Presto 06000 Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker
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Product Description

All-purpose kettle for stews, roasting and steaming. Fully submersible with Control Masterheat control removed. Heavy cast aluminum body with non-stick surface inside and out. Lift-and-drain basket for steaming. Cast aluminum base with non-stick surface inside and out. Glass cover, metal basket with handle. Removable heat control. 1300 watts

Made of heavy cast aluminum with a nonstick surface inside and out, this multipurpose cooker with lift-and-drain basket simmers soups and stews, browns and roasts meats, boils corn on the cob and other vegetables, steams fish and rice, and deep fries shrimp and other foods. And in addition to its everyday versatility, the cooker can be washed in the dishwasher after simply removing the heat control. The glass lid is also dishwasher-safe. For safety, the cooker comes with a short 30-inch cord with a magnetic coupler that attaches to the heat control; if jostled, the cord detaches at the magnetized point to help prevent the kettle from being overturned. An easy-turn knob on the heat control adjusts the cooking temperature from warm to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Two large handles make the cooker easy to lift, and four sturdy legs keep the heat off the countertop. The cooker measures 9 inches in diameter and stands 7-1/2 inches tall. For best results, wash the pot before first use and season with cooking oil. Presto covers the cooker with a two-year warranty. --Ann Bieri

  • All-purpose kettle for stewing, roasting, and deep frying
  • Heavy cast aluminum body with nonstick surface inside and out
  • Lift-and-drain basket for steaming and deep frying
  • Removable heat control adjusts from warm to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Kettle and glass lid are dishwasher-safe; 9 inches in diameter, stands 7-1/2 inches tall

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice Appliance
    I think the problem the first reviewer had was not "seating" the plug in correctly. The safety feature to prevent accidental spills is a little too "safe". You really have to make sure the contacts on the unit "make contact." But that is easily done.
    I bought the fryer today, plugged it in, and it was at 350 degrees in minutes. I fried up some fish and it was perfect! Crispy on the outside and not at all greasy like when done in a skillet. I like the dishwasher cleanup feature. All in all, a very nice inexpensive appliance. ...more info
  • Presto Steamer
    This is a great steamer and large enough to steam alot of veggies. info
  • The perfect all in one
    This deep fryer does everything i need it to - it fries, it stews, it cooks rice - I just love being able to take out one appliance for dinner instead of three....more info
  • Second cooker from Presto--love the product
    Big fan of these cookers. Use a second one for pasta dinners, one for sauce and one for pasta. Fry basket makes a good pasta strainer. Easy clean up, good size for family of three. Thanks...more info
  • Slow to heat.. poor deep fryer
    I have to set it up at least two hours in advance to get to 375o to deep fry items. I don't know if it's the new plug (magnetic) or what but if deep frying is your goal, this is not for you. ...more info
  • Great for occasional use
    I purchased this cooker and was greatly pleased with the temperature controls, giving it a versatility other cookers don't have. However, after continued use (daily), the non-stick surface pits and peels (and this is not at high temperatures at all). For the casual user, this is a great product. Easy to clean and use and a good buy for the money. But for someone who plans to use it every day, I would suggest something with a cooking surface that will not come off with repeated use. Try something in stainless....more info
  • I own two of these!!!
    I actually bought one off Amazon and ended up finding one at Wal-Mart for a few dollars cheaper. I decided to keep both of them because they are so versatile.

    I often make pasta in one and a pot roast in the other. They go in the fridge and I put the pot part in the dishwasher and it washes nicely. The non-stick surface is great! I usually deep fry with the basket out and just use tongs to get the food out

    I've also used them at a friends party for a warm dip in one and cocktail meatballs in the other.

    I've had mine for two years and use them constantly. I would definitely purchase again....more info
  • Best for making homemade french fries
    We have been using this Presto cooker for french fries, my hubby is an avid french fry maker and this cooker makes them the best! Will hold up to 3 large potatoes when cut to french fry size, we cook them at the 375 degree mark. If it works this good making french fries it will work great for making fried chicken and other fried foods. This is so much better than the fry daddy on the market! Try this one, you will love it.<br /> P.S. keep the oil in this one after use, only change your oil when it starts to taste funny or is darkened from use....more info
  • Great
    EXACTLY, what I wanted and ordered. I had one I used for years and I know this one eill last the rest of the time needed....more info
  • very good!
    it's deliveried on time and packed very well, brand new, easy to use and everyday now i enjoy using it. I even invite my friend home eating hot pot since it can be adjusted the temperature up to 400F....more info
    This is exactly what I wanted and needed . But I did find it for a lot less at that "big box store" . But that takes away nothing from the product itself. Work flawlessly cooking fries , and chicken . And the lid makes it even better....more info
  • Great Deep Fryer
    I am very happy with this fryer. It works just as advertised. Only draw back is the very short cord....more info
  • Great all-purpose cooker-fryer.
    I was looking for a replacement for my 20-year old Fry Baby but found that the new ones do not have a temperature control. After spending endless hours shopping, I purchased this cooker-fryer and love it. Because at present I only use it for frying potatoes and can reuse the oil many times, I keep it in my refrigerator with the oil in it between uses. I do disconnect the temp control before doing this. This kettle has many other uses, and next time I make a batch of spaghetti sauce I will use its slow cooker abilities. ...more info
  • just love it
    Presto 06000 Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker

    love it heats water fast for noodles easy to clean easy to store..only problem i had was the magnetic cord not my favorite but it still works great....more info
  • Everything perfect except hot surface
    I grabbed one at Wal-Mart after reading many compliments. I returned it after deep-frying twice. This one is well designed that the electric control unit is removable so the pot is easy for cleaning. However, this cooker is deep and when I need to stir the stuffs inside with temperature set at 400F, it's unavoidable to touch the damn hot surface accidentally. I figured, sooner or later I would be burned by this baby and decided to return it.

    Bottom line is: for deep fryer cool touch would better be a must-have feature....more info