Quality
    Not worth the time or money - Poor Quality - Even Worse Sound - lots of crackels and pops - inside interference!...more info
  • BIG sound
    With a "woofer" the size of a quarter, what could i expect? Well, the magic is clearly in the size of the box around that woofer. I have gone through multiple pairs of speakers searching for a powerful, clear, deep bass sound for my computer. These blew me away, and definitely taught me that a 2.0 system (besides studio monitors) will never match the bass of 2.1. Get this, don't be a fool and buy a $100 system. The people talking about static or crappy noise? Not in my set....more info
  • Wow not even one month and it is broke.
    Item worked great for a about two weeks. Given i knew it was going to have interfearnce problems with cell phones but I've had it for less than a month and now there is a constant humming noise that it emits whenever I turn it on. Not a very good item. Sound was great when I got it but it just did not last. Buy at your own risk. I guess some people have better luck with it....more info
  • Great Speakers!!!
    I love this set of speakers. I got a deal at Staples for $9.95 and it's the best investment ever.

    There aren't any issues with catching radio singles like others have indicated. I just love them....more info
  • Buy to upgrade, then keep them, amazed
    I echo the other positive comments about these strangely good-sounding, very cheap speakers. One extra plus I don't think was mentioned is that these are light and small - if you are traveling, you can put the whole thing in a suitcase and still pack your clothes. They can greatly improve the experience of spending the night in a hotel....more info
  • Spend a Little Extra, Please
    I bought these speakers at the local store because of the price. They are really terrible. I have owned cheap desktop speakers before, by Logitech, and thought they worked fine for the money. But these are just awful. The sub is small and the bass distorts. There is also no control over bass level. The satellite speakers crack with high pitched sounds and sound terrible without the sub. Spend $80 and get the Boston Acoustics Horizon MM226 2.1. Much better deal. Spend the extra money on the sound for your music. It is a great investment. Buy these and you're out $25, and you still have to get new ones. I have said my peace......more info
  • I would rate this speaker NEGTIVE FIVE star if I could
    Dear friends,
    buy this product if you don't mind having crappy speakers that cracks constantly and picks up the noise from electric current as soon as you turn it on. I mean to be fair, of course I am not expecting sound quality from high-end audio systems that are more then ten times pricier, but trust me, these speakers sucks so bad that they don't even worth a couple bucks. If you don't trust me, then go ahead and buy it. But don't regret that you are not warned!...more info
  • Great Price Great Sound
    I wanted some powered/amplified speakers for my iMac computer to run iTunes and also to hook up my iPod. I wanted to buy a set at a store, but most stores did not have any set up to test. Others had only the more expensive sets on display (Gee, I wonder why?). I decided to look on Amazon. I read through tons of reviews and looked at different speakers. For $19.99, no tax, and free shipping, I thought I'd try these. So far, they sound great. They are small and so don't take up too much space on my desk. Plenty of volume for a bedroom/home office sized room. The separate woofer helps fill out the sound. The volume control moves very smoothly. Some reviewers objected to the blue light. It matches the power light on my LaCie External Hard Drive and my Dymo LabelWriter 400. So no complaints here....except no headphone jack on the main speaker like my old set. I just put a dual jack adapter on my iMac so that I can hook up the headphones. I just turn off the speaker so I can listen when the kids are asleep. I'm thinking about buying another set for work....more info
  • Excellent Speakers
    I bought a new laptop recently and plugged my desktop speakers, which I hadn't used in quite a while, into the machine. They didn't work. After researching online for a new pair of speakers I came across these ones. They had pretty good reviews and so I thought what the heck, I will go buy them and if they aren't good I will return them. Well needless to say I haven't returned them. These speakers are great. The sound is awesome. Better than the $50+ speakers I had for my desktop and the subwoofer is great. For the price that I paid I was extreamly satisfied with the product. They are not as good a Bose speakers or anything but for under $30 you can't go wrong. The only complaint I have and it is not a huge deal at all is that the blue LED light on the main speaker that tells you your speakers are on is pretty bright.

    Overall I would highly recommed these speakers for anyone who is budget concious and can't afford expensive speakers.

    ...more info
  • Just right
    I was looking for a speaker set with a box woofer, so I could set my monitor on top of it; plus, I don't have a lot of acreage on my desk (table, actually). This system fit the bill. It sounds good, which is all I ask from it. I listen to music as I work on the computer, and I don't play games, so the sound quality is just fine for that.
    The only problem I've experienced is a spontaneous buzz from the woofer, whether I'm using the speakers or not. It's not a big problem, just an annoyance. ...more info
  • Adequate Sound; Dodgy Design
    Based on a first impression, the unit delivers okay sound for its price. Others have compared it to boombox quality, I'd say it's about one rung up. Pleasant enough, certainly better than the lo-fi speakers of my ViewSonic monitor, but nothing spectacular. Also, as is the case with low-priced unit, there's no balance control for the bass. Sound is pretty well balanced as it is, but if you are unsatisfied, you'll have to rely on your software for adjustments, not the speakers themselves.

    But, as has also been noted elsewhere, what are you expecting for the price?

    One thing that hasn't been noted is that the bass-reflex unit is essentially a ported box with the unprotected speaker attached to the bottom and facing toward the floor. No covering or protection of any kind. This shouldn't be a big deal if you're planning to plant the unit in some inconspicuous, low-traffic spot and don't intend to move it much. But the lack of protection speaks to the somewhat cavalier design attitude toward this unit.

    Presuming this unit continues to perform adequately, it's a satisfactory item for its price. Just don't expect astounding performance. ...more info
  • Lack of shielding is a major problem
    I'm giving these 2 stars because the sound is not horrible, although you certainly should not expect deep sub-bass or high-quality sound.

    The real problem is the lack of shielding. As others have noted, the speakers pick up radio frequency interference. Mine make a -loud- and very alarming noise a fraction of a second before my cell phone rings or gets a text message. They also make a strange sound when airplanes fly overhead. Additionally, I get a low hum from them when music is not playing.

    Since these are not sheilded, they may also cause problems (interference) with CRT monitors, but I cannot verify this as I have LCD's.

    All in all, I would definitely NOT recommend these....more info