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Sanyo SK-7S Space Saving Toasty Oven, Silver
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $49.95

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Product Description

An easy-to-use miniature toaster oven / Color - Silver High/Low power control Convenient and easy-cleaning crumb tray Easy to read heating guide on glass door Color - Silver

With the high expense of electricity, it can be costly to turn on a full-size oven for quick toasting and browning tasks. This toaster oven is a simple answer to keep electrical costs down. Use it for toasting bagels that don't always fit in a conventional toaster, or for melting cheese over a favorite sandwich. It can even be used for browning the tops of individual meringue tarts. Standing 13 inches high by 9 inches wide by 8-1/2 inches deep (including the handles), it obviously doesn't require too much counter space. It lets you select the specific elements--there are three: bottom, middle, and top--needed for a particular task. The oven also comes with a 15-minute safety auto shut-off, which is helpful for the busy and easily distracted teenager who maybe preparing their own after school snack. As a precaution, the oven should always be unplugged from the power source when it's not in use or when it's being cleaned. --Teresa Simanton

  • Silver
  • Four control setting
  • 15 minute timer with bell
  • Slide out racks with metal trays
  • Dimensions 9-1/2 inches wide by 12 7/8 inches high by 10 inches deep; weighs 6.7 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • Compact & Efficient
    I absolutely LOVE this toaster. It's the 4th one I'm purchasing, and it's not because they break (the original one I purchased 18 years ago still works beautifully) but rather I love it so much that I purchase them as gifts. It takes up less than a square foot of your precious kitchen counter space and it's clean design and roomy interior is perfect for toasting anything from bread to bagels to pigs in a blanket! It's efficient use of volume is perfect without cluttering up your counter...a real bonus in NYC! ...more info
  • The "R2D2" of toaster ovens!
    Short in stature but big on service...great for bagels, pizza, burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and more. Toast, grill, heat, melt - this appliance delivers what the "wide-guys" do in a narrow, upright format. I love this appliance! ...more info
  • Good idea - and small!
    I really like my Toasty. I purchased this toaster because we needed one that would fit in a narrow space and this worked perfectly. We've used it for a variety of toasting and it seems to do the job well. Also, the color is nice. Its a lighter matte silver than normal and its easy to clean. The only down side is that its a tight squeeze to put 4 pieces of some of the larger pieces of bread in at a time, but it does work. Also, the toast turns out just a tad dry, but I think that's pretty typical for a toaster oven. Good deal, especially if your counter space is limited....more info
  • The low-down
    We don't have a lot of counter space and we used our old toaster oven mainly for toast. So when replacing it I considered getting a regular toaster. Still, it's nice to be able to reheat pizza or fix fish sticks in a handy little toaster oven. Then I saw this one -- it has a small footprint! It gets great reviews! Can 42 people be wrong? So I got it, and I was keen to like it too. But here's the low-down -- my list of pros and cons, when compared to a regular toaster oven or toaster.

    -- It has a smaller footprint than a regular toaster oven.

    Cons as a toaster:
    -- It takes 5 full minutes to toast bread.
    -- No cancel button. The only way to stop the oven when the timer dial is still running is to unplug it, and annoyingly, the timer will keep ticking. (Opening the door doesn't stop it.)
    -- You cannot figure out a toast darkness setting once and for all -- your preferred setting for your usual type of bread -- and then just start it. The timer dial does show darkness settings, but they're not too precise. So I end up having to watch the bread. (But yes, the toast comes out perfectly fine. I did give it 3 stars.)

    Cons as a toaster oven:
    -- You cannot set the temperature.
    -- The timer dial maxes out at 15 minutes and turning that dial is the only way to switch the oven on. So even for fish sticks that need 20 minutes, you have to go back and re-set it for 5 extra minutes. (As for baking a small loaf of banana bread...forget about it. Anyway, the loaf pan wouldn't fit. See next point.)
    -- The shelves are too small to fit a large slice of pizza, you have to fiddle with the slice to fit it in.

    So it's not really an oven at all, just a toaster into which you can put things horizontally. That's a useful feature, of course: you can make nice open faced sandwiches with melted cheese. But if you want to do more than that, this oven will annoy you. Stick to a regular toaster oven, and if counter space is an issue, just get one of the small ones. ...more info
  • Sanyo Bagel Toaster
    SANYO SK7S-ST/TOASTER-OVEN/BAGEL/2STORYI owned this toaster for over ten years and it was beginning to look "old". I was delighted to find it was still being made and purchased this new one in chrome color rather than the white I had before. It's absolutely beautiful. I especially like the size and the fact that it stands vertically, taking up much less space on my too-small counter. It not only toasts bagels and regular bread, but it can't be beat for warming pizza with a crispy crust....more info
  • Sanyo Toasty
    I have this toaster oven since's used daily and have NEVER had a problem with it! I LOVE IT and have recommended it to so many people over the years, because countless guests to our home have asked me about mine. I bought a Sanyo when they first came out about 10 years ago and only got this one in silver because we moved and the old one didnt go with my new kitchen. I gave it to a family member and it STILL WORKS just fine! I highly recommend it because it takes up much less counter space than traditional toaster ovens. It's simple to use & easy to remove what you've cooked--the trays are designed to pop out when opened so you don't burn yourself as well as easy to clean. Toaster ovens are designed for small &/or individual portions. Don't expect to cook a turkey in it :-)
    ...more info
  • This is a real space saving.
    I love this vertical shape that really saves space in my kitchen. It is small but powerful enough to work as toaster oven....more info