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Coleman 9941-768 Road Trip Grill (Blue)
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Product Description

When you want to enjoy some seriously tasty grilled food but can't find room or reason to drag along a patio barbecue, pack up this RoadTrip Grill by Coleman. Totally portable and easy to set up, it runs on a 16.4-oz. propane cylinder and puts out 20,000

Tired of taking your funky hibachi to the ballpark every time you want to tailgate? Turn to the Coleman Road Trip Grill, an authentic open-flame grill that packs up compactly for easy transport and storage. The Road Trip Grill offers two powerful, fully adjustable 20,000 BTU burners, along with support for several mix-and-match cooking surfaces, including a drip-through grill, a pancake griddle, and a stove for heating water (the latter two are separately). In addition, the burners are powerful enough for both cold-weather and high-altitude cooking, so you can use the Road Trip Grill in destinations like Green Bay, Denver, and Buffalo, N.Y. Perhaps the coolest feature, however, is the collapsible frame, which holds the grill at a standard cooking level in its open position, but folds up in seconds when it's time to go. There's no easier way to enjoy the versatility of a full-size upright grill and the convenience of a portable unit.

The grill offers a collapsible frame for easy transport.
The Road Trip Grill also includes two detachable side tables for grilling and cooking duties, along with a lockable lid for security. Other details include a 285-square-inch cooking surface, convenient storage hooks for cooking utensils, a removable grease drip pan, and easy pushbutton ignition. The grill--which operates on a single disposable 16.4-ounce propane cylinder (not included) or a 20-pound propane tank (purchase of tank hose and tank required)--carries a five-year limited warranty.

About Coleman
The Coleman Company has been creating and innovating products for recreational outdoor use since W.C. Coleman started selling gasoline-powered lanterns in 1900. Inventor of the hugely popular fold-up camp stove, Coleman developed a plastic liner for his galvanized steel coolers in 1957--the birth of the modern cooler--and the company has been improving their utility and design ever since. The array of products that bear the Coleman name now includes just about everything you might need to work or play outdoors, from tents and sleeping bags to boats, backpacks, and furniture.

  • Collapsible propane grill ideal for tailgating at sporting events and picnics
  • Pair of fully adjustable 20,000 BTU burners with porcelain-coated cast-iron grates
  • Supports mix-and-match cooking surfaces, including grill, griddle, and stove
  • Chassis collapses in seconds for transport; detachable side tables
  • Runs on disposable 16.4-ounce propane cylinder; 5-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Road Trip Grill Lives Up to Expectations
    I absolutely love my grill. It is easy to set up, use and clean. Definately worth the extra money from the other Road Trip grill. ...more info
  • camp BBQ
    We bought this grill as an alternative to a larger home BBQ. This is a great little BBQ for camping (which of course it what it is made for). For home grilling it has been great too, it heats up fast, and cooks evenly. The only thing I am not crazy about is the clean up. The pan liner that you are supposed to fill with water is hard to clean without spilling the greasy water all over the place. The black grill pieces do clean nice, but you have to be careful with a spatula to not scratch the finish off. I haven't used the griddle pan that we got as an option yet. Overall I would say this is a good grill, but like I said the clean up is a hassle....more info
  • Coleman 9941-768 Road Trip Grill (Blue)
    This is a good grill. It's burns hotter than you think and cooks faster than you think but the food turns out wonderfull and is easy to clean.

    If you travel a lot or like to tail gate than this is your grill. Get some extra grills, you'll need them if you Q large amounts of food.

    Enjoy....more info
  • Great Portable Grill
    Well I generally don't post reviews but I'm pretty impressed with this grill.
    The Pros:
    I've had it now for over 5 years and it still is doing the job and doing it well (this is coming from a guy that used to insist on briquettes and wood chips in a weber). I'm just about to buy the third set of replacement grills for old faithful. Now I just use the griddle style surfaces on both sides, it doesn't leave the pretty grill sears but works great and cooks whatever is on it in it's own juices or marinate (try steaks or chicken right on that bacon grease for added flavor, or olive oil for less fat). It's very portable. I've cooked Asada for 100 people on it one afternoon but I wouldn't advise it. Anyways great product. I just had to pressure wash my back porch and blasted the thing off at 4700 psi and it came pretty clean and fired right back up. I would give it five stars but I'm the kind of guy that never gives out 5 stars unless it grows 100 dollar bills or something to that effect.
    Here are the cons:
    As mentioned, the water basin fills up with grease if you neglect it too long or cook a lot of bacon, leading to potential grease fires. It's also a dirty job getting that caked grease out of the basin unless it's hot (liquid), be careful. Additionally the griddles start to concave after about 100 heat cycles, but I put that under the price of doing buisness.
    ...more info
  • Perfect
    This grill is amazing! I bought it for my boyfriend's birthday and we used it for the third time to tailgate for baseball season. Well, it ended up being 28 degrees (and really windy) that day and we were worried that it wouldn't get hot enough - it worked like a champ - just as well as the first time we used it. We have also used it for homemade pizzas!

    One thing I had trouble with when buying this item: the grill comes with ONE GRILL grate and ONE GRIDDLE grate. If you plan on grilling mostly, get the extra grill grate - we are glad we did....more info
  • Best portable grill in town
    Ordered this grill for portability and quality and it fit both needs. You won't be disappointed with this product....more info
  • Great Cookin' Little Grill
    We bought this grill for camping because it folds compact and seemed tuff. But it also cooks great and cleans up easily....more info
  • Newlywed's Dream
    We received our Coleman Road Trip Grill for a wedding present. Of course, we used it immediately and were thrilled. We were able to make almost the entire meal on the grill alone! It makes beautiful steaks and the cleanup was a breeze. The convenient size and fold-up capability is great for a new couple with limited space. We could not be happier with this grill!!...more info
  • Road Trip Grill
    We love our new Coleman grill, it was easy to put together.

    The documentation was great and easy to follow. ...more info
  • Awesome Grill
    We bought this grill when we moved into our new appartment because of it's portability. It was well worth the price. It's easy to set up and take down and very easy to clean up. The grill surface cleans up with a dish cloth and a little soap no matter what is cooked on it. We bought the extra hose to use 20lb tanks and it lasts forever. My neighbors are all starting to buy them now....more info
  • thanks!
    thanks for all the great reviews for this grill. they really helped. we bought this grill and are very happy with it. ...more info
  • Best Grill for RVing!
    I've found this grill to be The absolute best for camping in my RV! I prefer to cook outside and the opptional, changeable grill, griddle & stove top plates give this grill a perfect score in my camp- I use them all. The cast iron (rather than Aluminum) are best as propane runs hot. It works best to preheat the plate and then turn the burner down when cooking. I keep the 5 gal propane tank in the storage bay of my 5th wheel and I purchased an 8 foot hose to run to the grill. This is great with as much cooking as I do on this grill-I use it for everything. Coleman's design on this Roadtrip grill (blue) has delivered everything I wanted in a portable camp grill. It's easy to set-up, easy to fire-up and easy to clean! I wouldn't enjoy cooking as much on the road without it! This one's a keeper. ...more info
  • Awesome grill for RVing and Nascar!
    I saw one of these at a Nascar race. The guy camped beside me had one. He cooked every meal for he and 3 other people on the grill! Since I've bought mine I have cooked almost every day on it. Steaks, chicken, burgers, chops, corn, eggs, baked beans, bacon, pancakes. Tomorrow I'm going to try soft shell crab. It is so easy to use, cooks absolutely fabulous and is so easy to clean... At least one of my friends that has eaten with me over the past month is getting one for her new house. I just saw where Camping World has them for $60.00 off. What a deal. I also got the cooking grate and travel case. I plan to get a full size griddle and another grill section soon. Frugal on gas, too. I only used one of the small bottles of LP for 5 meals at the races last week!...more info
  • First time user of propane grill
    After reading reviews of portable propane grills, I decided on the Coleman Road trip grill (blue). My decision factors were based on the ubiquitous availability of the 16.4 oz canister, included stand, and the interchangeable cooking surfaces. I found these reviews very useful prior to using this grill, especially the ones that document user mistakes. The most important one is that this grill can't be used with the lid closed unlike the Weber grills. This was not evident after reading the instructions carefully. Coleman needs to rewrite their instructions and in bold letters, "Do not use this grill with the lid closed." Other reviews I found useful dealt principally with cleaning the water drip pan. I use a sponge and tranfer the greasy water to a container. The only problem that I've found is the leg extension buttons on the stand would stick and not pop out. I used a knife to align the button and eventually it would pop out. I also purchased the carrying case and the only design flaw is it can't stand upright like a rolling luggage. So it does take up more storage space than needed. Overall, the Road Trip Grill works as advertised and I'm happy with the purchase. ...more info
  • Road Grill
    This product does just what we want it to and it cleans up well. It is well designed and will travel to Florida this year to make suppers much easier than a charcoal grill....more info
  • Excellent products!!!!
    This grill is perfect for me, I don't have enough space in my house and it is perfect for beaches and camps....more info
  • Excellent
    This is the perfect grill for a college student living in a small apartment... the folding legs make it very easy to store in a small space, and the teflon grill and griddle make it very easy to clean. At first I was afraid that (being so small) it wouldnt get hot enought to cook a big steak, but i was very impressed. Definitely a good buy....more info
  • Road Trip Grill is great!!
    I've had my Coleman Road Trip Grill for about a year. This grill is used all year. I like the fact that it has such nice accessories. I bought another grill plate, 2 stove grates and the tote/storage bag. If you are making burgers on the grill you can also fry up some potatoes on the stove grate. Unlike the Thermos Grill you have just a griddle and grill to cook on. The Road Trip Grill has 2 separate burners with 2 separate controls, so if you have a small amount to cook you don't have to heat up the whole grill (the Thermos Grill 2 Go has one longer burner which means you have to heat the entire unit) The only improvement I can suggest on the Road Trip Grill is that it needs a way to drain the water tray. Gets a little messy if you happen to put more water in tray than needed. I still wouldn't trade my Coleman Road Trip Grill for a Thermos Grill...more info
  • love it.... but should have shopped around
    my only negative comment is that I found the item in a local Sporting Goods chain for 40 dollars less... so I basically paid for shipping even though it was "free super saver shipping."...more info
  • Great grill!!
    I just got this little grill, and I do love it! After reading so many reviews on the messy cleanup, I decided to try lining the drip pan with foil, it worked great!! I only used it to cook cabobs, but it kept everything clean. I used heavy duty foil, and I think it would stand up to filling with water if you wanted or needed to. After seeing how heavy the wever q is, I am glad I chose this one, and it is so versatile!! Also, you can not cook with the lid down, that is NOT anywhere in the instructions, but I called the company after reading some of the reviews, and they confirmed it is just a grill, not a barbecue. This was not that big of a deal for me, but it might be for some of you out there. I would recommend this for anyone who wants a lightweight, versatile grill, griddle, camp stove for camping or rv-ing! I hope to have this for many years to come!...more info
  • Nice
    Easy to setup, clean & cook. Recommend you buy an additional
    Coleman R9941A315C Accessory Grill Grate and/or Griddle for twice the cooking space when you need it.

    ...more info
  • Aluminum grill is toxic
    Although I am enjoying the convenience of this handy stove/grill, one disappointment is that the aluminum grill plate is terrible quality. After using it for a couple of months, I used the grill on a low heat for a slow roast and the grill turned powder blue. This is now toxic metal/chemical powders on my food! I don't understand why Coleman would make a grill plate that doesn't let you use traditional BBQ tools (metal) and second, makes the coating so flimsy it is basically putting toxins on your food....more info