Presto 05100 Microwave Bacon Cooker
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Product Description

Bacon in the microwave? Most people would say when pigs fly! But thanks to the Presto PowerCrisp, it's easy to prepare crisp, extra-lean and undeniably delicious bacon right in your microwave, and without all the added fat. One-year limited warranty. Model 05100.

Bacon is excellent with Sunday brunch fixings or on a turkey club sandwich, but many don't cook it often at home because of the high fat content and the mess. The PowerCrisp just may change all that by providing a leaner and cleaner way to make bacon. This microwave bacon cooker cooks bacon either to a crisp or a soft consistency, depending on how much cooking time it's given it in the microwave. It has a pair of tent-shaped plastic racks that are easy to load by simply draping strips of bacon over them. The racks rest within a 2-inch-deep tray, which collects all the fat drippings as bacon cooks so the meat is not sitting in its own grease as with stovetop frying. And, as opposed to pan-frying, there is no splatter involved when cooking bacon in the microwave. Simply place a paper towel over the racks and it captures any grease and keeps microwave walls clean. The wraparound handle makes it easy to remove the PowerCrisp from a microwave turntable and dispose of hot drippings without burning hands. Slotted tops on the two plastic racks allow you to slide a knife through the racks to remove cooked bacon. The PowerCrisp cooks up to 10 strips of bacon at a time and both racks and the bottom tray are completely dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Presto covers this microwave bacon cooker under a two-year limited warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • Microwave bacon cooker cooks up to 10 strips of bacon at a time
  • Load by draping strips of bacon over tent-shaped plastic racks
  • Choose between crisp or soft consistency; tray collects fat drippings
  • Cool-touch wrap-around handle; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Measures 10-1/2 by 10 by 2-2/5 inches; 2-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • A real time and mess saver!
    I was skeptical about this product, but after reading the good reviews I decided to order one and try it out. I was not disappointed; it exceeded my expecations!

    I cooked 8 pieces of turkey bacon in 7 minutes and they were perfectly crisp and dry, with all the drippings neatly in the tray. I then cooked another 8 slices, rinsed & popped the trays in the dishwasher. Finally, a quick & easy way to make bacon without a messy pan and smoky smell!...more info
  • Great Product!
    I have used this bacon cooker for about 4 weeks and it has made cooking breakfast a pleasure again. Cooking bacon in a pan, 3 strips at a time would take about 45 minutes to cook the whole package. But with this cooker, I can cook 8 slices at a time and get the whole package cooked in about 15 minutes, even before the biscuits are ready. The results are pretty good and the bacon is less greasy than pan cooking.
    I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • presto cooker
    THIS IS A GOOD PRODUCT, IT DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS. I liked it so well I told my parents about it and they bought 2....more info
  • A Dream Come True!
    I cannot stand frying bacon. I have in the past baked it in the toaster oven. But it is messy and takes too long. And heck-I'm trying to get my bread toasted too. After reading the reviews for this product I went ahead and bought it. It works! Some people may not enjoy the taste because it isn't pan fried. I'll tell you why: Because it isn't soaked in grease :(I'm sad too. But hey! Use the bacon grease that drips into the pan for your fried rice!!!!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Please note it will take a few tries to perfect the level of crispiness of your bacon. And the thickness of the bacon matters too. I used the bacon that I made too crispy as bacon bits for my salad. Now I'm making BLTs like crazy....more info
  • Best one yet!!!
    I'v tried many other bacon cookers and This is by far the best one to date.All the gease draines to the bottom of the pan.(bacon not laying in all that fat) Does not get stuck to cooker like the flat ones. Bacon comes out crisp and great tasting. No hassle clean up. Will definitely buy another if this one ever wears out.(had it for 7 or more years already)...more info
  • Works well
    This item cooks bacon well. I do not like overcooked crisp bacon. I find that I can control the doneness much easier with this device....more info
  • Great for crisp bacon
    My wife likes crispy bacon and this is a perfect way to make it. We put 8 pieces of bacon at once and microwave it for 7 minutes and it comes out perfect. If you like it less crispy you just leave it in a little less time and you can have it the way you like it. We also got one for our daughter's family....more info
  • Simple and Efficient. Assembles and diassembles easily.
    Cooks more evenly than flat bacon cookers, paper or glass dishes. Bacon varies from brand to brand, package to package and even slice to slice within a package so some variability is inherent in any microwave bacon cooker regardless of style or design because of the bacon, not the device or microwave.

    Peeking under the paper towel as the bacon nears the end of the cooking and you'll catch it just right. It certainly cooks it fast enough to watch the finish. It keeps bacon high and dry out of the melted fat. ...more info
  • Presto
    The product does the job, but the clean up is really messy. Back to the skilet....more info
  • Excellent
    The Presto microwave back cooker is the best bacon cooker I have ever used. I have one for my house and one for my travel trailer. Thanks...more info
  • Bacon Cooker
    This is the best microwave bacon cooker ever! When they first came out I bought a different one and it melted in the microwave. This one makes crispy bacon with little clean up. Would highly recomend this product. I bought one for my daugher also....more info
  • great fat-away device
    very good at getting the bacon fat away from the bacon, for the price-it's o.k..........but not sturdy enough for the long haul....more info
  • The Best Bacon Cooker
    This is my second microwave bacon rack.
    It is way better than the first one where the bacon lay flat in the pan in it's own grease.
    On the Presto, the bacon sits on racks and the grease drips down to the pan and off the bacon leaving crisp dry strips.
    I do with it would come with a cover though instead of having to cover the rack with paper towels to prevent grease splatter on the walls of the microwave.
    An excellent product....more info
  • bacon cooker
    just received have not used yet great new item....more info
  • works great!
    This is a great product. It does just what it says it does. Bacon comes out crisp and perfect. Thanks for a great product....more info
  • Perfect little bacon cooker
    Easy to put together, easy to take apart, easy to store. Simple & not messy to drape the bacon strips over the A-frames. Cooks bacon perfectly. Then, I broke two eggs into the bacon drippings that had collected in the black base and microwaved them for two minutes - perfect well done "fried" eggs ! I am very pleased with this item....more info
  • Better than ceramic bacon cookers
    I'm much happier with the Presto Microwave Bacon Cooker than I was with the ceramic one from the craft fair. This one holds eight pieces of bacon, as opposed to six for the ceramic; and, the ceramic one would get hot in the microwave! Removal of the bacon is much easier on this cooker - just slide a knife under all four pieces of bacon on each side and lift them to a platter. We like turkey bacon; and, with my son home from college, I will cook one or two packages of turkey bacon at a time. This summer, my son moves into his own apartment and I ordered him one of these for his new kitchen. ...more info
  • Excellent microwave bacon cooker
    Inexpensive and it reduces the grease on the bacon. We've used it for several months and like it. I also love I can put it in the dishwasher for cleanup. It make microwaving bacon much easier than using a plate and paper towels....more info
  • Nice Product, Good Results
    Nice design - it fits in a smaller microwave but still cooks 10 pieces of bacon. The results are good, too, with the bacon cooking up better than it does in a fry pan, and there is hardly any grease (though I should mention that I only use the product with turkey bacon). It's easy to clean and store because the uprights come apart and reassemble easitly....more info
  • Easy to use and Clean, Cooks Quickly
    Cooked bacon quickly and accomodated more slices than my flat microwave bacon tray. Also seemed to drain more grease too. I was a little worried that the bacon would turn out "v" shaped, but I just laid it flat on a paper towel after cooking and it straighted right out....more info