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Coby CA-747 Dual Position CD/MD/MP3 Cassette Adapter
List Price: $9.95

Our Price: $4.49

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Product Description

Play a portable CD - MD - MP3 player through an audio cassette player / Cassette has cord to player output / Great for car stereos

The key feature on this cassette adapter is the dual position, fully modular adapter which gives you the option to plug this into both front and side-loading cassette players. If you're trying to connect your CD or mini-disc player into a cassette deck, this component should do the trick.

What's in the Box
Cassette adapter

  • Play any portable audio or video device through any car cassette player
  • Minijack .125-inch cable plugs into a durable cassette-shell adapter
  • Perfect for CD, MP3, DVD, minidisc, or other device with a .125-inch headphone jack
  • Fully modular adapter configures to front- and side-loading cassette decks
  • 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Good product
    i like it alot. sound quality is really good, and the fact that you can put it into multiple types of cassette players is a real benefit.
    one bad thing is that the cable is way too long. its so long that your mp3 player can fall out of your car, without the cord holding it back. i lost my ipod touch because of this.

    great product, highly recommended to anyone with a car with not way to connect an mp3 player. much better sound quality than a fm transmitter.

    ps, there is some white noise in the background, because of the way sound is transferred by the adapter...more info
  • iPod to Cassette Player interface
    Just what we needed - a low-tech link from our ipod to an older car cassette player in our older car. It works perfectly!...more info
  • Great product! But....
    Initially, I had no issues with the auto-reverse flipping sides with the adapter, but then it started flipping and ejecting the adapter. I followed the modding instructions posted by J. Christofferson on March 27, 2007 and the auto-reverse problem seems to have been solved. Sound-level is excellent on this product and hopefully there won't be any more problems. If I could, I would shange the rating to 3-4 stars....more info
  • Works Fine
    This adapter works just fine with my ipod in a '99 Ford Explorer. What else can i say. It works where others did not....more info
  • Disappointed
    I tried it as soon as it came and promptly returned it. I barely worked, very low volume....more info
  • Good for listening to an iPod in your car
    I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend. He has a first generation iPod touch and I wanted him to be able to listen to it on car journeys. I looked at a lot of different products but came up with a lot of problems - not compatible with the touch, cigarette lighter plugins that are too bulky, FM transmitters that won't stay tuned it, poor quality products that break quickly.

    Finally I decided to go with the tape converter. There is no hassle with tuning, you just insert the tape, plug in the iPod and it's ready to go. As for noise, it doesn't hiss or tune out like FM transmitters I have used, though there is a quiet but audible clicking noise if you have the music on at a low volume.

    I haven't had any problems with it turning over etc as others have described. At first we had an issue with the tape deck ejecting it constantly, however we finally pushed it in more firmly and it stayed. I don't know if the problem was the tape or the tape deck, but since we pushed it in fully we haven't had any problems.

    The sound quality is very good, not as crisp as a CD of course, but way better than FM transmitters. It plugs in directly to the headphone jack, so it will work for all kinds of mp3 player and iPods. So far we have used this tape for dozens of hours and it has been easy to use, reliable, and very enjoyable.

    I would recommend this product for anyone with a tape deck in their car. It is great value and works better than any other product I have tried for listening to an iPod in the car. ...more info
  • The only reliable one I've found
    I've tried several different cassette adapters and this is the only one that's lasted more than a year. In fact my first one did so well that I bought two more: one for my wife's car and one to replace the original. The only problem is that four years later the original is still working fine so I've got the third one still in its original packaging. ...more info
  • Problems after 1 1/2 Years
    Good enough for the price, I guess, but yesterday I was surprised to discover a short somewhere in the output jack that kills half of the audio track unless jiggled in exactly the right position. This adapter has lived sedately in my car since I bought it a year & a half ago, so has experienced almost zero wear & tear. ...more info
  • Some Re-design is in order
    This item does what it is supposed to in the sense that a CD player, or MP3 player can be heard through the car radio. In my case, when inserting the adapter into the tape player it activated the tape transport mechanism and the mechanical parts in the adapter made a lot of noise. Consequently, I tossed it as it was not worth the trouble to return....more info
  • Save your money and your time!
    It's junk. It doesn't work. Simple as that. Only played one channel of mp3 player through car cassette deck. Like most products from this manufacturer, it's crap. Got it yesterday, tried it today, will return it tomorrow. Thank god for amazon's easy return policy!...more info
  • Did not work in my car's tape player
    This adapter did not work in my car's tape player. My car tape-player has an auto-reverse feature that can not be disabled, so I assume I had the same problem that other reviewers noted. The description of this product should make it very clear that if you cannot disable the auto-reverse, do not buy this! I have since bought a different brand of adapter, and have had no trouble...more info
  • Horrible sound!
    I bought this item so I could use my MP3 player to play songs through my car stereo. Now, when I play actual tapes in my car stereo they sound great, so I know the tape player is good, and my MP3 player sounds great through headphones so I know the MP3 player is good, but it sounds terrible through this adapter. The sound comes through as though the bass was cranked up to maximum and midrange and treble are practically nonexistent.

    Even with my car stereo's bass turned all the way down and the treble turned all the way up, I can barely hear the singer or instruments over the drums and bass. Worse yet, the bass doesn't even sound good. It's all muddy and booming like you're listening to it with pillows over your ears or something. Listening to music through this is worse than not listening to any music.

    This item will be going into the garbage. I wouldn't even try to sell it on eBay because I wouldn't feel right separating another poor sucker from his cash for such a huge disappointment as this.

    ...more info
  • tape adapter and auto reverse
    I have an auto-reverse tape deck in my car. After reading the review (March 27, 2007) telling me how to alter the adapter to work in my car, I bought it. You don't actually need to remove any gears, just tape down the piece that the moves back and forth. It works great - a huge improvement over any FM adapter I've tried!...more info
  • Great for the price
    I had th auto-reverse tape deck so I had to use the suggested fix from the reveiw on 3/07. Works great. ...more info
  • Great, been using it for 1 year now, no problems :)
    This was a great buy, have not regretted it. I bought this a year ago and have not had to replace it yet. The other reviews did scare me a bit as thought my car would be one that has auto reverse but was not the case.

    A great investment, would not think twice about buying it again, not just for the product but for the speedy delivery too :)...more info
  • Only works for short time, then rejects all the time.
    I was happy with this for a couple of weeks. I used this for 10-20 minute driving. Even though it was a little bit of noisy, over all it worked fine. After 3 hrs trip, it rejects all the time. if anybody knows how to fix this problem, please post here....more info
  • Works great
    The cassette adapter works wonderfully and I really like the dual position allowing for any kind of holder. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!...more info
  • Great adapter
    PROS -Excellent sound quality, Dual position jacks, my tape player does not spit it out.

    CONS -Sometimes the jack on the end of the ipod makes scratchy noises if barely touched....more info
  • Inexpensive but not cheap!
    We have an older car with a tape deck. We also have an i-Pod. We own and have used the FM transmitter type adapter for the i-Pod, but the sound quality is not better than your average FM station. We've tried other tape adapters for the i-Pod (Sony, Phillips, Monster Cable), but these were not satisfactory in the end (the Sony kept flipping tape sides, the Phillips did a bit less so, and the Monster had a muddy sound). We just bought the Coby, and the sound and operation thus far excel well beyond all the other brands we've tried. The sound is great and the price cannot be beat....more info
  • Auto-Reverse
    This adapter didn't work in my car because of the auto-reverse feature, and it seems that a lot of people are having trouble with this...In my opinion they should make a separate adapter that doesn't have auto-reverse on it, then people will buy that instead of seeing what they have to do to make it work, and then end up not buying the product. ...more info
  • Inexpensive, easy to use, works perfectly
    This is one of those surprisingly inexpensive items that worked exactly the way it was supposed to straight out of the package. I haven't had the problem mentioned by other reviewers regarding my tape player going into auto-reverse, but the directions posted by them on how to handle it look simple. The sound quality sounds good to me (FYI, I don't play music at super high volumes) and mostly, it's easy to use and it WORKS....more info
  • Like the dual position plug
    I bought this item to use so that we don't have to listen to commercials anymore. We have not had a problem with it in our cars. The ability to change the position of the plug is nice for when we are in different cars so that we don't have to worry about the layout of the cassette player. ...more info
  • Not working at all
    I wish that I have bought Philips cassette adapter from Walmart ($10) before buying this (with shipping $13), Philips adapter worked on my car and my friend's car, whereas this one is not recognized by the tape player...more info
  • Dont Go With Sony !
    This one is way better quality than sony cassette adapter, and we can change the position of the cord so you can put in the cassette vertically or horizontally inside your deck depends on your head unit. And also i love the coiled cable your car will look neater when using it. I had sony and only last for couple of months, and coby has better sound quality when i play different kinds of music, bass and treble are decent, and way quieter than sony's when it's been played (you have to remember that it's still a cassette, means mechanical makes sounds). So overall, i love this product, i love shopping on amazon using their PRIME service (2 day delivered for free!), just love it! Thanks....more info
  • Cassette Adapter
    Works great. I use it to interface my Garmin 660 with my 2001 Tundra pickup so I can listen to my recorded music from the Garmin in between route instructions....more info
  • it works.
    It works. Yeah, it's kinda quiet. But I'm one of those analog lovers and I do actually listen to tapes and I've noticed that all tapes play quieter than the radio in my car. Is this true for all cars? I don't know. But before you freak and think there's something wrong with the adapter maybe just consider that ALL cassettes are different than the radio, and this adapter is, in fact, a cassette....more info
  • Works Well
    This converter works great at half the price of others. At first it kept ejecting because of the auto reverse function, and I thought I would have to take it apart to disable the auto reverse. After some fiddling with buttons on the tape deck or something it finally worked, and I just leave it in all the time... If it ain't broke don't fix it!...more info
  • So far, so good
    I was a little hesitant buying this because of some of the reviews I read on Amazon. I've used it several times so far and have not had any problems. It works well and the sound reproduction is good. Based on this, I recommend this product. Oh, delivery was very fast....more info
  • Does what it should
    This adapter works much better for us than the FM wireless adapter we previously used. There is a little clicking noise while it's in the cassette player, but it's tolerable and we're using it for listening to podcasts; not music. ...more info
  • I like this one!
    I've tried three different tape adapters recently, with this being the fourth. My car's factory stereo is equipped with an automatic tape reverser which could not be disabled. This was the ONLY tape adapter I could get to work in combination with the recommended Macguyvering from another reviewer here. Now the thing plays nonstop with no tape flipping interference and confusion on my car's end.

    The sound itself is a little fuzzy or staticy. I don't notice it much, to be honest. I am not sure if this is due to my cassette player or the adapter itself. It would be better if I didn't have to take it apart to get it to work properly in my car, but after throwing away three other ones in as many weeks, I'm very very happy with this one....more info
  • Coby not as good as advertised?
    This came fairly highly rated but I found the sound quality less than excellent at high volume; started to sound a little "raspy", for lack of a better word. I played around with volume adjustments both on my radio and my IPod and found a balance that improved quality somewhat. I even bought a cassette head cleaner and demagnetizer which didn't make much difference. Have to admit a little disappointment considering the prior reviews I read. Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong?...more info
  • works in autoreverse '95 cassette deck, with minor mod
    It works! Sound is OK, not quite as good quality as when playing tapes , but overall good... just needed to readjust the bass & treble back down to midpoint on my cassette deck from where I usually have them. I'd give 5 stars if the sound was a bit better, but also I don't expect a lot from low end equipment like I'm using here.

    I bought this adapter to give it a try for playing my mp3 player in my old car; inexpensive enough to be a minimal risk. Context: is this is with 1998 Toyota Camry basic model factory wiring, oldy-but-goody Sony XR-6450 (1995) cassette deck & low-end Boston Acoustic speakers. I don't expect more for now with my basic car equipment. I'm just glad for the option on long trips to add my portable music library to my limited traveling taped music ancient cassette collection. I didn't want to completely upgrade my car stereo yet since I'm not ready to upgrade to a newer car quite yet, so this is a good temporary solution. I'm using a Cowon D2 MP3/WMA player - 16G of music, sorted into folders by music type. The Cowon D2 has wonderful sound quality on its own with decent headphones, and a forever battery life compared to others; See my review on the cowon d2 for why I've been pleased with this non-mainstream player.

    I read all the reviews on cassette adapters for mobile music media, and thanks to Amazon for enabling the handy consumer comments and tips. I had an autoreverse car tape deck that allows turning on/off the blank-space skip, but not the autoreverse.

    The Coby adapter didn't work without the modification described by KS "RT Again" and J. Christofferson in 2007 (thank you for helping so many people with those reviews!). Similar to the experience of others, my cassette player did seek, reverse, seek, and spit out the adapter. So I got out my tiny electronics phillips screwdriver and removed the screws from the adapter... Followed the description to tweak the mechanism to prevent the player's auto-reverse from kicking in. I did not tape anything; just removed the one small gear as they described.

    I have some additional descriptive notes here to help anyone who has an automatic/non-selecta ble reverse-play cassette deck and wants to try tinkering with the unit:

    6 corner screws on one side, then flip the unit over and remove the two screws over the tape head area. I think two of the corner screws in the notch where the connector can dock for side or end mount are slightly smaller than the others... Just place them somewhere stable in corresponding positions to where you took them out... Be careful opening up the unit when you are about to lift off one side... The adapter's guts are all mounted on one side (one cover of its two), so if you have it the right side up nothing will fall out when you lift off the cover on one side, gently straight up. (I forget if this was the side with the two central screws, or the side with the corner screws.) If so, you won't disturb anything and can see everything in its proper place. (look to see if things inside look like they are about to jiggle before you take the cover all the way off - if so, just flip it to the other side to prevent fall out :)

    With the adapter's tape head facing towards you and the notched jack end facing away from you, the electronic pickups are on the left side. The middle of the unit has 3 wide plastic gears, the two on either side with notched hole to get drive from the player's two drive spindles (or where you stick your fingers in to rewind an old tape if it's winding got loosened). There's a clear flat flexible plastic cover over those, with a hole in the two appropriate positions, AND a small notch in the middle - you want to ensure this plastic piece is aligned centrally when you put it back together, so the unit can close without gapping due to one of the joining areas biting on the clear plastic gear cover. On the lower right is the small assembly that brings the spindle drive of the big gear to the gears of the tape drive (tape drive is the small gear with the black rubber o-ring, towards front of the unit). The assembly is mounted onto an odd-oblong-shaped flat piece which is what you see looking down (assembly's gears are underneath it). The assembly is mounted on one end with a pin-&-hole feature and on the other end with a pin-thru-slot feature. Just lift the assembly straight up. The small gear to remove is towards the center end of the assembly - it's a bilevel gear with a wider bottom gear and a narrower gear-toothed portion, molded in one piece so as to transfer drive from one set of gears to another. Just lift out this small gear, replace the assembly with its remaining two gears on it back onto the adapter unit, and after you ensure the clear plastic main gears cover is aligned perfectly, replace the black top cover of the unit. If everything is aligned properly it will close with no gaps or perhaps very tiny gaps. Reinsert the screws and you're done.

    Also, ensure that you use the adapter by doing things in this order: Turn on the mp3 player first, put its volume in about middle position, then connect the adapter to it, turn on the car cassette player unit, turn its volume all the way down, and finally/lastly, put the cassette adapter into the cassette player. Then turn up car player's volume as desired, and if necessary reset bass and treble.
    ...more info