Audio Technica ATR-55 Condenser Shotgun Microphone
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Product Description

Condenser shotgun microphone

  • 2 condenser microphones in one
  • Normal for close- and medium- distance recording, Tele for long-distance pickup
  • Integrated 3ft. cable terminated with 3.5mm mini plug
  • Designed for video use
  • Camera-mount, pistol-grip/mike stand clamp, foam windscreen, battery and 1/4 phone plug adapter included

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice mic
    I have used this mic for a number of video projects. It works nicely. The zoom feature doesn't seem to do a whole lot except increase the volume. Nevertheless, it is a good product....more info
  • Good value
    If you can afford the Sennheiser MKE300 for about $170, buy it! (If money's tight and you're smart you'll get a cheaper camcorder and then get the better mic instead). The ATR-55, however, is a decent mic - not great, but good, and a good value for the money. It's a bit long for smaller camcorders so be careful. Still, I've not found anything better in this price range....more info
    Used it to shoot two features, and the third this summer. Great product. Our film distributor wondered how we got such good sound, and he said he was surprised because most indpendent films have sound quality that sucks. Want a great mic that doesn't suck? Get this!...more info
  • cheep+decent pickup=worth it
    this is a good mic
    i just got back from our first shoot using this thing insted of onboard camera mics
    what a difference
    the range in incridble
    we had someone just walk out and keep talking, i switched the mic to tele and i could hear him allmost 100 meters away from the camera on headphones
    has both tele (for long distance, often picks up to much back ground noise, and is not best for close up situations) and normal(which has decent distance as well and works fine indoors)
    the only problem was that we kept getting it in the picture, but thats not a mic malfunction, just me being stupid
    the windscreen is very useful, i have allways had trouble with wind using onbard camera mics, and this works much better
    yes, it is mono, only putting out sound to the left ear, but using premeire you can just duplicate the left audio track and it comes out fine.

    well worth it
    only downside is the tele pickup gets a bit fuzzy with background noise...more info

  • Is this on?
    Works fairly well, but wasn't quite as sensitive to sound as I'd hoped. Still, I'm happy enough with it considering the price....more info
  • Great Cardiod, lame shotgun
    This mic is not directional enough to be considered a shotgun mic. The cardiod setting seems to be great. I think it's a little more directional than a regular cardiod. The shotgun setting just boosts the signal though, rather than cutting out sound from the sides.

    You will probably want a shock mount for this (or any) mic in camera mounted or pole mounted applcations. Otherwise, you'll hear your hands on the camera.

    ...more info
    I bought at the same time this microphone, a Sennheizer anti-shock mount, and a Panasonic 3CCD PVGS-120 Mini DV camcorder. The only additions I've had to do to my camera kit are a mono to stereo plug converter, and some cable extensions because, apart from the fact that this little piece of equipment is mono, is a versatile and high quality microphone (better in short ranges and set up in cardioid pattern). I've been using all this things for three years already, and although there's plenty of new options in the market when it comes to video, this mike still does the audio job way better that many others....more info
  • A Beginners Mic
    This is a very well built mic in terms of quality. But it should not be mistaken for a long distance shotgun mic. It will NOT magically capture audio from a long distance and avoid everything in the back or the sides.

    It will work great for capturing audio in interviews where your subject is close to the camera. It will definately work better than your usual onboard mic but it still will pick up noise from the camera. Ideal use would be to use it closer to the subject, hidden or on a mic stand.

    You will want to buy another shotgun mic after this, but it's worth the price for trying this out and learning why....more info
  • Good enough mic at an afordable price
    Easy to use, reliable and affordable.
    For the prosumer on the run, that definetly needs to get workable audio....more info
  • Underwhelmed
    This mic is worth having on hand in case you need to shoot targeted speakers in a loud area with a consumer level camcorder. Most on-board mics on camcorders will pick up fairly omnidirectionally, so if you're in a crowd watching someone speak and the people around you are talking amongst themselves, you'll pick up all the noise. This mic will improve your capture of a more distant target in front of you and it's fairly inexpensive.

    If you're planning on doing any "more serious" shooting -- and I just mean YouTube level "citizen journalism" at that -- you'll need to spend a bit more for the rest of your potential shoots. I would not use this mic for a one-on-one interview with a subject in a quiet room, because as at least one other review has mentioned, this mic has fairly noticeable self noise, a hiss in the sound, even though it's got its own battery. If you're filming indoors where it's quiet, the hiss will get on your nerves. But for out on the street or in a crowd, this should do fine.

    The sound it does pick up is a little "thin" sounding -- not very rich in the bass & low midtones. I'm disappointed, b/c I had been using the stereo unidirectional from the same company, the ATR-24, for a couple years for audio podcasting and got pretty good sound from that.

    I am probably going to try to hock this mic and look for something closer to the $99 range....more info
  • pretty good microphone
    this is a pretty good microphone, way better than on board camcorder microphones. A lot of people complaine that they can hear the camcorder motor noises with this boom microphone, but that is only because they are directly mounting the mic on top of the camera. If you can you should always have an extra person holding the mic and one person running the camera, that way the person with the mic can aim and concentrate on getting really good audio from whoever. the tele setting is kind of cool but i dont know how useful it will be except for sporting events or large crowd type venues. I think this microphone is definently a cheap beginners mic that will work well for most projects, but some audio nuts might want to pay $5000 for a better mic that has "better" sound quality. However for most people, it will work great...more info
  • Better than (cheap)camera audio....
    I found the ATR-55 to be a useable mic for my amatuer videomaking, great for those times when the built in camera microphone is not directional enough. However, the self-noise of the mic is much too high for this mic to be used at any sort of distance, and I found myself constantly trying to get it closer to the sound source so that the microphone's own hiss wouldn't drown out the signal. The "tele" setting does more harm than good; it is slightly more directional but much noisier. This mic also has a problem with handling noise: the plastic grommet that holds the cable in place will squeak any time the cable moves. To solve this, you can open the mic and replace the plastic grommet with something less noisy.
    I would recommend a low cost Azden mic, which would be more expensive but will serve the amatuer videographer much better than this mic. ...more info
  • Hard to use
    I bought an ATR-55 a couple of years ago to use with video production at a middle school where I was teaching. It is painfully difficult to use. The amplitude produced by the mike is very low. Using the internal battery, I have to set my software to +30dB gain to get much of anything from it. While the directionality works quite well, the downside is that if it is used where air is moving, forget it. Nothing but noise. You can't really hand-hold it; just the blood moving in your hand will be picked up. With a computer, the vibrations will be heard and with a video camera the zoom and every touch of the tripod will be picked up. Used in a perfectly sterile environment, it is great but for real world, forget it....more info
  • Nice Price for the Mic
    If you are starting off and want a descent mic without breaking the bank this mic gets the job done. Just make sure you power it off after each use or you'll burn through batteries very quickly. ...more info
  • Great microphone
    This is a great microphone. I bought it and tested all functions the same day. I am shooting some non-budget short movies and it comes in very handy. Very clean sound. Deep base and crisp high tone. The price is outstanding, I feel like I'm ripping off Audio-Technica. What a steal! I don't see any reason not giving it 5 stars. It does what it promises for so little money. My only wish is that the cable would be a little longer, but then it would loose on quality, because it's not an XLR connector. Who cares though, most camcorders don't come with XLR anyway (not mine). I say buy it, you won't regret it. It's gold for peanuts....more info
  • Underwhelmed by Performance
    Watch Video Here: I recently purchased this microphone, hoping to improve the audio picked up by my Canon GL1's built-in microphone. The price was good, the reviews seemed to lean a little more on the positive side, so I decided to bite. I assumed quality of the audio would be better, that it would filter out surrounding noise more efficiently, and that it would make my videos sound more professional. It also may be of note, that I planned on using this mic with a lot of handheld camera work, which you may or may not do. Well, it seemed to offer little to no performance upgrade from the camera's mic. To be fair though, the GL1 doesn't offer a lot of control over audio levels, so your milage may vary.

    -This microphone will pick up camera noise if mounted on the camera. The included shoe accessory to mount on your camera is absolutely useless if you want clean audio. I recommend using a shock mount if you have one (or better yet, a seperate mic stand).
    -Despite the fact it can be mounted to the camera, it is in no way made for handheld work. The slightest bump of the camera or mic, will register as a loud thud in recorded audio. Using the zoom on certain cameras will be out of the question because it picks zoom motor noise and the sound of you pressing the buttons.
    -Normal mode makes the audio sound compressed and unnatural compared to my camera's microphone.
    -Tele mode does amplify the incoming audio significantly, but unfortunately doesn't filter out much of the noise that a directional microphone should.
    -Not a professional level mic, by any means. If you have a $1000+ camera, this will be the weak link in your production. The Mic built into your prosumer (not consumer) camera probably works better.

    -Slightly more directional than my camera's microphone.
    -Tele mode works well if your trying to capture the sounds of something further away than your camera mic would normally pick up. But be prepared to clean up audio in post to get rid of possibly unwanted ambient noise.
    -The mic makes voices sound a bit clearer, but only in close range (no more than 10 feet away).
    -An improvement if you have a very poor quality mic, or no mic at all.
    -The simple fact that the mic is not attached to your camera means that you can place the mic close to your subject, even if you can't get the camera close. You'll need an extra long cable, of course. Make sure to place the cable in an area where it will not be bumped, because the cord can pic up reverberations if it's disturbed.

    If I could do it again, I would have saved a bit more money to get a nicer mic in the $100-$200 range. This mic is really designed for amateur use only, as it sounds nowhere near broadcast quality. If your looking for a good mic to mount on the camera for handheld work, a nicer XLR mic would be a better bet. If I would have thought about it, I would have checked Youtube before I bought the mic, as there are many tests using this mic vs. other video mics. I would recommend trying that site to hear actual audio tests of this mic, and various other mics that Amazon sells- before you make a purchase. Also note, that this is a mono mic, so you'll need a mono to stereo adaptor if you'd like to hear this mic in both L&R channels....more info
  • Audio Technica ATR-55 Video Review
    Watch Video Here: For the short time I have had this mic it seemed great for close up audio recording. This is a short review for the Audio-Technica ATR55 Condenser Shotgun Microphone.
    This microphone seems to be great... only having it for a few min.
    But we will see how long it stands up to be so great....more info
  • Very good for the price
    The ATR-55 is a great mic for b-roll or if you don't feel like spending a lot of money on a mic such as a RodeMic. It has a slight hollowness to the audio, but it's not too bad. It features an extended mode (I am not sure what it is actually called) that boasts the gain so you can pick up audio that is further away. All in all for the price it is not too bad....more info
  • Worth it
    This is a good product for the price tag. It does the job... One thing! You must keep the viewfinder on the camera closed or you will create a digital hum through the microphone that WILL be on tape. Other than that, it's decent. ...more info
  • mic
    The mic worked great. Shipment arrived faster than advertised. The price was very good compared to other vendors....more info
  • It's a SHOTGUN microphone
    Just had to post a response to one of the other comments. This is a SHOTGUN microphone. There is no such thing as a Stereo Shotgun microphone. What would be the point?

    For that matter, most microphones are mono...period. There is no way I would ever expect a microphone to be stereo unless it was specifically stated.

    I haven't used this mic, although I have used other AT products with good results. I just have a problem with someone who gives a bad review to a product that they clearly don't understand. It's like someone buying a food processor and complaining that it doesn't keep food hot....more info
  • Very good at its intended purpose
    Been using my ATR-55 for over a year. Really like the amplified TELE feature that seems to reach out and grab sounds, without picking up hardly any surrounding noise. But hey, its uni-directional, so that's one of the things it's supposed to do. Nevertheless, the NORMAL zone is about a 120degree V in front of the mic, and the TELE is about a 90degree V-zone. Was videotaping our school's football game, and filmed one half in TELE mode, and the second half in NORMAL mode. The TELE mode was almost eerie, because you could pick up the voices out on the field, but all the surrounding noise (fans) could hardly be heard. The NORMAL mode picked up a little more audience noise, so it sounded more natural, but nevertheless still filtered out the other people talking in the press tower with me. The TELE mode is very nice for lectures, so that it doesn't pick up distracting noises, including that of the camcorder's mechanism - that's why I go this in the first place, because the OMNI-directional microphone in the digital camcorder was picking up too much noise (including its own motor) during really quiet lectures. Just be aware that this unit is _not_ stereo - you should either get a mono-to-stereo adapter to use with it, or set the sound input on the camcorder to mono. Otherwise, you'll just get sound coming out of one speaker on stereo play-back. If you need stereo, get the ATR-25, which is very nice and also uni-directional, but lacks the ATR-55's TELE feature. Basically, TELE was more important to me than stereo, but it might be different for you. I wear headphones plugged into the camcorder while filming, this way I can better monitor the sound pickup, and make a determination between whether TELE or NORMAL is best for any given situation - the difference is noticeable. I gave it four stars because it is very good, but I'm sure units like a nice Sennheiser are better, but for much more money. This is a nice looking, solidly built unit, and a decent value to boot....more info
  • MONO, not stereo - buyer beware
    Not a bad mic, not bad sound quality, but it is not stereo, which can cause grief (no sound on playback) when trying to edit video in Premiere or playback video using Power DVD etc.

    If your camera supports mono recording, or a mono-stereo converter jack works for you, then fine. Otherwise, in Premiere, you need to add an Audio effect, such as Effects->Stereo->Fill Left, then you will be able to get the sound audible and playing from both channels.

    Shame on AT for not saying upfront that this unit is MONO....more info
  • Satisfied... but
    It helps in isolating sounds so that you "mostly" pick up whats in front of you. However, the rubber grommet or connection that is at the base of the unit and secures the cable is extremely noisy. If you are not careful, you tend to pick up a constant squeaking sound from the movement of the cable. All in all, I'm satisfied with the product but not impressed.

    ...more info
  • didn't function properly
    Tried this device on the DVX-100B, and no matter how high I would adjust the gains, it just picked up very faint wispers of sound. At this point I thought maybe the problem was in the XLR adapter I used, but when plugged into my computer and laptop, I got the same results. Device was on, used 2 different new batteries... Nothing. I've used various mics before like Azden, so I think I have a decent understanding on how these should perform, and the pickup on these mics are almost nil....more info
  • Good beginner's shotgun.
    This is medium quality for a shotgun and high quality for a camcorder mic. If you are looking for a replacement to the mic in a drum on your camcorder, this is the best you can get without installing balanced xlr connectors. Point and shoot. Even canceles out 90% of traffic noise....more info
  • Good quality for the price
    This mic is amasing quality for the price. Just as everyone else has said, it captures crisp quality on the whole range. The one thing that I want to caution people on is the problem that I have had. When using an extension cable, I get a high-pitched whine. I haven't been able to troubleshoot enough to say what the problem is, and the sound is able to be corrected using many filters in post production, but it is a pain to fix and makes playback annyoing.

    Other then that one fault, this is truely a great mic. If I end up getting another mic, I will probably still end up using this one when it is approperiate to have a mic on the shoe atop my camera....more info
  • A little big
    I did some quick tests with the Microphone and the sound is good. I wanted to use it with a small DV camcorder though, and the Microphone is just huge sitting on it. My DV is maybe 4 inches long front to back, and this microphone is twice as long. The case I got to travel on vacation with the camcorder will not allow the microphone to fit in it. This is more of a "Pole" microphone you see sound guys holding in film production. For using around the home base it will work well, but to pack it on a vacation, no way. I just wish they included the dimensions in the description of the product. Also it is mono, so the finished video will need some dubbing to make stereo....more info
  • Good audio considering it doesn't cost $750!
    I've used sennheiser "big" shotgun mics (needing 48V phantom power and XLR connections) that are in the $700 price range and I was pleasantly surprised that the ATR-55 gave reasonable performance for the price. You don't compare it to a 2 foot long mic that costs 15x as much and is clearly for professional use. It's meant for the home moviemaker who is unhappy with the builtin mic on their camcorder which has an external 1/8" mono mic jack -- yes, this is a MONO output so it will likely only appear on one of two channels if you put it in a stereo mic jack leaving the other one empty. You might want to build or buy a dual mono to a single stereo adapter so you can capture audio from 2 mic sources on tape when using this. It will give you more editing options later when you read your tape + 2 audio tracks into your software.

    What it does best is replace that built in microphone on your DV handheld recorder that picks up the motor noise and every click of the buttons you press. It does tend to reject your voice if you whisper to the person next to you, perhaps to adjust the lighting. The package comes with two mic holders, one for a hot-shoe (no electrical connections) and one for a traditional mic stand/arm. AT made a complete kit out of this unit.

    It uses a single AA battery which should last for a long time. Some advice - toss the included battery in your pile and buy a good one that won't leak. I recommend the L91 lithium AA batteries because of their long life and long storage without leakage. This is a battery you won't be replacing for a couple years so it's best to put a high quality one in to begin with since you'll forget it. The L91 also provides about 2x the usage of a normal alkaline battery, but it costs ~2x as much so it works out in the end as a wash.

    One note - the picture shows a nice metal mini 1/8->1/4 adapter but what is included in the kit is plastic and lacks the screw-on threads to keep it from pulling out. The cable is fixed to the microphone and not replacable like professional equipment, but again it's not at that price point.

    Use this and your videos will sound alot better. The next step up is a wireless mic and receiver package for really long distances. I have used several of these and they make for excellent tapes of a single subject willing to wear the mic and transmitter. With the shotgun mic you are ready to go no matter who or what you are recording.

    I think you'll be impressed with what you get for your money here.

    ...more info
  • Shotgun setting
    I wanted to comment on someone else's comment that the mic's "shotgun setting just boosts the signal though, rather than cutting out sound from the sides". Most of you are clearly using this mic for video, whereas I'm using it just inches from my face for VO work (Voice Over). On the "tele" setting, the directionality is SO sensitive that I can't use it. If I accidentally moved my mouth just a half inch from one side to the other, I lost it. I have to use the regular setting. There is no doubt whatsoever that the "tele" setting makes this mic far more unidirectional. It's not just "boosting the signal".

    If you want a mic for VO work, this is very near the bottom of the scale (for ones that are good enough to use for this purpose), but it was all I could afford at the time, and it's good enough to use for most of my professional work....more info
  • Acceptable Microphone
    I have used this microphone at a function and was not surprised by it's usefullness. For the price, it gives a good sound and some range. It is a powered mic with one battery and a switch from short to long range pickup. The effectiveness of the long range is exaggerated. I bought it to replace a cheap one and to attach to new video camera. ...more info