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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
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Product Description

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic takes you into the distant past of the Star Wars universe -- over 4,000 years before Episode I, when battles raged between the Jedi and the Sith!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic takes place just a few years after the Mandolorian Wars, thousands of years before the events in the Star Wars movies we know and love. Two Jedi, master Revan and his apprentice Malak, led the Republic's forces to victory and pursued the Mandalorians into deep space only to return as Dark Jedi at the head of a huge fleet of Sith warships. Only the Force powers of the Jedi Bastila prevented the Sith from overwhelming the Republic's weakened forces. At the start of the game Malak has usurped control of the Sith by betraying Revan and has attacked the ship carrying Bastila and yourself. In true Star Wars style, the game begins with a bang.

The storyline could have been a standard coming-of-age yarn but is instead a genuinely interesting adventure told with humor, compassion, and respect for the source material. Your character has a mystical bond with Bastila, and the two of you share some kind of connection to the Sith villains Darth Malak and Darth Revan. The game's planet-hopping adventures are driven by your exploration of these connections and how they relate to your larger goal of discovering the source of the Sith's sudden fleet. During your adventure you can explore side quests minor (such as racing swoops or gambling) and major (such as uncovering the fascinating back stories of your companions). Star Wars fans will get a kick out of the rich lore introduced in the game, particularly the Tatooine storyline that reveals the origin and history of the Sand People.

Gameplay is an abbreviated form of Wizards of the Coast's d20 Star Wars RPG game system--anyone who has played Dungeons & Dragons will be familiar with the abilities, stats, feats, and bonuses in this game. The player creates a character as a member of one of three starting classes (soldier, smuggler, scout) and then later chooses a Jedi class (guardian, consular, sentinel). Joining the player's character are other Jedi, warriors, thieves, droids, a wookiee, and even a Mandolorian. Unlike the faceless non-player characters of other games, each member of the supporting cast has an intriguing history and even agenda. Up to two of these other characters can join your character at any time. Depending on who you chose to take with you, new dialogue and even intra-party arguments come into the game (put the Mandalorian veteran with the Republic patriot and you'll see sparks fly). Combat is real-time turn-based, meaning the turns are seamless but the player has the option of pausing the action at any time to issue orders or direct any character to use a certain Force power, ability, feat, or item.

Graphics range from adequate to exceptional. Building and character models are not impressive--about what you get in GTA 3. Lightsaber graphics and environmental effects (like waving grass, clouds, and weather) bring the world to life. Battles are just brilliant, with characters pumping out blaster fire at Jedi who dash, dodge, and even deflect the bolts back toward their assailants. Complete with sounds straight out of the movies, the thrilling combat is pure Star Wars.

All in all, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a masterpiece of Star Wars gaming. The pacing, balance of action and dialogue, clever puzzles and quests, and loving attention to detail have set the bar very high for role-playing games in general and Star Wars games in particular. Consider this a must-have game.--Mike Fehlauer


  • Captivating storyline
  • Clever dialogue
  • Star Wars feel
  • True story and dialogue support for either Light Side or Dark Side play
  • Brilliant combat graphics
  • Fascinating characters (the loyal--and homicidal--droid HK-47 is truly unique)
  • Occasional bugs in dialogue, movie playback
  • Cannot transfer equipped gear between characters while on your ship
  • A massive conflict between Jedi & Sith has left the Republic weakened. Into this chaos steps a young Jedi on a mission. His mission will determine the outcome of this colossal galactic war - and your destiny as a Jedi
  • Lead your group of freedom fighters across the galaxy -- you can choose from humans, droids, Twi'leks, Wookies and more
  • Recruit other to your cause & train them in exciting mini-games like racing swoop bikes or manning turret guns
  • Travel to ten unique world in the Star Wars galaxy, from the Jedi Academy on Dantooine to the Sith homeworld of Korriban
  • Customizable and evolving characters keep the story fresh and the gameplay interesting -- especially when you have to choose between the Light & Dark Sides of The Force

Customer Reviews:

  • One of the most addicting games that I've ever played.
    I am a huge Star Wars fan, but I don't really like RPG's all that much (at least not video games; I do play DnD). That said, this game absolutely blew me away. As a DnD player, I knew that there wouldn't be a learning curve on the game since it uses the D20 system. Knowing the system really helped with feat selection and such, as there really wasn't anything outlandishly new. I was, however, a little disappointed with the small number of Force powers that were in the game. I don't think that I would bother having my main character be a Jedi Consular, as you can really get a decent amount of Force powers even with a Jedi Guardian (and if you have some Wisdom enhancing items, you can use those powers often as well).

    The character creation system is pretty standard. I was slightly disappointed that you have to be human, as I really wanted to create a lightsaber-wielding Wookie, but for the purpose of the story, it won't take you long to figure out that being human is definitely a good thing on Taris. And the fact that a Wookie eventually joined my party later adequetely mollified me. In fact, it really doesn't matter too much what kind of character you make, because the party members that you pick up throughout the game pretty much have everything covered.

    One small warning without giving too much away: in your travels you will meet a party member, and in order to explore his backstory you will need your main character to have a decent rank in the repair skill. It's not really a big deal if you're set on making a Soldier/Jedi Guardian that is amazing in melee combat but will not be able to raise that skill too much. But for you perfectionists that like to explore every single aspect of the game, you should keep this in mind.

    And another note to you perfectionists: you will not explore every aspect of the game in one run. This is because your actions throughout the game will determine whether you become a hero for the Light Side of the Force or fall to the Dark Side. Naturally, there are two different endings. And I imagine that the game experience is a bit different as well. I personally stuck to the Light Side, which can be a little more difficult at times since you'll be helping people more. However, this also means that you will do more side quests. I imagine that the Dark Side would be somewhat of a guilty pleasure, as you can just kill people that seek your aid and you can progress through the game a little faster by taking the "quick and easy path." There is also the third option of pretty much balancing yourself and being neutral. Respond as an evil Sith occasionally, and sometimes as a valiant Jedi. And you can usually respond neutrally as well.

    Overall, I'd say that the aspect of this game that shines the brightest is the story and the characterization that takes place (this is another reason to stick with the Light Side: oftentimes you can just tell your party members to shut the hell up and gain dark side points, but you won't get to explore their backstories and discover their motivations). Anyone that is a Star Wars fan will thoroughly enjoy playing a game with a story that is nearly on-par with the movies (and even better than the prequels!) Obviously the story is a bit restricted since it IS a video game and meant to be played, but the plot is certainly better than any video game I've played before (and when I was younger I did play games like Golden Sun and Baldur's Gate; KOTOR beats them hands down). And most of it is pretty new territory, as the game takes place a few thousand years before the movies.

    I'll close with a few warnings. First, you'd better have a good graphics card if you want to play this game. You should be fine if you meet the minimum system requirements, but the first time I tried to install this game on my older computer (still not that old though) it didn't have a good enough graphics card. The computer that it's on now still doesn't meet the recommended system requirements, but it's more or less fine. That leads me into my final warning: there are some bugs with the game. After only a few hours, at a certain point the game would freeze up, and occasionally exit to Windows. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to complete the game because it happened many times. I downloaded the updates for the game, and this did help some, but it didn't completely solve the problem. Eventually I turned off something silly like grass effects or shadows and that caused it to happen much less frequently.

    I guess all that is left to say is that if you're a Star Wars fan you should buy this game. Even if you're not, it's still worth playing through, especially if you like RPG's. Oh, and this goes without saying, but quick save often. ...more info
  • Star Wars at its Best!
    Before the corruptions of Anakin and the power of the Sith was suffecient to mask their existence from the Jedi Council, the Sith saw no reason to mask their power. They controlled a vast armada, with an Empire on the borders of the Old Republic.

    And it is up to you to destroy this empire with your band of scoundrals, republic commandos, Jedi, and even a Madalorian!

    As if this wasn't enough, you explore rich vistas and gain powerful abilities. If Star Wars wasn't impressive before (and how could that be?), it certainly is now!...more info
  • Will set the standard for all future Star Wars games
    Being a fan of Star Wars since I was old enough to remember, I can safely say that this is by and large the best Star Wars game I've ever played. This is truly what Star Wars is about: stunning visuals, an intriguing storyline, and memorable characters with juicy dialogue. There is just so much that you can do in this game that it's almost overwhelming.

    The events of the game take place 4,000 years before the original Star Wars trilogy, and see you as a soldier of the Republic who becomes entangled in a quest to locate a devastating weapon and tip the balance in a war between the Republic and the Sith (in which the Sith have the upper hand). After meeting a young Jedi with whom you seem to share a bond in the Force, you undertake the training of a Jedi and become a padawan before your quest begins.

    The graphics are beautiful, and the locales are all as varied as the stars in the sky. Each planet you travel to has its own distinctive environment, indigenous peoples, and cultural feelings. You can tell a lot of preparation went into planning every detail of the different planets.

    But I think what truly made this game famous is its unique system that allows the player to determine through the choices he makes whether he wants to be good or evil.

    No review could do this game justice. Buy it and you will not regret it....more info
  • great GAME!
    THIS GAME IS VERY GOOD BUT ONCE YOU PLAY IT THE 100 TIME IT GETS KINDA BORING.I PLAY THIS GAME ON 2 COMPUTERS.MY LAPTOP WICH DOSENT MEET REQUIMENTS BUT STILL WORKS.IT SEEMS TO RUN ALMOST EVERY THING I PUT ON IT EVEN RUNS DOS.ITS BRAND NEW MADE IN 2005!but my destop greatly surpasses the requiments.its 5 years old it runs everything eceapt the older games 1990s under but thats normal.We just got a new G card in our computer because the last one got fried it has the same power but more memory.Overall play this on a fast computer it dosent work good on slow computers....more info
  • Star Wows
    What can I say, didn't use to be a fan of the star wars series, only mild interest. But got the itch after seeing episode 3 to try this game I just saw advertised in Computer Gaming World. Now I plan on reading the series to get the whole story line to better understand what is discussed in the game (and the movies).

    The game is magnificant with a high replayability. You can play good (light side) one way, bad (dark side) another way, then you can try it as male or female characters, different classes. Well, theres just alot that you can try on it. With a witty script its even worth reading through the plots and watching the cutscenes.
    My favorite aspect of the game is the ability to upgrade items with different pieces which can be made by the different party members depending on their skill in certain areas....more info
  • Maybe there was too much hype?
    My friends bought Xboxes soley for this game. They swear by it. Like them, I'm a big fan of the Black Isle/Bioware RPG's. I've played through Baldur's Gate 2, Planescape: Torment, Fallout and Neverwinter Nights and loved all of them. My friends told me to get this game, so I did (for PC, obviously). I put in maybe 25 hours into KotOR. It was OK. I had some (at times, major) graphical glitches, but that can be overlooked if the game is great. This wasn't great. The gameplay seemed way to repetitive, and I found the worlds that were to be explored rather boring.

    My opinions are biased, however. I've never been a huge fan of Star Wars. I liked the originals (before Lucas destroyed them). However, I found the newer ones to be disappointing. All of that left a bad taste in my mouth for the series in general....more info
  • Wow! What a game.
    I picked this game up from all the praise that it recieved from a couple of years ago. In my opinion it is one of the best role playing games right up there with FF VII, Chrono Trigger, and XenoGears.

    This game falls into the category of an action role playing game since you are able to move around in combat rather than just standing and exchanging hits.

    In this game you can create what character that you want to be. This was the RPG for the X-Box that you decided your own fate. Like any other RPG you pick up characters and weapons/items along your journey. Along the way you'll have questions answered that takes this game for a wild turn. In other words, this story line is one of the best for any Role playing game in quite a while. This game is so much fun that words cannot describe.

    My only complaint of this game was the controls. But like any other game, the more you play the more you get used to.

    This game is worth the purchase. It also sets up for the sequel quite nicely. ...more info
  • I didn't think I would like it.
    I am primarily an RPG gamer and have been for a long time. The even enjoyed the gold box Flash Gordon games, but I was skeptical of the Lucas boys. As it turns out, this game is a blast. It is a little on the linear side (?) but nevertheless it was highly enjoyable and overs a good replay value for me....more info
  • Great game
    Much funner than the second part better story line, cant wait until part three comes out....more info
  • Grab Your Lightsaber And Experience The True Power of The Force!
    This is a fabulous game!

    Many here have said the same and all I can do is second their opinion and thank them all for leading me to SWKotOR!

    To be honest this is the first RPG I have played in a very long time. And it does not disappoint in the least! You truly feel like you are in the Star Wars universe and that you are the leading character in some spectacular Star Wars movie.

    I just finished playing through the entire game for the first time and it was thrilling. Since I didn't know much about all the various skills and feats and force powers and such, all i did was to "auto level-up" everytime (basically allowing the game itself to choose how my increased experience formed my character traits) and the game was still incredibly fun and playable. after playing it, i am sure that i would choose force powers and other skills differently but that won't be a problem at all because you can go back and play this game as a "dark side" character the next time out for a completely different experience. or you can change to a different class (soldier, scoundrel, or scout), or play as either male or female.

    another nice thing about this game is that it shows you the ropes in a fun way to begin the game. you don't have to go through some "academy" to learn how to play. you are thrown right into the action immediately but in such a way that you still have fun and learn the controls without being overwhelmed.

    there are fun mini-games within the game and the characters and storyline will drag you right in and make you feel a part of the experience very quickly.

    and even though this game is 2 years old, it still is very impressive even on a 3 year old PC. all i have is a P4 at 2Ghz with 512mb RAM and with a FX5200 Ultra with 128mb and the game runs very smoothly with only a slight reduction in graphics detail.

    so for about $20, you really can't go wrong with this game.

    give it a try!...more info
  • Might be good game -- couldn't get it to download completely
    My son (7) used a gift certificate to purchase this game for his birthday. It came with 4 dics that we downloaded correctly but the game would not play. We kept getting an error message that our graphics were not sufficient. We don't do much PC gaming, but we have a fairly new Dell laptop computer that we assumed was sufficient. If the item description had been more advising that certain requirements would prevent the game from working -- we wouldn't have wasted his time. We have yet to receive credit for this item. A HUGE HASSLE!! We'll stick to the PS2 games from now on. ...more info
  • Knight's of the Old Republic
    Loved the game, have played it before and I had to get a second game becasue my Xbox doesn't work anymore. If you enjoy puzzles and Star Wars this is the game for you. I will say that the fighting system was a tad simplistic....more info
  • A TerrificallySold Game
    "Along time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." opens up KotOR and then comes the scroll of text, telling you what's going on in this galaxy, my enthusiam builds and I'm ready to kill some Sith...or become one. The graphics are stunning, it's definately a treat to stop and just look at the screen at this game. I liked the fact that you didn't have to know anything about D&D rules for this game and with you not having to worry about some obscure number game happening in the background you get to immerse yourself in the Jedi lifestyle. You definately have to play this game at least twice to get the most enjoyment out of the plot, due to the fact that you can be good or evil. The soundtrack is lovely and really gives you the feel like you're in a Star War's movie.I love the fact that it feels that way, because instead of being a firefighter when I grew up I wanted to be a Jedi. This game makes me feel like I have acclompished what I wanted to do growing up.

    Overall I would have to say that there really is no major pitfall in this game, save for a couple of bugs, which really doesn't stop your immersion, experience, and overall fun in this game, which is what a game's supposed to be, fun. This will be one of those games that I come back to and play for a years to come. And now it only costs $20,positively a must have game. ...more info
  • Not for little kids!
    Being an avid fan of simulations such as IL2: Forgotten Battles and LOMAC, I was looking for something a little out of my comfort zone. Well, after seeing the final SW movie, Episode III, I thought I'd give the Star War games a try. Not wanting to spend my money on the KOTOR 2, I went w/ the bargin KOTOR 1 just in case the game is a stinker. Well, I couldn't be more surprised and happy from this purchase.

    This game is completely different from what I'm used to playing. For me, simulations are the most fun. However, I have to re-evaluate my thinking. This game sucked me up into the story line like no other. It reminded me of creating my own destiny (or creating a new SW film). Everything about the game was fascinating and exciting. Some of the younger folks on here will disagree w/ the use of exciting though. This is definitely not a hack/slash/frag fest like the cartoony Quake/Halflife games. This game has so much more depth and feel than any of those 3d shooters, it's hard to describe.

    Over all, if you're over the age of 25 and are a SW fan, you'll love this game. For the younger, and more impatient crowd, you may want to pass on this one. ie Novel vs comic book.

    Demi...more info
  • Best computer game I've played in years
    For even casual Star Wars fans or even anyone with a love of good computer games with compelling stories, KotOR is, to use a rather cliche term, a "must-buy". Fans of LucasArts' older work (Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, et cetera), in which the purpose of the game wasn't flashy graphics or fast-paced action but was rather a well-developed story and impeccable character design, will love this game to bits. It should be pointed out, though, that this game does have rather flashy, impressive graphics, and some frickin' impressive action. The D&D-based task resolution system makes for a far more cinematic game than could be achieved otherwise, because motions far more elaborate than a player could dream up will be pre-animated and implemented by the game based on what you select for the characters to do.

    The characters themselves are wonderful. It's possible to play this game through reasonably quickly, only paying attention to the overall plot and completely ignoring side quests and the characters that join your party, but only a fool would do so, as they would be missing the majority of the game. You wind up with a ship full of allies, each with fascinating back stories and side quests often resulting from those back stories, and the excellent writing and voice acting make spending hours conversing with them and other NPCs a blast.

    Basically, everything that can be good about a game is good about KotOR. I haven't seen a game with a more fleshed out, rich, and convincing storyline in years, and the world is truly immersive (though the game is in the Star Wars universe, it is set thousands of years before The Phantom Menace, so while the character is pure Star Wars the world itself is actually very new and wonderful to explore) - an original, orchestral soundtrack gives each location a distinctive character and ensures that you never get bored, even on some of the longer, potentially tedious side quests.

    Honestly, I haven't seen a better game released in a decade. If you really get frustrated with combat system and want more direct control over your badass Jedi, just save your game and get your lightsabre-slashing kicks in another wonderful LucasArts game, like Jedi Outcast....more info
  • Cant even enjoy it
    For some reason I can get it to D/L on 3 different pcs....
    Can you say WASTE of $$ ??...more info
  • KOTOR the 2003 Game of the Year
    When i bought this game, ti was originally to stop my friend naggingf at me to get it. When i did, well i was glsad to have bought it. The storyline is awesome,a nd i have beaten it a lot. Another friend of mine, didnt think much of it and he thought it kind of sucked, but later on, he got an X-box, and he bought that game to try it out. He said it was awesome. Last year, we were talking about it and i asked him how could u have thught this game sucked?

    ok Pros

    Addicting storyline
    Awesome powers
    Darkside oppourtunitys
    need i go on?


    NONE AT ALL! well, ok one. This is a type of addicitng game that u might wanna stay up all night palying. Its one of those games that u play, and ur parent comes into ur room aat about 10:00 and tells u 2 turn off the game & go 2 bed....more info
  • just another RPG... yawn
    how many RPG's can this world make?? they're all the same. open this container, take weapons and health kits from this dead body, use this spell.. KOTOR is no different, sadly. the combat IMHO is just really boring. when you see an enemy, the screen freezes and you decide ahead of time your first moves to make. if that doesn't kill the enemy, your character automatically does standard attacks unless you pause the game and set up your next moves. umm, how many times has this been done before? if i wanted that, i could have bought final fantasy 129 or whatever number they're on now. all of the enjoyment is taken out of using things like blaster rifles and light sabers. it's the same idea as using your shovel or something in nethack (look it up). the good thing about games like everquest and world of warcraft is that they took the stale old RPG formula and did something new with it. ...more info
  • Flawed But Still a Classic
    Let's get the bad out of the way.

    * The art is nice and they put a lot of effort into making the environments immersive and Star Wars-esque but the graphics were nothing to get excited about, even a few years ago.

    * The graphics would be easier to forgive if the game hadn't been so demanding for its time and continues to be buggy today. It's not a very smooth running game and I was a little turned off by the excess minimizing and maximizing between CG cut scenes, game engine cut scenes, and various types of actual gampeplay. I've got a modern gaming laptop and it still freezes and occasionally crashes to the desktop.

    * The minigames really should have been optional. At best some of them will bore you. At worst, if you're not into action games at all you'll be very frustrated with having to get through them. They are pretty pathetic for an experienced gamer but they could have at least had a difficulty setting for the ones that are mandatory since they don't really match the genre.

    * Generic Repair and Computer Skill options - There is only one interesting set of sidequest stuff built off of repair skills that I'm currently aware of. The rest is all about how many parts you use for these tasks. Unlike Security (lockpicking), Computer and Repair tasks have no difficulty ceiling. If you're willing to spend the money on parts (which ARE expensive early in the game), you can do all the available repair/computer tasks. This is cool at first, but once you've repaired one droid to go in and help you fight a bunch of enemies or simply gassed/electrocuted a bunch of 'em all at once, you've pretty much done it all. Grenades and crowd control force powers are much cheaper than parts.


    The Good Stuff

    * Excellent audio. Not many people realize just how much Star Wars is about sound effects and music but Bioware's sound engineer clearly was. It adds to the SW universe feel of the game while giving enough unique touches to remind you that it takes place millenia before the movies.

    * Good Use/Abuse of D&D/D20 rules. It's a solid system that's fairly easy to understand. An option to get a deeper look at the mechanics would have been nice (maybe 2 styles of character sheet) but if you're familiar with these rules, you'll have a good idea of how to build your characters and make choices. If you're not, it doesn't take too long to get an idea of what's going on as far as what attributes do what and how many points you need to get bonuses. They also went fast and loose enough in all the right places to make it an interesting power-player's game.

    * Good character building. At first I was a little underwhelmed by the character options but the mix of dual-class combinations actually becomes quite interesting if you get into it. After reading the FAQs I was amused by how few people seemed to realize just how insanely powerful scoundrels can become. Tip: They get the damage boost when attacking enemies who are stunned or flanked not just when you attack from stealth mode. Employ wolfpack tactics with Mission and use stunning options to put enemies down fast.

    * Lengthy game where you're unlikely to see everything in a handful of playthroughs. It's not quite up to Fallout standards in this respect but there's a lot of diplomacy, stealth, and moral choice branching. Without a plan requiring extensive knowledge of the game, you'd probably have to play through it over five times to see everything.

    * Nice balance struck in combat. You get as much out of combat as you want to I think. You'll probably run into trouble if you don't do any microing but you don't have to do much to get by. On the other hand you'll go through a lot fewer resources, take enemies down a lot more quickly, spend less time healing and get more unspent gear (grenades are much better taken than received) if you put some thought into it. I tend to prefer turn-based, but this is a sufficient pause-based RT system for me that basically plays like Baldur's in a 3D engine.

    * Solid writing/dialogue. Few games nowadays put much effort into this. I was laughing so hard when I finally got to certain content related to everybody's favorite assassin-bot that I was nearly in tears and the characters and quest motivations are more interesting than your average fed-ex RPG....more info
  • Greatest Star Wars story ever told
    Knights of the Old Republic is one of the greatest Star Wars games ever created. No other Star Wars game can match the storytelling, graphics and unique original characters found in KOTOR. It stands above all other expanded universe stories of Star Wars.

    Pros: - Masterful storytelling. Best Star Wars Story ever told
    - Beautiful graphics. You find graphics in this game that are beyond most standard RPG games.
    - Great original Characters. I won't spoil it for you. But lets say that this game has one of the coolest characters ever in the Star Wars Universe. The connection between the party members is phenominal.
    - Multiple paths to follow. Seldom will you find a Star Wars game that gave you this much freedom. YOu can go on light or dark path. You can even change paths mid way in game. It has multiple endings. Sometimes its fun just to be bad.

    Cons: - Bugs. Game has lots of bugs. If it wasn't for the bugs, this game would be perfect.
    - Its so good, you never want it to end. Unfortunately the game did end.

    You won't be disappointed with this game. Once you pick it up, you will never want to put the game down. You want more after the game ends. Game has created a great back story for the Star Wars universe. ...more info
  • My favourite game of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like I said this is my favourite game of all time and it is for many reasons. The first reason is the story it features the best story in a game with lots of twists and turns. The 2nd is that the game has charachters that I acturally cared about from bastila to Juhani and even carth, I cared so much about the charachters that I didn't even play the dark side story the first time because I didn't want anything bad to happen to them. The combat system is also incredibly well done it is very accessible, after all this is the first RPG I ever played even if Tommy (dumbass) Tallarico is to dumb to understand it, man he is stupid. Another GREAT thing about this game is the dark side/light side story lines that I mentioned before with which in certain conversations you can make different choices which will advance you to being the ultimate good to the ultimate evil in the galaxy both stories are excellent since I don't want to give anything away so I won't say anything about it. Another AWESOME aspect of this game is each of the planets you visit during your journey as either saint or sinner is unique and each has it's own unique problems you can fix or foster to your heart's delight. There is only one minor flaw and I stress term minor in this amazing game is the graphics aren't great they're not bad but they aren't great as say Jade Empire another Bioware classic. Even if you don't like star wars (I do) you still might get a kick out of 2003's game of the year, and maybe it not as good but still above average sequel the Sith Lords. ...more info
  • High requirements, but worth it
    I'm not a Star Wars fanatic, but I really like KotOR. The thing that got me was the interation with other characters. You can talk to each person in your party to learn about their background (although some will say less than others), and just about anyone you see outside of battle. They each have interesting things to say. They may tell you how helpful Jedis are or tell you that you suck, or give you information on how to complete your quest. It's alot of fun.

    The combat isn't really exciting, though. You click on what kind of attack, ability or item you want to use and wait until the enemy dies. You can use many different types of weapons and armor, ranging from blaster pistols to light sabres to headsets that increase your stats. There are items to heal and to boost your stats in battle. There isn't an extreme amount of fighting when you're in the field, so it doesn't get too annoying like it can in some rpgs. But there is enough to make money or find items, and to keep you occupied.

    The only real problem I had with this game is that it doesn't run well. My computer's decent, since my dad is a computer technician and he keeps it in good shape, but the game still has a lot of slowdown when it gets hot. During the summer, if you don't have air conditioning, you may not be able to play at all. Now its fall and its fairly cool, but I can only play the game for about an hour before I have to stop. So, unless you have a really souped-up computer, you probably won't be able to play for very long before giving your computer a break. If you have a crappy computer that freezes up a lot or moves really slow, this game will be of no use except maybe as a paperweight or gift.

    Final verdict: Definitely buy if you have a great computer, but if you have just an alright computer, expect slowdowns....more info
  • Geekdom at its best...
    There is only one thing that any self respecting geek loves more than Dungeons and Dragons and that is Star Wars. This game is the marriage of those two wonderful geeky things. It is a flawless game....more info
  • Epic, beautiful, the best Star Wars game and story ever
    Reviewing a game that is years old might seem pointless given that there no praises I can offer that others have not already written and likely more eloquently that I. However, this is the single greatest creation of the Star Wars universe, and I felt I owed it to the immense enjoyment this game provided me to review it, even many years after its release.

    Replaying this game is like falling back into a relationship with an old lover... All the old emotions, the feelings, they all come back. Graceful, well written, re-playable to the extreme, KOTOR is quite simply the best Star Wars game ever made. The graphics may seem old, but the experience, the worlds, the voice acting, and the plot will not. KOTOR is on the short list of games that actually MOVED me. That changed the way I related to the world. The story is that well done.

    If you've never played this game and you are reading this review, you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to buy a copy and play it. The game is brilliant.

    It will run on Vista (even 64-bit) flawlessly with the release of SP1 (service pack 1). You might have to tweak a few things, but trust me, it is well worth it.

    KOTOR II is also worth playing, but doesn't have the same quality as KOTOR. When will KOTOR III be released? No one seems to know. I hope it's soon. ...more info
  • Terrible!!!
    The worst game I ever played. All you do is run around and click on Sith troopers to kill them. You do not shoot by yourself, you click on an enemy and the game kills him for you. Do not buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Worst game in the world...more info
  • great RPG
    this is a fantastic RPG the best one I have ever played actually. It has a awsome Character creation were you choose your gender male or female and then class (your attributes are not affected by your gender) and you get to either quick create were you just pick your face and name and the computer does the rest or advanced, were you pick your skills and feats and attributes.

    Also depending on what you say and do you will lean toward the light or dark side and that will alter how much certain force powers cost: if you are on the dark side, dark side powers like lightining and choke cost less but things like heal and others cost more and vice versa.

    the plot is extremely good, I have played this at least 5 times and it never get's old, and I think of different things to say and different ways of doing things each time.

    each Character in you company is different and has a rich deep past, that you can find out if you try to get close to them. I love the combat system it is not like most RPG's were you stand in a perfect line with your companions and the enemies line up perfectly on the other side, in this it is fast, you can still pick moves but there is no pause unless you hit the pause button, you attack and then they attack yes, but it does it in such a way that it looks more lik real fighting because they don't use the same moves every time and when the enemy attacks you you don't just stand there and get hit, you defend yourself.

    There is a romance in this one which I personaly hate because i don't do that sort of thing especially not in a comp =P lol. One thing that I think is discusting and that the ppl that made this thing should be ashamed of is that if you take the clothes of ppl they have only under wear and I am talking skimpy underwear not boxers and a shirt, but for the men it isn't so bad it looks like a surfers outfit actually lol except it doesn't have the same color and the shorts and the shirt are one peice.

    overall here is my rating:

    Fun: 10
    Replay value: 9
    sound FX: 10
    music: 10
    plot: 12 (actually 10 but I would do 12 if I could =])
    fighting action: 4 (but if compared to other RPG's not just anything it would be 8)

    Overall: 8.8 ...more info
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
    I enjoyed this game only slightly more than The Sith Lords due to the story being tighter. More depth and less cheese are my only demands should a part 3 be made....more info
  • OK
    The characters are interesting and script well done, but this could have been better, and should have featured the same kind of fun in the sequel. Anyway, a good Star Wars game....more info
  • Hate You, I Do
    If you want to stay up until 5 in the morning playing this game, then this is definitely for you. This is probably one of the best Star Wars games out there. It is a very involving game and you grow attached to the characters. What is even more awesome is the story. There are all these twists and turns and it all leads up to one truth... but I'm not going to spoil it here.

    So here are the Pros and Cons of this game.

    -Extremely intriguing plotline.
    -The romance subplots in this is hilarious. Some of the interaction between these characters are just so much fun and it really makes you want to set up a match.
    -All of the characters are unique in their own way and all have pretty interesting stories except for a few.
    -Challenging... you gotta figure out how to kill swarms of siths without getting killed yourself and at the same time, it can be such a great feeling when you accomplish it.
    -The cut scenes all fit together really well and can really add to the story.

    Now, the Cons:

    -Some dialogue between the characters are soooo boring and there's no way for you to just turn them off.
    -The cut scenes.. some of them you cannot skip.. so you're forced to watch it over and over again if you cannot beat a certain point in the game.
    -There is a part where you are on the ship and you gotta shoot the incoming fighters.. not only can u not see where they're coming from but it's just really annoying to try and shoot them all down.
    -Some of the side quests are really lame and some of the ways to make money (Pazaak, swoop racing) gets really tedious and can be difficult.

    Another thing is that I can only play this game on my dad's computer since the video card on my computer is not up to par with it. It passes all the other system requirements but since I have one of those miniature computers, it's hard to find good video cards that would fit into there. That is what bugs me the most.. sooo make sure your computer really will run the game before getting it..

    Other than that, this is a game you gotta try for yourself. I'm sure I'll think of more pros and cons later. ...more info
  • This is the best game ever!!
    The reason I liked this game so much was the story line. It gives you choices to whether you want go to the light side or dark side and you could enhance a variety of Jedi powers. I have played this game serveral times and each time is different. The first time I went through this game I relied a lot on my swordsmanship with my lightsaber. The second time I played this game I relied more on my Jedi powers. Either way you play it I developed a different set of moves. It was awesome! Also I LOVE THE FACT THAT YOU CAN PLAY A WOMAN!! In every other Star Wars Game (except this sequel)you have to play a man and it gets a little irritating when you like adventure games just as much as any guy. I give the story line and the capabilities of the Jedi FIVE STARS!...more info
  • pretty good game
    I am a ten year old star wars fan and I think this game is one of the best starwars games ever. I'm not done with it yet, but it's been so cool so far. I mean, in the game you become a jedi and you have to do everything a real jedi would do. Like build your own lightsaber. Sure it takes a while to build it, but there are so many things you do in that time. You go on many planets, you meet many people, plus you get a lot of playing time, but it's a lot of fun. Overall It's very good!!!!!!!...more info
  • Live and breath the Star Wars universe!
    No other Star Wars game makes you feel a part of the Star Wars universe better than KOTOR. If you are any kind of a Star Wars fan stop reading and buy this game. Virtually unlimited replay value for an RPG, which is saying something. KOTOR was a great value at full price but get it now because the prices are going up now that it is out of print. One of the best solo player experiences ever. A Top 10 PC game. Recommended for any pc gamer...more info
  • One of the greatest games of all time!
    Not only is Knights of the Old Republic THE best Star Wars game ever made, it's one of the best RPGs of all time. Period. No, scratch that - it's one of the best GAMES of all time. Now, I'm not going to go into detail about all of its amazing features, since the countless other reviewers have already done that. All that needs to be said is that it's a superb, 50+ hour RPG with a story and characters that might be even better than those of the outstanding movies. Buy it today. You won't regret it.

    Oh, and by the way, after skimming through the reviews of this game, I've seen about ten one-star reviews written by idiotic kids who obviously have never heard of an RPG. Do yourself a favor and don't let the reviews of nine-year-olds who only want "ACTION! ACTION! ACTIOON!!!!!111!!" cloud your judgment about this fantastic game....more info
  • Give it 10 stars!
    This game is one of the BEST game I ever played! it is a RPG game.. It has a great storyline!
    Here are the pros and cons:

    Great storyline.
    Super graphics.
    Very unique charicters.
    You can build your own Lightsabers, upgrade armor, weapons.
    You can choose the path of Light or Dark from the way you act (being mean, nice, to NPC's ect ect.)

    A tiny bit of bugs.
    A few glitches.

    When you get close to the end of the game you'll learn something a little shocking..

    Warning! Spoiler!
    Don't read ahead if you don't want to find out what happens close to the end!!

    When you play.. Close to the end.. You will have to fight Darth Malak! by your self! Now that's not the spoiler.. When you almost beat him.. he'll tell you.. that you are.. the Dark Lord Revan! But you didn't know that.. Cause long ago you were fighting Bastila (a girl Jedi also one of your party members) and your pupil Malak bombed your ship and Bastila gave you new life and the Jedi gave you a new mind and you will have to choose to become either the savior of the Republic.. or the Dark Lord once again.. but if you choose to be the Dark Lord.. you'd have to fight all of your party members.. (I stayed on the Light side cause I like the "Good Guys" more...

    Over all This is a GREAT game and worth every penny....more info
  • KOTOR: My First Review
    KOTOR is the award winning game from 2003. And it is with good reason. KOTOR is an RPG set 4,000 years before the Star Wars Saga begins and it is one of the best Xbox/PC games around.

    In KOTOR, you create your own character, however there are limits. You can choose what class they are (Scoundrel/Scout/Soldier) and later the Jedi class (Guardian/Consular/Sentinel). Building your character isn't as good as say The Sims 2, but the gameplay makes up for it.

    All Star Wars games usually start with a great beginning and this is no exception. You start off on the Endar Spire, where you learn the basics of moving, attacking, etc. There you meet Trask Ordo, the first character with you in your party. Your party is easy to understand. Your party builds up to nine people, you can have two others with you.

    Afer the first level, you meet Carth Onasi, with whom you go to Taris with. On Taris, this is where things get exciting and is a good way to get easy Light/Dark points. By the time you leave Taris, you should have five more party members with you, which includes your ship, the Ebon Hawk (Like the Millenium Falcon).

    From there you become a Jedi (Or Sith depending whether you want to be Light or Dark), learn the ways of the Force, build your Lightsaber and it goes on from there.

    The gripping storyline should keep any RPG or Star Wars fan want to play this. And if you like the game, then you can get it's sequel, KOTOR II: The Sith Lords.

    Thank you for reading this review and I hope this has helped you.

    Jake Potts

    PS: This is my first review on Amazon, sorry my review is long and if anything is spelt wrong or doesn't make sense. I also try not to ruin any storylines for anyone.

    ...more info
  • The Best of Bioware
    KOTOR is probably my favourite RPG of all time, and up there with my favourite games ever, period.

    The reasons for this are many. It's got a great setting, a good script and characters, wonderful music and good pacing. There are bad parts, but really, they pale compared with those of other games, and even the sequel.

    What's more, it's a game I can play even now, six years after it was released without problem....more info