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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
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Product Description

Splinter Cell takes you into the world of Sam Fisher, a top-secret specialist agent who goes where no one dares, unseen and unheard. High-tech espionage doesn't get more realistic or deadly!

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell grants players access to the highest echelons of national security, where shadowy operatives have the freedom to do whatever it takes to safeguard America. The player controls Sam Fisher, a field operative of a secretive black-ops NSA subagency called Third Echelon. Sam Fisher is geared up to infiltrate high-security strongholds, seize critical intelligence, destroy threatening data, and neutralize the enemy--all without leaving a trace.

  • ESRB Rating: Teen
  • Genre: Action/Adventure

Customer Reviews:

  • splinter cell
    totally awesome. my favorite game ever. the sound is revolutionary, the graphics are top notch, it is so real you'll freak. although, the PS2 version has four extra levels and thirty minutes of impressive new dialoge and cinematics, so i would buy the PS2 version if I were you. A must own for every gamer. it will change your life....more info
  • Garbage
    Typical Xbox game using checkpoints instead of creativity to make it challenging. Nothing more mind numbing than doing the same thing over and over again because you keep getting killed right before the next checkpoint. Granted, you can get hours and hours of playing time from it, but only about 25% is something that you haven't already done 10 times before. I highly recommend this game to people who are of the intellect that enjoy working on production lines where they do same thing repeatedly. If your brain actually requires some kind of stimulation, find a more creative game. In addition, some actions tend to be a bit uncooperative at times, such as when attempting to knock someone out but instead you just stand there waiting to get shot. Apparently if you aren't facing in just the perfect position when attempting smash his brains out, you stand there like a manakin hoping the guy two inches in front of you doesn't notice. Another option is to try and shoot him, but unless you get a head shot, expect to fire of gobs of rounds to take him out since you seem to be armed with what can only be a .22 short pistol....more info
  • I used this game to put linux on my XBox
    I got the Platinum Edition of this game to mod my old XBox and run XBox Media Center (XBMC). It worked like a charm. I have heard that it is also a very good game, but I have too many XBox360 games I haven't finished yet....more info
  • H-A-R-D, But Incredibly Fun
    First off, the XBOX version is the one to buy. The graphical difference is like playing two different games. It's so much better on the 'BOX.

    This game has been critically acclaimed and for good reason. It's a GREAT stealth game that actually feels like one. I never thought that Metal Gear Solid felt like a stealth game. It was good, but it just didn't represent the genre well in my opinion. I think this game defines that genre. But man, is it HARD! I've been playing games for 12 years and this is one of the hardest games I've ever experienced. You have to take your time and plan your moves. You cant just rush into a room and start shooting. The people inside will set off alarms and you fail the mission if an alarm is set off. You have a gun, but rarely have to use it. This is the type of game that will push your nerves to the limit and make your hands sweat. A really cool feature in this game is the XBOX Live downloadable content. If you have XBOX Live, you can download new levels that are even harder. If you can handle the pressure, you HAVE to have this game. In my opinion, it's an instant classic....more info

  • splinter cell
    It's violent! Lots of swearing! It has a couple of lines like don't shoot me which some people think is very intense, but it's a great game. You are a goverment agent who is sent on many missions. All in all it's again a great game....more info
  • My Personal All time Favorite Game
    Having spent much of my life playing video games (28 yrs old), I have to say that this is the best video game that I have ever played. Even my old NES Classics are surpassed by Splinter Cell. If you are looking for a lot of action and shooting, this isn't for you. However, if you are looking for intelligent, problem solving, don't forget to breathe game, look no further. I am very excited for the sequel to be released. I would literally catch myself holding my breath when things got intense. Don't Pass this game up! I consider it a must!...more info
  • A Stealthy Approach In Gaming, A Must Have!!!! HARD!!!
    This game rocks!!!No offense to James Bond fans, but I think he has met his match!!! Your Sam Fisher a special agent called a Splinter Cell. Well it starts out like most Tom Clancy games begin in, a courpt future. When 2004 Georgia ( The COUNTRY!!!)
    declares war on the USA, so basicly your job is to make sure that we keep the 4 freedoms and end the war as soon as possible!!!

    Game Play:Awesome ,but the controls and some parts of the game are so HARD!!! 4/5

    Graphics:The 2nd best next to Halo and Halo 2,and thats pretty good if you ask me!!! 5/5*****


    Replay Value:You'll be playing the game for years and years!!!
    I personaly give this game a 4.5/5!!! Clancy RULES!!!!!!!

    I also reccomend:

    Rainbow Six Raven Shield:-
    and the rest of the Tom Clancy games!!!...more info

  • GREAT!
    This has got to be one of the best stleath games ever. You play as a CIA oparative and have to go all across the world to do misssions. You have a great assortment of gadgets for all kinds of things. You have non-lethal methods of taking people out and knocking them out. I give this game 5 stars, this is a great game...more info
  • The missing star is for.....
    This is a great game.... The story is immersive, the graphics are so good that it seems like an FMV the whole way through, the sound sets the mood perfectly, the gameplay and controls are tight and intuitive, and the action is awe inspiring.

    If you've read any of the reviews, you'll know that this game is based entirely on stealth. That is where this game loses the star. It's sooooooo frustrating sometimes!!!!

    When people say that this game is based on stealth, they are not KIDDING!! The whole focus of this game is based on stealth!!! You must keep your mind on that the whole game!!! THE WHOLE GAME!!!

    There is nothing more frustrating than going through almost an entire level and right before you complete it, an alarm triggers due to a body you did not hide at the beginning of the level. Stealth.... STEALTH!!!!!!!!!


    But all-in-all a great, somewhat frustrating game.....more info

  • A nice way to unwind
    Sam Fisher doesn't talk much, is enjoyably sardonic, and likes to kill. His favorate weapon is rifle in sniper mode. Just scope in on the enemy, hold your breath, and squeeze off a shot - very satisfying. Another nice move of Sam's is the elbow to the face. I used this one often on Sam's grating female assitant just to shut her up - once again, very satisfying. Sam has to carry his corpses to dark areas but I found that instead of having him set them down nicely that if he draws a weapon he will drop them with a pleasant thud. I played the game through three times. I didn't like having to occasionally kill a dog (complete with painful squeal) but a man's got to do what he's got to do....more info
  • Really genious idea
    The idea for a spy game was great, and the game itself was extremely fun, only, it locked a lot. It's not the easiest game, but I liked it a lot....more info
  • Splinter Cell
    The game disk came as specified. It was not scratch and the game works fine....more info
  • a must!
    This game is action! But it ain't that serious! It's an absolute comedy! Absolutely hilarious! ...more info
  • Pretty sweet it's a T for TEEN game and it really is
    If i told you this wasnt a violent game i would be lieing but it is One of the best games ever...more info
  • The Best Game!!!!
    This game is intense, I think it is one of the best games out there. On the normal difficulty level it is hard enough, and then you try the difficult setting and it gets even more intense. This is the ultimate spy game. Everyone should own it!...more info
  • The inevitability of its doom is unavoidable!
    The terminal moment of truth is fundamentally expressed and the systemic anomaly revealed as both beginning and end. Concordantly, while the game remains irrevocably of high class pertaining to that of the visual aspect, it simultaneously remains a burden to sedulously avoid, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control. The intricacy of the gameplay structure is much to be desired that is pertaining to that of the precision of the harmony of stealth via inconceivable visual effects. Ergo, Splinters Cell is contingent upon the constitution of an escalating probability of a calamity inherit to the opus, vis--vis an abysmal of fecal matter. Apropos, avoid the quintessential human delusion of buying an Xbox, moreover purchase a PS2, simultaneously enriching ones gaming experience. Basically, Xbox is poo....more info
  • Think twice before buying
    This is a great example of marketing. Splinter Cell is a beautiful game with incredible graphics and groundbreaking approaches to stealth, but it just isn't fun.
    It is taxing, frustrating and imensely LINEAR. Another reviewer compared it to Dragon's Lair and he is dead on. This game is basically about dying several times over to complete a mission. Sort of like being a rat in a maze except there is no piece of food at the end only, you guessed it, another maze.
    So, why all these rave reviews? They have the tip books and the all the extra info to make the game move along. I know because I was duped and bought this game and it seemed fun for about the first half hour then you find yourself looking around for a way to get on top of a roof and it takes about an hour. Then you get a tip sheet off the web to move it along. But it just doesn't improve the gameplay. I gave up after a couple of weeks - life is too short. I still find the James Bond Agent Under Fire as a great contrast to this game. More fun, a sense of humor about the missions, the women, the characters, etc. In short, fun without the enorous time investment.
    There really isn't that much plot to Splinter Cell once you get past the gee whiz. I have owned it for over a year and haven't touched it since I gave up in frustration.
    What would be neat is to take this approach and apply it to heists where you are the theif and there is some plot.
    If you like Halo, chances are, you will not like this game. I completed Halo on Legendary and that is challenging from a talent perspective. It is not a battle against personal time like Splinter Cell. We only have a finite amount of time on Earth and I refuse to waste hours in the maze that is Splinter Cel.
    Bottom line, this is not fun. Perhaps if you dream about being a covert agent when you grow up this is a worthwhile investment to remind you that it is a real job. It also makes being an actuary look like a blast. And the pay is better!
    Sadly, none of us will get the chance to defend Earth against Halo aliens - but isn't that the point? A little escapism?...more info
  • A New Breed of Action
    Splinter Cell is the first in a series of three amazing games (to date). It is available for the XBOX, PS2, Game Cube, PC and Game Boy Advance.

    Set in 2003, you play as Sam Fisher, an elite operative gathering intelligence for Third Echelon, a top secret initiative of the NSA (National Security Administration). You work alone during your missions with the support of a remote team who periodically feed you info and guidance throughout the missions. If you are caught by the enemy, your country will deny your existence and any connection to you. Like a sliver of glass - small, sharp, and nearly invisible - you are a Splinter Cell.

    Splinter Cell is now highly renowned as being the ground-breaking game that introduced the world to true stealth gaming. Light and shadows are the key elements in the game and play a vital role to your success. Unlike most action games where you quickly run around guns blazing, in Splinter Cell you must be tactical in your approaches and slip by your enemies as if you were never there - creeping around in the shadows is the best approach. However, sometimes you will be seen and have no choice but to eliminate any witnesses. After doing so you should then elect to hide the bodies in the shadows as not to alert anyone of your presence. Causing a panic can easily create a real mess that will sound alarms and quickly end your mission - in a bad way. This play with light and dark is very well executed and amplifies the immersive qualities of the game.

    Even now, years after its' initial release, Splinter Cell is still worth picking up and playing. In fact, I originally purchased Splinter Cell for the Game Cube to take advantage of the exclusive connectivity features which enable the player to use sticky cams and have a tactical map displayed on their GBA, which is very neat by the way. Only after playing the two following Splinter Cell games (Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory) on Xbox did I then decide to buy the Xbox version of the original Splinter Cell. I played through all of the missions again, this time including the exclusive downloadable maps from Xbox LIVE, and found it to be even more enjoyable than the fist time around. Splinter Cell is a truly classic and timeless game that should be in every gamer's collection.
    ...more info
  • Splinter Cell- An excellent game
    You are in a darkened corner. You watch as a patrolman descends the stairs. You size him up, noticing his AK-47 is drawn. You quietly sneak up behind him, and when he stops walking, you grab him. You place your silenced pistol up to his forehead and drag him into a darkened corner. Another guard walks into the room. You quickly turn your pistol towards him, shoot, then turn back to your hostage. You quickly hit him in the back of the neck, knocking him out.

    This is a great game. It was made in (I believe) 2001, and yet the graphics rival that of games such as Halo 2. The physics of the game are amazing, and it is very well programed. Your guns drop shells, which stay on the ground breifly, and bullets leave holes on walls. Guards will notice you if you are too loud, and if their comrades are sniped, they will sometimes open fire, even not knowing where you are. You can knock out, kill, or avoid enemies.

    The graphics, like I said, are amazing. The fire looks very realistic, and the lighting is perfectly done. People look realistic, not quite so much as the scenery, but even in games like Halo 2, people are not the focus.

    Missions change greatly, and environments change with them. The dialouge isn't great, but it is decent, and if you dont play too close attention to it, it is a nice backround noise.

    All in all, if you have one game to buy, buy this one. ...more info
  • Splinter Cell
    When I first played this game I was shocked. Just of how good a stealth game could actually be. Its realistic in its ways that you can hide in the shadows and use the enviroment to take out your enemies. Its really fun also, suspense is one of the main things that happens in this game. You only use two guns during the whole game, the pistol and the rifle that has attachments. Good stuff. All you need is that, and you can take out a whole building full of enemies. You have to crouch, and move slowly so the enemy doesnt see you. A very realistic game and im happy that this series of games got released. I highly recommend this game. Great storyline, and the last level is hecka hard! ...more info
  • a must!
    This game is action! But it ain't that serious! It's an absolute comedy! Absolutely hilarious! ...more info
  • The amazing stealth-action game that started the revolutionary Splinter Cell series
    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is an amazing game that has completely changed the way people look at video games, but also the stealth-action genre, for that matter. The game is truly too good for words; the only word that is even good enough to describe it is "masterpiece". That is truly what it is, a masterpiece, because of its seamless integration between stealth tactics and adventurous action. There are no other games in the genre that offer the style of gameplay that Splinter Cell offers. It is a unique gaming experience that you have to play to believe.

    The core gameplay at the heart of Splinter Cell is revolutionary, a style that has never been put into a game before. The game puts you in the boots of American super-spy agent Sam Fisher. As Fisher, you will go deep behind enemy lines to operate in top-secret covert operations. You must remain hidden and not be seen or captured, otherwise the U.S. government will claim no knowledge of your existence. As you gain experience operating as a super-spy, you will soon learn that opening fire on enemies and making noise will only cause an alarm to be raised, which will simply put all your enemies on high-alert and will probably get you killed soon enough. So instead of run-and-gun gameplay, Splinter Cell forces you to use stealth tactics, which pretty much means to stick to the shadows and avoid being seen; and if you must kill your enemies to complete your mission objectives, be sure to do it silently. In order to silently eliminate enemies, you must sneak up to them without making noise. Then, after grabbing them, you will have the option of interrogating them or forcing them to cooperate with you, and then you can either kill them or knock them out.

    It seems like a simple concept, but it is a lot harder than it seems. You won't just be able to blaze through levels and complete your objectives in a matter of minutes. The missions are extremely challenging and you will end up replaying missions again and again. In order to survive, you must learn how to operate silently and in the dark without being seen or detected. This is when Splinter Cell's stunningly amazing graphics come in handy. Not only are the characters in the game each meticulously detailed to have ultra-realistic physics and true-to-life animations, but the environments are extremely realistic and full of life. The shadow effects are one of the main highlights of the game. Not only are they there for looks, but they are actually directly integrated into the core gameplay. They are actually a necessity for your survival, as they help you remain hidden and invisible to the enemy. Overall, the graphics are stunningly amazing and look unbelievably realistic and extremely true-to-life.

    The sound is simply icing on the cake. It brings the amazing gameplay and the stunning graphics to life. Ubisoft has always been a company known to take full advantage of Dolby 5.1, and Splinter Cell is no exception, especially in surround sound. The game shows off every single sound, from Fisher tip-toeing in the dark to the pop of your silenced pistol to the pounding of enemy fire being shot at Fisher, it is all simply unbelievably realistic.

    At first, I was skeptical at purchasing this game because I didn't think I would like its stealth based gameplay, considering I was more of a Halo fan. But much to the contrary, I had absolutely no problem paying $50 for this game when I purchased it when it was first released because of the hours of enjoyment I got out of it, and the hours of fun I still get out of it today. The bargain price of anywhere from $10 to $20 is definitely worth the money. Even though there aren't a whole lot of features in the game besides the outstanding single player campaign, it is still definitely worth the money considering how many hours of enjoyment you will get out of Splinter Cell.

    Splinter Cell has an amazing story running throughout the campaign. It really pulls the action together and really makes it worth playing. You will find yourself tearing through missions just to see what's going to happen next in the story. This makes Splinter Cell one of those rare addicting games that will never leave your Xbox console until you complete it.

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a unique experience that no other games can compare to. It's truly a one of a kind game that is so revolutionary in its gameplay that I can honestly call it a masterpiece. With the stunningly amazing gameplay combined with its extremely realistic graphics and it's true to life sounds, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is an amazing stealth action game that has changed the way people look at video games. ...more info
  • Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It. . .
    . . . Is to be the world's most bad-ace super-spy this side of Metal Gear. And hey, to be honest, Sam Fisher can even give old Snake a run for his money, both as a character and in terms of the title's gameplay, and that's not easy to do.

    First off, Splinter Cell takes place in the Tom Clancy near future (much nearer now than it was when the game was released) of the fall of 2004. The Georgian president, after reaching power through a bloodless coup, was being investigated by the US. Trouble is, the agent, or agents, doing the snooping have gone missing. Now, as a member of Third Echelon, Sam Fisher must find them, and what they discovered that got them in trouble. And, as is the case with Tom Clancy's universes, there's a whole lot more going on than meets the eye. As Sam, you have to find out what. Sam's getting gray around the temples, but he's more than capable of holding his own, and getting Michael Ironsides for his voice was inspired.

    The name of the game here is stealth. And this game won't hold your hand as much as Metal Gear Solid, making it that much more challenging. I could go on and on about the fabulous graphics; the lighting, the animation, the butter-smooth control, and the extraordinary AI. However, I won't. They are all top notch, the AI especially. Sound and sight are what alerts them to your presence, which means light and noise are your enemies. You have to creep around slowly and softly, stick to the shadows, or create your own. Take enemies out one at a time, or pass them by in the darkness like a ghost.

    That's really the best thing about this game: total and complete immersion. The world, lives, breathes, and thinks, and you have to stay one step ahead of it. Splinter Cell encourages you, FORCES you, to think like a highly trained covert operative. You must become Sam Fisher, because if you don't, you'll die, a lot. Actually, you'll probably die a lot anyway, but in this game, that's not a problem. In some parts, this thing is unrelenting. Tom Clancy's one-hit-one-kill rules apply here, for both you AND your enemies. However, patience will keep you alive, along with caution, and, most importantly, you have to think like a spy.

    And that is what makes this game so great. Sure, there are a couple isolated times when you think that enemies should see you and they don't. Sure there are some times when a little more help from your espionage cohorts would be nice. However, this game is rooted in realism, and it'll stay with you. For example, you know you've been playing the game too much when you walk into your bedroom when the light is off and immediately notice which corner would be best to hide in. Seriously, this game makes you think like a spy that much, and, if you have the patience and skill, it is extrememly freakin' fun.

    There's not really much of a downside to this game. Unfortunately, don't expect the amount of action found in titles like Halo, or even Metal Gear Solid. This is about patience, information gathering, and doing it all without leaving a trace. However, if you dig this sort of game, you are doing yourself a disservice by not getting it and enjoying it....more info

  • great game
    great game, engaging and intuitive , this series is a great one to get into because you'll be continually impressed by the improvements from game to game...more info
  • Nothing short of down right AWESOME!
    This game was given a rating of 9.6 (the highest ever given) by XBox magazine. And let me tell you that rating was deserved. This game is so addicting, challenging, and cool that you won't be able to put it down for weeks.

    The story revolves around your character in the game, Sam Fisher. You are a NSA (National Security Agency) operative. When NSA needs info you go in. You use a variety of tools in your trade. Everything from pick locks, frag grenades, flares, your silenced pistol, your totally cool thermal goggles, to your sniper rifle which is equipped with sticky cameras, gas grenades, electrical shockers and more. You have a variety of moves at your disposal. Such as putting your back against a wall, drop attacks, peeking around corners, split jumps, using human shields, going hand over hand on pipes, rolling etc. And you'll need these when you sneak in to a presidental palace, burning buildings, police station, slaughter house, embassy, you name it.

    And as if all this isn't fun enough one of the games key points is hiding and sneaking around in shadows, which sometimes involves shooting out lights to make your own shadows, to avoid gaurds, dogs, security cameras, turrets etc.

    I hope that if you took the time to read this I've convinced you that this is one awesome game. Oh and as a final note, did I mention the replay value is great?...more info

  • too deary and repetetive
    even though alot of people liked this game i, thought it would be good but it turned out to be so repetitive in the types of missions as its a stealth game, you get to do very little shooting and as a first peron shooter fan i was disapointed but i was expecting something along the lines of metal gear solid anyway if your a fan of doing stealth missions without the big espionage you will like this game, otherwise prepare to be disappointed....more info
  • it's fun, but consuming
    Splintercell is fun, especialy at first, but later on it gets too involved, and it stops being fun. If you buy the game, be prepared. It is so realistic that I thought that I was always playing the game ( I herd noises from the game,I thought I herd cameras or machine guns). When you get near the end it doesn't seem like a game any more, and starts to feel like a task.
    But in the end, I would recomend it because of how realistic and adicting it is....more info
    When I first played Metal Gear on the NES I immediately fell in love with it. The stealth action was such a welcome relief from the fast-paced action of the various FPS shooters out there. Ever since then I would wait with great anticipation for any new stealth game.

    MGS was a welcome sequel, Theif satisfied me and so did MGS2, but when I played a demo for Splinter Cell I knew immediately that it had far surpassed all other stealth games. I went out and bought it immediately. In my opinion Splinter Cell is, by far, the best stealth game ever made, and one of the best games ever made to date.

    Where to start...? Perhaps the greatest thing about this game is the visuals. The lighting engine is phenomenal. Splinter Cell has set the new bar for lighting in a game, all future games should strive to meet it or exceed it. The character animations are one of the most realistic out there. The graphic details are spot on, from the stubble on Sam's face to the crumpled pop cans that lay strewn about. To best experience every little detail I recommend playing this game with the lights out! Also, crank up the volume when you play this, so you can hear every little noise that you make.

    There is a learning curve to the controls, but they are great once you get used to them. There is no button mashing or rapid-fire in this game. If you want to complete this game successfully you'll need a delicate touch. The items and methods at your disposal are awesome: thermal/night vision goggles, sticky cameras, interrogation, human shields, silenced guns and more! The story is a decent terrorist/espionage plot. It's not the greatest story, but let's face it the visuals and game play are the real gems here!

    I've seen some reviewers complain about how slow-paced and boring the game is. That's the point! It's a stealth game, it's not like other FPS games where you run into run and start strafing while your guns are blaring. If you are the type of person that loves fast-paced fighting and shooting games then DON'T buy this game. If you love thinking through a game and taking your time then this is the game for you. Sure there are some frustrating moments when you open a door at the wrong time or make the wrong move and you get the Mission Failed screen. But every good game I've ever played has those moments; it's these challenging moments that make a good game great!

    I was happy to pay $40 when this game came out, now it's only $20 so get out there and buy it. I myself am eagerly waiting for the March 23rd release of "Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow." Until then I'm going back through the game to see if I can make it through without killing anyone...Sam Fisher out....more info

  • Pretty Good
    This is a pretty good game but I bought it mainly to soft mod my xbox....more info
  • Splinter Cell is just boring!
    Its nothing compared to other stealth hits like Metal Gear Solid or Hitman.
    The character you play is just so gya,his name is Sam Fisher who sneaks around with a green tripod of lights on his head,along with his silenced pistol and multipurpose rifle-Honestly this guy is no Agent 47(the assasin u play in Hitman) or Solid Snake(the famous protagonist from Metal Gear).
    You are not allowed to kill anyone at all,except for the last 2 guards at the end of SOME missions-otherwise you will get Col.Lambert yelling "Good god Fisher!,What are you doing,the mission is over i`m pulling you out" did UbiSoft think that,that phrase would compete against the well known "Snake, are you OK?,Snake Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!" from the Metal Gear games,no i didn`t think so.
    Once you complete the game there is no replay value-no Easter Eggs,cameos etc,etc
    I don`t care if the Splinter Cell games are realistic and simulate real-life espionage agents-honestly no one cares! games are all about entertainment which SHOULD have good fun gameplay,a strong storyline and good mission design! Splinter Cell has NONE of that.
    So what,if in the MGS Games you combat gigantic robots designed by the Military,or fat men on roller skates drinking wine!
    So anyone,if you are looking for an enjoyable espionage expierience which may be bizzare but fun at the same time,By all means buy a MGS game.
    If you are interested in playing a hitman and want a game thats about pro assasination get any Hitman game(preferably Contracts or the forthcoming Blood Money).
    Metal Gear Solid>Hitman>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Splinter Cell!
    --------------------------------------------------------...more info
    Splinter Cell is a pretty good game in all
    there are great graphics.....tough bad guys that don't just go "ughhhgghh" and die, they actually run after you (not stay stable positioned).
    The guns are not very good because you only get the pistol to start out....pretty good aim though.
    Overall the game is not that bad, but rent it before you get it because you might not like it...depending on your game style....more info
  • Technologically masterful, technically overrated.
    Splinter Cell is one of those games I wish I could finish. The graphics are so beautiful that my friends and I have spent hours just playing the lighting engine, the way curtains flow, the way you can interact with objects... that much is masterful. The gameplay, however, can often be the opposite. There are a lot of reviews, and a lot of ground to cover, so I'm only going to address some key points here. My first draft of this review was also way too long. Trust me, this is the bare bones details of my review.

    My beef starts with Sam's weaponry. Sam's standard pistol is the most useless pistol I have ever encountered in a game, especially because it's this game. In most conditions, the pistol is so wildly inaccurate that by the time you've moved into killing range you might as well just make the effort to go for hand-to-hand combat. Other times, for no apparent reason, you can take down a dozen guards with as many shots. However, the game tends toward the former most of the time. This is critically saddening because it ruins so many moments. For example, the game's lighting engine means shooting out a lamp will darken the room. To get the jump on some enemies, shoot out the light and when they come to investigate you'll have the upper hand (night/thermo vision... engage). But have fun trying to shoot that light. Your wildly inaccurate pistol and quirky game physics mean it might take you anywhere from one shot to a dozen and agonizing moments of aligning your crosshair until you manage to take out the lamp. My personal record is wasting just under 2 clips before a ceiling light FINALLY blew out. Keep in mind, it only takes one hit to shatter any glass in the game. His other "tools" would require some spoilers to cover and are thus omitted. Mostly, the other weapons and gadgets are excellent.

    Adding to that, the game revolves around a Metal Gear Solid style alert system which ranges from brilliant to unforgivable. Sometimes, saving yourself from game over is a matter of being quick and making sure guards don't make it to alarms if they notice you. Other times, it's walking around a corner only to not notice the camera setting in the dark until you hear a blaring alarm and "Game Over". Restart, be more careful, lean around the corner to spy on the action... oops, you caught the camera when it was looking in your direction. Game over. Retry, sneak up, whip out your pistol, lean around the corner, camera's facing away... okay now shoot. Miss. Again. Again. Three more. The rest of the clip. Oh joy, Game Over again.

    And therein lies the big problem for me- having to restart so much. At times, you'll breeze through whole sections of levels with smooth spy precision as though it was second nature. But unless you're very lucky, 90% of your gameplay time will be retrying the same hallway over and over and over because of any number of problems. The game relies on a "checkpoint" system where you only get to save when you accomplish certain goals. This means, unfortunately, you may spend ten minutes stealthily clearing one section only to open the wrong door at the wrong time and get Game Over before your save. Sorry, Charlie, do it all over again.

    When you're "in the groove" with this game, it's sheer heaven. The technology is fascinating, the story is enveloping, and using your array of moves and tools is a blast. However, even for a gamer as patient as I am, you're going to need serious dedication to finish this game. As it stands, this game was utterly unplayable for me past the first few levels- one of which took on the order of a full day filled with cursing and various ill-natured gestures toward my television to complete. And in the end, I will only ever touch this game to play around with the gorgeous graphics and gizmos....more info