Lorex SG8100 9-channel Multi-View System
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Product Description

The Lorex SG8100 9-channel Multi-View System is ideal for bringing together small to medium-sized multi-camera CCTV systems. The SG8100 acts much like a multiplexer in giving you the ability to view up to nine separate cameras in full-screen, multi-screen or PIP (picture-in-picture) display modes. This unit includes a wide-variety of user-selectable adjustments, as well as features such as auto-switching and a whole host of alarm functions. Easy to operate via either main panel or a remote control, the Lorex SG8100 includes selectable main and sub-camera options and is especially suited to security surveillance applications.

The Lorex SG8100 system includes nine BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) input-jacks for video with nine RCA input-jacks for audio, and one RCA composite video output jack. This unit also includes a built-in DC out jack to power external devices, three alarm inputs that allow the connection of alarm sensors, and two alarm outputs that activate devices such as alarm panels, time-lapse VCRs or DVRs, or external alarms. The SG8100 features a built-in time/date generator, a VCR looping circuit that allows viewing of live-view or previously-recorded images, and an alarm trigger that both sounds an alert and automatically brings the trouble-camera's location to full-screen view. Users can choose to view one or two cameras in real-time at up to 30 fps (frames-per-second), or view up to four, six or nine cameras via the different display modes. The SG8100 has five sequence-dwell and alarm-dwell time settings, runs on 12-volts DC via the included adapter, and can operate in temperatures ranging from 32 to 124 degrees Fahrenheit.

Technical Features:

  • Video/audio inputs: 9 BNC video with RCA audio
  • Viewing selection: 1, 2, 4, 6 or 9 with up to 2 in real-time
  • Display rate: 0.3 seconds per frame
  • Digital memory: 2 MB RAM for video
  • Operating temperatures: 32 to 124 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions: approximately 15 x 10.25 x 2.5 inches (W x D x H)
For those engaged in ongoing multiple-camera surveillance, the Lorex SG8100 deserves serious consideration. For those requiring an economical solution that is easy to implement, the SG8100 is an ideal means of consolidating multiple A/V devices together into one monitoring station, while gaining valuable functionality across your system as a whole.

What's in the Box
SG8100 multi-view system, remote control, RCA A/V cable, power adapter, and owner's manual.

  • Instantly consolidates up to 9 camera signals for monitoring and control
  • Includes 3 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs for attaching external devices
  • Allows full-screen, multi-screen and PIP display modes
  • Features selectable main and sub-camera options, auto-switching, and more
  • Unit can be operated via either main panel, or included remote control