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Reign of Fire
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A brood of fire-breathing dragons emerges from the earth and begins setting fire to everything establishing dominance over the planet. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 01/25/2005 Starring: Christian Bale Matthew Mcconaughey Run time: 102 minutes Rating: Pg13

The Road Warrior meets Dragonslayer in the briskly entertaining post-apocalyptic action thriller Reign of Fire. Reign of Fire exists primarily to give us a bigger and better dragon than the Vermithrax Pejorative of 1981's classic Dragonslayer, and in that regard, the special effects are mightily impressive; the reptilian fire-breathers are stupendously convincing. While the earlier film offers a richer, more whimsical medieval adventure, Reign of Fire is a fast-moving tale of man versus dragon that takes place in the charred England of 2020, after Earth has been scorched by rapidly multiplying dragons and the aftermath of a futile nuclear counterstrike. Mixing high-tech gadgetry with primitive survivalism, X-Files alumnus Rob Bowman makes the most of his midlevel budget, establishing a lavish castle base for the rugged, adversarial teaming of Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey as dragonslayers on the brink of extinction. With a steady supply of crowd-pleasing highlights, Reign of Fire is a pyrotechnical treat. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • What smells in here? Oh, It's This Movie !!
    As Bart Simpson would say, this movie both Sucks and Blows ! While the dragon effects are cool, nothing else is in this movie, which should've been titled "SuckFest 2020."

    The concept is interesting, but the "plot" is hackneyed, the acting bad, and it just gets worse from there. They couldn't even be honest in the commercials. Matthew McConaughey is not the star of this movie, it's Christian Bale (two roles of which were as a psycho killer in the universally panned American Psycho, and as a JFK Jr. clone in the fairly awful re-make of Shaft. THAT's star power, baby! The new Batman will be trying to live down this fiasco as well).

    Particularly good is the unending use of every tired cliche in the movie book. Post-Apocalyptic world? Let's make it look like Mad Max/the Road Warrior, and give everyone an Australian/British accent. Who comes to save the day? Americans, of course. Let's make sure the two heroes neither like nor trust each other... until they have to team up to defeat the bad guy at the end, of course. Add one attractive female for a love-interest. And the teenage boy who won't listen to Dad, and wants to fight himself. Or the tough-as-nails, always screaming, army sergeant, chewing the stub of a cigar.

    And there are just too many inconsistencies, even for a fantasy "dragon" movie. For people who are starving to death and are, as they say "leading lives of quiet desperation," they sure know how to party when they kill a dragon: with lights and wine and Jimi Hendrix's "Fire" blasting from the stereo. (For people who watched dragons burn up the whole world, would YOU be blasting "Let me stand next to your fire" ?) And where IS the stereo in this bombed-out Keep / Castle / Cave they're living in? And where is the electricity, or how do they make it? And with no water source around, where do they get water for drinking and their fire-hose equipped trucks ?

    And all these "starving" people have quite a bit of muscle-tone, don't they?

    Where do the Americans get the fuel to run their helicopter and tanks, and whatever troop carrier they used to get from the U.S.A. to London, England?

    It's movies like this that made TV popular in the first place.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Rating: D...more info
  • MST3K Fans Rejoice -- Rifftrax is Here!
    A post-apocalyptic thriller that substitutes dirt and grime for any inkling of logic and probability, Reign of Fire features shirtless one-upmanship at its finest. The cigar stub chomping Matthew McConaughey is finally chiseled into Mt. RiffTrax, making a gutsy bid to become the hardest working shirtless man in show business since The Swayze himself. Playing the Keanu-esque foil to McConaughey's Swayze, Christian Bale returns every hardened stare, lets no machismo go unanswered, no muscle flex go un-flexed back at, and he'll be damned if he puts a shirt on either. For good measure, the writers also toss in a few dragons, and hint at the existence of thousands more. It's an old fashioned post-apocalyptic dude-off, both on the screen and in the recording booth, as Kevin Murphy joins Mike Nelson for what is sure to be your newest favorite RiffTrax involving dragons.
    ...more info
    If your into sci fi movies this is a good one! a very good hd transfer of audio and video to blu ray, overall a worthwhile addition to your hd collection...more info
  • Breath of Fire
    I had Reign of Fire on Dvd, and buying it on blu-ray was a great choice. Crystal clear visuals and sound. This movie has been given a whole new experience. ...more info
  • Pretty Straightforward Stuff

    This was a bit different than one expected. There was no nonsense, no tongue-in-cheek humor or special-effects just for the sake of it: this was simply a humans vs. dragons story taking place in the future. No laughs and nothing hokey, which is what I expected. They played it straight, simply as a fight story between the two parties.

    Yes, there were credibility problems with the story but overall, it was good escapist adventure. The dragons were realistic-looking, the scenery dreary but the story interesting and intense in spots.

    I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a night of adventure on film. You could do a whole lot worse, especially with two young actors who have arrived as stars: Christian Bale and Matthew McConnaughey. ...more info
  • At least there's the rewind and pause button.
    This movie is entertaining but I expected more. . . more screen time with a shirtless Christian Bale. He's an excellent actor but my God that body. If you're hot for Christian Bale this is the best he's looked-dirt and all....more info
  • Not interesting enough
    Although the CGI effects looked fantastic, and McConaughey and Bale were excellent, I found Reign of Fire to be very dull. Other people liked this film and that's fine, but personally I wasn't really entertained when I watched this movie. The action sequences weren't that exciting, and the dragon fights weren't really interesting. Maybe it's because of the old and tired stereotypes of the dragons that annoy me. Oh well, at least I enjoyed "Equilibrium".

    Grade: C...more info
  • I LIKE>>>>
    This movie was totally missed at the movies or something.....I watch it alot. The special effects are great. The story line is great, the men are handsome and there is a bit of a love thing going on too. Matthew MCConaughay was almost unrecongnizable ! I would have like the plot to be developed out a bit more. I wanted the movie to be longer. But its a cool concept and definately not cheezy CGI. I like !...more info
  • An interesting step for science fiction
    Sure, it was cheesy and low budget, but the indomitable Rob Bowman didn't pull any punches in this futeristic drama about dragons. Giving a scientific edge to a creature based in fantasy, this film proved to be a rather refreshing step in science fiction, which means it won't be a well received one. I really love seeing those dragons flying in the air they look so real breathing fire....more info
  • "These beasts live on Ash. They feed on death."
    Comic book-like characters. Realistic settings. Also, a history of dragons from the realistic point of view. The effects were crazy-cool. It's all a matter of how badly do you wanna see action? This movie answers the 'I wanna see action really bad' thirst. Tough men, fighting wars with dragons, areial wars, flight wars, ground wars, underground wars, the whole package. You''l love every second of it. Enjoy!...more info
  • ok for me
    3 1\2 STARS

    It's hard to NOT like this movie...
    I admit this movie wasn't designed to win any Oscars, it was meant to enjoy. Reign of Fire is a horrific vision of the future where mankind struggles to survive as dragons rage across the planet, destroying all they come across. Only a few humans have managed to live, by going underground and living a hand to mouth existence. I won't give away much more because I don't want to blow the movie with any spoilers. Mathew McConaughey transformed himself in this movie, looking different than ever before, playing against his normal type, and it works to perfection. Christian Bale is also strong in this movie. As the leader of the British survivors, he shines in his quiet heroism. The special effects aren't anything earthshaking, but they're good. My only question with the special effects was why do the dragons have holes in their wings? The story line leaves a few plot gaps, but like I said, it wasn't meant to be art, it was meant to be what it is: an action charged, explosive packed, fun filled, blood and fire packed movie, that's great for the action movies buff in all of us. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Not Bad at All... A Great Horror Fantasy Film
    I really enjoyed this movie. I was very impressed by it. The story was creative and different from all other dragon movies I have ever seen. I was expecting this movie to be a King Authur with Dragons type of movie, so I was not expecting anything great except a stunning performance from Gerard Butler. This is a great movie to own if you have surround sound because the sound effects, especially the dragon's roar, are great and will literally make you jump out of your seat. I was also impressed by Christian Bale's performance. For all of you Matthew McConaughey fans, you will want this movie. He is almost hard to recognize with his beard and shaved head, but he is sexy and sports a great body along with Chrstian Bale. Gerard Butler's performance is fabulous as always. He is the comic relief in this movie. The only thing that bothered me about this movie was that they had a helicopter in 2010 when the entire world was burned... so where in the world did they get the fuel to make it fly? I am glad I bought this movie though, I think it was a great addition to my collection. I recommend this movie to all people who enjoy something different but scary at the same time, to all people who like dragon movies, and to all fans of Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, and Gerard Butler....more info
  • A cheap B movie
    I thought this movie would be pretty good and that it'd have a lot of great dragon visuals, but it turned out to be just a cheap, low grade B movie set in a post-apocalyptic world, like some other cheap, junky movies. You never even get to see the dragons properly! They're always far away and all you see is dark silhouettes of them. They're not impressive at all. Also, the entire movie is filmed in darkness, probably to try to hide how little they spent on the movie. I wouldn't have minded all this if I had seen the movie for free on TV, but I bought a used copy of the DVD. The old Dragonslayer movie was a much better dragon movie than this one. I want to see a proper dragon movie with lots of great CGI visuals of lots of dragons, with a good budget and production values, and a good story. It should be possible to do now with all the CGI technology available. I thought Reign of Fire was going to be it, but it totally was not! I just got a trashy post-apocalyptic B movie! Also I would like a dragon movie where the dragons are allies of humans, not just stupid monsters which must be exterminated! It would be more fun to see lots of closeups of dragons being used in war like horses. It's time to abandon the western tradition of seeing dragons as being evil enemies. Why do the movies have to stick to that stupid old idea? It's from the middle ages! Why continue that idea? Let's do something different! I'm really not interested in seeing dragons treated as evil enemies in the movies. I think dragons are special and I don't want a movie about exterminating them!

    ...more info
  • Crispy Critters
    In the not too distant future, a subterranean engineering project in London unleashes a nightmare. A fire breathing dragon is waked and devastation ensues. As civilization falls, scientists figure out that the dragons have periodically awoken and consumed everything. They retire into hibernation only when their food stocks are exhausted. That means everything is eaten.

    Around the world, civilizations fall. There are few survivors and those are more hard pressed with each and every year. As the food stocks dwindle, the dragons get more viscious. The prospect for humanities survival looks bleak.

    There are a few survivors holding out in Scotland but even they are not expecting to survive too much longer. Then they get some surprise visitors. Some guys (and a gal) from America have figured out how to kill them. They have cobbled together some military gear and make it across the Atlantic. They are in bad shape but they know their goal. There is one master creature which is the key. That is the original. That one is in London. When that one is dead, they will all die. Its not going to be easy.

    This is an action movie. The story is fair and the action is pretty good. It is the dragons which carry the film, though. They are done with CGI and are realistic and frightening. They make the show believable.

    This is not a memorable film but it is enjoyable while it lasts.
    ...more info
  • Good movie, simple plot.
    Long story short: Mad Max fights dragons.

    * Kid stumbles into a dragon's lair in a pit where his mom is the project manager digging a tunnel. Mom is killed.

    * Dragon escapes and breeds. Kills everyone on earth, as humans use nukes to try to kill them. Earth is devastated.

    * Band of English survive, led by the kid who has grown up. They hide in the underground of a castle, and practice and prepare the kids (next generation) for dragon attacks. One male dragon (bull), hundreds of females.

    * Band of Americans stumble upon English. Americans use high tech to try to kill dragons. English skeptical. Almost all Americans die.

    * Surviving Americans and English unite at the end to kill the male dragon.

    Special Effects: Very Good
    Plot: Very Simplistic
    Buy?: Only if on sale (I got it for $6.99.)...more info
    This is Christian Bale's second best performance next to Batman Begins. Get yours now....more info
  • reviewing a product
    The only thing that I have to said is that the DVD is in good condition and the delivery was fast. ...more info
    WILL WATCH THIS ONE OVER AND OVER...................more info
  • Amazing Action Achievment!
    This film is impressive on all levels. The camera work is incredible, and mixed with the musical score, it really brings the heat. The story is awesome, involving dragons, castles, soldiers and futuristic weapons.

    Overall, this is a must see, for anyone who likes good entertainment....more info
  • best...dragon movie....EVER
    I gotta say, it's hard to find a good dragon movie, and it's even harder to find a good dragon movie where the word "dragon" stands for "scale-covered reptilian monster with a breathe attack, commonly fire" rather than "Jackie Chan's style of martial arts" It's harder still for said movie to be aimed at adults rather than little kids. That being said, this movie, is AWESOME!! The dragons look and behave like dragons should (no cartoony looks or low IQ's), the humans use guns and tanks instead of karate, and the action scenes are actually pretty dang good. I never thought I'd say this, especially not so soon, but there is, in fact, a movie better than "Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children". And that movie is called "Reign of Fire"....more info
  • Fire, fire, fire!
    Whether you're a fan of action/adventure films, like science fiction with a twist, or are just a pyromaniac, you will probably really enjoy REIGN OF FIRE.

    The plot seems initially implausable but is pulled off quite well. Christian Bale is Quinn. When he is 12, in modern London, his engineer mother unwittingly finds the lair of a huge dragon while building a new Underground line. Turns out that there are huge numbers of dragons, an ancient species that despoils the planet periodically, then hibernates while life regenerates.

    The plot is presented in a short opening episode, and a brief flashback montage, crisply done and not belabored. Likewise, the 'science' of fire breathing dragons and their strengths and weaknesses are presented succinctly, with only as much as is needed to move the briskly-paced plot along.

    Fast forward about twenty years. Dragons have laid waste to the earth. Quinn is leading a small band of survivors in a modified castle. Their little civilization is slowly failing. Enter Van Zandt (Matthew McConaughey), an American semi-mercenary leading a small military band on a last quest to kill dragons. The tense interactions between the Brit and the Yank are well-done with neither too synpathetic or too disagreeable.

    Director Rob Bowman does a good job, and both the cinematography and sountrack are startlingly good. But the real strength of REIGN OF FIRE is the dragons (and the Making Of feature on the DVD is thus fascinating.) They are so life-like; inherently evil and vicious with great mebrane wings, sinister heads and awesome motion!

    The dragons alone are worth the time spent watching REIGN. For anyone looking for a good action flick that they'll watch more than once, this opus is well-recommended! ...more info
  • A cheapie but fun anyway
    Wasn't made on a big budget ,that's pretty obvious
    But hell if you have an hour and a half to kill you could do a lot worse
    With the rate of remakes being done now it won't take long to be re shot
    ...more info
  • Dragons from above!
    This was a very good film. I'm surprised it was a sleeper hit. It may seem like a typical post-apocalyptic type movie but they took the old fairy tale stories and myths about dragons and made an original story. They should have made this into a television series....more info
  • Blu-ray version is visually stunning.
    I think I was one of the few that actually enjoyed this movie, and I like it even more in Blu-ray. The high definition quality is amazing and makes the special effects even better!...more info
  • 2 stars for life-like special effects. Besides that there's nothing worth watching.,
    I give it two stars for life-like special effects. Besides that there's nothing worth watching.

    ...more info
  • Not your typical fantasy flick
    I watched this movie on an airplane flight. It was so good I forgot that I was cramped in a seat that would make Tiny Tim uncomfortable. The guy next to me was riveted. I told him it was part of the Left Behind series. What fun! Dragons that destroy much of the world, stodgy Brits, medieval living conditions, lethal food harvesting, triangulating dragons... this stuff makes $5 Jack Daniels go down easy. ...more info
  • Gotta See!!!
    Awesom graphics and CGI... You will see Matthew and Christian in roles you wouldn't expect. It is a must see....more info
  • 3 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    If you're the type of person who gets excited when he hears that there's a movie about mankind fighting dragons in a post-apocalyptic futureworld, then Reign of Fire is for you: it's a bit preposterous, but Christian Bale is a solid action hero and it's great to see Matthew McConaughey in a movie that isn't a romantic comedy and the movie, by and large, works....more info
  • Terrific CGI Dragons - Great DTS Sound Effects
    Buy this movie for the good acting by McConaughey and the fantastic CGI dragons. The DTS sound effects will knock you out of your seats, but the movie itself is bland. There is no commentary, but I liked the bonus features. No score to speak of, but it is a good action movie. ...more info
  • Reign reigns !
    Truly an awesome disc with numerous short flix included and what with the voiceover you can spend 8 hours on this disc alone without getting bored. The dragons in BR are phenomenal to witness, as real as it gets. Considering how little BR discs actually cost for what you get this disc is a tremendous bargain and how excellent to see such a high quality dragon flic anyway. It's also great to see Gerard Butler before 300 fame in a scene-stealing cameo part. Bale is balefully brave and Matthew M is fantastic as the rogue marine dragon killer. He's never been better. All in all well worth every penny !...more info
  • Better than some say
    It may not be the best action movie about dragons ever, but it has some great moments with top sound and picture to show of you're 1080p system!! ...more info
  • Drag.on & on
    If you love fantasy, dragons etc. then ok RENT this movie first before wasting good bucks on buying. Previous comments, bad plot, ham acting etc all true One of the all time great BAD fantasy movies....more info