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James Bond 007: Nightfire
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Product Description

007: Nightfire challenges you to reach new heights and depths as the world-renowned superspy!

James Bond 007: NightFire is a worthy sequel to 2001's outstanding Agent Under Fire. The game retains the overall look of its predecessor--including some familiar recurring characters and gadgets--but is designed to feel more like an actual Bond movie than a video game. After the familiar "gun barrel" opening shot, you're introduced to the game via a pre-credits action sequence through the streets of Paris that leads into an original theme song, complete with surreal imagery.

The pacing of the game is natural, with each objective leading smoothly to the next. You even get to holster your PPK, don a tuxedo, and infiltrate a cocktail party at your adversary's mansion, making small talk with his henchmen, flirting with female party guests, and eavesdropping on secret conversations. Of course, within minutes you'll be shooting your way out of the place and making a daring escape in true 007 fashion, including Bond's trademark one-liners. The storyline combines espionage, action, and innuendo in just the right proportions to evoke a real Bond movie atmosphere.

The game's overall playability is improved by some nice attention to detail, not the least of which is the addition of smarter and less predictable villains (they can hear you coming, they communicate with each other, and they're better at utilizing cover and sneaking up behind you). You also have more tactical options (there are many ways to reach each objective, so the game is very replayable) as well as a better arsenal of gadgets and weapons. And best of all, the multiplayer mode incorporates classic characters from many Bond movies. More than any other 007 game to date, NightFire was designed with the die-hard Bond fan clearly in mind. --Maile Bohlmann


  • Well-developed storyline
  • Authentic Bond movie atmosphere
  • Great graphics, sound, and music
  • Smart, crafty villains
  • Wide range of controller settings
  • Pre-credits action sequence is far too easy
  • They still don't have Bond's voice quite right (Maxwell Caulfield?!)
  • Fans of nonstop action might not appreciate the extended cutscenes

The ultimate secret agent is back in his most dangerous adventure yet in James Bond 007: NightFire. Explore new heights and depths like never before--infiltrate towering skyscrapers, take on treacherous underwater missions, and maneuver your sleek Aston Martin V12 Vanquish through the streets of Tokyo, while turning on the Bond charm with glamorous (and sometimes deadly) Bond women. New state-of-the-art upgradable gadgets and weapons, plus original missions including zero-gravity assignments, will leave you shaken... and stirred.
  • As Bond, you'll infiltrate gigantic skyscrapers, explore the deepest parts of the ocean, and maneuver your beautiful Aston-Martin V12 Vanquish through super-fast car chases
  • Experience 12 action-packed missions filled with combat, stealth, and Upgradeable gadgets
  • Rendezvous with beautiful, deadly women and confront devious enemies in more than 10 exotic locales
  • Incredible 4-player split-screen gameplay with classic James Bond characters

Customer Reviews:

  • this game is the worst
    this game i would have to say is the worst game ever i'm refunding it from the store i bought it from...more info
  • A cool follow up to Agent Under Fire
    I think this game is a great addition to the James Bond video game series. I like how Pierce Brosnan is used in this game and how acuratly the animated him in a few spots in the game. The multiplayer part has Characters from classic movies that you can unlock during the regular game. So Overall this game is pretty god and i am not dissapointed in getting it.

    There is another one coming soon. So, JAMES BOND WILL RETURN!...more info

  • interesting
    The the single player mode is not to great but the multi-player is SWEET!! It was the main reason I bought the game in the first place. With single player the story is old and the missions are way to easy.I beat the whole thing in a week. The graphics are good but in multi the characters keep trying to run into walls?...more info
  • A kick-@#* game for action freaks!
    This game is great! The story is a regular 007 plot, bad guy trys to blow up the world, and bond tries to stop him. On the way, he rides his car, travels in his submarine, snipes unsuspecting guards, battles a ninja, goes to space, and so on. My personal favorite mission is when he is on a snowbobile, firing a turret at enemies(REALLY FUN). The multiplayer is awsome, with lots of characters, several maps from a sub dock to a missile silo, and fantastic weapons. Nobody to play with? Don't worry, the game has that covered. You can set up AI bots to use. So, if I were you, I would BUY IT!...more info
  • This game rocks!!!!
    Nightfire is awesome! Its one of the best 1st person shooter out! Its as good as the the first Marathon game. The graphics are great. The sound is good to. You get to use loads of wepons and gadgets. Driving in the V12 is awsome on the Enimies Vanquished level. The multiplayer levels are awesome as well as the game levels. The State of the art weapons set is the best. You dont even have to have another human to play multiplayer. You can play against the bots. If you like the other 007 games get this one now! If your not a fan rent it and you will probally be surprised!...more info
  • I love james bond games
    I love this james bond game, tells you your objectives, has a map, super fun to pick up amo, guns, grenades, etc. I have beat it, but keep going back to each level and trying to go differnt ways, its awesome.......more info
  • A great game!
    The gameplay is great. The story is pretty well developed though slightly predictable. The multiplayer mode is great if you wanna challenge your friends to a one-on-one. I would recommend having a large TV (20" min.) for the multiplayer mode since it's split-screen....more info
  • best game i ever played
    this game is the greatest game i ever played it changed me and if you ever get to buy it buy it because they dont make it anymore...more info
  • Fun ps2 game
    This is a great ps2 game that if you like shooting games you should get. This is more of a party game and doesnt have the greatest story mode but other than that I recomend it.

    P.S. Dont get it used from amazon. I bought like 8 before they finally gave me one that worked. Although most of there other used games work great....more info
  • excellent game
    I just bought the PS2 for a very good price but to get it at that price I had to purchase a game also. I decided to purchase James Bond, because I remembered how much my husband loved to play James Bond in his friend's nintendo 64. I am not dissapointed at all, I have not played myself but I have seen my husband playing and we both believe that this is a great game, the grafics are amazing and there is a lot of detail. Not only that but the story line is awesome, he really likes this game, I highly recomend it if you like adventure games....more info
  • Amazin game ever
    This game is the best game ever in my entire life. The multiplayer is so cool too. When I saw the cover I knew that this was a good game. This game has good graphics. When I finish the game I feel like starting the game over and over again. BEST GAME EVER MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • A Great Game That Features Bond
    This is an awesome game. From the many weapons to the gadgets this game is ultimately the best Bond game yet. The storyline is very nicely done, and the missions are mostly action-packed, or have stealth. Like in the 5th Mission, it sometimes combines stealth, but has a ton of action, esspescialy when you are fighting the Ninja at the end of the level. The gadgets are awesome and very, very creative, such as a Wrist Watch Laser to melt locks, car-keys that can stun enemies, a grapple disguised as a cell-phone to hook onto hooks and pull you up, a powerful Flash Bang Grenade [Stun Grenade] disguised as an Electric Shaver and much, much more. And the multiplayer modes are purely fun, so unlike Agent Under Fire, you can battle computers and teams can be picked. The modes are really fun and I recommend getting this game highly....more info
  • Fun
    Got this for my grandson for Christmas and he says it is really cool. :)...more info
  • this game was alsome
    This is the best 007 game yet. The graphics were as close as a real Bond movie. The multiplayer was the best part and the car levels. The only bad part is in multiplayer when you grappler it does not work some time and you can't grappler to anything like in agent under fire....more info
    What a great game! Controls take a couple tries to get used to, but you're never rushed into anything too soon; so you'll have time to adjust.

    The Graphics, the music, the likeness of Pierce Brosnin (?), fantastic; makes you feel like your part of the game, [draws] you in as you become the character.

    Plays like a combination of some of the best games out there, Medal of Honor, Syphon Filter (One of my all time favorites), you know the type.

    Don't worry about renting...find it and buy it!...more info

  • It's great, while it lasts.
    If you like James Bond stuff, or like a realistic and fun 1st person shooter, then you should already get this game. 007 Nightfire, uses an original storyline about a company that is supposedly disarming nucleur missles. U play James Bond as Piersce Brosnan who has the job of finding out about a plan called nightfire. The voice acting is great, and the weapons detail is high. You have many of your favorites, like your Wolfram and your Frinesi, and your sentintel rocket launcher, but you also get a few neat extras like laser trip bombs, suitcase remote control guns, and plenty of gadgets. I can only find 1 problem with this game. It's short. After about 12 missions, you finish the game. Although you can always replay it to try to earn platinum medals, it won't make up for the shortness of the game. I also found out that it only uses 2.2 of the 4.7 gigs of the DVD it comes on. A hek of a lot of people bought this game, and a lot more would have if it was longer. EA is known to only master things that it does through a less popular company (ex Burnout 3) or starts itself (Need for Speed), but it did good. I just hope that it does better for the next-gen consoles, which have 30/50 gigs of disk space. The multiplayer mode is great. You can asign AI Bots, and play as legendary movie characters like ODDjob and Jaws. The levels are simple: Shoot, drive, or shoot while someone else drives. LIke i said. Its great, while it lasts....more info
  • It's the halo for PS2 (only on multiplayer)
    Altough the story is just you're typical 007 story, the multyplayer is great. You can set up bots in place of real people, set up the weapons, be different characters, and choose different maps. The only problem is that the bots are retarded. But it's still fun!!!...more info
  • Not what I Expected...
    Anyone who reads this, I know this is not what you want to hear. First off, you can trust me, because I'm not lying. I read some other of these reviews where people were saying that Nightfire didnt have a multiplayer, well it does. It does!

    But as far as single player goes... It sucked in plain english. Very very easy game. It had 12 levels, that werent as big as people said, and about 1/3-1/4 of the levels you are either driving the vanquish above, and under the sea, your in a jet, or your in an armored jeep. Like Agent Under Fire you can win the platinum medals to unlock the bonus's in multiplayer, but even if you want the medals, you still dont feel like playing it. EA should have put the Agent, Secret Agent, 007 Agent, all in a row like they did in golden eye, so then what you've completed gets checked off.

    This game did have very pleasing graphics, as do most PS2 games. Controls are awesome, because before you start your missions you can customize the controls.

    Multiplayer: NASTY! To anyone who enjoys a good multiplayer game, go pick this up. Tons of levels big and small.
    Characters: Bond, Alura, Christmas Jones, Mayday, Jaws, Scarmanga, Oddjob(throws hat as a move) Elektra King, Max Zorin, Renard, Baron Semedi, and a 10-12 others. The only reason this gets a 3 is because of the very golden eye like multiplayer. Best Multiplayer ever. And if your looking for what I was looking for in this game, go buy Medal of Honor: Frontline....more info

  • I am Bond- Savings bond, I mean...
    First, I want to apoligize for giving this game 3 stars. It deserves 4 in some ways, but there are some things I want to say. First of all, here's what I think of it.

    1. Multiplayer is so fun you can play it by yourself.
    2. Nice gadgets
    3. Some of the stealthy missions
    4. Pretty nice graphics
    5. Cool opening sequence

    1. Atrocious aiming for a FPS.
    2. Meaningless cutscened are only a distraction.
    3. Horribly confusing multiplayer menus.
    4. Cheap AI for countless mission failures.
    5. Single player mode with about 2 fun missions and the rest a flop.
    6. Did I mention the horrible aiming?
    7. Vehicular missions are a drag.

    I liked the multiplayer... in fact I found it more fun to play with the AI then with my friends. But NOTHING makes up for some of the junk they shoved in here. First of all, the single player mode is something where you have fun for one level and then you hate it. You will suffer countless cheap failures because *an enemy saw you and raised the alarm- MISSION FAILED* Also, the only fun aiming is with the guided rocket launcher
    THE AIMING IS SOOO BAD ITS NOT GOOD. You can be a foot away from a person and because of the horrible aiming controls, you CANT EVEN SHOOT THEM WELL. You walk up to the person and tiny crosshairs come up. And the people, they run so fast when you try and shoot, so how the heck can you shoot them? If you want a cool game to play with friends during a sleepover, give this a rent. But otherwise, dont waste your time and money on this single player pile of dung....more info

  • Solid sequel
    Overall, Nightfire is a solid sequel to Agent Under Fire. If you liked that game, you'll like this outing, which has some improvements and a couple of cons.

    First off, the game is a little too short. I wanted more missions, especially since some of them are vehicle missions that are generally pretty low on replay value. The straight ahead fps missions, like infiltrating a castle and busting out, or shooting your way out of a skyscraper, are fun to replay. You also get bonuses for getting higher scores.

    However, the game generally delivers solid shooter action. It's not very difficult, though a couple of boards are tough, and admittedly, I didn't finish the game.

    The multiplayer is good as well, and features one of the best weapons I've seen in any fps game: a remote controlled rocket launcher with a camera. You can literally fly rockets in first person pov around corners and chase people down. A couple of complaints: the Q Claw, which was an awesome feature of Agent Under Fire, is practically useless in this game. It doesn't attach to just anything, and it's slower. A shame. The multiplayer could also be a little tougher. You have to tune up everyone's health and aggression in order to get a tough challenge.

    This game, like Agent Under Fire, captures the general spirit of the Bond films. I usually don't really care too much about the story as long as there's a lot of shooting going on, but this one is pretty much like the movies (I think it was even written or conceived by the regular writer of the movies!) The gadget bits are fun, too. The EA shooters--Medal of Honor and the Bond games--resemble each other a lot and appear to be the same engine. The Bond game mixes it up with gadgets and car chases, etc.

    This game would be amazing if it was rated M. That wouldn't happen since the Bond franchise is violent but comic bookish and sanitized. The game, especially with the remote controlled rocket, would benefit from blood and gore.

    Nevertheless, it's recommended if you liked Agent Under Fire. It's too short and it's a bit easy, but the multiplayer mode if fun enough to play alone and some of the missions are good enough to replay as they're generally long.

    Also, using Maxwell Caulfield's voice for Bond? Cripes. Good thing the next game will manage to finally get Brosnan's face AND voice....more info

  • Mind blowing fun
    This game is one of the best Bond games yet. Nothing beats the great gadgets and whole new wepons. I loved it....more info
  • An awesome video game!
    I and writing this RIGHT after my friends said they "didn't break it". Which they did and I am forced to buy another one. Which I do not regret doing! I love this game espescially when played with two players. If you have someone else who would like to get this game and play it with you, GET IT! You can change the controls for easier playing, and play against each other or as a team. This whole time i have been talking about its two player "goodness" but the one-player part is great also! It's not WAAAAY too hard if you're not the BEST at video games (like me) and yet still not too easy for good gamers. I totally recommend this game. For the price, game of course and the many hours of fun.

    P.S. make sure you have two controllers =)...more info
  • good game
    it is a realy good game.You can be aton of charecters from old bond movies.You should by the game....more info
  • 007: Nightfire a must have for PS2
    Nightfire is an awesome game!! The single-player game is cool but it is short and easy. That is why it only got a 4. But you get to drive an Aston Martin, a snowmobile, an suv, and an airplane.
    The multiplayer is the real reason to buy this game. It is the best multiplayer game for PS2. It is up to 4 players, which is a must. There are so many weapons: pistols, shotguns, machine guns, grenades, snipers, and rocket launchers (including a rocket launcher that lets you steer the missile in flight). There are also mounted weapons and mini helicopters and mini tanks to use. The multiplayer levels are awesome and there are so many types of multplayer games (you have to unlock some in the single-player). You can also play against AI characters in multiplayer and custimize their skills, attitudes, and health. Which brings up the only downside to the multiplayer, the computer players often run into and sometimes get stuck in walls....more info
  • NightFire.... it's not as good as goldeneye but still great
    First off I would like to say that NightFire is a good solid game. A somewhat typical plot, but it is a bond game. Though Pierce Brosnan did lend his face for mo-cap his voice was done by somebody with a very poor idea of what he sounds like. It's to low and is strangly paced. But I have to say that attention to detail in the game's levels are good. But in some parts the graphics get pretty lame. Driving is great because it was done on the need for speed engine. But the real true fun in this game is multiplayer. It's not Halo or Goldeneye but it sure is addictive. With tons of different themed multiplayer missions and a good few arenas not to mention all of the best bond villians and allies like Odd Job who has a bonus weapon. Wait for it.... His steel rimmed bowler! It definetly helps when you are out of ammo and it is your last weapon because one throw kills. One last thing about Nightfire's multiplayer is that you get every weapon in the game. Like the A.I.M.S. A burst rifle with an infared scope and grenade launcher.
    With Nightfire it is hard to cover everything but I covered most of the high points.The game is great. A must by for a bond fan. Nightfire has a lot of bang for it's buck and is a great game....more info
  • Best Bond
    It is the best bond, with all of the things you'd expect from a Bond game, not to mention the really awesome storyline and the Al Bots that can play in multiplayer....more info
  • Don't be fooled
    Don't be fooled, this game sucks. I got it for my birthday last year, and it doens't match up to 007: Goldeneye (one of the best games ever made), so don't be fooled...more info