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Sima Video Bracket
List Price: $14.99

Our Price: $8.61

You Save: $6.38 (43%)


Product Description

Sima Products Corporation is one of today's leading innovators of consumer electronic accessories. Sima continues to grow by meeting the unique demands of its customers and offering highly reliable products.The SVB-1 video bracket provides two mounts for accessory lights and microphones thus providing you the ability to shoot in the lowlight conditions or connect an external microphone.

  • For use with lights and microphones
  • Screws into tripod socket
  • Also acts as a comfortable handgrip to assist in steadying your camcorder

Customer Reviews:

  • Video Bracket for Camcorders
    A handy item and reasonably priced. The SIMA SVB-1 2-1 Video Bracket fits the need if your camcorder doesn't have a built in light. It's well designed and very useful. I recommend it....more info
  • Tripod screw doesn't fit some cameras
    I attempted to use this for the JVC Everio GZ-HD7 camera. It didn't work. I couldn't screw it on because the tripod screw was too small. So please be forewarned all HD7 users....more info
  • camera or video bracket
    This device is very handy and well worth the price. Can be used on cameras, video and many flash units....more info
  • Do not hesitate to buy this item!
    I work in video with a relatively small camera, the Canon GL2. It is a great little camera with amazing images, but it's size deters it from being truly wobble-free. With this Sima Video Bracket, I can now capture live events without looking as if I spent all my time at the bar. The bracket allows my images to be virtual shake free, and I can't believe it took me so long to discover this item.
    The only downside regarding use on such a camera as the GL2, is that it interferes just barely with the LCD monitor. So rather than have the LCD screen open all the way, it is now open almost all the way, which for me is no problem, as I can still see it just fine, but for others that may not be to their liking. Smaller cameras may not have this issue.
    In all, I am very satisfied with this product, I would have easily paid $25 for this item that I purchased for $15. ...more info
  • A great videobracket
    This is a great irem, my GL2 has my senheiser mke66 withshock mount on the camera and I use this with my light or my IR light A great, light, sturdy bracket...more info
  • Does The Job
    This product does the job it is made for. My video camera doesn't have a hot shoe so this bracket makes it possible to use a light with my camera. I bought it to use with the Sima light and the light is worthless so until I find a decent light, I won't much use from it....more info
  • Pretty good accessory
    As I read in a previous review, if the bracket arm is on the left side of a Canon GL2 (the camcorder I use), you can no longer flip the LCD screen all the way out, which is extremely painful when you want to rotate the screen downwards (when taking an overhead shot, for example), because you then have to close the screen a bit more! So I took the risk buying it, hoping it wouldn't be so bad but I lost. I suppose I could just use the arm on the right side though...

    Other than that, it works just as it should. The extra hotshoes worked great when I needed to hook up both an external mic and a camera light on my GL2. Holding the camera with one hand on the bracket arm feels pretty good too.

    Good price for what it is, just make sure you're aware of the LCD limitations if you get it....more info
  • sima video bracket
    I purchased the bracket because my camcorder has neither a video light or a built in bracket to hold a light. The bracket is exactly what I needed to complete my set-up....more info
  • NG with wide screen
    This is a great product that cannot be used with my camera.
    I own a Panasonic PV-GS500. It is a top of the line
    3CCD wide screen camcorder. The problem is that the viewing
    LCD screen is wide to accomodate true 16:9 video. The bracket
    is not quite big enough to fit around the screen....more info
  • tripod attach?
    can you use it with tripods, meaning is there a socket on the bottom of that screw to take standard tripod 1/4 bolt?...more info