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Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron [Animated]
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Product Description

Horse lovers young and old will celebrate this utterly enjoyable and marvelous-looking animated film. The titular stallion runs free in the Cimarron (New Mexico) wilderness until a series of men try to master the proud horse, leading to adventures through a U.S. Cavalry fort, Native American settlements, and a railroad camp. Despite a heavy dose of political correctness and realism (the animals don't talk; we only hear Spirit's internal monologue, voiced by Matt Damon), directors Kelly Asbury and Lorna Cook give their hero many only-in-a-movie moments, including an action sequence rivaling any of Rambo's escapes. The stirring mix of 2-D and 3-D animation is absolutely stunning and aptly fueled by composer Hans Zimmer's synthesized score. The film earns one demerit for '80s rocker Bryan Adams's abundant songs--a different singer could have brought more to the film. Rated G but there is some rough treatment of horses shown, so nix the sensitive preschoolers. --Doug Thomas

Customer Reviews:

  • ' Here i am '
    The animation is extremely well done. The backgrounds are amazing and the anatomy of the horses are just as amazing. The animator didn't make the mares scrawny, but she made them pretty muscular but allowed the viewer to tell the difference between the stallinod and gelding and the mares themselves. Although this movie isn't based on a real stroy, spirit is actually alive and was based on a real buckskin kiger mustang for reference on anatomy and such. Even if the horses do not talk in this movie, by facial expressions you can tell exactly what they are speaking .. as well as with their body language. The sounds are amazing too. they included the sounds of when a horse is warning another horse, when a horse is scared, happy, excited ..

    This is by far my favorite horse movie ever. Even if my friends make fun of me for liking an animated " kids movie, " .. i still watch it. This animated feature is great for adult and children alike....more info
  • Great horse adventure
    Excellent never-give-up story. My son loves horses but the princess horse movies bore him. This has great adventure, he loves it....more info
  • Simply Perfect
    This is the best animation I've seen.
    A perfect example of the animation exists in any scene with water in it.

    I kept seeing other movies within this one. Lonesome Dove, Dances With Wolves, Last of the Mohicans.

    Simply perfect. This movie really moved me....more info
  • Excellent
    Wow! my two girls ages 6 & 4 love this movie. They are getting into horses and have enjoyed watching this movie again and again. We have only had it since X'mas 2008 and it is by far their favorite. I would reccomend this movie as it teaches kids about friendship and never giving up. Animation is great ...more info
  • junk like the french's...oh,wait,they don't have any...
    I got this movie on DVD and now realize that it should have been spent on 'Bush Won!Hahaha!Liberals!'.This is such a traditionally liberal Hollywood new-age PC reverse-racist pile of pink dreck.What a stupid way to spend your time croboys when you could be thinking about the end of John Kerry forever.
    ...more info
  • bombed...for a REASON
    Lets see here,there were good things and bad things about the movie.
    The Good:As soon as I saw the "kind-native american and evil-white-man" s*** I turned it off.
    The Bad:Well,the stupid reverse racism,the laughable new-age,the excuse for "political correctness" that the media has adopted.Who needs any of this?
    Buy neither this,nor Brother Bear,if you voted for Bush in either 2000 or 2004....more info
  • Pros and Cons
    The movie is well done, but storyline has me extremely peeved.

    My daughter really enjoyed the 'extras' on this DVD. She spent hours goofing around on the PC. Her favorites were building a calendar (unfortunately now out of date as the year is hardcoded) and the t-shirt iron on transfers.

    Pros: The animation is very good and intentionally not overly CGI. The Extras are fun.

    Cons: The obvious hatred and violence. There are guns in this movie. Ok. We can live with that; Bambi's mom got shot in that classic movie and we all survived after watching it as children. But this movie shows that White Man is BAAAAAAAD! What a load of horse apples to keep reinforcing that Europeans were horrid, horrid, bad people and didn't really do anything good - ever. History is what it is. The past. And not all full of horrid white people. Why do we need to stereotype all people of similar backgrounds (all indians are good, all europeans are bad)? I'm not European so don't go throwing this out because of a misconception. I understand the need of good story telling to have good-vs-bad, but once again, Hollywood is using movies as their vehicle to try to change history to try to make some people feel bad. You CAN have a movie and show people as people. Not every person of one race is good. Not every person of one race is bad. Mix it up and be a bit more truthful. It makes for a more enjoyable movie when you don't have such blatant stereotypes....more info
  • Deserves 1 star. and 5 stars
    After reading the other amazon reviews, posted as 1 star, you notice a lot of these people are right. This movie has A LOT of violence in it! Horse abuse, guns, fires etc..

    I am an animal rights activist, and love this movie, it really does show how horses are treated in some areas, but some people get the impression that white people are all bad, and the Indian isen't. Well...its just a movie, dont get offended. The movie should be rated PG in other words too. I have a sister who was 5 when she watched this, haha, most todlers who watch this movie are going to cry!

    Otherwise, this movie is perfect, even though it makes a white guy look horrible, but in some cases, thats how white men are! And all of you that claim, animals are not as important as people, people, are going to have to live with it. info
  • Best horse movie ever!
    This is the best horse movie ever! I just loved the music, especially the song where Spirit is born. The animation was awsome and the actual story was so thrilling and touching. Spirit and Rain's love story is really neat. Be prepared to cry and laugh at the same time! Thumbs up and 5 stars for Spirit!...more info
  • Horse crazy
    I bought this as a gift for my grandaughter who is horse crazy. She has seen it at least 50 times, but watches it from start to finish as though it were the first viewing. It is a good child's story.
    ...more info
  • Spirit is Terrific
    I enjoyed this movie a great deal. I really like the special effects and how well the animated stallion moved like a real mustang. I also liked to see the bond that eventually developed between the Indian boy and Spirit....more info
  • Great, thought-provoking, feel-good movie
    I decided to order Spirit pretty randomly. I remembered enjoying it when I was younger and admired the production and the artwork.

    The DVD itself has a fun, interactive menu and of course the movie is every bit as fun and inspirational as it was when I first watched it all those years ago. I would highly recommend it for girls 4-14 and believe boys could enjoy it, to a lesser extent, from 4-7 or so. Of course, if you're a fan of horses, you'll enjoy this movie at just about any age, and if you're interested in a very different style of animation, I would also suggest this movie for study (there is a LARGE amount of CG models painted over to appear 2D) The music is exceptional and Dreamworks handles it very differently from Disney, so it's a nice change.

    If this movie has piqued your interest at all and you're reading this review to see if it'll convince you to or to not buy it...BUY IT. It's worth watching and sharing....more info
  • 'if you can't catch a wave then you're never going to ride it'
    The only rival to Bambi.

    Simple, pure, beautiful story, a poetic portrayal, of the meaning of `spirit.'

    Wild horse, leader of a herd, separated from its mother in its defense, but who, never giving up, escapes its captors and returns home with a mate.

    Visually beautiful animation combining hand drawn characters with computer generated backgrounds. Masterfully expressive movements, effectively combining the natural body language of horses with human facial expressions. Sacrifices nothing either to the ideology of having computers do everything or to the ideology of having computers do nothing; it lets the artists' eyes be the judge-and with no meager result. It sets the standard for all future animation.

    Though the horses do not speak, story line is meaningfully enhanced by contrasting the culture of western expansionists with the culture of the Lakota Sioux; shows the treatment of the horse in the different cultures. Cavalry Colonel was going to shoot Spirit after failing to tame it; Lakota brave sets Spirit free after the same failure. Treats of the conflict respectfully, not making the Lakota out to be "savages"--neither base nor "noble." Spirit lets the Lakota brave ride him in an exceptional moment during a common struggle; the Colonel, witnessing this, learns to respect both and sets both free--though giving no indication that he intends to quit the Cavalry. The horse in the end simply transcends both cultures as it returns to its home, where--as it was explained in the beginning--the wild horses knew no "separation between earth and sky."

    Incredibly beautiful. While the music was not per se my favorite variety, it all but makes me a fan of the genre; the lyrics are very meaningful and it is remarkably well blended into the story on multiple levels--having the right balance between humor, sorrow--and joy.

    A few memorable lines from the lyrics:

    `remember who you are'

    `can't come uninvited'

    `it's to you that I will always return...'

    ...more info
  • Great movie, great soundtrack
    My daughter loves this movie, and I agree with her. It has minimal talking, which is unique, a great storyline and a beautiful soundtrack that Hans Zimmer and Bryan Adams crafted together. I recommend this to any horse-lover, and anyone who can appreciate a good, strong-spirited movie....more info
  • Violent
    We saw this movie in a theater. It was nearly impossible to follow the movie due to so many children crying and horrified parents standing and dragging their children out of the theater. This movie contains scenes with guns, shooting and killing, intense chase scenes, nasty soldiers and a seemingly dead horse that threw the 7 yr old next to us into hysterics. Spirit may look like a cute horsey movie for the little ones, but it is entirely innapropriate for the younger set. If you're old enough that the violence and guns don't bother you, you'll probably find the movie insipid anyways. I have no idea who the producers of Spirit thought would enjoy it... no one we know did....more info
  • Really Awsome!
    "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" was a great movie that is worth watching by the whole family. With it's engaging storyline and fitting musical score, this is an inspiring tale of the little pony that could, or I shall I say, did.

    In the beginning we me Spirit, the free to roam stallion of the west. We fall in love with him as we see breif encounters of his early life as comes into power as the leader of the heard. Very quickyly see his first encounter with humans, wich then leads to his captivity. The rest of the movie follows his slow coming friendship with an indian brave, as he regains his freedom and finds his heard.

    The elements that I enjoy most about this movie would have to be the developement of spirit's character, and the greatly enjoyable music. Not only was the music fitting to the emotions and plot of the story, but in and of it's self a work of art. The way they gave human behavior to an animated horse is beyond me. Exept for him narrating, you really got to know spirit's personality throughout the movie.

    Though I greatly enjoy this movie, there are some elements that I didn't really enjoy. There is an element that suggests how evil white people are, that's the only reason that this movie isn't a 5 star for me. Despite that though, this movie really worth watching and adding to anyone's library. ...more info
  • The Best Western Film Ever!
    Without a doubt, "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron" is one of the most riveting western movies ever to hit the big screen--and one of the most gorgeous and impressive films in the history of animation. I've always loved horses, and I've always loved art and good music, and this movie provides a superior combination of all three. The landscapes are breathtaking, the way the horses are animated is excellent, and the music is simply amazing. Hans Zimmer is an outstanding composer, and Bryan Adams helps bring the story of Spirit alive with his deliciously raspy singing voice. Throughout the entire film, you are kept directly on the edge of your seat; there is not a single dull moment to be found, from the beginning all the way to the end. I recommend this movie to people of any age. ...more info
  • Spirit says it all!!
    This is a great film. People think about the world to much and think bad about anyone or anything that don't conform to their ways. People think they know best but, really the animals are the ones who live right!! (By the Spirit) all living things should be free people included!...more info
  • Sorry Biana, Duappy Lives
    Duappy, a virtual pet, the virtual pet kept alive the longest has been stolen, and Fillmore and Ingrid need to find it before it's due to appear on national TV with its owner Everitt. The two main suspects are Everitt's two best friends-- red-headed meeshkite Lorraine Almaden, and hottie cheerleader Biana Bully.

    ...more info
  • one of the best dreamwork animated films!
    The first time when I saw the movie was 2 years ago.A friend lent me a spirit DVD and I watched it as soon as I arrived home.The first five minutes made a deep impression on me,the flying eagle,the great canyons,and above all,the wonderful music.But when watching the rest of the movie,I felt no strong emotions any more.After I had finished it,I thought:ahh,it's just OK...but by no means a masterpiece.
    However,I loved the music and bought the soundtrack.I listened to it once and once again,and then I realized I liked the movie!
    So,I bought the DVD from Amazon and watched it again.Really,this time I fell in love with it. What a good idea it is to bring 2d and 3d together.The pictures are really beautiful.And the story about a gallop for freedom in the wild west...the more I think about it,the more I love it.
    Still,I beleive the greatest thing of the movie is its music.If you have listened to the sound track of it,you would agree with me.Even if you say it is a bit too slow,when you watch the movie you will see that the music and the songs fitted movie so well.
    I didn't give it 5 stars simply because I would leave it for my favorite---the lion king.However,you can't blame it for not beating perfect.
    So,the movie is really worth seeing.Even if you don't quite like it the first time you see it,give it another chance.If you enjoy dreamwork movies,you will love this DVD!...more info
  • Great movie, great soundtrack
    My daughter loves this movie, and I agree with her. It has minimal talking, which is unique, a great storyline and a beautiful soundtrack that Hans Zimmer and Bryan Adams crafted together. I recommend this to any horse-lover, and anyone who can appreciate a good, strong-spirited movie....more info
  • The Spirit Of The Movie Is This:
    I am 12, turning 13 this April, and this is one of my favorite movies. Filled with emotion, intrigue, and a historical reference, I have loved this since I first saw it. Accompanied by a very powerful and beautiful soundtrack, I was and am deeply moved by this very strong movie about believing in who you are, and never giving up. I'm not ashamed to say that, despite knowing the outcome, I still cry during parts such as the trainride, accompanied by one of the films most emotional songs, "Sound The Bugle". Other memorable songs are "You Can't Take Me", "Get Off My Back", and the title songs "I Will Always Return" and "Here I Am". This is one movie not to be missed....more info
  • Forget Lady and the Tramp, this IS Definetely THE Greatest Love Story in ALLL Animation History!!!!!!
    No offense to all you Lady and the Tramp fans but, seriously, this IS THE Greatest Love Story EVER told!!!!
    What happens between Spirit and Rain is both Heart-Breaking and Heart-Warming. After meeting Rain, Spirit finally finds a reason for staying in the Indian Camp. After Rain shows Spirit her World, both fall in love and I have never seen so much romance between two animals. During the film, Rain gets seriously wounded by a bullet shot and poor, poor Spirit gets dragged away from her side. He is taken onto a train where he has to drown in greif, devastation and shock, thinking she is dead. That REALLY, REALLY touched me!
    "Now I can't go on. I can't even start. I've got nothing left, just and empty heart" Sound The Bugle-a beautiful song. This is how Spirit felt having to deal with the death of his one True Love!!!!!
    The other most romantic films in Animation I'VE ever seen are Pocahontas [John and Pocahontas], The Lion King [Simba and Nala] and Lady and the Tramp 2 Scamp's Adventure [Scamp and Angel]. Yup, the sequel is even more romantic than the original!!!!! (in MY opinion)!
    I love, love, LOVE films that involve romance between animals and this one and the ones above are my ultimate favourites!!!
    So, FORGET Lady and the Tramp, this IS THE Greatest Love Story EVER Told!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • It's got the spirit!
    This Old West adventure follows a saucy dun-colored Mustang stallion from his birth on the plains of the Cimarron to his capture by the U.S. Cavalry, to his escape and his friendly foray into the life of a native American brave, Little Creek, and Little Creek's prized pinto mare, Rain. Rain and Spirit fall forelock over fetlocks for each other, but unstoppable forces drive them apart.

    The hands-on or painterly look of traditional animation -- instead of the popular CGI (computer generated imagery) that was used in Shrek and Monsters, Inc. -- seems to have been a significant choice. In doing so, the filmmakers conveyed onto film the same feel that exists in the work of the great Western artists, like Frederic Remington, Charles Russell, and Frank Tenney Johnson. It's familiar and refreshing at the same time, but the really amazing feat is that of the horsey heroes. Their faces are rather stylized (horses don't have eyebrows, folks!) and their eyes have been made with human-like sclera showing to help facilitate a range of expressions, but as someone who knows horses very well, I was continually amazed and delighted by the accuracy of the horse's movements in all gaits, and even swimming and rolling. It's breathtaking.

    The DVD's additional release material includes audio commentary from directors Lorna Cook and Kelly Asbury, plus a bonus short "Learn to Draw Spirit with James Baxter", and a featurette "Film Music with Bryan Adams". There is also the obligatory film-to-storyboard comparison, and an interactive game called "Make-A-Movie Studio", which I could not get to work... I guess you have to be about nine years old to figure out some of the more complicated features.

    Staci Layne Wilson
    ...more info
  • A Horse is a Horse of Course of Course
    Matt Damon is a horse. Somehow they elongated his nose, put extensions in his hair for a mane, and dreamworks pulls it off. I suppose animation and computer graphics helps along the way.

    I had high apple pie in the sky hopes for this movie. I remember when it came out, it garnered all sorts of good reviews and truly sounded promising as an all-ages family fare offering. I was disappointed though. Since we have a two-year old movies we see these days have to be off the G-rated versions. Of course there are the R-movies to be watched after everyone is in bed but the problem is everyone is in bed including Mom and I expect a lot out of my Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks fare these days. Spirit did not deliver.

    The movies true strength was the beautiful sweeping animation with Eagles flying horses running and these truly emotive expressive horse faces that told of dialogue in the absence of words. The story-line was overly simplified, devoid of nuances, and oh so PC. It reminded me of "Little Bear," in that regards. The plot I found lacking for the most part but had just enough drama to keep you watching.

    Overall I wouldn't say Spirit was a bad movie, but I wouldn't say it was all that stellar either. I think horse-lovers and buffs of all things Wild West will get a kick out of Spirit...I'm still not sure where the Cimarron is. But for family movies that kids and adults will revel in alike, there is better fare out there.
    --MMW...more info
  • Extremely entertaining
    I gave this movie 5 stars because my son loves this movie and so does mom and dad. I personally love the fact that the animals don't talk. Matt Damon narrates, (despite other reviews I feel he did a great job as the voice of Spirit).

    Although the music to some Disney movies can be very entertaining, Spirit has a different type of music (more like background music that tells a story, the way Toy Story 1 and 2 have music - the characters are not singing and dancing, which is a refreshing style after seeing so many Disney Movies with the little ones).

    You really get into Spirit's heart and enjoy his touching journey. There was something so real about this movie, that teaches that you form relationships and you learn to trust one another. It reminded me that we think we know so much when we are young, but as the journey of life is taken, we realize how little we knew way back when. And there is a lesson to be strong and not to let your Spirit be broken.

    Even my 1 year old daughter dances to the music. It is a very refreshing well rounded movie. ...more info
  • One Of The Best Animated Films Ever!!!!
    I watched this movie over and over again! The music is cool, the animation is brillant,I could go on and on!I love this movie and everythimg about it.The story is bright,exciting and emmotional.GO AHEAD AND BUY IT!!...more info