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Blondie - Greatest Hits
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Greatest Hits (CD+DVD)

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Digitally Remastered Collection of Blondie Hits that Accompanies the Band on their Winter 2002 Tour. This Disc Updates the Collection and Adds their Comeback #1 in the UK "Maria" to Make this the Most Up-to-date Blondie Set Ever Released.

Customer Reviews:

  • 24-BIT *-*volume peroxide*-* REMASTER!
    This 2002 release of BLONDIE-GREATEST HITS CD is definitely worth purchasing. It replaces 1981's release The Best of Blondie and features 24-bit digital remastering on all tracks and they sound better than ever.

    It includes the special mixes of "Rapture," "Heart Of Glass," "Sunday Girl," and "In The Flesh" that were included on "The Best Of..." album and the original mix of "Denis." I only knew the latter song from Once More into the Bleach [another brilliant CD I recommend] and that was a different extended version--but both sound great.

    BLONDIE-GREATEST HITS contains all the tracks that were on "The Best Of Blondie" plus 7 more, including "Maria" from the 1999 reunion album No Exit.

    The cover insert folds out and contains information like single chart position and which album the singles were originally on, color photos, and excellent liner notes by Steve Pafford.

    Blondie's contribution to popular music cannot be measured by album sales or popularity alone. The reverberations of their music can still be felt today as a new generation discovers the group's music and their influence on current singers and bands is far and wide.

    BLONDIE-GREATEST HITS is the perfect intro to that music. It has some of Blondie's best known songs and shows their amazing versatility as they cross genres of popular music including rap (Rapture), calypso (The Tide Is High), rock (The Hardest Part), disco (Heart Of Glass), and 50s du-wop (In The Flesh) just to name a few.

    Even though it replaces the original album nicely, I'm still keeping my copy of 1981's "The Best Of Blondie" because I love the cover photo and it holds a sentimental value for me. ...more info
  • 24 Bit Remaster?
    I remember the songs from the 80's, I remember the sound-quality and I was very excited to catch the remasters.It was a big surprise to me listening these pretty songs:only the cymbals sounds crispy,but no dynamics,no soundstage,only merging instruments.
    It could heve been a better master job in 2002:listen to it on portable cd-players or mini Hifi, use bass controls or loudness:otherwise its a shame on quality or high-end equipments.
    The music is great!
    A music fan from Budapest...more info
  • Blondie have gone way up in my estimation now...

    After listening to this album, I'd have to say that Blondie are one of a handful of the best US bands of all time...maybe top 3...if not better. This re-evaluation of the band is due to listening to a lot of songs which you don't hear on commercial FM stations in Australia. Over here, you can expect to hear "Heart of glass" a lot. I used to find this a great song but now tend to avoid listening to it when it's on the radio. You do tend to hear "Call me" often too, which is a great, driving, rock song. Too much of that song is barely enough, as Roy and H.G. might say.

    It was great to rediscover "The hardest part", a song I had totally forgotten from "Eat to the beat", an L.P. I used to own as a kid. Listening to that song now, it strikes me as the kind of song Jimmy Barnes or AC/DC would do...a very boyzone kind of track, in stark contrast to the sublime girly vocals that lead singer Debbie Harry usually does. If I hadn't just checked Amazon's listing for "Eat to the beat" I would have said that this compilation I'm reviewing is definitive, but some of the songs listed on "Eat to the beat" ring a few bells for me, so maybe a couple more songs from the that earlier album would have done the trick. In any case, this compilation is vastly superior to some skinny compilations I've seen around the place.

    The sound quality on this cd is quite good...sounds really bright, and I tend to like that quality in cds. On occasion, it may sound a bit harsh but otherwise, I have no complaints.

    One of the qualities I like about the band is the satisfying drumming/drum sound. I make the same comment in my review of The Police's latest compilation. The major hook of the band is the silky, liquid, cooing vocals of Debbie Harry, the blonde bombshell of the band. She can really hold a note too. A great front woman.

    Listening to this cd, another comment I can make about their music is the style that they play. To me, they seem to have been influenced by 50's music, and 60's girl band music, but they give a modern update to it.

    They do experiment with music though: "The tide is high" [which features a Darth Vader look alike in the video!] has a reggae feel to it, and "Island of lost souls" has a Calypso sound to it. The latter was a minor hit in Australia and I think it was the last time the band charted here.

    There are two good songs which features Harry incorporating French lyrics to great effect: "Denis" and "Sunday girl".

    My pick as the best songs on this album are "Call me" and "Atomic". The latter has a great bass line in the middle of it. One of the best songs for a great bass solo.

    Blondie can also lay claim to being one of the first, if not the first band to take rap music mainstream with "Rapture". The pre-rap part of this song is divine, with Harry at her sensual, sexual, cooing best. It has a gorgeous bell melody at the start, with Harry sounding all girly, then sounding like a sexual woman later in the piece [the song "Maria" also has a very nice bell part to it]. Her rapping and the video are historically interesting for mentioning some 'names' of that scene at the time. The video features graffiti art by well known 'taggers' of the time [graffiti artists].

    Some of the songs which make me think of 50's/60's acts are: Dreaming [60's], X Offender [50's/60's], In the flesh [50's/60's girl band sound], Denis [has a Buddy Holly sound, from the 50's] and Sunday Girl.

    Apart from the two songs which I think are great [Call me/Atomic/Rapture], the songs I consider to be good on this album are: Dreaming/The tide is high/In the flesh/Denis/Union city blue/The hardest part/Sunday girl/ and Maria. "Union city blue" is a soaring, anthemic song...perfect to sing along too!

    Australia gave Blondie their first international hit. Harry says:

    "We met Ian [host of seminal Australian music show "Countdown"] in 1977 when we were supporting Iggy Pop in the States. He asked us if we had any videos. We gave him videos for X-Offender and In The Flesh. On Countdown they were meant to play X-Offender, but they played In The Flesh instead. So our success in Australia was one big mistake! By the end of 1977, In The Flesh had hit number two in Australia. It was our first hit anywhere in the world".

    Have heard Harry say elsewhere, I think, that maybe Australian stations were a bit too conservative to play "X Offender" at the time. Hearing the latter song for the first time on this cd, I find that amusing. The song isn't particularly confronting and I think "In the flesh" is actually the superior a loooooooong way.

    Lastly, some years ago I saw Blondie on pay tv, playing live. I thought Harry was awful...she was still acting like she was the blonde bombshell she used to be and her singing reminded you of how great she used to sing these classics. My wish was for Harry to develop another kind of stage persona and sing her songs in a different, but cool way. Say, maybe more punkish, or Tina Turner, perhaps. A couple of songs on this album could show the way for her, I think: "One way or another" which has a freakshow carnival sort of vocal sound to it...phlegmy etc. "Picture this", which sounds a little Country, has Harry making gargling sounds with her singing. Finding a similar edger to her voice now I think would suit the band perfectly...age has taken away her sublime voice and the ability to hold those notes.

    Without this album, I'd be restricted to thinking that the only decent songs this band had are the ones you hear on commercial radio in Australia. The fact that these stations always flog songs to death should be a warning on how bad that assumption is.

    The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are probably the only American band which shades Blondie. This album is a must buy for pop/rock fans....more info
  • This is one of the bands of the last 50 years
    Blonide might not be the Stones or the Beatles but they produced punky classics that have an endless shelf life. This is timeless. If you like American alt-music, Blondie is always with you in everything you hear. That's how big their influence was. Reconnect with this timeless band now. It's never too late to listen to great music. And this is great....more info
  • Blondie Remastered And Better Than Ever
    Few bands can say that they have a real model at the helm. Fewer still can admit to being successful as such. Blondie is probably the only band that fits into this category. From synth-pop to reggae to pop punk to straight ahead rock n' roll, this band meshed multiple genres together and made it sound great. This album, digitally remastering all of their best tunes, is an excellent compilation of a band that stands as a pioneer and true legend in music. "Dreaming," "Maria," "In The Flesh," and "Heart Of Glass" are all here. Lesser known tracks to the casual fan such as "X Offender" and "Union City Blue" are also on this album.

    "Rapture," which one could argue is the first blending of rap and rock (and pre-dating the Aerosmith/Run DMC tune, "Walk This Way"), is included, and stands as a wonderful example of how well the band could fuse genres that seemingly didn't belong together. The island rhythms and reggae sounds of "The Tide Is High" and "Island Of Lost Souls" prove that Blondie was no stranger to experimentation.

    For casual fans and completionists, "Blondie-Greatest Hits" is a must have. It features there best known tunes and offers up some excellent songs to newer fans as well. Hardcore fans probably already have these songs in their collection, but I would suggest they give this hits package a shot, as the digitally remastered songs sound better than ever. Highly recommended....more info
  • Sounds Better than Ever
    Call Me and the Tide is High are two pop classics that will live forever. Get this. I just did and I am so happy I did!!!...more info
  • An excellent portrait of Blondie's career.
    An excellent and quite a complete portrait of Blondie's career, not only highly recommended for newcomers (who will get to know the most important reference for all of today's female pop super-mega-stars...), but also quite a good compilation for those unconditional fans as all the songs here have been carefully remastered, providing a new cristal-clear sound to Blondie's classics worth being heard.

    As they always did, Debbie Harry's vocals stand out masterfully over a melting pot of wonderful rhythms and styles, making this a unique band over the last three decades.

    It also works fairly just as what it is: a Greatest Hits compilation. No rarities. No B sides. No new songs. No strings attached.

    Worth the money....more info