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Audio-Technica ATR25 Stereo Condenser Microphone
List Price: $29.95

Our Price: $28.00

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Product Description

Ideal for use with video cameras, Audio-Technica's affordable ATR25 offers the convenience of a high-quality stereo pickup in a single, easy to position microphone. The mic's professional condenser circuitry ensures excellent sound quality, while its on/off switch gives you a convenient method for conserving batteries. (The mic's internal preamplifier uses a single AA battery, included).

Each of the mic's two recording capsules offers a unidirectional polar pattern, rejecting off-axis sound for clean, focused pickups. The ATR25 comes with two cables: a short camera cable with a stereo minijack .125-inch plug and a long recording cable with dual mono minijack plugs and .25-inch adapters for use with recording or public-address equipment. A camera-mount and an interchangeable microphone-stand adapter base are also supplied.

What's in the Box
Microphone, 1 AA battery, 1 short camera cable with stereo mini-plug, 1 long recording cable with dual mono mini-plugs, two .25-inch adapters, 1 camera mount, 1 interchangeable microphone stand adapter base, a user's manual, and warranty information

Stereo condenser video / recording microphone Camera-mount and interchangeable microphone stand adapter base included Polar Pattern - dual unidirectional Impedance - 600 ohms Frequency Respone - 70 - 18,000 Hz

  • Ideal for use with video cameras
  • Offers the convenience of high-quality stereo pickup in a single microphone
  • Professional condenser circuitry ensures excellent sound quality
  • On/off switch for convenient operation
  • Includes short camera cable with stereo mini-plug, and long recording cable with dual mono mini-plugs and 1/4 adapters

Customer Reviews:

  • Weak
    No matter how I much I mess with this, I can never get it to pick up enough sound. I have to basically hold it in my mouth to get decent volume level, and trying to share it between two people is basically impossible. The hardware seems pretty decent, and I can't really whine about the price, but this thing is less useful than the built-in mic on my mp3 player....more info
  • Good microphone for everyday use.
    I bought this to hook up to my video camera to tape my daughters wedding. I had taped a wedding before using the condenser microphone on a camera before and all I got was a bunch of wind noise and some garbled speach. I learned my leson from this and decided to go with a remote mike. While I haven't taped the wedding yet, my preliminary tests seem to show that this microphone will work very well for what I will be using it for. Considering the cost, sound quality, and ease of use, I would say this is a good value....more info
  • So so
    I returned it. Found it on a search for "shotgun microphone," and hoped to use it both for a camcorder and inputting music into a PC. Didn't notice significantly better sound on the camcorder than using the onboard mic. Didn't get good sound as a computer mic. It's very easy to leave it on and drain the battery, and you don't know if it isn't recording because there's no light to tell you it's on (which would noticably be off if you'd drained your batteries). Not that there's anything wrong with it, but it didn't impress, and the potential for recording nothing due to a dead battery is too great....more info
  • Well pleased with the results
    At first, I was concerned with the quality for the price on this mic, but
    after using it on a few videos, I'm very pleased with the results.
    Instead of using the camcorder, I ran it into a portable digital recorder
    and then synced the audio and video. The results were very clean.
    It has a narrow pick up pattern which is what you want from a boom mic.
    For those who have a tight budget for gear, I find this an excellent value....more info
  • Excellent quality, but no battery indicator
    Nice quality, I am using it for a digital camcorder. However, the switch can be easily be accidentally turned on, and there is no battery life indicator....more info
  • Great Microphone
    Microphone works great. The sound produced is a noticeable difference compared to the internal mic (of course). It makes the video sound so much more professional.

    PS: Visualdude- Sounds like you didn't research what you were buying. All that interference is from incorrect specifications. ...more info
  • broken
    This microphone didn't work, and I returned it. All you could hear was static. My $3 microphone works better....more info
  • Great item for the money
    I'm a semi-pro videographer and I bought this mic as a cheap solution for side projects. Another videographer friend of mine said "oh don't get that one, it's a piece of junk" but once I got it out and used it a few times it's actually a decent mic for the money. I'm really pleased with the quality of sound it gives out. I just wished it hooked into my shoe bracket easier, but I modified it so it would work better. If you're tight on money but want professional results, this is the mic for you....more info
  • Just OK
    It's an ok mic, you get what you pay for. For $20 you get a $20 sounding mic. If you are going for a more professional sound this is not the mic to get. Personally anything more than a home video is going to be more professional and if you want good sound, pay for good sound. ...more info
  • This is not a uni-directional mic
    Ok, my disappointment partly has myself to blame. I was looking for a uni-directionary mic to go with my beloved Panasonic VDR-D300 3CCD camcorder. I wanted to make the sound recording part of my videos more professional-sounding. So I wanted to get a shotgun mic that only picks up sound from in front of the camcorder, not from the other directions.

    Well, the ATR25 is cheap for a reason: it's a cheap mic that's also omni-directional. In case you haven't heard, omni-directionary mics (which pick up sounds from all directions) are much cheaper than uni-directional ones (which pick up sound from only one direction, the one you point the mic to). The ATR25 is a good stereo mic; it's good for school plays, karaoke parties, etc. It's not good for practicing your American Idol singing or, in my case, using with a camcorder to get better sound.

    My Panasonic VDR-D300 camcorder already has a good built-in stereo mic, so the ATR25 is no improvement at all. In fact, when I point the ATR25's mic at my subject, it picks up my own voice, the voice of the cameraman, better than my subject's. As you can imagine, this is not what I wanted at all. Instead of hearing my subject's voice clearly, I find my vocal directions -- "smile at the camera," "chin up a little," "smile!" -- overpowering the subject's voice. Also, wind noise is quite present; in fact, the ATR25's wind noise reduction effect is much less than my camcorder's built-in mic's.

    In short, for what I was hoping for, this is a complete letdown. Plus, as others have pointed out, there's no indicator to tell you whether the mic is on or off. On more than one occasion I forgot to turn on the mic, with disastrous results.

    Not recommended. If you want a good school play or karaoke mic, you can get Sony handheld stereo mics for no more than fifteen bucks apiece which gives you better sound quality. (I got a pair from J&R Music World, a local store, a couple years ago.)

    The ATR25 does come with a cheap-looking camcorder stand and a short cable and a long cable. The mic's construction is really cheap and flimsy. It's very crudely made.
    ...more info
  • Right for the price
    I purchased this microphone on 1/20/2006 and had the chance to use it on a recent documentary I was working on. Over all, the microphone worked well, at least better then the on-camera mic, however make sure if you plug it into the camera remember to turn it on. There is no light saying on or off, a major down fall, if you plug the mic in and don't trun it on your sound will be almost inaudible. Also, if you don't have the cord pluged in tightly into your camera, you will of course get some static. Over all for the price I would recommend just buying it and seeing if it works for your intended purposes. Trust me almost anything is better then an on-camera mic!...more info
  • It's what you pay for
    I purchased this anticipating using it with my mp3 recorder as well as my camcorder. Ordering and shipping was great through Amazon.
    When I received it, I tested it with my mp3 recorder. My test subject was the television about 8 feet from me, playing at a normal listening level. My first test, I got very little sound; so I adjusted the input level of the recorder to it's highest level. The resulting level was enough to hear. Since I was planning to be able to record lectures at 3-5 times the distance of my test, I knew that this mic alone would not handle the task. Yesterday I tried it out recording the children's Christmas pagent at church. The difference in sound over my camcorder's builtin mics was amazing, though there was a low level hiss. However, there were two things that made me decide to return it. The first was that there seems to be little or no accoustic isolation of the mic elements and the microphone body; it picked up the slightest touch of the camcorder and even normal touch on the tripod. It even picked up the motor noise that the internal mic does not. The second is that it is highly susceptible to electrical interference. With the mic off, I got a radio station, and when I touched the mic, I heard a buzz. I removed the mic from the supplied cable, and even the noise I got touching the connector end, wasn't nearly as loud. I really expected more from Audio Technica, even for a mic at this price....more info
  • Good microphone that works for line in recorders, but it is cardioid
    This is a good mike, with nice stereo recording, and it works on my iPod, voice recorder, which is line in only, supplying no phantom power for external microphones.
    However, this mike was clearly intended for use by someone holding it directly up to his mouth, instead of in, say, a lecture hall to take notes.
    For that type of application, you will want to switch from this type (cardioid or directional) to omnidirectional.
    Still, this would be an excellent mike for recording an interview, or for applications where you are trying to avoid ambient noises from interfering with your recording.
    Amazon got it to me in exactly the time promised, so I have no complaints....more info
  • Great value for the money.
    Want a second.

    Using it as a close-up vocal mic. Perfect jacks for my recorder....more info
  • Excellent Price Excellent Product
    AT's ATR25 is just the product for the home video enthusiast. It gets you the sound you need without breaking your budget. In addition, the AT staff are supportive and wonderful. A great product, a good company, a good price....more info
  • I liked it at first
    This was working quite well for me. I was using it to capture live sound from bands. Sometimes I preferred it to the sound from the board when I didn't like the mix, but it was also good for synching up with the sound from the board. However, a couple weeks ago it just stopped working altogether. I forgot to fill out the registration/warranty card and can't find it now. My mistake, my loss I guess. I need a new one but am not sure what to get now....more info
  • Kind of unsatisfying.
    The audio that this microphone produces sounds great on the headphones when monitoring sound and recording, but when I uploaded it to the computer it was very quiet. I had to amplify it just to hear the dialogue, and then used Premiere's DeNoiser tool to get rid of air noise.

    Used as a computer microphone, the audio is also very quiet.

    Kind of disappointing since I paid almost $30 for it....more info