Sony ICF-SW7600GR AM/FM Shortwave World Band Receiver with Single Side Band Reception
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Product Description

The Sony ICF-SW7600GR world band receiver radio will keep you connected to FM, AM, shortwave and longwave stations with a PLL digital tuner. With single side band (SSB) reception, the radio will transmit with a minimal amount of interference. To further enhance listening pleasure, the synchronous detection will reduce fading and regular beats.

There are four options when tuning your selected radio station. With direct tuning, you input the desired frequency digits. Manual tuning allows you to change the frequency step by step. If you are unsure of what station you want, use the scan tuning option to have the radio stop at all hearable receptions. Finally, with preset tuning, you can recall a preset station with a single button press. You can store up to a hundred preset stations using Sony's My-memory tuning feature. To help you remember which station is which, this Sony radio allows you to label each station with up to six alphanumeric letters. There is also a ten-key direct access tuning function, letting you quickly access your top ten favorite stations.

If you plan on traveling with a radio, the ICF-SW7600GR is a good choice. Beyond the ability to tune into various radio bands, the ICF-SW7600GR also features a world clock feature. Simply select a city name and the radio will display that city's current time. With the dual clock function, it is easy to keep track of two time zones. The radio also has a useful turn-on and sleep timer. Choose two individual times and frequencies and the radio will turn on and tune to the selected station automatically. If you plan on listening to the radio as you fall asleep, use the sleep timer and the radio will turn off after approximately sixty minutes.

There are two options to power the radio. Either four AA batteries or purchase an optional AC adaptor.

What's in the Box
Sony ICF-SW7600GR World Band Radio, antenna, wave handbook and a ninety day warranty.

Take the Sony ICF-SW7600GR radio anywhere on the planet. Your smart, worldly wise World Band Receiver Radio will know the time, and pick up all the AM(LW/MW/SW) & FM radio stations any particular corner of the world has to offer. Or stay right in your room at home, and pick up talk radio and music from far distant countries. 10 Key Direct Access(TM) with PLL Quartz frequency synthesized tuning locks onto the signal like an electronic terrier. Synchronous detection circuitry reduces annoying fading and frequency interference. Dual standby function lets you set two different alarm times, using two different radio stations DC-In jack for optional AC adapter Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included) Built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM/LW, telescoping antenna for FM/SW Dimensions - 4-3/4H x 7-1/2W x 1-1/4D Weighs 1 pound 5-3/4 ounces w/batteries Color - Gray

  • PLL digital tuner receives FM, MW/AM, SSB, shortwave and longwave
  • MY-memory tuning memorizes and scans up to 100 frequencies
  • Four tuning methods: direct, manual, scan and preset
  • World clock and dual clock functions; built-in timer
  • Label presets with 6 alphanumeric letters

Customer Reviews:

  • Great radio, but with one shortcoming...
    This is an excellent shortwave with quality reception on all bands. However, after using this radio for over a year, I found its only shortcoming to be a mechanical doesn't have a carrying handle! Unless you're careful, you'll press one or more buttons every time you move it (annoying, to say the least). Yes, it does come with a pitiful case that has a thin `strap' on the top for carrying, but you'll have to remove the case completely to operate the radio. Otherwise, it's a solid and reliable shortwave for under $200....more info
  • OverKill
    I purchased this radio primarily for AM and FM listening. I guess I should have just stuck with a basic radio without all of the bells-&-whistles. This was definitely OVERKILL for my needs.
    I have been very disappointed with the reception of this radio for simple AM & FM stations in my area. The radio fades in-and-out on all but very, very local FM stations. I cannot reach any FM stations further than about 10 miles while my other very small transistor has been much more successful in reaching those same stations at about 1/4 of the price of this unit.
    I have always been happy with all of my Sony products until now....more info
  • Excellent little receiver!
    This apparently is the last of the Japanese-made portable shortwave radios, and the last of the Sony shortwave line. I own many desktop receivers and portables, and this has become one of my favorites. It's very sensitive on shortwave and along with the sync feature, it really makes listening to less-powered stations from around the globe a pleasant affair.

    Using the included antenna reel helps, although not really necessary. I use this radio with a set of Sony Studio Monitor headphones and bypass the tinny-sounding speaker. As far as price/performance ratio - this radio is superb. I consider FM as a free bonus on this radio. And it's got better than average reception of FM to boot.

    Did I tell you that this radio smacks of quality construction too? I noticed that the speaker grille is made of aluminum. The radio has some heft to it too.

    Everybody seems to compare this Sony with the Sangean ATS-909. Buy the Sony instead of the Sangean. While the Sangean has more bells and whistles, and costs an additional hundred dollars - yet the Sony has far better reception.

    These radios WILL become classics. Get yours while you still can! ...more info
  • Sony ICF-SW7600GR am/fm shortwave radio
    This is my first digital tuned radio, and it took a little getting use to. I live 40 miles from the popular all news AM radio station, and even thou they broadcast 50,000 watts reception is just below average on all of the other radios I have. Right out of the box after installing the batteries I tuned in the station and the sound came booming out. The FM stations sound equaly as well and the world clock keeps excellent time. I purchased this radio because I have other Sony products which I am pleased with. This radio is as small as a womans purse but heavy for the size. As for the shortwave tuning I have not had much success but I am still trying all of the other bands. Only one discrepancy, the exterior antena was loose and woobly. I removed the back to see what was the problem and nothing to tighten up just a poor design. Because of that I only gave four stars. I am still pleased with the purchase....more info
  • Not a Bad Shortwave Radio!
    After setting up and getting started I was very pleased with the use and quality of reception of this radio! The only setback, is it is obvious that I will need an AM loop for AM reception, but what a minor deal!...more info
  • Very nice radio, though a bit expensive.
    Overall, I give it 4.5 stars. After reading many favorable reviews of this radio, I bought one as an "upgrade" from my 1991-vintage Radio Shack DX-440. The Sony is a high quality receiver with some nice features, but I think it's overpriced. For $150+ the standard accessories should include an AC adapter, rechargable batteries and an earphone. Shop around if you plan on buying one and try to get it on sale.

    Good things:

    - Well made, solidly built.
    - It's compact! Like the size of a paperback book.
    - Excellent sensitivity and very good selectvity.
    - The synchronous AM feature works as advertised to reduce interference.
    - 100 memory presets.
    - Fully adjustable attenuator control (RF gain). Very useful when signals are too strong.
    - Audio line-out jack (see below).
    - Single side band (SSB) reception. Required for listening to HAM operators and certain other signals.
    - Dual clocks.
    - Display is recessed to reduce damage/scratches.
    - Included clip-on reel antenna really helps reception.

    Not-so-good things:

    - The audio. It generally sounds muffled on shortwave broadcasts and just "okay" for regular AM/FM reception. Using ear buds helps, but the best option is running the line-out into an external amplifier.
    - Small, recessed switches on sides of radio can be difficult to find by touch and hard to operate.

    Minor negatives:

    - Battery life is average, plan on using rechargables.
    - Controls and features not 100% intuitive. Read the user's manual.
    - Small display.
    - Backlight could be brighter.

    One last note: I don't understand why some reviewers claim the sensitivity is poor. As I write this in Colorado, the receiver is sitting on the floor with the antenna tucked away, and Radio Havana is booming in loud and clear. :)...more info
  • Nice radio with shortcomings
    I agree with most of the other reviews that this is a nice little radio. The build quality is excellent and the performance is pretty much as advertised. I did return mine as I felt the audio quality on the shortwave bands had a "thin" quality which made (for me) listening unpleasant. The sync detector does help, but only marginally, and I found the "hash" noise while scanning irritating. The Sony is selective and sensitive, but on the shortwave bands my very inexpensive 30 year old tabletop proved more listenable for me. Curiously, I thought the audio performance on the FM band was nice considering the size of the little Sony....more info
  • Excellent radio; needs AC adapter though- not offered by Sony
    Easy to use; like the presets; world band use has a learning curve though - must read the owner's manual. Negative: needs AC adapter though - not offered by Sony....more info
  • Very nice radio
    Very nice radio. No complaints at all. Fantastic AM/FM reception.
    Gripes not worth loosing a star over are:
    1. Small speaker - pack these electronics in a box with a nice speaker.
    2. No AC adapter - It came with a nice manual and book, carry case even a shortwave antennae. I mean come on whats an AC adapter cost Sony?...more info
  • excellent but could be better
    I have two of these radios,as well as a variety of other models and brands. reception is generally high in quality although I live and work in a very interferance prone environment. These radios have proven reliable under adverse conditions. The light function has not proven even margenally useable on these radios ,so I use a small flashlight to read the display in dark conditions. This is something Sony should fix, as it is very anoying.I would also like slightly larger control switches on the edge to ease "by feel" adjustments. I like this radio very much, and use the sideband to hear utilities and ham chatter. ...more info
  • The best reciever in the 0-500$ price range...
    If you are looking for a reciever that can handle what most professional recievers can at a lower price, this is it. This is BY FAR the best receiver below the 400$ range.

    It is portable, it has great reception, and has tons and tons of cool features on it. It has SSB, LSB and USB with a good fine tuner, a Synchronous Sideband Noise Filter, and noise filters that set the tone for either listening to news or music.
    A portable with tabletop features!, that reminds me of the golden days of the Grundig Satellit receivers (which are now overpriced and hard to find)

    Now why four stars instead of five? The batteries last pretty long, but not long enough for me. The scanning feature becomes annoying because it will only scan stations in its bandwidth. The audio quality, though good, is not great. The audio problem can be fixed by buying better speakers for a low price and hooking them up to any of the handy speaker jacks on the side.
    PS: If you live close to Maine, check out 7.415 WBCQ, the best and most radical alternative radio station EVER.

    Get this before shortwave radios in The United States become extinct....more info
  • Sony ICF-SW7600GR AM/FM Shortwave World Band Receiver
    It just doesn't get any beter than this, this is it, the radio that has it all.
    side bands
    big displar
    Bunch of memeries
    easy on the power comsuption
    The istrucion book is thick and complicated, but I think the hole thing has numerous fitures, I mayself can tell, it's thick because it's fun.
    Jose G Clariond

    ...more info
  • It wasnt as good as I expected
    It seems like a solid little radio, and overall I thought it was ok, but there were a couple of things that I didn't like. First, the reception is poor. Also I was hoping that it would scan through all of the channels at the same time, but you have to push 2 buttons together to change bands, and when you search for a station, it will only search within that band...more info
  • My best SW Radio Ever!
    I travel in Africa and have had a dozen or so SW radio's over the years. I recently bought the Sony ICF-SW7600GR radio and am amazed at the clear reception and high quality speaker in this little package. It is a bit larger (4.6" x 7.25" x 1.3") than some SW radios I've had, but is still small and very portable. I carry it in my backpack with my computer. I did not buy the electrical adapter which is an option, but I carry rechargable batteries and a charger in my travels and am able to maintain the portability of the unit. I should add that it comes with a great book on SW stations world wide. The exceptional quality and clear reception translates into a super buy for your money. Jim Miller. Chattanooga...more info
  • still a nice unit
    I had a ICF7600 for about 10 years until it finally fell apart. I replaced it with the 7600GR and enjoy the new features such as the sync detection. It's not a good as the desktop units costing much much more, naturally. But I throw it in my briefcase when I go on a trip and it is a great portable radio. The discounted price from Amazon made the decision even easier. ...more info
  • A very adequate portable radio
    Living out in the "sticks" of western Arizona I needed a portable AM radio to received AM broadcasts. This item certainly filled the bill! Being a "Sony" I knew the quality would be at the top of the heap.


    PLL (Phase Lock Loop) direct entry frequency tuning rather then analog tuning. easy to use and quite accurate.

    Just the right size. Easy to use controls.


    By necessity the speaker is small and has a "tinny" sound but is quite adequate for voice broadcast which is what I needed it for.

    Hope this helps

    ...more info
  • no reception from Honolulu, Hawaii
    This SW radio is brand new. I totally get how it works. What doesn't work is getting any reception from the middle of the Pacific pond (Honolulu) to anywhere in the continental U.S. All I wanted when I bought this radio was Seattle, San Francisco or New York stations broadcasting in AM or FM. At this point I will take any U.S. station, anywhere. After spending two hours with Sony tech support, they couldn't get it to work by connecting anywhere else in the U.S. The 7600GR will only connect to other Hawaii AM/FM stations which a mere $10 radio can do anyhow. Internationally I only get Australia and New Zealand so this radio has disappointed greatly. Sony tech support doesn't know so I am asking all of you, am I having this problem because I am in the middle of an ocean?...more info
  • Exc. Intro to Shortwave
    Excellent & inexpensive intro to the world of shortwave. Lives up to its rep in quality, features, and performance. Amazon delivers an outstanding opportunity to learn and enjoy shortwave radio with an instrument capable of reception ability, sound quality, and performance engineering. Kudos!!...more info
  • Power adapter
    I just want to say, that power supply for this radio isn't problem - you can use power adapter from Sony PSP or Sony E-Reader. The size is smaller, than original. The voltage is universal - from 100 to 240 Volts. Works perfect. The price for such adapter (brand new) is about 5$ on EBay and 4$- 12$ on Amazon....more info
  • Cool.
    I'm glad I purchased this. I've had a good time exploring the shortband radio waves, it comes with a great booklet on reception depending on location and time very useful. One thing that this radio doesn't do is Aircraft, Weather, or Police Scanning (At least I haven't figured it out). I'm new to radio, so I wasn't clue'd in on all the potential features a radio could have. I haven't figured out how to use the usb and lsb effectively, but it does produce a beautiful sci-fi distortion. It comes with an external antenna and has been great when travelling. I listen to it at work, use it for an alarm, the buttons and navigation is intuitive, couldn't be happier. ...more info
  • The Sony ICF-SW7600GR Shortwave Receiver
    According to several of the most popular shortwave books that I've read, the Sony ICF-SW7600GR is one of the best inexpensive shortwave receivers that you can buy.

    This is the second shortwave receiver that I have bought. The first one was another brand and it only lasted a few months and then quit working. I've had my Sony for sometime now and it is still working just fine. I would recommend this shortwave receiver to anyone wanting to listen to shortwave radio.

    The only thing that could make this purchase a little better is a good external antenna. You are somewhat limited with the antenna that is on the shortwave receiver. You can either make a wire antenna to hook up to the radio or buy one already made. A external antenna will help you pick up a lot more stations.
    ...more info
  • Great Radio
    Great radio, lots of features. The only thing negative to me is the heavy antenna. Place the radio on a table and the antenna must be stright up. Holding the radio while using at an angle, and you notice the weight of the antenna. Other than that, am not sorry I purchased the radio, I like it very much....more info
  • reliable full-featured radio: a modern classic!
    This radio has been a trusty old friend for the past several years. I bought it several years ago when I wanted to start trying out shortwave radio, especially when camping and hiking in remote areas.

    Since then, I've purchased numerous new toys like iPods, a satellite radio, and a couple table-top radios. But I always find myself coming back to using the old, reliable 7600gr.

    The great thing about this radio is its versatility. In a day and age when electronic gadgets skimp on seemingly unimportant details, this radio has it all.

    The line out is perfect for connecting it to a speaker system, filling my office with great sounding music.

    The attenuator is great for using the radio in interference-riddled environments like offices. It also helps tremendously in focusing on weak stations that may be overpowered by stronger signals.

    The headphone output on this radio is phenomenal. I never really appreciated it until I tried using headphones on cheaper radios. Very full sound, clear with music or talk radio. Try using good full-sized headphones like the Grado sr80's. With top quality FM stations, you can hear deep bass, clear mids, and crisp highs.

    The Standby memory function makes this radio a great travel alarm clock.

    Shortwave reception has been great for me. I've been able to find lots of interesting stations from around the world.

    Presets are easy to use once you get the hang of it.

    Batteries last a ridiculously long time.

    Rugged and reliable. I've camped, hiked, cycled, and ran with this radio, and traveled to Mexico and numerous other places with it. It's been through harsh Canada winters, humid tropical weather, and the occasional rain shower. It still works great. In the same time, two iPods have broken, my first satellite radio broke. But the 7600gr keeps on ticking.

    This radio is versatile. Use it as a desktop radio, a travel alarm clock, and remote-location shortwave radio. The only thing it doesn't do well is serve as a pocket radio: It's just too big fit in a pocket. Carry it in a shoulder bag or backpack, and you've got great sounding portable radio.

    If you can get your hands on one of these, get it. It's a classic radio that Sony probably won't ever replicate.
    ...more info
  • Excellent product, does exactly what it states and more!
    Excellent Product! Does what it states and more! Great clarity and functions are easy to adapt to. Good buy!...more info
  • The Best, Period.
    The Sony 7600GR shines most brightly in the realm of true SW portable radios, top of the pyramid. Only the Eton/Grundig E5/G5, and perhaps the Kaito 1103 are close, but the latter has seriously flawed ergonomics.

    First off, the Sony is just the right size, that is small enough to carry with you anywhere, even during extended airline travel, but large enough that its controls are widely-spaced and easily accessible. I also own the G5, but find it too small to handle without accidentally pushing some control, and its buttons too small and tightly-packed. In terms of performance, I get consistently stronger signals with less hiss/noise on the Sony vis a viz the G5; also, the Sony enjoys superior signal strength boosts with the use of a modest external antenna (clearer, cleaner signal with less hiss than the G5). Moreover, the 7600 has synchronous detection to lock in weak signals (the G5 does not), though I have to say I haven't really noticed much of a difference when using it. The Sony divides the single sideband into USB and LSB while the G5 does not; hence, SSB reception was MUCH better on the Sony: many more pickups, clearer signals. However, I'd say that the G5 has a somewhat richer, fuller sound than does the Sony, though it's hardly a night-day difference, But it's there, the Sony having a slightly tinnier, sharper, more "glassy" sound, a drawback obviated by the use of headphones.

    I find the Sony much easier to navigate than the G5 where you seem to be constantly pushing buttons to get around from band to band, freqeuncy to frequency, and the memory buttons are tiny (and require concentrated focus to hit) compared with the big, round, widely-spaced buttons on the 7600 where you can hold the right side and easily punch in changes with your thumb. However, the G5 does have a tuning wheel which is a semi-major flaw in the Sony, though with its 1Khz tuning buttons, you have the same measure of precise control. Still, the tuning knob is unquestionably the best band scanning device.

    AM reception and FM reception, for me, are slightly better on the Sony, though the difference is slight. On the SW bands, I much prefer the signal strength and low background hiss/noise on the 7600 compared with the G5, especially enjoying noticably stronger signals when using an outdoor-mounted slinky (which seems to inject mainly hiss into the G5). If signal strength for a SW frequency is, say, 3 or 3+ (out of 5) on the Sony, it's generally 3- or so on the G5.

    As for build quality, the 7600's heft, feel, general overall qualilty of solidity and sturdiness exceed those of the G5. That is, other than the whip antenna anchor which is really loose, almost flimsy. So far, it's held up, but I am always aware of its wobbly base when manipulating the antenna.

    Now I live on the west coast, the worst place in the country for SW reception, so the experiences of listeners in more lively zones may be wholly different. But for me, after using both radios regularly and doing numerous head-to-head comparisons over about 6 weeks, the Sony is the hands-down winner. The G5 is a good, even very good, SW portable but the Sony is a near-great one.

    One suggestion I have is this: If you buy a 7600GR (or even a G5, or some similar-sized portable), go to Universal Radio's Web site ( and order one of their clear plastic radio stands which holds your radio firmly in place and at an ideal viewing angle. It's about 7" wide and costs about 7 bucks. Makes SWLing much easier. I have no connection to this company, but think this is a tip worth passing on.

    Postscript 3/28. Just read the review below mine, re AM reception. Not my experience at all. My 7600GR picks up at least 20 AM stations with hiss-free clarity, "5" on a 1-5 scale. I even get KNBR in San Francisco, 600 miles to the South and some AM station in Calgary at level 4. AM reception is really powerful on mine....more info