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Chamberlain PD210D Power Drive 1/2-Horsepower Security-Plus Chain-Drive Garage Door Opener, Black and White
List Price: $159.99

Our Price: $119.99

You Save: $40.00 (25%)


Product Description

As with all Chamberlain garage door openers, this model comes equipped with "Security+" rolling-code technology that prevents other people from "grabbing" the code your remote uses to communicate with the device that activates the opener. With every push, the remote transmits a brand new security code-one of over 100 billion codes, none of which is ever repeated.

On the analog side, this unit gives you an industrial-strength 1/2 horsepower motor that produces more than enough lifting power for your single or double garage door. The rugged, chain-drive construction provides superior, long-lasting dependability and toughness. The unit also includes the "Protector System," which automatically reverses the garage door if an obstruction is sensed-you'll see the value of this if you've ever left the tail-end of your car in the path of a descending garage door. A single-button remote control is included, as is as a multi-function wall-mount panel that allows you to control the light and to activate a lock-out feature. Six-year warranty.--Josh Dettweiler

What's in the Box
Motor unit with light lenses, wall-mount door control, chain and cable in dispensing carton, Protector System (sending eye, receiving eye, 2-conductor white and white/black bell wire attached), single-button remote with battery, all required mounting brackets, rails, hardware, etc., safety labels and literature

  • Industrial-strength chain-drive garage-door opener
  • For easy garage-door operation and increased security
  • Includes Protector System and Security Plus technology for added security
  • Includes a single-button remote control with battery and visor clip
  • 38-pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • operates well
    door opener works well on a lightweight fiberglass 8 x 16 door. easy to install just follow detailed instructions. The help phone guy was worth the phone call to correct one problem with the down contacts. It is a basic unit.
    Programmed car remote, wall remote, visor link, and wireless key pad. all work fine....more info
  • wish i had not
    this model was a bear from start to finish. i had before put up 3 different sears openers and had little problems. this unit, hmmmm ... how many times did i feel like tossing it out.

    there are the safety sensors, which must be adjusted PERFECTLY. and i fear the future with them. they are sooooo sensitive, the little bit they are off, no door will work. and i see no way to bypass them in the event of either of them failing. then the book several tiems has the caveat, the weather will adversely effect the opener working. i have NEVER EVER had any door fail to sork due to weather...ever!

    the booklet is sort of ok, but in many spots very hard to discern what they mean, and the picture to help was useless.

    overall i wish i had used the local door company for them to install a belt drive unit. yes at 300, but a better unit and NO hassle. this unit at 129 is decent in price, but not in hassle...what is that worth, not to mention the darn thing working over time, the sensors working over time and their out, the weather. ...more info
  • Amazon never had it in stock!
    When I placed my order two months ago, Amazon said ships in 2 weeks. Now, delay after delay and still not shipped. Does Amazon plan to have this in stock? Probably not!

    Sorry to skew Chamberlain's review also, but Amazon dropped the ball on this item....more info
  • Why sell if you don't have?
    Ordered this item with assumption it would ship in approx two weeks. Amazon delayed shipment by changing the delivery estimate. Still no order at this time. Am disappointed with Amazon. From the sound of the previous reviews, this doesn't sound like it's a Chamberlain problem. I've bought Chamberlain before and am very pleased with their product.

    Have cancelled order and will purchase at a local store where you know if an item is really in stock or not. ...more info
  • Great garage door opener!
    So far it performs well! It works flawlessly with the keyless entry 'KEP-1' made by Genie....more info
  • NOT available from Amazon!!!!
    I ordered this product from Amazon earlier this Fall and after several weeks of waiting,I could not get any estimate as to when it might be available from Amazon. I honestly don't think Amazon ever had any intention of of filling the order. I finally cancelled the order. The more I deal with Amazon the more I question their integrity. ...more info
  • dont hope to get it!
    This is a comment on Amazon and not on the product. I ordered this about 5 weeks ago and were told that will be delivered on Nov 25th. On 25th they changed the delivery date to Dec 21st. When I called them, they said the item can not be located and they are still searching in the warehouse.
    They are misrepresenting availability to attract orders. ...more info
  • Wouldn't know...never got it!
    Ditto on the review posted below. I ordered this in SEPTEMBER, and was just informed, after twice being notified of order delays, that my order was summarily cancelled. Now I see the same product listed at $30 more than the price I tried to purchase at?!?! I guess the extra $60 (two units ordered) was work more to Amazon than my continued business.

    I apologize to Chamberlain for the skewed rating...but buyers need to beware if they want this product from Amazon....more info
  • works great
    it came on time and works great so far. I got it last month, had to go to Lowe's twice for the angle irons and reinforced block, yet overall I am happy with it so far....more info
  • Garage opener
    I bought this is a gift for my father, he loved it. This product was easy to install it only took about 1/2 hour to install. The extra security features are wonderful and ease my father's mind. Having the convenience of not getting out of the car has been wonderful. The product shipped in 2 days and we got it on the 3rd day. It opens smooth with almost no noise! Thank you for this product....more info
  • Works great
    We installed this ourselves in an afternoon. No problems, all the pieces were there and the directions were pretty straightforward. It operates fairly quietly and works great....more info
  • It was fine
    It was fine works as expected, if I now could only get it to work with the transmitter built into the car I have....more info
  • Chamberlain Garage Door Opener
    This is a very good product for the price. I am very satisfied with it for quality and ease of installation. ...more info
  • door opener
    I've owned this product for almost two years now, and its performed well. My application was unique, having very little space between the ceiling and door (5"). Also the door spring sits over top of the door where you are supposed to mount the rail. I had to modify a bracket and mount the rail and motor very close to the ceiling. I should also mention that my door is fairly heavy 8X16 steel insulated.

    The only problem I had was the chain would "jump" over top of the piece that slides on the rail causing it to grind and bind up. This may have been due to my specific application, but it looks more like a design problem with the rubber piece on the slide. I added a piece of metal to the slide that prevents this and have had no troubles since.

    I've heard noisier openers, but I would not label this one as "quiet" either....more info
  • Awesome
    This item was a christmas present for my mom. It came in two days and I had Sears install it. Cost me $150 to install but it was worth it because my mother absolutly loves it. Would have been nice to have two remotes but I will just purchase the extra one.No complaints!!!!...more info