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Microfiber Electronics Cleaning Cloth
List Price: $16.99

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Product Description

Microfiber Electronics Cleaning Cloth

  • Application - CD, DVD, Computers, Monitors, Screens
  • Color(s) - White
  • Dirt Type - Dust, Smudges
  • Length [Nom] - 14 in
  • Material(s) - Cloth

Customer Reviews:

  • As good as it gets...
    I have only tried it a few times but so far it seems to rock. We were searching for a good microfiber and it almost seems that 3M stuff is just of very good quality. We are buying a couple more. Thanks....more info
  • "Terrycloth" Microfiber Lens Cloth
    I like the product, though I would tend to use a smooth-finished microfiber cloth to clean lens glass....more info
  • Excellent, durable, cleaning cloth for my 22 in. LCD monitor
    Been using this 3M microfiber cloth for over 1 year, and it has yet to wear out. It works great and cleans stain on my computer monitor without ever scratching.

    I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Perfect for cleaning PS3 console and game disc..
    So i was looking for something to keep my PS3 clean and shinny, but didn't wanna take any chances with a regular paper towel around the house because i thought it may scratch the PS3 shinny surface.. So i looked around online for something that has good reviews and that is known to not leave scratches, and anyways i found this and bought it. And guess what? It works great! Every time my PS3 starts to get a layer of dust, i just wipe it off with this cloth :D! Does the job great, never leaves scratches, and helps me keep my console looking brand new. Oh and i also use it to clean my game disc, and it does a great job at cleaning it, without leaving scratches :). Oh and i even use this cloth to clean my LCD HDTV screen and also my computer monitor screen, and like always, does a perfect job! So yea, its worth the buy, and its washable, so you can use it forever!!!...more info
  • Best cloth to have at the house
    I bought this to clean my LCD monitor because fingerprints highly annoy me, but I use it to clean and dust everything around because it does such a great job dry without cleaners or anything and so it takes just a few seconds. Cleans lenses, monitors, surfaces, etc. with no scratches. It really holds on to dust and dirt. Wash it every once in a while, especially if you clean up particularly abrasive dust for some reason. Shaking it out outside works fairly well for regular dust, too, and lets you know how effective the thing is....more info
  • Good Product
    Good Product, I use it for my Iphone, Hp Pavilion, Casio Camera and many things more. It's big enough ......more info
  • Best cleaning cloth i have ever used.
    I cant even count how many of these i have bought. Not because i had to replace them because they did not last long but because everyone i know ends up wanting one of them. safe to use on everything. reuseable. cant beat it.
    ...more info
  • Clean screens with ease
    This product is great. I use it to clean off my LCD monitor because I hate fingerprints or dust on my screen. One wipe and it is gone. You don't need to use any cleaner unless there is something on the screen like a water spot. I am glad that I bought this....more info
  • An essential tool for so many things
    I have more than one of these and I use it for prescription glasses, LCD monitors, notebook computers, and HDTV televisions. It does a superb job of cleaning these items without harm or scratching these sensitive surfaces. ...more info